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Matador Community member Will Manley spent nearly 100 days living, teaching, and photographing in rural Nepal.

WITH ONLY A HANDFUL OF MUD BRICK houses and a government run school, Dulal Village doesn’t often catch the attention of curious travelers.

But not long into my stay in Dulal Village, it was evident what impact the village and its residents were having on me. My own mindset shifted toward the village’s Thoreau-like contentedness with simple living. Seven months down the track, back in the consumer driven throngs of Sydney’s North Shore, I am reminded even more of the lessons learned from my times in rural Nepal.

[Note: Matador editors selected this Community blog post for publication at the Network.]

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About The Author

Will Manley

Born and raised in Sydney, Australia, Will Manley is a Digital Media graduate & freelance travel photographer. When not residing in his home town, he enjoys wandering the politically sensitive streets of Tibet, gracefully falling off motorcycles at speed in rural Laos & hitchhiking in cattle trucks across Indian sub-continent borders. He also blogs much of his travels & thoughts here.

  • Coleen Monroe

    This is fantastic! It reminds me of my time spent in Patagonia. How did you find the opportunity to teach in Nepal? 

    • Will Manley

       Kathmandu Environmental Education Project ( KEEP ) organised much of the placement, with assistance from a local organisation here in Australia – where I initially discovered the opportunity.

  • FrankPerez123

    Con todo respeto me he dodo el espacio para poner este video para los que les gusta la pelicula en HD : MUCHAS GRACIAS!

  • Aveek Mondal

    Wonderful Manley! These snaps shows how deeply you mingled with their life. Would like to read about your experiences there…

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