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Travelers tend to enjoy ultimate freedom on the road, though jumping the psychological hurdle of experiencing nude beaches can remain a challenge.

EVERYONE HAS ONE opinion or another about nudity in public places. My own was rather reactionary until recently. I come from a family where modesty was a virtue, and was shocked when I moved to the Netherlands and found an open approach to public nudity. (I once saw a naked man in Amsterdam, riding his bike to work.)

I felt outraged and insulted.

“Never, never in my life will I be naked in public,” I told myself. However, since then, some things have changed.

I became a nudist. My current boyfriend happens to be a nudist, and on our first holiday he introduced me to the joy of being naked on the beach.

And I rather liked it.

Being naked on the beach gives you the feeling of being free and in union with nature. And it is rather natural, considering that humans only started to wear clothes 72,000 years ago. For more than half of our existence, we have been nudists.

What I noticed at nudist beaches is that people come in all shapes and forms, and rarely do they resemble Kate Moss.

However, being natural with nature is not that easy nowadays. It’s still a controversial issue. Some regard public nudity as exhibitionism. Others say its sets a bad example for children. In most states of the US, a woman going topless can result in a fine.

Women are paradoxically bombarded with glossy magazine pictures that depict thin, beautiful, and mostly naked women. Even if you’d like to be a nudist, you might avoid going to a nudist beach because you feel your body doesn’t correspond to the standard of beauty.

What I noticed at nudist beaches is that people come in all shapes and forms, and rarely do they resemble Kate Moss. It can be a liberating experience, especially if you have confidence issues.

I started my nudist experience when I considered myself slightly overweight, and it helped me to realize that the human body is beautiful as it is. And I certainly recommend everyone try it at least once. Here are some tips, which might come in handy if you’re ready to give it a shot.

Photo courtesy the author

Tip #1 – Lather up.

Don’t forget to put sun cream on those parts of your body that don’t normally see the sun. It isn’t pleasant letting virgin skin burn.

Tip #2 – Watch the bend.

Don’t bend over when adjusting your towel or picking something up from the sand (unless you’re Brad Pitt, of course).

Tip #3 – Eyes to yourself.

Don’t stare at other naked people!

Tip #4 – Go incognito.

In case you do want to stare, there are two best ways to do it: (a) wearing sunglasses, (b) pretending to read a book (just don’t forget to turn the pages).

Tip #5 – Ditch the camera.

Be respectful of others when you take out your camera to get some pictures of the beach. The sight of it will make all the naked people around you suddenly very nervous.

Tip #6 – Watch for cold water syndrome.

Men, be aware that even if you’re well-endowed, it’s gonna shrink to tiny proportions when you emerge from the sea. Don’t feel bad about it….

Tip #7 – To shave or not to shave?

This is a difficult question, since enjoying a nudist beach is all about being natural. On the other hand, it’s nice to be well groomed.

Tip #8 – Avoid philosophy.

Try to avoid deep philosophical conversations with your naked neighbors. It sounds (and looks) rather weird when a naked person talks about Foucault.

Tip #9 – Keep your suit handy.

Take your swimming suit with you just in case. For instance, when all other nudists decide to leave the beach and you are the only naked person remaining.

Tip #10 – Top of the morning?

What to do in case of erection? Quickly lie face down on the sand, but don’t forget to fill in the imprint when you stand up!

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About The Author

Ekaterina Petrovna

Ekaterina was born in Moscow, but has lived in four different countries. Her name, pronounced as N-E-T-C-H-I-T-A-I-L-O-V-A literally means 'unreadable' in Russian. Quite a pity since her biggest passion in life is writing. That apart from her family, speaking and learning different beautiful languages, listening to nice music, having fun and enjoying occasional naps and dancing. Or, and in between, when she does find time, she works on her PhD thesis in sociology.

  • Nancy Harder

    Great post!! I will be heeding these tips the next time I find myself on a nudist beach. (And yes, I’ve stumbled upon many inadvertently in Europe.)

    I found myself laughing out loud at #10 too. (Great advice for the men folk!)


  • Tom Mulhall

    Great article.

    You left off #11. Have Fun!

    That’s the best part of nude beaches. Eveeryone has so much fun.

    Here in the US there are only a couple of legal nude beaches. However, our country is lucky and has some fo the best clothing optional resorts.

    For instance, here in sunny Palm Springs, my wife and I own The Terra Cotta Inn We have guests from around the world that stay with us. We are perfect for couples trying topless or nude sunbathing for the first time.

    So put on the suntan lotion and HAVE FUN!

  • Ekaterina

    ha-ha, thanks Nancy and Tom!

    if I am ever in the US, I will certainly try to visit your inn, Tom! And yes, ‘having fun’ point is very relevant, that apart from when a gorgeous naked woman enters the beach and you are lying there next to your boyfriend concerned about your (probably even non-existent) cellulite. lol

    I guess, for women it’s more controversial indeed…

  • Buzzy Gordon

    Nice post. :)

    Just one little quibble: if we are acting naturally, then conversations with our nude neighbors should be whatever the flow is — even if it is philosophy. The same rules should apply here as apply to any normal conversation: be polite, don’t interrupt and try not to get into any arguments.


  • Ekaterina

    Hello Buzzy,

    you are right. It doesn’t really matter what do you discuss when you act naturally.
    I suppose I was mostly speaking from personal experience. Twice already I took with me philosophical books on the beach, and twice I ended up reading some glossy magazines instead.
    But my boyfriend reads Foucault for pleasure, even on the beach.
    I guess I am simply jealous when people manage that…

  • Andrea

    Our nearly adult children stumbled onto our pictures of our honeymoon in Korcula (Adriatic Sea) where we were able sunbathe and swim in the beautiful waters without swimsuits. They were surprised and a bit shocked but indeed I hope they get the pleasure on swimming nude in warm waters sometime in their lifetime.
    Unbeknownst to us at the time (1978) this area was very very popular with Northern Europeans seeking nudist resorts mid winter.
    Great post!

