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Why do we swoon over some accents and gag at others?

Carrie, an American reader desperate for advice, submitted the following question to the Non-Expert:

I recently started dating a British guy. I think he’s cute, but maybe it’s just that he has an English accent. How can I tell the difference?

Carrie did not know if she was actually physically attracted to her British beau or if she was blinded by his accent. The way a person speaks can change our opinion of him, whether it be in a negative or positive way. According to Merriam Webster dictionary, an accent is “a way of speaking typical of a particular group of people and especially of the natives or residents of a region.”

Technically speaking, every speaker has an accent, but we generally perceive people who speak differently than we do to have an accent. Different standard dialects within languages can be considered different accents, although even within a particular country or city you can find dozens of different speech patterns and ways of speaking.

If you search “hot accent English,” the first hits to come up are American women discussing British men. Years of James Bond, the royal family, and American women’s fantasies of marrying rich British lords and residing in English country homes have bolstered the image of the sexy Brit. The Austin Powers movies totally play in to the stereotype that women cannot control themselves in the presence of men with British accents. The Non-Expert writes to Carrie:

When it comes to the attractiveness of British men, American women are simply incapable of rendering a proper judgment. Bad teeth, the unibrow, Guinness bloat, doesn’t matter; hell, we think Tony Blair is hot. Studies have proven that British accents are, in fact, the number one cause of hot women dating nerdy men.

Men are also in on the fact that American women like British accents. Author and NPR commentator Paul Davidson writes:

As just a normal American guy, there are just some things I can’t pull off. If I were to walk into a bar, spot a girl on the other side of the room, approach her and say, “You are quite fetching, so much so that I could just eat you up!” you would throw a drink in my face. But with an English accent? You would want to have my children. As just a normal American guy, if I were to offer to walk you across the street you would sack me in the face with your designer Kate Spade — but with an English accent? You would accept and then call all your friends to tell them the story about the debonaire English chap who proved to you that chivalry was indeed, not dead.

It seems well established in pop culture that American women just cannot resist the British accent. During my undergraduate days at UMass-Amherst, fellow linguistics major Galina Lastovkina and I decided to do some sociolinguistics experiments to see which accents UMass students found sexy.

Photo: Newsbie Pix

We recorded samples from native speakers of Spanish, Portuguese, Romanian, Chinese, Korean, Thai, Japanese, German and Russian. Using focus groups and questionnaires, we had groups of men and women between the ages of 18 and 28 listen to the samples and rate how attractive they thought each speaker would be based on the recording. We also asked the listeners to guess the native language of each speaker and tell us what accents they thought were sexy.

What we found was interesting. Both male and female listeners consistently gave higher ratings to speakers who sounded more native-like. For the speakers who were rated as “most attractive,” listeners often guessed them to be from countries like Canada, England, or the United States where English is a native language.

For the male listeners, four of our five female Asian speakers came in as the four “least attractive.” While the men were not very successful at guessing these four women’s native languages, 90% of the guesses offered were for Asian languages. There was a high correlation between the perception that a speaker was from North America or Europe to a high attractiveness rating.

When asked what accents are sexiest, 80% of the women included Australian in their lists. One focus group was quite upset that a survey of sexy accents did not include Australian, British, Scottish and Irish men. They informed us that there was a Scottish boy in their dorm whose accent was “much hotter than any of those [the samples].” The Romance languages cracked the hot accents list with 20% of the girls each mentioning French and Italian.

Galina and I expected the women to be wild about the British accent, but it seems we are moving from seeing prestige and attractiveness in men with manor homes in the U.K. to wanting men to be from the more “adventurous” country of Australia. American women prefer mountaineers, world travelers, surfers and crocodile hunters to polo players, so Prince Charles better get ready to step aside.

The men rated Russian #1: egor.gribanov

Are Australian men the new cowboys for American women? According to UMass college students, they are. With Australian backpackers starting to make their way around and have more contact with American travelers, the accent and the men are gaining popularity. Australian men may also gain some points by addressing every woman they meet with terms of endearment such as “love.”

Among the men, there was no such consensus. The focus groups referenced certain pop stars or actresses when giving their answers: “British definitely. I love those Spice Girls, especially Posh.” For the guys the accent seemed like it had to trigger a visual representation of the girls. One guy said he thought Hispanic/Latina accents had a hot reputation because “you can picture scantily clad women…going out dancing.” The female focus groups didn’t even talk about looks; they only talked about how sexy the men sounded.

So what makes us think a certain accent sounds sexy while another accent is revolting? In our study, people rated accents that sounded more familiar and native-like as attractive while they rated accents that were markedly more foreign (and more difficult to understand) as less attractive. Perhaps this stems from our desire to communicate intimately with those we have romantic relationships with, but perhaps these ratings also tie in to our own preconceived notions and stereotypes about different ethnic groups.

What about you, which accent do find sexiest in English? Which accents do you find unattractive? Do you think we tend to find accents closer to our native languages as attractive?

What is the sexiest accent in English?

