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Recently, MatadorU Director of Filmmaking, Scott Sporleder, went on a polar bear tundra adventure in Canada. The following images were all taken on the same trip that is being given away for the 2012 Explore the Canadian Arctic Competition. Deadline for the contest is midnight PST on November 23rd, 2012.

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About The Author

Scott Sporleder

Since graduating from San Diego State University, Scott has dedicated 3 months a year to travel and photographing the world's unique cultures. While not on the road, you can visit Scott every summer at the Sawdust Festival in Laguna Beach. You can also view his travel photography at

  • Tere Estudillo

    Awesome pictures and information! where did you take the pictures?

    • Carlo Alcos

      These photos were taken in Churchill, Manitoba, Canada. We have a contest running until tomorrow night, we’re sending someone on the same trip as Scott was on! Link to the contest page is at the top of this post.

  • Rachel Eastwood

    32. Even though you really really want to, DO NOT hug a polar bear.

We spied a bear, far, far afield. Here, take my binoculars.
As bountiful as bears, wolves, and whales are in Canada, the Kermode sits apart.
21. Humans are more dangerous to sharks than sharks are to humans.
'Tis the season for lots of snow-filled photos. Oh, and for winter jackets, too.
Puts amateur portrait photographers around the world to shame.
52,000 nocturnal photos of 105 different species...and one poacher.
A vast mosaic of wetland habitats, the Yacuma is almost unrivaled in scope and diversity.
Imagine scores of 12-foot whales jostling the underbelly of your wobbly boat.
Donatello is my travel talisman and patron turtle of lateral thinking and creativity.