    • Ekaterina

      Hello Andrea,

      thank you for your comment.
      We had the same problem the other day when kids of my boyfriend wanted to see our pictures from our holiday. We had to hide some of them.
      Which actually raises an interesting point for me when I have my own kids: take them to the nudist beach, and if yes, till what age?

  • Tom Mulhall

    Hi Ekaterina,
    I hope to meet you someday too. IMO, women are more nervous about topless or nude sunbathing than men.

    The Women’s magazines constantly say unless a women follows this diet, buys these cosmetics and clothes, gets this plastic surgery she will never measure up to other women and get/keep a man.

    The women’s magazines make women feel so insecure about themselves. That’s is why so many women don’t try topless or nude sunbathing. Insecurity!

    Of course once they try it, they see how much fun it is and will vacation at clothing optional resorts the rest of their lives.

    Again gret article.


  • James

    If you introduce your own kids to the nudist lifestyle, simply include them until they don’t want to go anymore (or they may be hooked for life!) Toddlers and babies don’t care – don’t let them sunburn – then elementary age love it (so hard to keep them in clothes anyways) … tweens and teens may be self-conscious and may not go, else may always wear a suit … high-school say “never with the folks” … college consider it but only with same age friends … young marrieds wonder when they will ever have such fun again and skinny dip on vacations only … until at mid-age, they’ve joined their own resort and never realized that you were life-long members, too. LOL. Even if you only practice nudity at home/backyard, be casual about it and never press the issue one way or the other. Don’t be anxious about vacation pictures – if you’re up tight, they will be, too. Show them as appropriate (sexy silliness at the correct age you decide) but don’t have to hide them because you’re topless or fully nude. Wif and I went to Black’s Beach 1st year of marriage (no kids for 2 more years) and enjoyed it. 18 years later, found old photos and kids could not believe it years later but we still showed them those photos. Still working on a no-tanline tan in private backyard when possible on the weekends and trying to get that 1st year body back again, too! Kids don’t join, but that’s their choice and we both respect that.

    • Ekaterina

      Hello James,

      thank you for the advice! I suppose when we act naturally and don’t make an issue out of it, – there should not be a problem. And indeed, kids love the sea and the beach as it is!

  • Christiana Gaudet

    While I really appreciate hearing about a person opening up to nudism, and I am also really grateful for any mainstream positive coverage, I found this article really offensive. I live in a nudist camp full time, was married in the nude, raised my kids in nudism, etc. From the persepctive of an American nudist/naturist, some of these points are just silly, and really miss the pont.

    Traditionally, when a man gets an accidental erection, the solution is to cover up with a towel until it goes away. No problem. Diving face first, and penis-first, into the sand sounds really unpleasant, and no one does this.

    Bend over any way you want. On our beach we do naked yoga, hooping, volleyball whatever. Exposing one part of the body is no different than explosing another part of the body. That’s what body acceptance is all about.

    Further, converse about anything you want. I teach Tarot in the nude. The fellowship that is developed with nudist friends is priceless.

    Of course we look at each other, and of course we don’t stare. Just like in the clothed world.

  • Ekaterina

    Hello Christiana,

    the article wasn’t meant to be a serious debate about nudism and what it is, but as funny piece with some jokes to talk about nudism in a slightly different way.
    I do understand that you can find some things as ‘offensive’, but this was not to meant to be offensive towards anyone, less the nudists.
    And I think I already answered the question about ‘philosophical’ debates if you bother to read other comments.

  • William Wallace

    I have a better solution on how to deal with an erection, from personal experience quickly head into the sea and have some fun with your girlfriend, it worked wonders for me…..

    • Ekaterina


      thanks for your comment William. I hope Christiana won’t read it (see the comments above).
      I can agree with your comment, even if my article wasn’t inteneded to turn into an erotic story or be provocative as it turned out to be, lol.

  • Tad (JTK.CA)

    #10 was funny. However, I think nudist culture is hypocritical when it chants the mantra, “BODY ACCEPTANCE,” over and over again, and then tells a man to cover up that hideous erection. In my view, erections should not need to be hidden. Erections are not behaviour. They simply happen, often spontaneously. Of course, you can engage in bad behaviour with an erection, but you can also engage in bad behaviour while breathing, but we don’t ban breathing. There is a difference between simply “having” and erection and “playing with” an erection. Simply “having” an erection should be a non-issue in nudist culture, unless we want to take back our “BODY ACCEPTANCE” mantra, and tell a man who obviously doesn’t need Viagra, “Put that hideous thing away!” Erections are NOT a threat.

    • Ekaterina

      Hello Tad,

      I do agree with you. Actually your comment brings me back to the comment made by Christiana about which I was thinking and to the politically-correct culture debate.
      There is nothing wrong with erections indeed, as it’s natural (and I suppose from a man’s point of view, it’ better when you have them rather than not), but it’s this bahavioural thing we have in our society, which tells us how to behave and teaches as impression management. Erections are somehow considered to be embarassing when happening in public. As well as (and this is the point made by Christiana, with which I disagree now) staring at or admiring another’s body.
      We stare at other people either clothed or not clothed and there is nothing wrong with it either. But in a poticially-correct culture, it’s ‘wrong’ to admit that you stare.

  • James

    I think some people get too hung up on how much skin is showing. Unfortunately, in the USA, places to go clothing optional are becoming a dying estate, especially on the West Coast. Blacks Beach in San Diego is still OK, but it is a LONG walk to get there and the beach conditions are not always optimal and voyeurs/stalkers are common. The user maintained cliff walk is “easiest” but it is like a stair-master (good exercise, though.) the south walk from the college is about 1 to 2 miles and bad parking. San Onofre is undergoing legal challenges again after decades of no problems and status is in limbo. Several Los Angeles beach sites are gone as well as Ventura. Possibly up in SF, but then it starts getting cold. Canadian sites are there, but I’m not going to Canada any time soon. Ha.

