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Even as new reports of riots continue from London, local neighborhoods are organizing cleanup efforts. Please follow: #Londoncleanup.

THIS IMAGE was just posted to twitter by @stu_bradley with the caption “faith restored a little bit.” This should be the defining image of the riots, along with the voice of this West Indian woman who tells it like it is:

[Aside: this woman's speech has already been remixed over jungle breaks / riot footage.]

People are attempting to draw parallels, seek connections, or compare recent riots and protests in Egypt and London.

Meanwhile, others, like Flea, are asking more relevant questions.

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David Miller

David Miller is Senior Editor of Matador (winner of 2010 and 2011 Lowell Thomas awards for travel journalism) and Director of Curricula at MatadorU. Follow him @dahveed_miller.

  • Eva14

    In answer to Flea’s question: yes. See also: Soweto.

  • Karen Dion

    The woman made me cry. Hackney: my old neighbourhood.

  • T.C.

    You’re right. What good is mass protest? We should stay home and blog about it instead.

  • andrewcopestake

    Great images and there are many more undocumented examples here on the ground in London. And in answer to Flea’s question, sadly yes, as Eva14 has pointed out. In the UK also. 1 million people demonstrated peacefully against the Iraq War and were ignored. Students have demonstrated, largely peacefully, against tuition fees and have been ignored. But in 1990 there was a large demonstration against the poll tax. It escalated into a riot and plans to introduce the unfair tax were dropped. It also contributed to the resignation of the Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher, which many saw as a positive. Those not in the UK or able to help with the physical cleanup can follow #operationcupoftea and show their support in a light-hearted British way.

  • alschiele

    Personally, I wouldn’t take issue if Parliament or the City had been damaged but to hurt your own already deprived area is something I can’t agree with no matter the result it brings. The video on BBC of rioters pretending to help an injured guy get on his feet only to reach into his backpack and mug him was atrocious. Go #londoncleanup!

  • ColeenMonroe

    I love this. It’s a group of people coming together to say, “Hey, let’s each grab a broom and clean up after thise dummies who trashed it all.”

    Humanity is a great big dysfunctional family. Occasionally we have to clean up after our idiot younger brothers.

  • lixiangl
  • Cocktail Bar In London

    Just to let you know that the virgin mobile fitness center in the south-side purchasing hub in wands-worth has been removed and all the stores in the purchasing hub have shut and they have removed the whole hub.

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