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It’s that wonderful time now when I round up my favourite links from around the web.

Thanks to Valentine’s Day, love is in the air this week from Bondi to Bangkok, and some of them were shouting their love from cabbage patches?

Listen to some tips on travel photography in this podcast from Ryan Libre.

Want one of Marmot’s sweet, new softshell jackets? Wend Magazine is having an online contest – all you have to do is email them a photo of you or a friend wearing a piece of Marmot gear and doing any human-powered, outdoor adventure.

Tim Teeman believes it’s okay to be a lone traveler, in this great article for the Times Online.

Killing Batteries provides the bitter and hilarious definitive guide to airport and airplane etiquette.

Interested in jumping off the hamster wheel? Consider reading Nomad4Ever’s 9 Surefire Strategies NOT to Retire Early.

Lastly, check out these 10 Amazing Tree Houses that would make the Ewoks jealous.

To be a traveler or tourist? John Flinn says there are some places he’s happy to surrender my independence and travel under the wing of someone who knows what he’s doing.

Enjoy the weekend!

Ian MacKenzie is editor of Brave New Traveler. Aside from writing, he spends his time exploring the fundamental nature of existence and wishing he did more backpacking.



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  • nomad4ever

    Ian, 1001 thanks for considering my post as one of the ‘Best of the Week’. I feel delighted and honored!

    Hope everything is well and your ventures prosper and grow as planned.

    Happy travels!

    Cheers from Bali,

    Life is what you make it!

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