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100% of those “dreams” are material possessions. Is that worth dreaming?
If you find yourself making these excuses, you need to get the fuck out.
The romantic allure of off-the-beaten-path travel was different to the reality.
A story of Blackness that is empowered by self-identification.
I’ve been feeling really stuck, unsure about what to do next.
Get a job you hate, and you'll feel nothing but freedom when you leave.
It was a joke. The glacier, me, and this slow extinction.
Islamic immigrants can thrive in Korea, a country where everything changes fast.
I wasn't the godsend I was coached by nonprofits to believe I would be.
A ‘Tibet’ beautified for tourists while its real identity is suppressed.
Our total population might soon be as high as it’s ever going to get.
Yes, I face limitations when I travel. But who doesn’t?
Peter and I did a lot of things in the rain.
“How long have you known the Lord?” a young parishioner asks me.
What did give way under those kicks and punches was my grip on my self-narrative.
I never saw him again, but I couldn’t get the experience out of my mind.
It seemed Ali was not the only one in town in need of a love-letter scribe.
Spontaneity and serendipity have accompanied many great explorers.
From now on, there will always be something calling me back.
Just having the opportunity to travel abroad once in a lifetime is an accomplishment in...
Photographing subjects with diverse belief systems can broaden one’s spiritual...
That plunge into the unfamiliar can inspire instinctual, even animal emotions.
Our travels of today will surely seem primitive to our descendants 150 years from now.
I wouldn’t wish this on anyone. But the fact is, it’s happening.
Rosenfield’s series draws attention to the universal insecurities faced by all humans.
Every person you encounter in your life is a reflection of yourself.