What’s Your Travel Personality?

Guessing this guy’s a Nine / Photo: Wonderlane

Figuring out your basic personality type might just help you determine the best way to travel.

I’ll admit, I’ve been a little obsessed with the Enneagram since I was pegged a “4” by a therapist about seven years ago.

I take that back. When she first said something, I smiled and stifled a yawn, thinking it was just another “personal work” thing I didn’t have the time or inclination to look into. It came back around a year later when I started school, and I was forced to go back and tell her, “Sooo, about that four thing…yeah, you were dead on.”

What the hell is the Enneagram, exactly? It’s a personality typing system divided into nine numbers. It seems like more people have heard about Myers-Briggs, and though they fall along the same lines, I feel MB is more business-oriented. On the other hand, the Enneagram, and learning about your “type”, can help you in areas ranging from work to romance, personal fulfillment to travel.

Right, travel…

With an influx of Enneagram talk lately amongst friends, I started to think about the connection between personality types and travel. I then proceeded to do a quick Google search – as we all would – and nada. Seriously? No one has written about how the Enneagram could help you figure out what kind of traveler you are?

Experimentation Time

Probably a bunch of Sevens

Which made me think it’s time to do a little experiment. I’ll start by giving a brief overview of each type below.

Once you figure out what number you are (there is a short, free test at the Riso-Hudson Enneagram site) and determine what type of travel most suits you, write down both of these in the comments section below.

Seriously, I think we could get some good scientific data going on here.

Here’s the overview:

(1) The Reformer (also sometimes called the “Perfectionist”; often has a Type-A personality)
(2) The Helper (sometimes referred to as the “Giver”; that person who always seems to be doing something for someone else)
(3) The Achiever (goal-oriented, but very personable; tends to be able to mold to any situation)
(4) The Individualist* (otherwise known as the “Romantic”; usually creatively-inclined, but also very emotional)
(5) The Investigator (scientific approach to life, very intelligent; often watches others from afar)
(6) The Loyalist (a person who believes whole-heartedly in something important and often follows it without question)
(7) The Enthusiast (sometimes referred to as the “Peter Pan” of the Enneagram; likes to keep moving in life)
(8) The Challenger (someone who is very clear with others about their wants, needs and desires)
(9) The Peacemaker (also know as the “Mediator”; one who can often act as a bridge between two conflicting camps)


So as an Individualist, I actually do like to travel solo. I also enjoy traveling with other people, but seriously need time where I just take off on my own. The best kind of trip for me is visiting someone in a place they are either from or have lived in for a while, and where they have a job. That way, I can take off on my own during the day, and meet up with them at night and on the weekends. Plus, they’ve got the inside, non-touristy track, which appeals to my creative, unique side. Bam!

Alright, now I need your help to figure out what type of travel is best for each of the other numbers. After a couple of weeks, I’ll pull together the data and post the outcome.

What’s your Enneagram type and what type of travel do you like best? Share them below!

Community Connection

It’s not only about determining your travel personality, but also other aspects of the self, as Sarah Menkedick muses in the piece, What’s Your Language Personality?

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  • http://thefutureisred.com Leigh Shulman

    Ok, I did the longer free test and was surprised to find myself placed as A Helper. What also surprised me is that I found myself mildly aggravated at being tested into that category.

    I don’t think I’m even going to start trying to figure out what that all means.

    As for Myer’s-Briggs. I didn’t retake the test, but last time I was an INFP.

    I love these things! Thanks for the article.

  • http://www.spiritualmind.com Alex Andrei

    I just did a couple of free versions of the test.

    The first one I did had me at a 3.

    The 2nd one I did had me at a 3 (3w4). I did this one for free here:

    the two tests were complete different in their questions and format, but they still came up with the same answer… weird.

  • http://www.holisticwithhumor.com/ Christine Garvin

    @Leigh and @Alex-

    So what kind of travel do you like best? Leigh, are you generally the one who plans the trips and kind of keeps everything together? Alex, are you into wanting to accomplish a lot of things on your trips, maybe have a list of goals beforehand? Just some possibilities…not sure if these ring true for you guys.

    • http://thefutureisred.com Leigh Shulman

      I guess I do usually do a lot of the planning, but we don’t plan that much when we travel. So it doesn’t seem that way.

