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Across countries and cultures, meditation is an opportunity for a mindful escape from endless, competing demands for attention. A chance to still the mind for a period, regain perspective, and move forward with presence once more. With roots in many religions and cultures, meditation has become a growing refuge — a response to a world pushing for more to be done faster.

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Richard Stupart

Richard lives and works in South Africa, exploring as often as possible the strange and unknown places that his continent is so rich in. What stories of far flung places and mischief he is able to trap and bring home are mounted on his blog. Where the Road Goes.

  • cbdubbs

    Great work. Thanks for this! I’m in the middle of taking a religious studies class as an elective, and this has helped solidify many of the lessons I’ve learned so far. Live in the now.

  • Andrea

    Lovely. Inspiring.

  • sabin bailey

    Beautiful! Thank you…


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