Jess Cramp

scientist, surfer, diver, pilot and conservationist


Jess Cramp is a scientist, surfer, diver, pilot, writer, and conservationist whose philanthropic adventures have taken her from a field hospital in post-earthquake Haiti to a remote atoll in the South
Pacific, where she lived for 3 years, spearheading the effort for the Cook Islands Shark Sanctuary, which was established in December 2012. Currently without a permanent address, Jess is in a different country every month, and in the water as much as possible. She splits her time between assisting the Cook Islands government in establishing a large-scale marine park, and helping her own burgeoning organization, Sharks Pacific, to become a key player in shark research and conservation. A contributor to Women’s Adventure Magazine, Escape Magazine, and National Geographic’s Adventure blog, Jess is a consummate optimist, whose positive energy is contagious, along with her willingness to spend however long it takes to see the projects she’s working on through to produce tangible results. “For me,” Jess says, “traveling is all about gaining hands-on experience to better understand community level impacts and encouraging locals to get involved.” She is driven to take risks in life, not just in sports.


  • Swimming holes appear at low tide. So much to explore on this magical little island. #niue #southpacific #islands #iwilldefinitelybeback
    Jess Cramp >>> Feb 08, 2015
  • Avaiki Cave is directly beneath my accommodation. The ceiling is about 100ft high and the cave has magical crevasses to explore and swim throughs in the clearest water on the planet. It's a limestone island so there is no sedimentation to cloud the water. There wasn't a soul around. This is an unfiltered snapshot from my #gopro. I am truly running out of compliments for this island...maybe it's time for a blog. #niue #cave #southpacific #islands #exploremore
    Jess Cramp >>> Feb 05, 2015
  • It may not be the safest, but jumping over the side of a moving boat has its perks. This is rapidly becoming one of my favorite islands. #dolphins #niue #freediving #getwetoften
    Jess Cramp >>> Feb 04, 2015
  • Me: "Ummmmm, why are they so effing curious though?!"
Brendan (local): "Don't worry Jess, they don't really bite humans, except in between your fingers...and maybe your braids?" Meet the endemic Niuean Katuali sea snake, relative of the sea krait and one of the most venomous animals on the planet. It was a bit hard to focus on hunting fish with these guys constantly slithering up to greet you!! #niue #seasnake #spearfishing #freediving #southpacific #stokedonmyjob:)
    Jess Cramp >>> Feb 04, 2015
  • Something tells me that when I get through this bush, my mind will be blown. Exploring caves, chasms and coastlines on a teeny island called Niue this week (for "work", of course). #lovemyjob #niue #southpacific #islands #onlytouristsonthewholefrickinisland #castaway #exploremore
    Jess Cramp >>> Feb 02, 2015
  • Repost of @wstrathmann who took this photo of me holding this juvenile Caribbean reef shark upside down. We do this to induce tonic immobility, rendering the shark fairly motionless so that we can flip him back over and apply tags. This baby shark melted my heart. Notice that the hook didn't even go through his jaw.  @ceibahamas @entidaledproject #sharks #sharkspacific #sharkconservation #bahamas #sharktagging
    Jess Cramp >>> Jan 22, 2015
  • They offered. I happily accepted! #bumblebeescanswimtoo #diving #palau #nevertooserious
    Jess Cramp >>> Jan 17, 2015
  • Hello, beautiful. #leavemehere #iloveboats #palau #islands
    Jess Cramp >>> Jan 15, 2015
  • I smiled so much today that my face hurts! They let me outside today, during daylight! Woo hoo! Super in love with this country. #Palau #happyasaclam
    Jess Cramp >>> Jan 15, 2015
  • I have such a great job. After hours and hours of meetings with politicians in a dark hotel restaurant, our luck changed. We were invited onto an incredible yacht, the S/Y Ethereal, for drinks and our final meeting of the day.  Here, the President of Palau and I are enjoying the view from the crow's nest while talking over Palau's proposed marine reserve. They sent me 138ft into the air with a world leader! Of course I took a selfie! #Palau #bestjob #stilljetlagged #yachting #conservation
    Jess Cramp >>> Jan 14, 2015