      When I read the article, though, I was sure I would be the enthusiast. Learn something new every day. It’s kind of cool, though, to be given a new perspective on the self. Whether or not it holds true for anything in particular.

  • http://www.candicedoestheworld.com Candice

    Dammit, I always knew I had a split personality. I’m both the Helper and the Enthusiast.

  • Tom Gates

    I don’t see my category: The Cranky Enthusiast.

  • http://www.kaleidoscopic.com JoAnna

    I’m an even split between an Investigator and Loyalist (and I don’t have a wink of Helper in me). I thought for sure I’d score as an Achiever though, because that sounds the most like my travel personality.

  • http://www.allpersonality.com Rena

    What a cool idea- relating the Enneagram to travel styles… I am obsessed with the Enneagram (have a whole site just on that topic).

    Ok, so I am a Three with a Four wing, and my travel style is a little…. let’s just say intense. I always have a big agenda with lots of things to cover. There’s not as much down time as some people would like, but when I go someplace new I want to do it all!

    Also, I research every destination and make a plan. Some places (like Disney World for example) require a full on calendar type spreadsheet. It’s even color coded. I know, that’s scary, right? When people travel with us and they first see that, (and yes, they still come with us!) I know they are a little freaked. But all my planning happens before the trip begins, so actually, once we get to our destination, I’m fairly chill. (for me anyway). :-)

  • http://www.lolaakinmade.com Lola

    My three highest were (7) Enthusiast, (3) Achiever, and (2) Helper with the highest being (7) The Enthusiast.

    Hmmm. Not 100% sure but the test was fun though!

  • Katie

    I’m an Enthusiast/Achiever. My traveling personality matches in that it’s definitely not any of the others. I like to be constantly on the move, but I HATE planning ahead. I guess my ideal trip is to have a friend plan whatever they want to do and then just wander around the rest of the time.

    It sort of sounds like it fits, but it’s probably a Barnum effect…

  • Logan Simmons

    Hey there. Great article. I scored a 7, making me The Enthusiast. Suites me pretty well I guess. I love traveling solo, but I need to be around people. Group travel is fun but I don’t like to get to entangled in other people plans, just in case something else comes up and I wanna jump at it. Spontaneity is the spice of life!

  • jilly

    They can’t tell if I’m a 7 or 9, my score was identical, which is funny because one is extroverted and one is introverted and I go back and forth between the two to extreme, to the point where people wonder where I’ve gone.

    I suspect I’m more of a 7. I think the suggestion of being a 9w1 is sort of funny. I see myself in several of the categories though, less in 2, 5, and 8 than the others.

    This description fits how I travel better than how I live:

    “Sevens are essentially concerned that their lives be an exciting adventure. They are future oriented, restless people who are generally convinced that something better is just around the corner. They are quick thinkers who have a great deal of energy and who make lots of plans. They tend to be extroverted, multi-talented, creative and open minded”

    I always have several ideas in mind when I’m going to do something about what I will do if I can’t do whatever I’m setting out to do. Like, if some place I’ve heard about is closed, I’ll just head out to something else. I say yes to opportunities all the time and purposefully leave my schedule, accomodations and transit open to chance – you never know when you’ll meet your next roadtrip buddy or find the a great place to camp out for awhile.

  • Rachel Kamradt

    I’m a 2 (helper) and true to my type, I like travel that involves meeting people from that area the most. Sights aren’t usually a big deal to me so much as learning about how people live in that area and having fun with them :)

  • http://inconvenience.wordpress.com Yanina Wolfe

    Hey Christine,

    I’m also a 4, although the second highest was a 2 (which is actually unhealthy for a 4 to learn towards). I like being able to do my own thing, although I love picking up travel-buddies for a few days or so and then parting ways. I like the freedom, but I love being able to share a moment with someone (yep, that’s the romantic coming through). (Yes that “insider” travel is totally the way I need to go. I think that’s why I love couchsurfing!)

    I think this idea is really cute. I was wondering if you maybe wanted to create a poll where people can say their type, ideal adventure, adventure of the past, and with what number have they traveled with? I’m sure you could get the answers through the comments section, but it may be easier for you to sort.

    I suppose what I’m really curious about (which is impossible to track right now) is if people’s travel styles/opinions/reactions *change* upon realizing their type? Sort of a before and after realization, but also a before and after…after completing their first adventure that “adhered” to their type. Did they like their travel better if they “conformed” to their type?