    I remember going on a cruise to Tahiti and most of the boat was a body style you did not want to see unclothed. Topless was common on the beach in Bora Bora, Moorea and some parts of Tahiti. Carnival used to have its top-deck topless tanning, but seems that is falling out of style or changing rules. No other cruise line I’m aware of, less one that is all clothing optional in general, approves or condones CO anymore. Many places that allow resorts to be CO or have CO facilities are having financial issues or just too expensive to get to or changing rules and getting rid of CO facilities (Couples, some Beaches, etc.).

    And it seems that Americans are more one side or other … no gray areas or compromise. Kids are irrevocably tramatized by sight of a pair of breasts or some uncovered buns (but violence on TV/video is no problem) … or “here is my naked body on display – either like it or leave.” Seems a militant attitude either way. Looking at Florida’s beach policies – topless allowed or CO (Haulover Beach) – get all the tourists, all the city protected services and all the revenues that other places with fantastic beaches disdain. There should be room for everyone – and publically designated areas to go as you like.

    We can only hope for a better future.

    • Ekaterina

      Hello James,

      thank you for your comment and very interesting points.
      It reminded me of kids of a friend of mine who walked on his girlfriend once when she was topless in the bedroom (not even naked) and it indeed tramatized them, – while at the same time they are constantly exposed to much worse things on television.
      It’s indeed a hypocrticial and too politicially-correct society where we are too afraid to admit certain things and face the truth. And we are ashamed of our own bodies from the early age.

  • Tom Mulhall

    Hi James,
    The nicer CO facilities such as ours in Palm Springs, CA (The Terra Cotta Inn ) and Cypress Cove in Florida are doing great. Others that are overpriced or need to upgrade are not.

    But, that is no different than any other hotel nudist or not.

    As for nude beaches, that is a government issue. California could have a fantastic beach like South Beach or Haulover if they opened their eyes and minds.


  • Hansen

    Tip #6 seems like it is a bit joking but that is one of the most embarrassing moments for a man. Is it appropriate to cover up when coming out of the water and walking back to the towel?

    Also, women think they are the most self conscious because of what the media portrays as an “accepted” figure but there is an equal amount of pressure for men, we just don’t talk about it. A good figure and being “well-endowed” can eat a guy up inside. And women really aren’t revealing much more than what a bikini already would, while men have a huge step to take revealing their mysterious parts. I am not saying it is less difficult for women, just that men’s nervousness is overlooked.

    And how do you convince your very conservative girlfriend to try it for the first time? We live close to Blacks Beach and I want to give it a try.

    • Ekaterina

      Hello Hansen,

      I absolutely agree with you about the pressure on men. Actually, – it’s quite a good idea for an article!
      Since I wrote this article from my own perspective, – I talked about women’s image in the society. But the same applies to men, – for men it’s also about the looks, status, athletic figure, going to the gym, etc, etc. The glossy magazines target not only women but also men.

      As to how to convince your girlfriend…well, I was quite conservative myself (at least I thought so). I think a lot depends on where will you take your girlfriend. I was introduced to nudism in the Canaries, – where it’s natural, while if I were to try in the UK I would rather feel uncfortable as there are these ‘voyeurs’ who just walk around to get a view.

      You could just take her along without obligation that she is naked. As soon as she sees that nudists indeed are even friendlier than non-nudists (it’s true I must admit that at nudist beaches people stare less and care less about the perfect image of the body) she will probably feel more relaxed about it.

  • Steven

    Hi Ekatarina,
    I enjoyed reading your article and agree with most of what you have said.
    I have experienced something different though, regarding the ‘body acceptance’ reason most nudists give for being nudists.
    In my case I am fit, toned and in-shape man and very well endowed in the genital area and it seems that when being a well endowed man on a nude or clothing optional beach some think I am trying to show off my ‘size’. I have learnt that it is easier to be average endowed on a nude beach for it seems to be easier to be accepted when being ‘average’ or like any other person. Being a well endowed man is not so easy to blend in with others on the beach. They tend to shy away from me even though I am a very open, well mannered man enjoying being nude. I do not look at other people in that way, assessing their endowement I mean,yet it seems the ‘body acceptance’ part seems for most to come from seeing other ‘out of shape’ people that makes them feel better about themselves
    I am generalizin here since I have met many wonderful people and not all do this. What do you and your eaders think?

    • Ekaterina

      ha-ha Steven,

      you made me laugh.

      Well, honestly, now that I am myself thin and fit, I feel myself quite better on the nudist beach (as well as on any other beach for that matter) rather than I was when I was 5 kilos more, even if going nudist helped me at that time to still feel great about my body.
      I wouldn’t think that you were showing off if I saw you on the beach (from your description). I mean, everyone has the right to go to the nudist beach….

  • Christy

    Great post! Thank you for sharing!

  • James

    To Hansen,

    If you would like to try the naturist lifestyle with your girlfriend, you may want to start out first in non-threatening environments, rather than the beach right off. That could be at home, even with the curtains up for privacy (don’t need a neighbor reporting you for public indency) or if you have a private backyard. Getting out of the shower and not dressing for a while. Or doing the laundry and/or house work, and throw your clothes in with the dirty ones (assuming this is not a public laundramat), and don’t get dressed in anything else. Make it casual, non-threatening, non-sexual (though it can be sensuous) and she is not threatened. If you have a private (not community) pool where you can go skinny dipping together, at night then later during the day. Suntanning and going for strap free, then not tying the straps back later. I’ve done backyard gardening with only sandals on, including mowing the back lawn with a power mower. (Don’t forget to apply lotion at regular intervals to all areas, especially inside prior tanlines.) Just do your normal stuff around the house and just don’t include clothing in it. Lots of other suggestions on reputable naturist websites. See the links off the Terra Cotta Inn website for those.

