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Musician Jarbas Agnelli was reading the paper and noticed a flock of birds on electric wires. Inspired, he composed this tune from the placement of the birds.

Makes me think there’s a melody all around us… if we listen close enough to hear it.

Want to get even closer with animals? Check out:



About The Author

Ian MacKenzie

Ian MacKenzie is the founder and former editor of Brave New Traveler. He is Head of Video at Matador Network. Ian is also an independent filmmaker, with his first feature (One Week Job) released in 2010. His more recent projects include Sacred Economics and Occupy Love.

  • Nancy

    Rock on! Kinda John Cage-esque, with a little more tonality.

  • Julie

    Love it!

  • Alouise

    As a pianist and all around music lover this is really cool. The title made me think it would just be listening to birds chirp, but this is a really interesting spin on music in nature.

  • BB027

    I love this.
    Truly beautiful

  • Christine Garvin

    Very cool.

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