  • http://onceatraveler.com Turner

    No investigators? I think that’s where I fall.

    • http://www.holisticwithhumor.com/ Christine Garvin

      Ah yes, Turner, I can see that.

  • Mercedes

    Is anyone out there a 5, or am I the only one? I’ve taken several tests and the answer is always the same, five, The Investigator. I guess it is true, when I travel, I take a long time, I want to see everything, I want to know everything, and I want to do it in at my own pace. I’m generaly slow, get me in a museum and I never leave. I tend to be a tad reclusive, I’m not anti-social, but I’m shy, I feel uncomfortable talking to people I don’t know, I like to be by myself. The more I read about fives, the more I’m perplexed about it. Fives tend to be eccentric and antisocial, I am a bit of both, but fives tend to shy away from what makes them uncomfortable, Travle does make me uncomfortable, but it is definatly worth it in what I gain in knowledge. Personaly, I think I’m more of a cross between a four and a five.

    • http://www.holisticwithhumor.com/ Christine Garvin

      Mercedes, the thing that’s cool about the Enneagram is you have your type and then you have your “wing”, which is the number that falls on either side of “set” type. For example, I’m a 4w3, so although I’m an Individualist, I also have my very social side that needs to be fulfilled. At different points in my life, I was actually more of a 4w5 wing, so I feel the wings are a bit more malleable.

  • Billy

    I was type 9: The Peacemaker.

    I like to travel by just kind of “winging it”. I usually have a itinerary with some goals, but it is always an option to change the entire plan. I like having some good friends with me as well. However, I prefer my alone time… actually I think dogs are the best travel companion, I feel alone and with my best friend at the same time.

  • http://matadortrips.com/ Hal Amen

    #4, and I love to plan. It’s almost funner than actually doing it.

    I’m INFJ on Myer’s-Briggs. Leigh, my wife is an INFP. :)

    • http://thefutureisred.com Leigh Shulman

      You know what I once heard INFP stands for? I Never Find Perfection.


      But apparently Einstein was one of us as well. So that must mean something significant, right? :)

      • Jenny

        I am also an INFP, and I definitely feel this way! Haha.

        Hal, I also love to plan; but I still remain flexible, because I hate to set anything in stone, especially when it comes to travel! There are so many unexpected things to see if you keep your eyes open. But before I go I like to get a visual in my head of the area – a mental map, so-to-speak, so I don’t get lost. I will also research and write down directions to places that look interesting and get good reviews online. But like I said, I keep my options open for the unexpected! Also, sometimes I get lost on purpose because I like the challenge of finding my way back!

    • http://www.holisticwithhumor.com/ Christine Garvin

      Sweet, a fellow four on the Matador team. Yeah, I’m a planner, too.

  • http://abbiemood.com Abbie

    I was a 9 with 7 points, and next with 6 points each was 3 and 7. Pretty accurate. Fits my life, but not sure about my travel? Maybe in that I like to make a difference and have an agenda while traveling?

  • Staci K.

    I’m The Enthusiast, which is true, because I always like to be on the move and to explore things and not stay in one place for long. A close second would be The Helper, because I like to make sure people are happy and I can help them in anything they need.

  • http://travelerahoy.wordpress.com Alouise

    I’m a 5, and I did the test linked in the article and the other one Alex suggested in the comments (both said 5). It actually fits really well because I love researching the places I travel to. I write down places to go, what time everything opens, admission costs, etc, etc. I’m not completely rigid about what I do and when I do it, but I like to have the facts beforehand. Like in Paris I knew because I was there on a Wednesday that The Louvre had reduced admission after 6pm. Going to New York in June I’m already researching the best route to get from Newark to my hotel. I’ve been studying the subway map on my ipod.

    I also scored really high on 4 and 9. Which also makes sense. I really like traveling alone, when I travel with a group I tend to just go along with whatever the group wants in order to keep everyone happy. If I feel like my choices in activities are too weird or other people won’t like it, I’ll just go off on my own.

    The Myers-Briggs test I’ve done before. Sometimes I’m INFP and other times I’m INTP.