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About The Author

Heather Carreiro

Heather is a secondary English teacher, travel writer and editor who has lived in Morocco and Pakistan. She enjoys jamming on the bass, haggling over saris in dusty markets and cross-country jumping on horseback. Currently she's a grad student attempting to wrap her tongue around Middle English, analyze South Asian literature and eat enough to make her Portuguese mother-in-law happy. Learn more on her blog at

  • Carlo

    I’m gonna have to go with Irish as far as English speakers go. Not even sure that it’s “sexy” but it just sounds confident, which I guess is sexy. French for non-English (which is very sexy).

  • Anya

    I thought it was the truth universally acknowledged that Scottish is the best accent ever!

  • Stephanie

    I can tell you from experience that those sexy British accents can totally make anyone seem smarter/more interesting. Proceed with caution (or just enjoy!).

    I don’t find Tony Blair hot but Michael Sheen AS Tony Blair? All over that.

  • Olga

    I would have to say the British and the French. They sound so intelligent when the speak. And their English sounds very rhythmic. It’s like listening to a song. :)

  • Caz Makepeace

    I’m happy to see Aussie accent doing so well. I love the Irish accent- I thought that would be in the poll, for sure. I swoon when I hear that. Also I like English South African accent. I have a very soft spot for that one!

  • kate

    I would have to say the best accent I ever heard was an Austrian man speaking in English. Totally out of the normal set, yes? But true.

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  • Marianne

    New Zealand! I don’t know why, but I prefer it to Australian. I’m British, by the way – probably different tastes!

  • Eva

    Scottish and Irish do it for me…

  • Spencer Spellman

    Hrmmm, being from the southern U.S., I didn’t see American Redneck..I mean what else can make someone melt than that long, southern drawl. It can all be summed up in the 3-syllable word sen-su-ous . Like “Hiya darlin’, sensuous up, could you grab me ‘nother cold ‘un.”

  • Spencer Spellman

    Nonetheless, think I’ll take Australian…

  • Emily

    Men who speak Swahili and then learn British English can have the best accent. It’s meltinyourmouth delicious, especially when paired with a naturally deep voice.

  • Emily-di

    I have to say that there are some accents in America that I find uber sexy. This would include Cajun accents. Southern accents of all kinds, really. Also, whenever I hear a Haitian accents I positively melt, they are incredibly sexy. Just sayin’.

  • Turner

    Great article. I would say, in terms of voice only, I’m attracted to Eastern European and Russian speakers. Can’t explain it.

  • grenouille

    Slavic men speaking english!
    Also British, Irish, Scotish, Australian, New Zealand, and some Southern American accents..

    I’m french canadian though, maybe that makes a different. They all sound very exotic to me.

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  • Anne M

    This may paint me as a walking stereotype, but I love the posh, dry, Mr. Darcy-type English accent. On the flip side, gritty Scottish is pretty hot too…

    • neha

      Stereotype or not, if only there was a place I could buy that accent! I also love the Caribbean accent. It just sounds like they are having so much fun when they talk.

  • Sofia – As We Travel

    When I first met my current boyfriend, I thought his accent was the funniest ever, and not at all sexy (Kiwi accent). The accent is really not important, and soon you’ll be so used to it you don’t even notice it.

  • Nick

    I’m half English, half Welsh, and I think that far and away the sexiest English-speaking accent is a soft, mellifluous Scottish one.

    On a related note, Australians speak English? Thanks for educating this dumb Brit ; )

  • jilly

    South African, preferably Eastern or Western Cape, hands down.

    When people hear my boyfriend over skype (oddly, men and women) they comment on how beautiful his voice is – it’s similar to a very soft English accent, manly and unpretentious. And SA men have the rougher-tougher crocodile wrestling/surfing/rugby playing thing in common with Aussies, along with manners and chivalry that has fallen by the wayside in what I’ve observed of UK society.

  • Heather Carreiro

    Thanks for all the comments and votes! I was originally going to add Irish, Scottish and South African to the poll (as I anticipated they’d get some votes), but my list of accents was getting out of hand.

    Apparently the standard American accent is the UN-sexiest accent out there…

  • joshua johnson

    Every body knows that American accents are the all time undisputed sexiest. Our invocations come in 99 flavors American English fluctuates for 3,000 miles every 2nd county. Something for everyone!!

  • Jed Worthen

    I think Irish, Scottish, & South African should have been added to poll over a Canadien Accent. I bet most Yanks, Kiwis, & Aussies couldn’t tell the difference between a USA and Canada accent. What about Welsh, Cockney, Affikaner accented English, Kiwi, Pakistani/Indian/Bangledeshi, etc?

    • Heather Carreiro

      I started doing that, but the poll was getting longer than the article so I decided to go with the “other” choice instead. It’s far from a scientific poll, since there are hundreds of accents even within the US and the UK. I’d love to do another more scientific sociolinguistic study on this!

  • Kelly

    New Zealand! I cant believe you left that off of the list.