    Then there are fantastic places locally, like the Terra Cotta Inn in Palm Springs, where it is clothing optional and everyone is that way. Palm Springs is only a few hours or so a way from San Diego and perfect for a weekend trip since we have such “lousy” weather here all year long in Southern California. See the link in one of the above replies from the owner. My wife and I rented a pool house from a prior clothing optional inn – we didn’t stay there, but they owned a separate private house nearby that had a fenced in private pool that we enjoyed on our first anniversary au naturel.

    The biggest issue already brought up is body-acceptance, especially your own. Not too many ladies are comfortable with their own body image (and guys too) in regular clothes or bathing suits, much less with nothing on. Compliment her all the time and encourage her that she looks good every single day! Even when she doesn’t! Attitude alone can make a person shine on the worse hair day! My wife and I had gone to Jenny Craig our first year and celebrated our 1st anniversary after we’d both lost a lot of weight and feeling very good about ourselves. My wife and I have gained a bit over the last 20 years and we’re working on losing it again together. She said she would be more receptive again to naturist adventures after she lost some again. So we encourage each other whenever possible and support each other. But isn’t that what we should be doing anyways in any relationship? ;-))

  • Ken

    tip # 10 should be referred back to tip #6 – run into the ocean

  • Jenn

    This is an interesting and informative post. I had my first surprise experience with nude swimmers in Croatia. Unfortunately, at the time, I was embarrassed of my body and envious of their freedom. Thank you for your honest and helpful tips! I will definitely seize the opportunity next time. Any suggestions for nude-friendly beaches in the U.S?

    • Ekaterina

      Hello Jenn,

      thank you very much for your encouraging comment!

      Regarding nudist beaches in the US, – as far as I know the choice isn’t great. Please, see the comment of Tom (the second comment) on more information on this issue. You can also have a look at his site, – they run a friendly hotel for nudists,

  • Sam

    Hi Katia,

    I thought I’d get in on the debate. I have been going to nudist beaches and camps for around 10 years now, and I find the beaches more relaxed than the camps.

    I am a spontaneous nudist, in that when I find I am on a beach in the UK, the weather is ok and the beach fairly deserted I will get naked. I find that the planning takes the fun and the freedom out of being naked. One problem I often have, however, is that I will often encounter strange curiosity from people walking on the beach trying really hard not to look, or i get asked to put my clothes back on by someone pretending to be offended, even though I got there first, the beach is an unofficial nudist beach and you have to walk miles to get there! I am not an exhibitionist, just impulsive and I really enjoy swimming and sunbathing without clothes.

    I am also a life model and have almost no hang ups about my body as my friends will testify!

    My tip, enjoy your body, whatever glorious shape nature gave you.

    • Ekaterina

      Hello Sam,

      thank you for your very interesting comment!
      I do agree with you that we should learn how to enjoy our bodies whatever is the shape, size, etc.
      Unforunately, media and media industries are so powerful and ideologically overwhelming that it’s very hard sometimes to escape the image of perfection portrayed everywhere. I am myself sick and tired of it, as in my case I do feel that I am being let into brainwashing about how I should look…Though as I said previously in one of my comments, – nudist beach and also life-modelling helped me to start enjoying my body on all occasions.
      I guess I am also very lucky with my boyfriend who doesn’t think that a woman should correspond to some standards in order to be judged beautiful.

  • erin

    Great post. Very funny tips. I just don’t think I could do it, I dont mind others doing it at all but I was at a resort last year in Spain, a family resort and there was a lady who arrived mid week and waled around naked at the pool. Needless to say we were all a little uncomfortable but looking back fair play to her for having that confidence.

  • erin

    That was meant to be walked* around the pool.

  • James

    To Erin,

    Interesting how Americans are caught unaware of what Europeans have always been doing. I’ve read how in some pools in Europe and Russian, it is “scandalous” to wear a bathing suit in pools or hot tubs or saunas and everyone just “knows” you don’t do it. Social norms differ. Some underlying reaons I’ve seen are threads and clothing fiber getting in the filters as well as left-over dyes and detergent soap getting in the water too. We had mentioned to our hot tub supplier one time about massive amount of suds in our tub when the jets were on and he mentioned that we should have one set of bathing suits that were thoroughly cleaned and no soap residue, different from other bathing suits for regular pools and sun tanning. I mentioned it was a good reason not to have any suit on at all and he looked like he never considered that option before.

    Some resorts in other countries that have mineral baths as well as natural pools of bubbling clean waters do not allow any bathing attire and using showers entering the water is required. Some middle eastern countries have further segregated pools and saunas by gender, but then clothing is not expected to be worn either. I’ve been told that wearing a bathing suit into a private sauna and keeping it on the entire time could even be insulting to the host family! Imagine that!

    Going to Los Angeles beaches as a teenager, I remember one summer when I saw a couple there and going into the ocean waves and the woman removed her bikini top going in the water. I later struck up a conversation with them and they were very friendly. I remarked how nice it was to be so free and open on the beach and the man was surprised and replied, “This is how we always do it in Germany.” Later, just before they went home, both stripped off their bathing suits on the public beach and got into clean dry clothes to go home in, comfortably.

    You probably were surprised to see the one lady without anything, but she might have been more surprised to see you always in your own, or else she just didn’t worry about it. Many vacation photo albums on-line show families from foreign countries where the mom may or may not have a top on and kids might not have any suits on at all. Toddlers and babies hardly ever have anything other than a diaper, depending on age. Fathers have on much briefer swim suits than even I would be daring to wear – LOL. And the kids are not traumatized seeing their parents without anything on because there is no taboo being broken that they were raised with.

  • SSTragus

    Overall nice article, but tip #8 is just silly, most likely based on a lingering discomfort with nudity in public. I see nothing at all wrong with engaging in any conversation one would otherwise have with other people, including profound ones.

    The point of nudism is simply to be in our natural state. Though one may catch a glimpse of a particularly attractive person here and there, as one does while clothed, the point of nudism is not sexual. Being nude then should not in any way change our interactions or our topics of conversation.

