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The director of District 9 shares his take on aliens and the future of intelligent life.

Last November, I was lucky enough to attend TedX Vancouver, a satellite conference based on the popular TED talks.

One of the speakers was Neill Blomkamp, director of the sci-fi film District 9. As his time slot arrived, everyone eagerly anticipated seeing the director on stage… until we realized he wasn’t coming.

Scheduling conflicts prevented him from being in Vancouver. Instead, Neill offered this video exploring what he thinks “real” aliens would look like, should humans ever encounter them.

He also discusses the various Types of civilizations (humans are currently Type 0), and the coming Singularity.

What do you think of Neill Blomkamp’s take on the future of intelligent life? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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Ian MacKenzie

Ian MacKenzie is the founder and former editor of Brave New Traveler. He is Head of Video at Matador Network. Ian is also an independent filmmaker, with his first feature (One Week Job) released in 2010. His more recent projects include Sacred Economics and Occupy Love.

  • Pdcarey

    Meill, the transition to Type III will happen when we have freed ourselves from technology.  Only then will we harness the full power of the universe.  At this point the there will be no self.  

    Hegemony will set us back 10,000 years as it has over the last million years.  The introduction of technology is a distraction.  Preserving ancient wisdom is the shortest path.  But then time is subjective ultimately.  Not all of us operate on linear time.
    There are those among us who aware of off planet intelligence.  They are not aliens.  They are aware.  Radio telescopes do not resolve or discriminate these frequencies.  They do not need Dyson spheres.

    It is a lovely existence.  Preserve ancient wisdom.

    Or, prepare to start over.

    Paul Carey
    pdcarey@msn:disqus .com

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