  • LB

    I do love me a very slight Asian accent on a young, attractive, well-dressed man… it can be very sexy.

    Others – South African, Greek, Italian, Spanish, Russian, Scottish, Irish, Australian.

  • Camden Luxford

    I used to say Scottish and Irish, although these days when I hear my Peruvian boyfriend speaking English I wonder why we always use Spanish. Sexiest. Thing. Ever. Although one could argue for a touch of bias.

  • Sasha

    Pretty surprised not to see Irish here!!! Irish accent totally number one! Followed closely by the English though it’s gotta be a gentlemanly English accent! Oh and of course you can’t go wrong with the Spanish or Italians in any language they speak!!! :)

  • evelyn

    I’d say Filipinos speak English best! It’s not our mother tongue but I think our accent sounds cute and sweet :)

  • Jed Worthen

    Thanks for responding Heather! Always look forward too your posts/articles here on Matador. Article about difference between various forms of Arabic and Urdu/Hindi as one language was great. Had read something about that somewhere else. But your writing was much more informative.

    • Heather Carreiro

      Thanks for the compliments Jed! Language is one of my favorite things to write about.

  • Zac


  • Will B

    Hi there, um, err, I like to stumble when I speak, and umm, type, because, you know, it makes me, umm, err, you know, a little more like that English fellow from four weddings and a something or rather. What’s his name, Hugh umm, Carey, no, no, not the old Hollywood legend, the floppish haired guy who dated that woman who married someone else…. him. Hugh Jackman, no no not an Ozzie, but Hugh Grant. Oh God, finally, I type some sense.

    However, what I was trying to say is that, well, one would prefer it if they added the Swedish variety to that list because, one is a man who is terribly fond of the icelandic blondes persuation of speaker. Terribly so, it’s bloody fantastic. Jolly good, ta ra for now.

    Hughie x

  • Brooke

    Minnesotan, for sure. Just joking.

    Anything non-American for me. I guess whatever is more “exotic/foreign” is more desirable.

  • ricky

    Irish accent would be my choice. It sounds gentle and confident and sweet too. However I dislike Singaporean accent (Sorry, Singaporeans!). I don’t know it sounds too weird for me laahh :p

  • Kitty

    I Love South Korean Accents! ^_^

  • Kirsten

    1. New Zealand
    2. Aussie
    3. Irish

    In a heartbeat nearly any girl or guy with those accents can make me melt, swoon and hand over my apartment keys simultaneously. I and most other people I know would be a lot more lenient in the looks department if the person had a sexy accent, without a doubt!

  • Amanda

    I have met men from all over the world and my favorites are so far Scottish, English, Irish, Australian, South African and German is hot. But lately I am loving Swedish accents and men.

  • Ane

    It’s gotten me into trouble on more than one occasion
    I’m danish by the way so all accents of english is foreign to me ;)

  • Ila

    I don’t know about anyone else, but I’m going to have to go with the Turkish accent. It’s very entertaining to listen to them speak English.

  • deirdre

    Irish and English, definitely. Scottish is probably third. Then maybe Spanish.

  • Nik

    I find when native Japanese people speak English, their accents sound very attractive :D. Maybe it is because I live in a country with so much Asians. :D

  • Vernee

    Irish, then Scottish and English for a tie. I find Spanish and Italian to be the most attractive languages.

    This article reminded me of the movie Grown Ups when the wives are sitting by the pool at the water park checking out the hot lifeguard and are like ‘ohhh yeaah…’. He he walks over and starts talking to them in his Saskatchewan accent. They’re like ‘the hell no, GTFO.’ Accents can definitely make or break interest in someone.

    Also, accents can be a problem if you can’t understand the other person. It’s exasperating and sometimes embarrassing for both parties. Another embarrassing instance is when one person doesn’t understand the other so they just smile and/or laugh or agree when they feel appropriate but their response is totally wrong. Like that one time a customer told me why she was buying the black outfit at the thrift store I work at. She looked a bit distracted and I wanted to cheer her up. I smiled and laughed, made a joke if I remember correctly. The woman had looked away with pursed lips and somberly took her change. It wasn’t until later when a friend explained her behaviour to me that I understood my mistake. I was told that I had laughed when she said she could only afford our $1 clothing and also when she mentioned that a relative had died. As it was toward the end of the day and closing time, my smile was probably noticeably fake and tired. Consequently, I now make sure I pay close attention to what people say, especially if they have an accent I’m not used to.

    • Heather Carreiro

      Thanks for sharing Vernee! Yes, when it’s harder to understand people’s speech (especially when we’re tired), I’d say most of us have a tendency to zone out. Hopefully the woman realized you weren’t actually laughing at what she said!

  • Zachary

    Being a guy, I recently met an australian exchange student and her accent was obnoxious and annoying in my opinion. I think that french girls speaking english is really attractive.

  • Eric in Ohio

    Irish… a girl with an Irish lilt is just about as sexy as they come!