  • sofia

    Hahaha great read, thanks! The whole-nudist-beach thing is quite funny in Sweden. It’s hard to know when it’s accepted to be topless and not, it sort of is but at the same time isn’t.

    The same girls you see walking around nude or topless in every other country in the world would never even think of doing it in their own home country (Sweden).

  • roxn

    @ Nancy Harder

    Ah.. these are not nudist beaches in Europe – they just don’t care to wear any clothes.

    Same with the lakes/ parks in Munich !!

  • Debbie

    I wonder, would it be alright to wear replica swiss watches to a nudist beach?

  • James

    To Debbie,

    Do you always link off to websites that sell fake watches? Do you spam,too? The one thing about nudists that practice what they preach is that, on the whole, I have found them to be very honest and forward. It’s hard to keep up a charade when you are not wearing anything. I’ve seen people share with others who forgot to bring water/essentials to the beach (and the clothing optional section was usually a long walk over rough terrain) without a thought. I don’t see that on the regular textile beaches … much. So I doubt that your phony watches and fake brand name clothes would sell to this crowd, especially since being fake or possibly ripping people off is not in their nature.

    And how do we know your website is not of those FAKE websites that spring up around the holidays and steal people’s financial info then disappear into the identity theft universe and never deliver what was bought? Your credibility is suspect, even without saying much of any anything.

  • Ekaterina

    To James and Debbie,

    thank you James fo answering the last comment. I wasn’t even sure what to answer….I suppose that at this time of the year (Christmas) people advertise whatever they can and where they can…though the association of nudist beaches with fake watches shows disrepect, but I don’t think that Debbie did it on purpose, – my guess is that she simply advertises watches.
    But to answer Debbie’s question: I don’t think that nudists would be particularly interested in fake watches and nor anyone else on this site, where people who love spiritually oriented travel are members.

  • qaisi salam

    I think i am lucky that i red your subject Ekaterina Petrovna…since i was a teenager i dream to be nacked in any puplic area .. but i ever got that chance becouze i am livig in a very fanatic muslim comunity perrents were so bigoted…now my age is closed to 50 yrs my dreem never came true…anyone know any nudist beach in fareast of Asia..?

    • Ekaterina

      Hello Qaisi,

      thank you for your comment. I don’t know any nudist beach in fareast Asia (maybe someone else knows?) but one thing I do know is that it’s never too late to try anything. And the age in your ID card is not the same age that you feel, – which is your true age. So, I hope that you will realize your dream!

  • Cecile

    Hello, just stumbled upon this post.

    I’m from the Netherlands and I’d like to add some nuance. The Dutch aren’t comfortable with being nude at all. We just don’t really care if others are. We tend to not even see it.

    So if we see a guy riding his bicycle naked in Amsterdam we don’t think: “wow, how lovely, someone who is comfortable in his own skin! I wish I felt like that!” But we don’t scream and call the police either. We just think: “Man, what a sick dude riding his bike naked in this weather. Probably mentally unstable or on drugs or both. Better walk on and say nothing and pretend he doesn’t exist.” It may have been a tourist anyway.

    Please enjoy your nudist thing if it’s your thing. I just wanted to prevent a false image of the Dutch.

    • Ekaterina

      Hello Cecile,

      thank you for your comment. I am really sorry if you gathered that I tried to create a wrong image about Dutch through the article! I said that I found in the Netherlands ‘an open aproach to public nudity’, – that doesn’t mean that all Dutch people feel comfortable with being naked. But you would certainly agree that in some cities (Amsterdam, for example) Dutch are more open-minded about such things? Mixed saunas and being there naked – is not a problem as far I remember.
      Having said that, I certainly wouldn’t like to create a false image about the Dutch, – I am Dutch myself. I love Dutch people, the culture and the language and more I am away from the Netherlands more I realize what a wonderful country it is. And if anything I would be the first to try to create a positive image about the Dutch! I do joke about them sometimes, but the same goes with Russians, Belgians and French. Now I laugh about the Brits.

      It’s just that seeing a naked man on a bike is something which is definitely more common to stumble upon in Amsterdam – a crazy, funny, magical, and absolutely fantastic city!

  • Cecile

    I agree Ekaterina. But Amsterdam is pretty different from the rest of The Netherlands, which I’m sure you know :) It’s like saying New York is the complete USA.

    But I didn’t think you tried to create a false image, it’s just that many non-Dutch people think very strange things about us. Like we are all communist thinking-abortion taking-drugs using-prostituting idiots with tulips in our hands and wooden shoes on our feet, which I’m sure we both certainly aren’t. :) That’s why all the Dutch should be a little careful in what they say sometimes, I guess.

    Let’s hope all your readers understand that the Dutch may be a little bit more tolerant and free spirited, but certainly not insane and ready to go to hell :)

  • Maxwell

    Although I believe in the free-spirited nature of life, I just feel that society (primarily in countries like the US) has over-sexed the Generation X & Y group via the mainstream press (ie. the Idiot Box – aka TV) that I don’t see the idea of nudist beaches getting ever more popular.

    Perhaps I may be wrong, but I find it eerie that it’s okay to watch Arnold blow away a bunch of cops at a police station in The Terminator, but somehow, it’s taboo to show a breast or someone’s behind in the same movie. In short, that’s FU!KED up, but that’s what happens when the masses are IGNORANT and holier-than-thou religious freaks who weasel their way into government try to impose their views on those that choose to live in a free-spirited manner.

  • Georgia

    Great post. Any advice on getting hubby to do it. I went to nude beach with some girlfriends but he is to scared. I remember how I did it.

    Turned up in a revealing bikini.

    Lay on front and removed top.

    Rolled Back.

    Took of bottoms.

    Rolled over.

    Terrified when I arrived. With in half an hour I went right to the front of the beach and collected shells while totally exposed.

  • James


    That seems to me a funny question, as most guys are always asking how to get their wives or girlfriends to try a nude beach with them. There’s actually a very funny video called “how to get a guy to go skinny dipping.” Look it up – it’s hilarious.

