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Photographer Davidlohr Bueso sheds a different light on the ancient temples of Angkor.

The beauty of Angkor’s temples has brought tourists to Cambodia for years, and stacks of photos have come out of the visits. But as with any wonder, whether man-made or natural, there is always possibility for a different view – one that sets the object, and the people of the place, in a new light.

The photos below seem to capture the essence of the energy and spirit contained within the carvings, and people, of Angkor.

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About The Author

Davidlohr Bueso

Davidlohr Bueso realized one day at work, in front of his computer, that something was missing in his life. He wanted to see the world and experience new things. So a few days later he resigned, sold his car and hit the road. Now all his possessions are in his backpack and he is loving it. He tries to combine his two passions: traveling and photography, to produce pictures that his loved ones can see back home.

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  • Carlo

    Gorgeous photos.

  • Heather

    Beautiful. I really like #11.

  • Hal Amen

    Awesome. I wanna go back…

  • Lorraine

    Absolutely beautiful photos! Love #6. I wish I’d thought of doing that! I have many of my own photos but most seem to be washed out of color. I had 3 days at Angkor and it wasn’t enough. Cambodia is on my list of places to return.

  • Migration Mark

    Wonderful pictures, the coulds and the lighting are incredible!

  • Lars

    IMHO a bit too much of HDR work but very nice shots indeed!

  • Anne

    Gorgeous! I love #10

  • Phyllis Wursteisen

    I’m heading to Asia in the beginning of October and can not wait to see Angkor! It is just one of the many places I am looking forward to seeing and being and doing!

  • IKG

    Your photos are absolutely beautiful especially #10. It is very haunting.

  • Zico

    Agreed…too much HDR put into the post processing of these photos, its too obvious.

  • chiara

    just beautiful and thanks for sharing. we have similar shots(angle), uncanny, of # 2, 3,8, 9,10,13.

  • http://posterous.comhelemimic helemimic

    Beautiful. . . must be a life changing experience. Thank you so much for sharing.

  • Nancie

    I can never get enough of Angkor Wat. Stunning photos.

  • Ari

    The trick about photographing at Angkor is not the lighting, but avoiding the masses of tourist in every shot!

  • Chan Oun

    my country has a many beautiful temple , i likes my country.

  • Reshma Maya

    going to visit very soon.

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