  • Marie

    French accents just remind me of my English teacher while I was studying abroad in France and he was a jerk so I will say French accents… should just continue talking in French. Beautiful language.
    Dearest Kiwis… for native english speakers a New Zealand accent is the best.
    As for foreign accents, I love Latvian, Russian, Czech… most of eastern Europe has a cool accent. But I have some good friends from that region so I may just be biased.

  • Eko

    Irish. All the way. I agree with another comment someone wrote about the hotness factor of African/British English accent, that is music to the ears as well!

  • Bud McGinty

    Your classifications are far too broad.

    “American” accent?

    There is an accent from Maine, an accent from Vermont, several different accents from Boston, A few from New York, there is a North New Jersey as well as a South New Jersey accent, there are four or five regional accents from different parts of Pennsylvania, do I really need to continue?

    Similarly, there are a variety of different British accents, based on region and socio-economic level.

    • Heather Carreiro

      Thanks Bud for bringing this up. I’m well aware of the regional varieties of English – come from Massachusetts myself where we have the Eastern MA / Western MA divide around the CT River and as you mention many varieties in Boston. For the purposes of the article though, it’s the ‘standard’ accents I’m referring to. The study I refer to in the article was actually done at UMass and focused on two things, people’s actual perception of accented speech (we had samples of different non-native speakers that they listened to and rated for perceived ‘attractiveness’) and their perceptions about accents.

      For one section of the survey, we asked people “What accents do you think are sexiest?” as an open-ended question. What people replied was “British”, “Australian,” etc. Nobody went into such detail as to say they really loved the Azorean-influenced dialect of the southern end of Fall River (or anything like that). Since we surveyed the general population, not linguists, and were dealing with perception we didn’t find it appropriate to be so specific.

    • Tina

      Bud, those are dialects. Accents are pertaining to a country, dialects are pertaining to regions.

  • Ben

    I have to say English is the best. Having lived in London and met so many lovely English girls their accent is best. To be specific a more well spoken accent that is. I think it is that the accent is often pared with class and altogether attractive.

    Some Irish too and even some American dialects.

    Sadly I don’t often find many of my own country’s (Australia) girls accents that attractive. Especially when it’s quite nasal.

  • jeanne

    Caribbean accents are sexy!

  • Biankam

    I find Russian/Eastern European accents to be hands down the sexiest. They are so manly, sexy, strong, and exotic. Second to that would be South African accents. They are beautiful.

    • Cintia

      I am argentinean and sort of learnt to speak scottish english, I have heard many accents but oh God, I love scottish and Irish, i am very much into languages and believe in the importance of the words we chose when we communicate, I also write, but hey, When i hear the irish (and some scots) i lose track! ↲it is unbelievable how charming it can sound.. Obviously if their words are nice it would b a total win hehe xx

  • kirakira

    Brazilian! Its lovely. French, Scottish, Irish too.

  • London Lass

    There is no such thing as a “British” accent!!!!! Or even, as many have said above, a “Scottish” accent! Glasgow and Edinburgh are only 50 miles apart, but their accents are worlds apart. Ditto Fife and Dundee – it’s a short hop over the River Tay from Fife to Dundee, yet the accents are chalk and cheese. And as for England, we all know that there is a generally held consensus that Geordie accents are very pleasant and ‘trusted’ (it’s why so many call centres are located in Newcastle), while Yorkshire, Belfast and Liverpool accents are attractive and sexy, Lancashire accents grating, West Country accents humorous and Birmingham and Black Country accents are widely disliked and ridiculed outside their own areas.

    Someone above said, “Accents are pertaining to a country, dialects are pertaining to regions.” This is not so. Accents pertain to the sound and intonation of words as they are spoken in different regions and cities as well as in countries. Dialects pertain to the different ‘languages’ and words used in different regions – eg in parts of Yorkshire (such as Leeds) they say ‘champion’ when they mean “great’, ‘mourngy’ for ‘miserable’, ‘us” for ‘me’ and ‘while’ for ‘until (eg ‘my dad told us I have to live at home while I’m married’ for “my dad told me I have to live at home until I’m married’.

    • cintia

      if it fills your apetite hehe I meant all Scottish accents, I have been to many places and heard most of them, you can’t say any of them isnt conquering.
      so, I didnt want to say Glaswegians or such or such, all of them are nice.

  • Kurt

    South African, nothing even comes to a close second.

    • Ostrenga4

      saffer accent? it’s too g’day-ish :D 

  • Jeffrey

    Canadian and sexy?? No way! I definitely like broken english, especially from immigrants from South and Central America (like Mexican English or Brazilian English).

    • Charlotte

      South American and South African ftw! however I am also a sucker for the British accent

  • Symphony

    I do love the British and Australian accents, but the sexiest has to be German. :)
    Might be biased because of my boyfriend though. :P

  • Zerlei

    Brasilian accent is so hoooooooooooooooooooooot

  • Kieran

    Oh come on, us Kiwis are native English speakers too! Then again, I don’t quite see how anyone could find our accent sexy now that it’s associated with Flight of the Conchords. South African is pretty great too!
    But as far as sexy accents on a woman go, I’m gonna be different yet completely serious and vote Danish. Though admittedly I’m still a sucker for the French, cliché or not.