    For your situation, in a non-threatening atmosphere, talk to him and ask him how he feels about nude beaches in general, even just skinny dipping. Non-threatening meaning without his friends or other company around. Don’t back him into a corner and listen thoughtfully to his concerns. If you are both mild drinkers, consider a beer or two to calm his jitters so he can discuss it. Don’t have the TV or game going on … make it a calm date somewhere where you two are basically alone and won’t be interrupted.

    Answers can range from moral outrage (it’s just a sex orgy or God hates us naked), low self-esteem (I could never have that much courage), bad body-image (I look ugly naked or the proverbial – what if “it” goes up?), restrictive upbringing (we never did anything like that in my family), bad experience (tried it and a cop gave me …), urban myths (a friend once tried that and he said …) Once you can talk about it, discuss why he feels that way or why he interpreted the experience that way. Most guys don’t feel they will measure up, the beer belly is too unattractive, feelings of jealousy, etc. Sometimes they have wondered about it, but never gave voice to their thoughts and feelings and now is a good time to discuss it. Once you lay it all out, he may find it is not such a big deal after all.

    Then the fun part is practice. Start practicing being naked or semi-clothed at home. Granted this may get other things started (and that’s not a bad thing) but you cannot be constantly in bed or the couch or … Lots of suggestions in the comments above, but take a shower and wear only a robe for extended periods of time. Or just a towel or pareo (if it is warm) … encourage him and praise him for little advances. Buy him some new soft shorts to wear around the house or backyard, but let him go commando. Encourage good hygiene, of course. Be silly about it – make dinner for just the 2 of you in a cooking apron only. Or order pizza – pay for it clothed and then snuggle under a comforter without clothes, while watching a movie or TV.

    If you have a private backyard, try some mid-night skinny dipping or suntanning during warm private afternoons with him later. Have him put on suntan lotion on your back – can’t get the straps in the way – then don’t tie up. Later on, turn over. Encourage more suntan lotion. Granted you will get more attention from him, but is that a bad thing?

    Communication is key. Keep him comfortable. Take him to a local clothing optional resort, like Palm Springs Terra Cotta Inn (link in thread above) where he can be safe and away from familiar eyes. Or do what I did with my wife on our first anniversary – rented a house with a private pool and bathing suits were not allowed (well, she was mainly topless.) When we later went to Blacks Beach in San Diego, I was nude and she tried topless. Then she went bottomless and it was all good – the sky did not fall in. So pick a special event, but sometimes guys will loosen up more on a trip, that they might not try at home. I’ve heard many tales of couples trying out Orient Beach in St Martin for a whole week, then vowing never to wear a bathing suit on a beach again.

    And maybe he may not join you totally au-naturel, but if he can be your “protector” and let you both go sometime, he may just try it later on when you least expect it. Winter and fall might be cooler than summer, but less crowds .. or weekdays vs weekends mean less public display … or some deserted beaches may encourage his spirit of freedom to try it out. Even borrowing a neighbor’s pool while they are on vacation can spark his sense of adventure.

    Only problem may be getting him BACK into clothes later on … LOL.

    • Ekaterina

      Ha-ha, James! I haven’t replied to Georgia question as I knew that you would give a much better and thoughtful advise on this matter, and you did!

      The only thing I can add to the question is that the boyfriend (or girlfriend) doesn’t have to be naked on the naked beach straight away! Apart from some beaches in Bulgaria (where as I heard on some beaches you really have to be naked if you want to stay), other beaches have both naked and dressed people. So, if anyone feels uncofortable, – a big step is just to make it to the naked beach, see how you feel there (and stay dressed), and relax quickly afterwards, as indeed the natural way of living and how nudists approach the whole thing usually puts your mind at rest and you want to try being naked yourself.
      It’s how I became a nudist, by the way.

  • lafsar

    see what is in the major newspapers

  • Tim

    I agree with Tad, erections are natural. Erections become an issue when they turn sexual. I have been to a number of nude beaches and have seen guys cruising, looking for sex stroking themselves. This is always upsetting because it fosters the idea that nudists are perverts. True nudist are not nude for the purpose of sex.

    Many guys do not go to nude beaches for fear of getting en erection. This fear can come from fear that they will be made fun of or that they will not measure up or from truly being exposed having strangers see them in such a intimate state.

    I have had erections at the nude beach. I tend to role over, or lift my knee until it subsides. i am not comfortable walking around fully erect.

  • Mak Holidays

    A journey is like marriage. The certain way to be wrong is to think you control it.

  • http://twitter matt

    HI i’m MATT

    Do any of you outhere have any other tips for a me im nervous to go to a nudist beach?

    • Ekaterina

      Hi Matt,

      there are plenty of tips in the comments to the article. I think that we covered in them pretty much all possible advises as to how to go to the nudist beach:)

  • Tom Mulhall

    Hi Matt,

    The best advice is go to a nude beach with your wife or girlfriend. It’s pretty boring sitting by yourself. It’s way more fun being there with a loved one.

    This way you can also each encourage the other one to try nude sunbathing.


  • Ian

    My girlfriend and myself have recently discovered naturism thru some friends and found it wonderfully liberating (abroad not in the chilly UK where we live ! )

    I recommend it better as a couple, I’m well endowed and the one time I was on my own one guy started shouting at me for ‘showing my dick off’ so it’s maybe not for single people as others can think you are cruising !

  • peace

    “The main hangup in the world today is hypocrisy and insecurity. If people can’t face up to the fact of other people being naked, or whatever they want to do, then we’re never going to get anywhere. People have got to become aware that it’s none of their business and that being nude is not obscene. Being ourselves is what’s important. If everyone practised being themselves instead of pretending to be what they aren’t, there would be peace.”
    John Lennon

  • Tigerlight

    One of the unexpectedly nice things about nude beaches is that after swimming you don’t lie in a damp swimming costume or bikini for ages afterwards!

