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Alex Potter, one of Matador’s Fall 2012 Glimpse Correspondents, was in Beirut over the weekend to witness the aftermath of the bomb that killed Lebanese Internal Security Forces’ intelligence chief Wissam al Hassan and sparked clashes between police and protesters. Here’s her story.

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About The Author

Alex Potter

Alex Potter is a photojournalist currently living in Beirut. She graduated with a nursing degree but decided her right brain needed more exercise and turned to a career in photography. Alex just returned from months of reporting in Yemen and is currently in Beirut as a Rotary Scholar. She plans to continue reporting from the Middle East and is sure her nursing degree will be useful someday.

  • Keph Senett

    Wow some of these are incredible. Great work Alex!

  • Jason Sanqui

    Very powerful photos…must have been freighting to be in the midst of it.

  • Elie Abou Tayeh

    Great work! Hope you’re safe here.

    • Alex Kay Potter

      thanks for the compliments! looks like you have some extreme adventures yourself

    • Elie Abou Tayeh

      I do! Sure beats stayin in Beirut. You’re most welcome to join if you are still here in Lebanon

  • Sandor Lengyel

    One of the best things I’ve read on Matador. Thanks!

  • Marielle Welander

    extremely powerful. you made it feel like I was there!

    • Lourika Reinders

      That is exactly what I felt too – like I was there :) Great photos Alex :)

  • Sarah Shaw

    Great photos, very emotional. I especially love #7 with the water.

  • Alice Driver

    the photo about deterring the effects of tear gas will stay with me, beautiful.

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