    • Nikke


      I find Kiwi accents suuuuuper sexy, so there. LOL

  • me

    IRISH! Without a doubt.

  • Jennifer

    scottish :)

  • GiGi

    French. Bar none. They can say absolutely anything & it sounds BEAUTIFUL.

  • Neo

    Na’vi baby

  • Gilliany

    Russian, honey. Russian.

  • Kiki

    Kiwi accents rule from men!

  • Jess

    Oh, I’d go for Scottish. Can’t resist! Although Irish is a close second.

    Funny story: I had two odd incidents where people would ask “Why did you trust that random stranger?” And it took me a while after the fact to realize, that it both incidents. . . he had a British accent.

  • emma

    why do all americans assume that all brits talk like austin powers, james bond or the queen??? only a tiny percentage of brits actually speak like that and when they do they are percieved as toffs so i really think that you should ditch the james bond box set and get real. awight?

  • darmabum

    Australian . . . followed closely by New Zealand . . .

  • meggie


  • Scott

    I think your current location has a lot to do with it as well. When I’m in the UK women have told me they love my American accent. I’ve found people attracted to my New York accent when I lived in Seattle and Phoenix. I think accents are just sexy in general because they bring a touch of the exotic, especially if you’re dealing with someone who feels their native population is just boorish.

    Also, where does age account in this study? I could see a lot of college age people liking foreign accents because they themselves want to feel like they are unique. Dating one of the few students on campus with an accent could make them feel that way. Yet, would this be a consideration for an older individual? I feel like it wouldn’t as they would be more liking to notice less superficial things like an accent. This idea of being unique is not as important as other concerns might be at their age.

    But having said that I’m a sucker for the Irish redhead or the Dutch blonde, both sexy accents in my book.

  • ali


    there are around ten differnet Scottish accents which are totally different form each other nevermind the Cockney, Scouse, Geordie, Brummie etc etc etc

    then you have the Ulster accent, Cornish etc etc etc

    Jesus…it,s not all Hugh Grant and Mr Darcy

    personally i love the Texan girl accent

  • R

    Irish, with Kelly Macdonald’s brand of Scottish a close second

  • kat

    Having spent a considerable amount of time in Asia, there is nothing sexier than a well dressed man trying to keep you interested while mangling your language.

  • liza

    irish, so sexy!

  • n/a

    Am I the only one here that doesn’t like accents. There isn’t an accent on Earth that I can classify as sexy or even the slightest bit attractive. If you can’t speak textbook English, you just lost a point in my book. Everyone is entitled to their own way of speaking as much as they are entitled to their own religion, but that doesn’t mean I have to enjoy the way they talk. Accents are just annoying.

    • Heather Carreiro

      You do realize that everyone has an ‘accent’, right? “Textbook English” doesn’t have a particular sound to it. I’m guessing what you prefer is the dialect linguists refer to as Standard American English or SAE.

  • Andrea

    the right southern american accent. the right working class british accent. scottish, but not too too costume drama–for men. for women–a posh english accent works. there was an ATM in my neighborhood for a while programmed to say (in a posh accent) “please enter your secret number.” oo…ok ;)

  • Christa

    Kiwi accent is the best, hands down. I melt when I hear it :) but I did used to date a kiwi so maybe that’s related….

  • Sarah

    I love Arab accents (I know theres sooo many different ones) I’ve just come to find them attractive recently :)

  • Dizzy


  • Jay

    Irish accent ftw!!!! Adian turner anyone?

  • Nancy M

    if we’re talking about foreigners speaking english (which is what i thought we were talking about) – italian is soooo sexy

    • Nancy M

      now that it’s posted i see my comment makes it sound like i disapprove of the voting and/or comments re: native english speakers’ accents – just meant that from the headline i had assumed the article and voting were about ‘foreign’ accents

      • Heather Carreiro

        Thanks for sharing Nancy! In the comments, people have been talking about both – native speaker accents as well as foreign speaker accents. It’s been fun to see what people think!

  • Rose

    IRISH all the way!

  • keon

    Moroccan is beautiful, a blend of Arabic and French? Can’t beat that…

  • Liz

    The thing with American women is that they believe that the only British accent is th London accent which I bet only 5 or 10% of the actual contry speak. You forget about the older accents such as Broad Yorkshire and the lads and lasses from Newcastle with their rough and sweet speech. Phrases such as “ey up cock” which means to anyone that doen’t know means 2how are you love” it’s Barnsley slang but speach such as this wont be found in your episode of freinds. we have to be made out to be british twits like the lass that played Ross’ new girlfriend, or like Bridget Jones, It’s really annoying that th English get portrayed in this way. If you haven’t seen the Full Monty or Train spotting and your an American woman that loves an English nerd then I suggest that you watch them and get to grips with how 90% of us speak like common muck and the filthiest, sexiest language in th UK (or the world) has to go to the Scottish, they are brilliant, very rough and great to listen to. Sorry girls but Prince William isn’t a typical brit.