  • Amanda

    I”m a 7 with 2,3,8 right behind it.. I like to travel with someone.. bounce ideas of each other, push each other to try new things. but both be social and stable enough to meet new people and take breaks from each other throughout a trip. i like to travel often, even if it’s short periods, taking in as much as i can.

    i think 7s travel quickly and hop around a lot, rarely settling. 2s volunteer, no? 3s has goals for their trips ie climbing some mountain and plans for it, maybe. 8s.. man, idk, good luck

  • http://www.argentinaexplorationjourneys.com/ Argent

    I think i am of type 5 and i also like toot ravel alone most of the time, i love to travel individually . I think its better to do…

    I also like like 9 that I love challenges, I love challenges while travelling…

  • http://thesegoldenhours.blogspot.com maya

    i got placed as a 3, and except for the “putting feelings on the back burner” part, i am SUCH a 3, it’s scary. i am a task-buster.

  • savannah

    I thought I’d be either the individualist or the enthusiast, but, when i took the test, i was actually the challenger, with the enthusiast and the achiever close behind. interesting test!

    on myers-briggs i was an ENFJ.

    on trips i like to have a rough plan, but i like to wing it when time allows. i love to explore and i wish I felt safer in the world so that i could do more exploring in foreign countries on my own.

  • Pam

    One test I was 7 (Enthusiast) with 2 and 3 tied behind. Next test I was a 2 (Helper) with 7 next and 9 after that. I feel like I get a different answer every time I do an enneagram test. However, I get the same answer for Myers-Briggs consistently: ENFJ, though I think the “E” is situational; I can be just as happy being alone too.

    Travel type: I love to plan my trips extensively. In travel, I love meeting and talking with people, and I love finding places not everyone else goes to. I’m not into museums at all.

  • anita

    I’m type 7 – The Enthusiast, and it’s quite true what they say about this type:) I love to travel solo or with one/two friends. For me the best is to travel somewhere where I have never been, where culture and country is completely different from mine. I love to explore such places, i love it when i go somewhere where i don’t know anyone, it really makes me feel alive and every unknown moment of my existence in that place is such a rush and pleasure – pleasure of unknown, it’s so fantastic I can never get enough, I just love to explore what hasn’t been explored yet or has been explored rarely. In such places I love to meet locals and see how they live, get to know their habits, way of thinking, share life philosophies and experiences. I also love to meet other fellow travelers with whom I can continue traveling, discovering new places and making friends for life – the best gift of travel.

  • Megan

    I ended up being a type 7, and enthusiast. I think my travel method is to plan very little and act on every whim. I think it’s best to just go with it.

  • http://bellaluminara.wordpress.com Andrea

    Wow. I’m a 4, too (as well as an INFP in MB speak) — and Christine, I love the EXACT kind of travel you do. I absolutely require alone time, and also love hanging out with locals so I don’t have to do all the touristy things. I love knowing people who have the ‘in’ on where the best place to eat is, etc. It’s great!

  • Dianne

    I’m a 7 – can travel alone or go with a friend or small group. Love to be spontaneous and go where the wind blows me. Great observatin and test.

  • http://alainarose.wordpress.com Alaina

    I did the longer test listed in the article and the other test Alex provided, and both times I got type 7 – the Enthusiast. (I love when two different tests give the same result!…Makes me think there is some truth in it, ha.)

    Anyway, the type of travel I like best is spontaneous, doing something I’ve never done before, or going somewhere totally different. I like to explore, plan very little (not big on itineraries), and just walk around and see things. I also really enjoy going to museums, particularly art museums, but I’m not sure that is what you’re looking for :).

    I think your compiled data will turn out really interesting. Can’t wait to read it!

  • http://alainarose.wordpress.com Alaina

    When reading more about my type, type 7, I found this which might be helpful for your data, Christine.

    “We can see this in action even in the most trivial areas of their daily lives. Unable to decide whether he wants vanilla, chocolate, or strawberry ice cream, a Seven will want all three flavors—just to be sure that he does not miss out on the “right” choice. Having two weeks for a vacation and a desire to visit Europe brings a similar quandary. Which countries and cities to visit? Which sites to see? The Seven’s way of dealing with this will be to cram as many different countries, cities, and attractions into his vacation as possible. While they are scrambling after exciting experiences, the real object of their heart’s desire (their personal Rosebud, as it were) may be so deeply buried in their unconscious that they are never really aware of precisely what it is.”