    • Ekaterina

      Thank you Tigerlight for your comment!

  • daniel

    I’m no remarkable specimen of masculinity, but I have always enjoyed nudity in the home. The first time I ever went to a nudist beach occurred entirely by accident. It was during Spring Break, which is to me, despite being a college student, an incredibly annoying time to go to Daytona Beach. So instead I went south to New Smyrna Beach, which turned out also to be liberally coated with noisy cars and drunken idiots. Continuing on my way south I ventured into a state park with beach access, thinking I might find some elbow room. All the lots were full, except for the last one, so there I parked and proceeded to wander in the direction of a sparse group of people, girls apparent among them. I wasn’t really paying attention until I gotten close enough to realize they were almost entirely nude. I paused. I HAD walked a fair distance to get this close only to turn back now, and it wasn’t like there was anyone there I knew… “Aw, to hell with it,” said I. It was…. interesting.

    I returned a handful of times later, but discontinued when it turned out to be almost entirely used by retirees at other times of the year, and uh… *cough* a couple of old dudes started hitting on me. I’d still do it again elsewhere, but I prefer not to stick out of the crowd simply by virtue of being 30-40 years junior to the overall population.

  • Brian

    If you don’t want to venture out to the nude beach alone, there is a great spot to find other like minded people. Think of it like the “facebook” for people who like to be au natural. Visit and make some naked friends!

  • deputu

    Don’t forget to bring your camera with very big big big zoom. hahahaha..

  • James

    @deputu … I realize you are just being funny, but cameras and sneak pictures are big no-nos on clothing optional beaches, unless you have permission from the people in the picture.

    Why not join them and leave the camera home for now? Later, when you have a good group of friends, ask ahead of time if you can bring a camera for group memories. If the people now know you as a person and realize you are not doing this for Internet voyeur pictures only, they trust you and many will let you take a photo. People just don’t want to see themselves or wives or girlfriends or especially their children smeared all over the Internet in the murkier areas. With freedom on the web comes the darker sides of society and we should not contribute to them.

    You want more people to come to the nude beaches and enjoy them. Yes, even the prettier people, but they won’t come if they suspect they are being posted on the web. And you can help by NOT posting the voyeur and sneak pics that everyone is afraid of being in. Its just a part of mutual respect and adult understanding in our society.

    And while there are plenty of websites for people who enjoy being photographed in the buff and displaying it, you can build special memories of friends made on the beaches that could become life-long friends that you would be publicly proud to be associated with, and them with you.

  • John

    I’m a teenager, and I have been to Black’s Beach numerous times, sometimes with friends. It’s great if you know what to expect, but for anyone who hasn’t been to a California nude beach, be warned that there are plenty of gawkers. I have seen a lot of single males who sit clothed near the cliff just watching the naked people. For those couples who want to go there, it really isn’t the ideal experience for a first time. I would recommended going to a resort instead. Desert Shadows is only about an hour and a half away, and is free of pervy old men who just want a peep show.

  • Hans

    I think the author is very new to naturism / nudism herself some remarks are bit strange.

    Tip 1: Of course, sun cream goes on all bare skin, what does she think.

    Tip 2: Is this really a concern? I don’t really see the difference with the textile world.

    Tip 3: Staring is unpolite in general, in textile world but certainly in the nudist world. So don’t do it full stop! Why tip 4?

    Tip 4: Because you are nude you are not suddenly a sex object. This thought is typically of somebody of the textile world.
    Ok, almost everyone likes to see and to be seen, is that not what the whole fashion industry is all about. So with that in mind is exhibitionism not more of the textile world. But staring…

    Tip 5: It only makes us nervous when a random person takes pictures from us on the beach. But go the textile beach same thing, no difference at all. BTW with those cam-phones, almost everyone has one of those…

    Tip 6: Sorry , again the first two lines of tip 4: Because you are nude you are not suddenly a sex object. This thought is typically of somebody of the textile world.

    Tip 7: We just take care of our hair, I mean all our hair. Like almost everyone takes care of her/his on her head, and even no to do is a choice.

    Tip 8: I don’t know what this has to do with being naked or not. I think she is not really 100% in the lifestyle yet.

    Tip 9: Yeah and, you don’t have to suddenly dress when you are the only person left.

    Tip 10: Having a erection is so rare in our lifestyle. Maybe in the beginning, but as soon you are comfortable it does rarely happen and indeed just turn over and forget about the imprint part it doesn’t happen.

  • Ekaterina

    Hello Hans,
    yes, I am new to nudism which is actually clear from the article. Thanks for your points, but since you are such an expert, why don’t you write an article yourself from your perspective? It would be interesting to see a story from an experienced nudist.

  • arvie

    im reading some topics because my bf is from a nudist family and i am learning to adapt to his lifestyle

    • James


      If you accept his lifestyle, I’m sure his family would be most accepting of you and allow you to take your time to adjust and get comfortable. Many legit established nudist families are very conscious of people trying out their lifestyle and are very non-judgemental. Many would probably dress to the limit that you are comfortable and I’ll bet you find that you can get used to it very easily. Realize that they care about their son and his friends like any other family and they just relax and enjoy life without a lot of clothing restrictions. I wish my own family (parents) were as permissive but they come from a very conservative background and nudity was taboo. Probably why I am so free and open about it now. My immediate wife and kids don’t participate at this time, but we don’t press them either. My wife is easy about it in-doors but not outdoors. We have a private backyard that I enjoy, though I usually wait until I am the only one home. But I would prefer to have company as well. So realize how lucky you are to have an extended family who will accept you, too. So enjoy and don’t forget the sunscreen when you’re outdoors for areas that don’t normally see the sun! It only takes one bad burn to diminish your enthusiasm, but if you take it slow and easy, you’ll be fine!

  • Brian Taylor – British Naturism

    A good article and very true.