    • Susan

      Believe me, I do not count “the Queen’s English” as the common accent from that part of the world and, really, I love them all. I saw a fantastic program years ago called, “The Story of English” which covered everything from the Outer Hebrides to Alabama, everywhere that English was the primary language and it was fascinating. I think I just love accents of all kinds.

      I’m not sure that I can find one that I find sexiest but I suppose if I HAVE to pick one that I like to listen (and it’s only marginally ahead of the rest), it would be a good strong, tongue-twisting, ear-straining Scottish brogue, the kind you have no hope of understanding without at least one wee dram.

  • David

    Chinese accent for me

  • Eva


  • Genessey

    I’m going to be a minority here, but i love guys with indian accents. also scottish, danish and australian!

  • Brenna

    I’m a 25 year old american female and my favorite is Irish.

  • Jess

    As a New Zealander, with a similar accent to Australians, I can tell you our accent is not sexy. At all. When you hear it while you are travelling elsewhere, it is cringe-worthy. The romance languages, French and Italian in particular, have the best acccents followed by Scottish.

    • Chrisgould101

      you only thin k that becasue your from nz- im not going to complain about all the italian women dropping around me when i visit and pull out my most suave tongues of our kiwi accent on them.

  • Chelsea

    Irish! and Brazilian!

  • lisa

    Believe it or not I met men from Montenegro (soo handsome) and Dubrovnik. One young man in particular sounded soooosexy with his accent I couldnt resist him. He was also very adorable handsome..

    I also love a British accent but the men are not very handsome and they are too cold,

  • Lori

    I feel like Newfie accents should somehow be tabulated in this as well…

  • david

    Scottish – Sean Connery, Ewan Mcgregor, Gerard Butler, James McAvoy, Craig Ferguson & Annie Lennox, Kelly MacDonald – I rest my case.

  • Cheryl

    American Deep South – Virginia, New Orleans, Atlanta, Charleston – sweep me away to the shade of ancient trees draped in Spanish Moss and sweet iced tea.

  • Helen


  • Pyroeyes

    That Dark smoky Middle Easter accent. You know the kind that that you would often find in a world war era/ noir film. I want to say Istanbul or Moroccan. It has some french influence to it but is a bit deeper than your average female voice. I wish i had a better way of describing it or a sound bit to demonstrate.

  • DiaDeLosMuertos

    I always like me a british accent, but spanish accents are also insanely sexy.

  • Bellathorne


  • mkchn

    Why?  Apparently not pronouncing your T’s and R’s is attractive. Then again, this is a nation who’s idea  of sexy is so subjective.

  • SB

    Russian lads and German men have sexier looks accents,culture ,music,language.I guess I am the different girl in this world who’s not into the brits.

  • JLO_fdoewnfoeb

    I am latin and I met my aussie boyfriend in a bar, he started to talked and I fell in love quickly! …Well it was not only for the accent..I think Australian guys are so sexy, real, perfect…they are so australian!….so hot..he always wants more and more and I want more and more so it is perfect!

  • Aleks

    Central European… Czech, German, Austrian , Hungary, ect

  • Tobyonekanobe


  • Bec.

    I don’t like Brit nor Australian accents. I don’t find them sexy, I find them annoying and hard to understand. It may be because my first language is not English, that when speaking to a Brit, since I can barely understand the words that are coming out of his mouth, I pay more attention to their features, and realize they are not good looking?? (I’m not saying all of them aren’t good looking. I just don’t find their accents hot) . I think English is one of those languages that is hard to sound out sexy. It’s hard in its pronounciation, soit makes sense that those who sounded like native speakers got the highest rates. How can you find sexy someone you don’t understand? Maybe this is why I don’t find the aforementioned accents to be sexy.
    I speak English with a very cute accent (Hey, even women like it!), not thick but not even close to sounding like a native. Well, anyways, to each their own…

  • tara

    scottish! ;)

  • Mochimaku

    I…I find all of them, except American, so hot. *_*

  • Ostrenga

    love mexican, filipino and slavic accents in general. turnoff accents include virginia, nigerian and liverpool :D

    • Wookie

      oh and the other one. hongkongese accent. awwwwwwwwwwwwweful. kills a boner faster than anything :D

      • Tellybabywholovesya


    • Jessica MacDonald

      Oh but Liverpool is lovely-sounding! But I am female and your boner reference leads me to believe you are male. Interesting. Though I disagree, I by no means am saying you are wrong. I think my choice may be influenced by British musicians (…the beatles….pink floyd….zeppelin)

  • sean

    British is so boring but does sound okay although I should talk like that as Britsh but a New Zealander. But I reaction Spanish, French & Italian is mean how they speak it. Spanish girls nice as too

  • Georgia

    NEW ZEALAND BABY!!!!!!!!

