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Photographic evidence of why Buenos Aires is such an attractive place to study abroad.

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Juliane Huang

With a laptop in one arm and a travel bag in the other, Juliane is rarely at home, though always online. Catch up with her on her blog.

  • Hal Amen

    Kentucky Pizza!

  • Sean

    Damn I miss Buenos Aires! Thanks for the great pics.

  • Heather Carreiro

    Buenos Aires is definitely a place I’d like to visit or live in some day. I love the photos of the graffiti and the street musicians.

  • joshua johnson

    wonderful photo essay! I love the pix of the street musicians, makes me go for my dancing shoes!

  • Ana O’Reilly

    Great photos!

    Although I can’t but point out a couple of mistakes. The title of Photo 11 reads: “People gazing out into the ocean on a sunny day.” Buenos Aires is nowhere near the ocean! That body of water is the River Plate. And the man in baseball cap gazing out to the river is Mauricio Macri, the city’s current mayor, so I guess Matador borrowed this photo from some campaign or government archive since I don’t think Macri could have taken this photo himself, if you believe the credits.

    Now I’m confused. Is this photo essay supposed to be about studying in Buenos Aires, Argentina, or Buenos Aires, Peru? Malecon Colon is in Buenos Aires, PERU (see I think Matador got two places called Buenos Aires mixed up, which is surprising since this is a travel site.

    My apologies if the tone of this comment is regarded as over the top, but at first glance, my perception is that from the North (i.e. the US), all of South America is one big indeterminate mass. And I experience this on a weekly basis: I live in Dallas and not many people know much Latin American geography or history. So being born and raised in Buenos Aires and an avid reader of your website, I felt a bit let down by Matador.

    Thanks for reading my rant :)

  • Kate

    Hey, Ana. Good looking out. I saw your comment on facebook right after the article came out so fixed the error right away. It’s nice to know readers are paying so much attention and are so passionate about Buenos Aires. I love it here, too.

    I hope you know that most of the Matador staff has either lived and spend significant amounts of time in Buenos Aires and in South America. I promise you that no one here sees “all of South America is one big indeterminate mass,” nor do we promote that point of view. It was an honest mistake and lived online for less than an hour.

    As for the Macri photo, we credit photographs to the copyright holder, and in this case it’s Macri.

    Thanks for keeping an eye on us and see you around.


  • Allison

    I really enjoyed this photo essay, although, with the masses of content on Matador about the cool and unique things to do and see in Buenos Aires, I would have liked to see some of that in this. There are more reasons to come to Buenos Aires than the touristy sights and tango.

    • Heather Carreiro

      Hey Allison! It would be great if you can share some of your own experiences and what you think students would enjoy while studying abroad in Buenos Aires.

      • Allison

        Well Heather- to list a few unique things to do in BA that, in my opinion, dont get onto the forums and reviews much… Temaiken zoo blows the zoo in plaza italia out of the water. It is a habitat for animals rather than a display of sad and malnourished animals. For clubbing I always recommend Podesta in Palermo Soho, foreigners don’t really go there, but they have great DJs on weekends and the scene isn’t all foreigners, its just a great place to dance through the night. Kentucky pizza, yes is amazing, but a place like 1893 pizza in Villa Crespo does an amazing pizza a la parilla as well as a la piedra that is to die for, and with toppings like jamon crudo and rucula, goat cheese and pesto its a real treat at great prices. Tierra Santa is another really fun place to see along costanera, as are the public country club pools. Bumping techno music and fernet and tons of pool and grass area to lie out along the river, a great way to spend a weekend day. Parque Centenario and the feria that surrounds it, in some ways, is much cooler and cheaper than san telmo. The park is gorgeous and is full of life in spring, summer and fall and all around the park there are hundreds of vendors selling really cool vintage stuff that is a fourth of the outrageous prices they ask in San Telmo. I hope this helps some readers who are looking for unique stuff to do in BA. I love it here and only want to help people discover the hidden secrets.

        • Heather Carreiro

          Thanks Allison! I want to visit now just for the 1893 pizza in Villa Crespo…

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  • Simone

    Makes me want to dance! Can’t wait to get there.

  • Andreas

    Hey nice shots Juliane, I liked the muscians stuff, everytime i see something like that , makes me feel desperate, and I want to go there…

  • Dominick DalSanto

    I have seen the bands play in the first, and the last pictures. I even remember that crazy dancer hippie girl in the first picture..I think she tours with the band…

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  • London Thames

    Looks like a wonderful, place if you have time come down to Almeria Spain. Not as big a city but it offers so much and it is a hidden treasurer. Waiting to be discovered…. Discover it…

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