    The link to the question about when we started wearing clothes doesn’t really support your figure, but your figure agrees with what I have read elsewhere. The figure of 72,000 years comes from the DNA ‘clock’ of the clothes louse.

    Just as we can estimate when our evolution split us off from the chimpanzee and before that, the gorilla, so we can tell when the clothes louse diverged from the evolutionary path of the other two lice that infest us; the head louse (nits) and the pubic louse (crabs). The clothes louse as its name implies specialises in living in our clothes and separated from the others about 72,000 years ago, indicating that as the time we have been wearing clothes. Modern man (H. Sapiens) has been around for about 200,000 years according to archaeological evidence, so you say we have been naked for more than half our time on this planet.

  • http:// besttani

    “Even if you would like to be a nudist, you might avoid going to a nudist beach for the reason that your body doesn’t correspond to the beauty standard.”
    Are you sure that this is true?

    • Ekaterina

      it certainly applies to me. I suppose it depends on how much a person is brainwashed by beauty’s standards. I recognise in myself that I certainly am and avoid beaches all together if I put on weight.

      •!/empty_sack Without the O’s

        I used to enjoy going to nudist beaches every now and then. However, since undergoing bilateral orchiectomy, I find myself too self-conscious to do it these days as my “empty sack” is very noticeable. I simply don’t have the balls to do it any more. ;)

    • Brian Taylor – British Naturism

      This is a common and quite understandable misapprehension for anyone who have never tried naturism.

      All those who regularly practice naturism agree that it re-calibrates your sense of beauty to something far more realistic. The result is increased body-confidence when you come to realise that those little imperfections that trouble you so much are actually no big deal.

      If you feel that this statement is true, then you would be very wise to give naturism a try as you are just the kind of person who will benefit most from doing it.

    • Shaun

      That’s the opposite of me fortunately. Im 25 athletic, fit and my whole body Is solid muscle all cut up but not too big or skinny. I’m very gifted down there:) thankfull, I’m always recieving comments at the gym shower. I have two questions, is it normal for older men staring at my penis in the local gym shower? He didnt look gay just kinda angry. He paid more attention to my penis then he did his personal hygiene. He saw me catch him staring and didn’t care just looked blank. Is it normal for me to want to go to nude beachs just to show off? Maybe go talk to a few taken women that have a guy but looks like a kid below the waist at nude beachs? First let him see im bigger then him then Let them see me talking with his girl. Is it normal to like to make guys jealous?

  • Btr12

    I go to Haulover Beach in Florida once a year.  Your article is spot on in terms of etiquette.  The biggest issue tends to be gawkers – typically teen age boys or an older man.  At Haulover, there are vendors that are there every day and they will alert the lifeguards if they see anything strange.  I’ve always had a great time and the people at Haulover are very friendly.  

    • Cm Westerink

      That to me sounds like a problem with the rarity of nude beaches and overall nudity on public beaches in America. Kids tend to be withheld from nudity and sex at a younger age (in films, tv, etc) and thus lack the idea that nudity is very normal and has nothing to do with sex. I grew up seeing naked people on beaches all my life, not even being a nudist back then.. can’t imagine the benefit of spying on naked woman.
      Americans in general should learn to accept nudity as a non-adult thing. It’s not evil and pornographic and dirty.

  • guest 111

    i cant emagin my self naked in public beach  ? its really too difficult to do so !!!!

  • guest

    I was naked on a beach in France once, for half a day. It was ok but I have no desire to do it again. It doesn’t seem natural to me at all, I like to keep some things special, just for me and my lover. I find it much more beautiful.  That is not to say I am not seeing the realizm and beauty in my body – I have accepted it but not showing my tits in public.. I don’t understand the need to be validated by others.. It’s like showing “look, I am brave and shameless”.  It’s uncomfortable because you can’t really be as comfortable as you would be in a swim suit (bending, jumping etc) and if I was heavily overweight I would be feel even worse taking my clothes off and seeing guys stare at some blonde instead. The “imperfections” are in our minds, whether we have our clothes on or off.

  • scott

    Here’s my experience of baring all – on a sun-kissed, Spanish nudist beach!

  • lardburger

    I think that many people here are suspicious if something is unusual and seems to be fun—at least to someone.  If it were unpleasant or slightly painful (like doing 100 consecutive pull ups or something like that), I think it would be more acceptable.  We distrust our propensities to self-indulgence, and often rightly so.  We need to be more careful to avoid eating cookies and less careful to avoid sipping vinegar—it’s not going to be a problem.  I think disapproval comes from the same basic source.

  • CM Westerink

    I find your tips rather weird.

    # Watch the bend? Oh seriously, you’re being a free spirited nudist but there’s still a part people should hide? The fun is in forgetting you’re naked.# Don’t stare at naked people? Hell I love looking at beautiful people and hate the insecure types that look away whilst feeling the urge to look. Looking at people is alright when it’s in a respectful manner, whether you’re and them are naked or not. Now the incognito (spying-on-naked-people-mode) is scary!# Ditch the camera, why behave so different when people around you are naked? That’s quite hurtful to hear that I’m making people nervous with my camera. When out with my friends on the beach, I take pictures to remember the good times, the view etc.
    # Shave or not shave? There’s no nudist code to be ‘as natural as possible’ in my opinion. Do as you like, you’ve got 1 extra haircut on your body, it too will represent you as an individual.
    # Erection? Hardly happens, but when it does… no sweat right? Something got you exited? Just as normal as any other emotional expression. It just happens in the sexy area ;)

    I’d love to hear your views on these, you now know mine :)

    • Epetrovna

      eeeh…my views:) The article was published in 2009…that was 3 years ago…my views since then changed, I have to say, and I find my own tips little bit in contradiction with what nudism is. On the other hand, I laughed myself when I reread the article (did I write it really?), which is probably a good thing.

  • Chris carty

    Some people like to be “intamate” and do things to their partners…is that ok?

  • Akif Erdoğan

    what a beautiful body you have baby on the shore.

  • Jake Rennie

    Typical Akif!

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