  • Lilcupidxoxo

    it might just be that this is my bf’s accent but I love aussie accent!it’s so se

  • Andrea

    Irish and Scottish, definitely…

  • lisa


  • Llamas

    I’m a girl and here’s MY opinion:

    I don’t care about the accents. I know a lot of American guys who have brilliant personalities and nice accents. and i know some British guys who have a really nice accent but their personalities are so horrible.
    I say an accent is just an accent. As long as i can UNDERSTAND you then i don’t care.

  • Girl


  • FazFromNZ

    Scottish and Irish

  • Miyu

    Scottish! Nothing comes close to Scottish. *swoon*

  • Leo

    New Zeland. Its like the Aussie accent but with out the annoying nasal sounds and question marks at the end of each sentances.

    • Leo

      Sorry *Zealand

  • Charlene

    Obviously people are going to choose their own country as the sexiest accent & if not something similar.  It is like voting for your “team” to win.  I see Americans do not bother on here with this sort of stuff because they are confident and besides we are  hot in the talking department and everyone knows it – lol.

  • Nicole

    Has to be Irish – Wins hands down for me :)

  • ursanegro

    this is funny. anyone who thinks a “british” accent is sexy has never been to birmingham or points northwest [or watched coronation street or brookside close]. #imjustsayin

  • Nicole

    A woman with a russian accent is very attractive. I don’t feel the same way about men with russian accents however. It’s more, I wish I had one than I wish I could date one.

  • Biancajade00

    I really love liverpool accents!!! The Beatles for example… HOT!!!! I also love Robert Pattenson’s accent…. even though he’s not Liverpoolian… Love from Minnesota’s biggest Beatles fan, Bianca!!! woo woo!! 

  • Mermaid M.

    Scottish!  Gerard Butler… oh my.

  • Musicflow01djsmalls

    Trinidadian women by far take the cake! Go Trinidad and hear them! it best!

  • Amela

    all ascents are cute but Bosnian ascents are the cutest because they just try so hard to get it right and say it sooo slow awhhh

  • Chelsea

    Scottish would have to be my number one. And just as in America, there are many different British dialects, and I definitely perceive some as being more attractive than others. I also think it’s important to note that I (as well as many of my friends) don’t really view the British entirely in terms of this posh society that I think this article insinuates, and I don’t really think of that standard posh, royal sounding British accent as being the most attractive. 

    As for Non-native English speakers, I definitely French accents to be the sexiest. 

  • Twhite


  • Bubbles

    I am Australian of Italian background. I love Brit accents so much that I have had four English boyfriends and two Aussies. I used to walk into a room and listen, rather than look, for someone I might be attracted to.  I’m going out with my fifth Brit on Wednesday. But I have realised it isn’t just the accent. Being European – and in a way not - they are just like me.

  • Canuck

    Irish – an Irish colleen can say anything at all to me and I’ll be in love instantly.

  • Giselle

    I love accents! As far as English accents I think men with British accents are more attractive. But I love Australian accents as well. I’m American, but my boyfriend is from Romania. When you first hear his language, it’s not very sexy, but I think the fact that he speaks another language is the part that turns me on. Although, when he’s speaking English…sometimes it gives me goosebumps. And he’s so passionate and romantic which makes it ten times better. But I have sayI love all Spanish speaking guys. Whenever a guy says something to me in spanish, I melt.

  • guest

    Irish accents are the best

  • Jessica MacDonald

    Scottish/Northern England (Liverpool-Leeds). And Irish.
     There are too many sub-accents to just say “British”. What about Cockney? Yorkshire? Cornwall? the many accents of London? Still, the north and west coast /isles of the UK  have got me swooning left, right and centre.

  • Janet Vandenabeele

    South African. But Irish, Scottish, Australian and British are still great, too. 

  • Amor-87

    I like eastern European ! Serbian, Bulgarian…

  • Emmaculleton


  • MadJones

    IRISH all the way…
    Then The Aussies
    Next Americans
    And last British (it can be nice but usually is a little to haughty for me)

  • Delicious Jen

    Spanish- Two words  Cesc Fabergas  (Footballer)

  • TheMadScotsman

    There is not a “britsh” accent. it is either a scottish, english or welsh accent.

    • Sunshinee

      Well maybe referring to all of them? I don’t know, I find British accents attractive, meaning: I honestly like all Scottish, Irish, and English accents, even the ones most people don’t like.

      • Irishgirl

        Ireland is not part of Britain …not cool

    • Oholroyd1

      or Northern irish

  • Karen (Elworthy) Sampson

    Ohhhhh, definitely a Caribbean accent by far ;-)

  • Silla

    I like British but it depends which region the person is from. Some British accents like cockney I find irritating. I prefer the one that makes them appear smart. Not a fan of Scottish or irish. Least favorite is spanish, German and Chinese or Vietnamese. Australians sound too nasally.

  • heather

    I love guys with Russian & Ukrainian accents.

  • Amidcca

    South African =- ALL THE WAY

  • Hellogoodbye70

    Ok, come on here…Irish is clearly more sexy than British. That was my pick in the category of other.

