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Lindsay Anne Williams shares her takeaways from her first time at Midsummer.

MIDSUMMER IS THE BIGGEST CELEBRATION of the year in Sweden. Dating back hundreds of years, it’s a tradition that memorializes the summer solstice — the longest day of the year — and is meant to ensure a good harvest.

It’s also a special time when the booze overfloweth, everyone eats stinky bits of raw fish, children decorate and dance around a large phallic pole, dirty folk songs are sung, and everyone is expected to hop around like a frog.

Here are 10 things you need to know.

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Lindsay Anne Williams

Lindsay Anne Williams set out to go backpacking around the world in 2010, and she’s still at it. She has taught English in China, been an extra on a Bollywood movie set, tattooed through a translator, stood amongst street protests in Greece and turned away at the Syrian border. Her work has been published by Western Living and Vancouver magazine. Lindsay is a MatadorU student and is currently based in India.

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  • Marie Lisa Jose

    Its ok to be silly! My kind of place :)
    And if it was only as easy as choosing the right flowers! :)

    Love the pictures Lindsay!

    • Lindsay Anne Williams

      I think there should be a code book to picking the right flowers…someone should look into this. Thank you for your comment, Marie.

  • Upasana Mallick

    Such an interesting read! with such lovely pictures! :)

    • Lindsay Anne Williams

      Thank you, Upasana! :)

  • Anton Rachitskiy

    Sweden has one of the most adorable people in the world : ) Very nice pictures!

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