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In the wake of the recent anniversary of one of the most significant events of my short life, take a look at the recently released 9-year progress of the One World Trade center, rising on the New York City skyline. The project, shown here from October 2004 to September 2013 and built on Ground Zero, towers 1,776 feet and came with its own share of surprises along the way (including uncovering artifacts and most of an 18th century ship embedded under the foundation of the previous towers).

Published by EarthCam, this 1:59 brought back a lot of memories of where I was when the original towers went down, and everything that’s happened since. While I can’t say for sure that America is completely back on its feet after 9/11, this video definitely proves we’re moving forward, or at least upward.

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Alex Scola

Alex is a recent graduate from Reed College in Portland, Oregon. Though originally from Las Vegas, he continues to live in Portland where he produces and plays electronic music, and works odd-jobs (occasionally as a personal trainer). In his free-time, he is currently working on finishing a full-length album, and touching every continent.

  • JB

    I think it should be called, The American Phoenix.

  • a_washington

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