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15 signs you might have been in Oman too long

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Baxter Jackson weighs in on too many years in Oman.

You get resentful when you actually have to work.


You use your hazard lights more than your indicators.


You don’t consider the table fully set until there’s a box of Kleenex on it.


You think that double and triple parking is ok when you can’t find a spot right next to the door.


You say ‘inshallah’ even when referring to events that are actually happening.


You leave the plastic on your car seats until it falls off.


You think that ‘hellohowareyoufine?’ is an appropriate greeting.


You consider eating with a fork or spoon ostentatious.


You accept one word answers like ‘haram,’ ‘Muscat’ or ‘change’ as legitimate responses to the question of ‘why?’


You’ve stopped asking why.


You think men in dresses look stylish.


You don’t find any sexual connotation in ‘girl passage.’


You have wasta.


When you see ‘haram’ behavior in a film, you ‘tisk’ the actors.


Doing nothing all day makes you tired.

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About The Author

Baxter Jackson

Baxter Jackson's goal in life is to visit every country on earth before he dies. He's 39 now and has seen only 26% of it. Think the dude'll make it? Keep track at his blog Dude Travels To Go.

  • Tim Patterson

    Ha! I like the last one best.

  • Candice

    Hahaha, these are great!

  • Baxter

    Hey, thanks, ya’ll!

    My Matador friend Sumitran ( and fellow expatriate added these signs to mine. They’re spot on (and hilarious ’cause they’re true).

    * You think driving at 160 kmph in a 100 kmph road is too slow by your standards
    * Eating three Shawarmas for dinner is considered the ultimate gourmet meal
    * You take offence to any vehicle driving in front of you
    * Walking around in CityCenter with a bunch of friends (of the same sex) is your idea of unadulterated fun
    * Sleeping till 2 pm is considered normal on Fridays
    * Sleeping till 12 noon is considered normal on working days
    * Staying up till 4 am on Fridays is nothing odd
    * Staying up till 2 am on weekdays is quite normal
    * Most of the waking hours are spent simply driving around aimlessly from one mall to another or from one beach to another
    * You are weird if you do not carry at least two mobile phones
    * If you carry three, you are considered a real busybody
    * If you carry just one mobile phone you’re a show-off
    * Without a mobile phone you might as well curl up and die
    * When the local football team wins against Timbuktu 1-0, that’s as phenomenal as winning in the FIFA World Cup finals. Obviously, the next day will be declared a national holiday
    * Walking five steps from your car to the shop and back is your idea of a workout session
    * Emptying a full bottle of chilli sauce on your every meal is normal

    • Candice

      ” Without a mobile phone you might as well curl up and die
      * When the local football team wins against Timbuktu 1-0, that’s as phenomenal as winning in the FIFA World Cup finals. Obviously, the next day will be declared a national holiday” Hahahahahaa!

  • neha

    I loved the first set, but the second had me laughing out a bit too loud!

  • Mohammed

    True facts are true.

    • Baxter

      Yes, they are, Mohammed – true facts are definitely true (at least the last time I checked they were :-)

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  • Ian

    With regard to 2, – when you find it strange that a driver actually uses his right indicator and then turns right. After a couple of years, you find yourself congratulating the drivers who manage to do this; after three or four years, you just find it odd behaviour. Even the driving insructors don’t do it, so it must be wrong.

    16. When you truly believe that Sultan Qaboos IS the most famous person in the world, and break into spontaneous applause every time you hear his name mentioned in public.

    I don’t think I’ll ever be in Oman long enough to have wasta.


    You’re just jealous :p jk

    Both sets are hilarious xD

  • Sri

    I like last two is best

    • Baxter Jackson

      Hey, thanks for reading (and commenting), Sri! The last two are pretty funny ’cause they’re true :-)

  • MaRia

    LOL oh god I laughed out loud on the second list !
    it’s hilarious and offensive at the same time I gotta say for generalizing :p
    nevertheless it has truth in it and still made my day thanx !

  • Saleh Huneini

    Sorry, but most of them are not true. I respect the author, but you have to respect my country and most of what you said is a lie.

    Doing nothing all day makes you tired.

    If this was true you won’t be able to see Oman as it is now.
    With all my respect, but I hate people who make fun of others and their country and Says lie in order to make his friend laugh.

    • Jack

      Oh shut up! I think the author is even being very considerate, I spent two years in that godforsaken place and I can go on and on with the list for ever, if you think Oman is good or even an ok place then try to get out of your little shell.

      • Dee

        Thanks for leaving :D 

    • Hazim bin Saud

      Saleh… SHUT UP!
      the author is being general, and humorous…
      and he is Right in 90% of what he said…
      and the rest 10%… just laugh and let go.

  • hishamaus

    Epic post is epic.

    As offensive as this may seem to some, it’s nothing but the truth!
    Oh man, this is so funny
    and @2a51c3000dacd99ddd6ad32ef8b7b736:disqus please STHU.

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