    • Fia Pacitti

      Irish is SO sexy!!! :D

    • Irishgirl

      You are so right Irish lads omg weak at the knees

  • HapaHime

    Irish or Scottish…<3

  • Anna

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  • Eddy

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  • Francesco

    South African!

  • Mohansa

    Two bits of pedantry.

    A). Prince Charles is a Prince of Australia, so he won’t have to step aside. 

    B). Scotland is in Britain. 

  • Tomatoe_sauce


  • Ish85

    South African or German

  • Miranda

    I’ve never been able to understand why I think his, but I find a heavy, Russian accent to be far sexier than anything else. Just the mere THOUGHT of hearing a native Russian saying “Ya tebya lyublyu” (“I love you,” in Russian) to me, makes my face turn VERY dark red!

  • Babydoll

    Irish accent are sooooo cute

  • dallasreeder

    the hottest accent for a guy in English is definately South African.they all speak english down there anyways It helps that they are all super beautiful too but I think even if they aren’t very good looking it would still get me into bed with them. After a few cocktails of course. For women I think Icelandic. This one chick at the bar just told me hello and that she was from icland and she can tell we are the only gay guys in critter’s sports bar and there for we needed to get drunk and watch each others drinks for roofies and go home with her so she didnt get raped. She totally had me at hello.

  • SilverSarah

    Russian, for sure.

  • Jason Davis

    South African
    New Zealand

  • Sambam

    Jamaican accents are incredible

  • Chrisgould101

    im from new zealand , and reading this now i want to travel more :) you know, let my phonetics of speech be there for all women to enjoy. i have to say somethoing that i havnt seen much of on here, italian women /italian accents? there sexy. and also all the americans and south africans saying they like the kiwi accent well maybe you like it but im sorry the majority of us would generally hate your accents. also the british thing- overrated. unless your liz hurley i really dont care

  • Mikael Colville-Andersen


  • Girl’s opinion

    If I like the dude, I’m gonna fall for his accent, or his native language for that matter. But in general, being a non-native English speaker, I am mesmerized by native English speakers, be they American, British or kiwi.

  • 3InchBoy

    why do women esp american women find the irish accent sexy!? im a 24 year old born and raised irish guy so i dont understand why. r yis mental or what?!  our accent certainly isn’t hawwt as u dumb bitches say. sure the lads are drunk half the time and our women are….also drunk half the time. ah here like whatever you want. half brainers like accents anywayz

    • Derbystripes

      I’m Australian, so I can’t speak for American woman but I can tell you that the Irish accent just sounds appealing to us. I’m not sure why. We don’t even think about the drunkness.

  • Liberty Speidel

    I’m in favor of an Irish accent, but actually am getting to enjoy the South African accent, too. It’s not quite Brit, not quite Aussie, so it’s a bit of a mystery. :)

  • Laura

    There are lots of different British accents, even within England. I can travel an hour away and meet people with a very different accent to my own. The Hugh Grant foppish and slightly posh accent is spoken by very people!

  • Petr0vitch

    Northern English accents are the best. Especially the Geordie accent, it’s so friendly.

  • harrysecombegroupie

    I may be alone here, but I find Welsh accents utterly irresistible. Whether it be in rich, cultivated Richard Burton-style tones or the adorable lilt of the South Wales Valleys, something about that accent just makes me want to be played…like a harp! 

  • Ash

    Irish and Scottish!

  • Pandora Elkins

    Irish is by far the sexiest sounding. Also “British” is not an accent.

  • Elizabeth Angel Lopez-Hayward

    oh no not me. For me the Brıtısh guy (or any of those northern countrıes) annoy me. I can only take small doses of those accents. For me the Hındı accent ıs the funniest…ohh ı could listen to it all day.When any guy speaks to me with a slavic accent it doesn’t do anything for me…seems to harsh. So for me the sexiest is the spanısh-ıtalıan-portugese accent.mmmmmmm.

  • Camille Bruno

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  • Nick Winters

    I found my Aussie accent worked a treat in the USA, I had never had so much female attention, I loved it, and most of them told me they just loved my accent.

    • Catherine Joubert

      Oh yeah, we LOVE the Aussie accent!

    • Nick Winters

      its cheating but! lol

  • Porche Parsnip Walker

    Scottish or Irish Norwegian and German.

  • Anonymous

    what happened to personality? although I agree with Marianne. The sexiest is New Zealand accent. I like it better than Australian. probably because it sounds sort of like a British accent, but with Australian words. Dunno. But I love it~♥.

  • Julio Sanchez

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  • Rachel Pun

    german and russian, dunno why.

  • Rachel Pun

    german and russian, dunno why.

  • Rachel Pun

    german and russian, dunno why.

  • kelsowest

    Northern Irish, hands down. Mmmm

  • The Dubliner


  • ……….


  • Beautyintheeyes

    I love Nigerian accents! *my Nigerian friends are awesome

  • Irishgirl

    Ah sure I’m irish and I still think boys with Irish accents are soooo hot

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