    But…that’s not how I travel. :)

  • glen

    Just took the test, and I’m a 4; sort of a suprise. Solo travel for sure, very little planning, avoid tourist hoards, pack light, open ended and flexable. What happens is usually better than how I could have planned.

  • Jenny

    I am also an individualist. :) And I agree with you travel-wise. I need some time alone for my creative-side, but also enjoy time with others; especially locals who can give me the “inside-scoop”. Great article!

  • http://www.facebook.com/pages/Phuket/Poink-World/10150096650205385?ref=ts Rolien

    I am a 8w7 and a closely followed by 4, The Challenger, the enthusiast and the individualist.

    Probably true. I like to set out the trip, travel on my own of have somebody with me that likes to follow or who doesn’t care to much, even better who likes my choices :-). I like to organize and sort things out. Make a good time for everybody or set things in motion. I am not a person who needs to see everything, i like better to stay in places to really be there and blend a little in the way of life. But i also like variation, nature, a city, luxury, basic, adventurous and relaxing.

    Looking forward to you analysis!

  • http://www.allpersonality.com Rena

    There are a lot of responses from Fours- it’s interesting the see the similarities and differences of your travel styles. This is all about Type Four:


    • Jenny

      Maybe because individualists are more likely to travel? It is often easier to travel solo than with a large group, or even with 1 or 2 other people – it takes more planning. And it might be difficult to find someone to go with you.

  • http://jasminewanders.com Jasmine Wanders

    I’m a 3/5 – can’t wait to read the results :)

  • Leah

    I’m a helper according to the test, and for the most part – agree with it.

    My travel style depends on the travel.

    As an Australian, if I am holidaying in Oz it tends to be a relaxation by the beach, hit the bars by night kinda thing, usually with friends / partner.

    I absolutely love travelling on my own though, when I am in Europe. I think it is a much more rewarding experience as you’re forced out of your comfort zone on so many levels. Of course it’s also easier to meet people that way too, especially the locals. Fun when you can’t speak their language but between you and them, you try!

    Not sure that identifying what personality type you are = understanding what type of holiday you prefer. I’d be bored with having the same holiday experience every time I travelled. Isn’t travelling all about opening your mind and filling your life with experience?

    Sometimes I want the culture, other times I want massages and the beach. It all depends on where I am and what’s going on in my life at the time.

    Your thoughts?

    • http://www.holisticwithhumor.com/ Christine Garvin

      Leah, you bring up a good point that I’m going to wait until the results post to answer.

  • http://girlunmapped.wordpress.com Rachael

    I am also a 4 (consistently on the four tests I tried — though I was tied as a 2 on one test and as a 6 on another!) and I love traveling solo or with one or two other people. It’s nice to mix it up :) I love the flexibility of being on my own and not having to answer to or compromise with anyone else, just do whatever I want and be spontaneous. But it’s nice to have someone to share the fun with sometimes and you never know what you awesome thing you might discover by being coerced into doing something your travel buddy wants to do.

    I’m also a super-planner. It doesn’t matter if I’m alone or with others, I will be the one to draw up an estimated itinerary, research what to do where, read a guidebook page to page and stalk travel forums, find the best deals on flights, best places to stay, etc., etc. I love love love all of that! But I also tend to throw most of it out the window as soon as I’m on the road. I *hate* being tied down to any kind of plan, and I’m all about staying as long as you want somewhere you love and hightailing it out of somewhere you hate.

    I generally detest any kind of tour or pre-planned travel. I did the Magic Bus in NZ and had a great time but found myself often wishing I had done it myself instead! I also recently hopped on a chartered trip to Jordan and even though once we were there we were totally on our own, just having set-in-stone flights and hotel (well, at least until we were robbed right before we went to the airport and that all changed!) left me feeling a little bit stifled — I feed off flexibility!

    I definitely prefer extended trips traveling or time living abroad. I’ve spent semesters living in Italy and Thailand and am now spending a year working in Australia. I did a three month solo trip in South America last year and have previously done extended solo and with-a-friend-or-two trips around Europe, SEA, New Zealand, etc. The longer you can pull off the better, in my opinion! I hope to do a full on year-plus-long RTW trip sometime in the next few years.

