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It’s that wonderful time of the week where I round up the latest and greatest that has caught my eye. Here’s your weekend reader:

Photo from Virgin Galactic

If you use your cellphone, the plane will crash. Cruise ships are all-inclusive. Recirculated cabin air on planes will make you sick. Just three of the busted travel myths in this article from Yahoo.

Jeff Nickles was so inspired by a BNT post, he wrote his top excuses for staying stuck in a travel rut.

Space travel is coming, and it will allow “regular” people (ie. non-billionaires) the chance to travel through space. Check out these plans for spaceports around the world.

How green is green? Chris Elliot teaches you How to spot the travel industry’s eco-spin.

Channel your inner Spielberg with these two great articles: 4 Easy Tips For Shooting Better Travel Films and Simply Making Great Video.

Forget real vacations: Second Life sends users on virtual vacations.

Finally, Stephen Orchard offers wary words to the traveler, with The 5 Worst Travel Gadgets.

Enjoy the weekend!



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  • Jeff@MySuperChargedLife

    Thanks for mentioning my article! I am passionate about traveling and I will definitely be a regular visitor to your site. Reading the articles inspire me to go on more adventures myself!

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