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Matador Ambassador Kitt Doucette on his trek through the northern Indian region of Ladakh.

HIGH ON THE NORTHERN PLATEAU in the rain shadow of the Himalayas, Ladakh — located in far northwestern India between Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Chinese-Occupied Tibet — has sat quietly for centuries behind a shield of nearly impenetrable mountains. Famous among visitors for its high-altitude trekking and traditional Tibetan Buddhist culture, Ladakh is incredibly open and accepting to the open-minded traveler.

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Kitt Doucette

A self-described jack-of-all-trades, master of none, Kitt Doucette is a renaissance man with unyielding positivity. Groomed in the mountains of Idaho, he revels in exploration and new experiences, striving to keep his life in a permanent state of adventure. Kitt is a life long skier and kayaker, enthusiastic surfer and award-winning journalist whose work has been published in Rolling Stone, Men’s Journal and Dossier, among others. A passionate environmentalist, Kitt uses his media savvy to create powerful messages with hopes of igniting change. His recent work on plastic pollution was nominated for the prestigious Grantham Prize for environmental journalism and syndicated internationally in Rolling Stone magazine. When not tracking polar bears in Norway, surfing empty waves in Indonesia or sipping coffee in Central America, Kitt can be found busting out signature dance moves at wedding receptions throughout the American West.

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  • Ahimsa Kerp

    I’m heading to India next year and this has convinced me to make Ladakh a must-see. Cheers, Kitt!

  • Al Mackinnon Photography

    Great stuff Kitt!

  • Sandeep Kumar Gupta

    Going to Ladakh makes you realize how biased nature can be. Ladakh is the land of opposite. Desserts, Rivers, Arid Mountains, Snow clad Mountains, Greenery all combined in one. Here’s a picture that I took in Nubhra Valley:

  • Vicc Jaiswal

    Supriya Thyagarajan #8 #10 #15 —-

  • Pj Doucette

    Loved reading about Ladakh- especially the plastic bottle greenhouse for the monks! xox

  • Clément Desmousseaux

    So beautiful pictures of my favorite destination in India !

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