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The Fine Fruit Festival in the tiny town of El Hoyo, Argentina, lets visitors into small-town life in Patagonia.

EL FESTIVAL de la Fruta Fina is a three-day event in itsy-bitsy El Hoyo (pop. 6,000), Argentina. It’s one of several regional events over the summer (including the Festival de Asado in nearby Cholila, and the Festival de Lupulo in El Bolsón) that celebrate the region’s culinary traditions and local culture. These festivals are a great way to meet local artisans and farmers who are typically working up in their farms or “chacras” and not in town.

Food + Drink


About The Author

Michael James Wright

Michael James Wright is a graduate from the Graphic Design program at the Universidad de Guanajuato Mexico and MBA from Art Theory and Production of Artistic projects of the UEM PhotoEspaña. He is a multicultural Latino with an American name, face and passport, currently living in El Bolsón, Argentina. You can see is work and links to his portfolios at

  • Ericabuist

    Some fabulous shots here!

    • Michael James Wright

      Im glad you enjoyed it Erica. 

  • hungrylens

    The cow is waiting for a picnic to begin…

  • Pia Pains Siliceo Trueba

    está bien chida tu fotito miguelito, sigue con lindos proyectos. Abrazos 

    • Michael James Wright

      Muchas Gracias Pia, UN abrazo enorme, 

  • robertpaul21

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  • hakon

    Beautiful photos!!! I love the colors and DoF! I want to go back to Patagonia!!!

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