    But I have to say the four definitely fits me, and my travel style. I’m definitely not one to scrap travel plans just because no one else wants to go! I had so many people try to talk me out of my South America trip last year because they thought it was way too dangerous to go alone. A friend of mine had been considering joining me, but she decided on other plans instead and honestly, I wouldn’t have had it any other way. Sure there were some low and lonely points, but overall it was absolutely amazing and let me rediscover myself a bit in a new way (in the “real world” ooh) after four years nestled in a cocoon of love at university.

    Well, that’s me in a nutshell. Can’t wait to read your findings.

  • Billy

    I got a mark of 7 in three different categories: 1, 3, and 5. While they all certainly have facets I prize (idealistic, accomplishments, discovery), I identify best with the 5 – The Investigator. When I travel it has to be for a reason. A standard trip to Hawaii and drinking rum on the beach all day, while nice for a little while, is going to drive me insane out of restlessness. When I went to Ireland it was to study literature. When I went to India it was to study Hinduism and Buddhism. I’m planning a trip to Ecuador to plant tress in a rain forest to learn how the ecosystem works. I travel to different places to understand more about the world to see why it’s working the way it does, where I can fit in it, and, ideally, improve it.

    I’ve traveled both solo and with a large group, but I think I’m most comfortable to go in something like groups of 4. For one, in a group of that size, it’s small enough where everyone can have a dynamic personality, but not so small that you may tire of them. On another level, if I go alone traveling alone, I won’t be nearly as outgoing, which will definitely hinder any progress I might make. But if I’m with others, I won’t back out of going inside a mine shaft just because I can’t see, or won’t be too scared to jump off a 35 ft. pier into the ocean. Having people “keep me honest”, as it were, and reminding me that I can’t learn everything I need to just by watching from afar is always better, at least for me. It probably also has something to do with having a high 3 mark, and a need for people to see my accomplishments, and whether I’m going in the right direction or not.

    There’s definitely more I can say, but I think this should be helpful enough for ya!

  • http://hollygosprightly.tumblr.com Holly

    This is so interesting! First time I’ve ever taken one of these tests, but I think it’s right on. I was a 9, the peacemaker, and it totally fits.
    When it comes to travel, I too prefer to wing it. I like to do minimal research just to make sure I have a general direction, but would prefer to be with a friend or two and learn from and tag a long with people we meet along the way. I prefer to get a taste of real life in new places and get to know the people and cultures around me over hitting only touristy landmarks. If I am in a more touristy place, getting to know the stories and history behind those things is a must. I’d rather do anything than follow a schedule, and find that being late and changes of plans make for some of the best adventures. No matter how active and adventurous my trip is however, I like to make sure I leave time for artsy pictures along the way.
    Can’t wait to see what you come up with!

  • http://wildfornature.blogspot.com Carolyn

    Funny you should talk about the Enneagram – A friend introduced me to it about a year ago. I’m a 7 – Definitely the Enthusiast – I’m always wanting to say ” C’mon,
    Let’s go! ” my opposite type – cautious, has to say ‘No” first and then decide to go it’s hard for me to be patient. So what I’ve taken to saying either to my husband or friend, depending on the trip is “I’m going. I would love to have you go with me, but I’m going – to – whatever. Right now I’m going to learn how to SCUBA dive – which is a little scary for me. But if I do learn I can fulfill a new dream of diving to see leafy sea dragons off Kangaroo Island Australia.

    Enjoyed your article about personality types and travel

  • Femke

    I’m a 5, the invetigator. I’m the type of person who wants to see EVERYTHING there is to see in an area or city..

  • http://lifesfast.wordpress.com Eric Warren

    I’m an even split between 3 and 5, though I feel a little closer to 3. I have, thus far, spent most of my travel-time alone, often on epic road-trips. When I’ve traveled abroad, however (also alone) I get pretty self-conscious. I’m looking forward to traveling with one other person, since more than that seems like trouble… I dig travel planning, as well, though definitely don’t follow the plans if something else comes up. Cool test. love to read the results of your “study.”

  • Ashley

    I just read a great article about this very subject. The link is here: http://www.allpersonality.com/index.php/does-america-have-a-personality-type/

  • Sarah

    So I’m split pretty evently between 3 and 5 w/ a bit of 7 thrown in. I don’t know how accurate it is I’m so stinking indecisive!

    I’m a bit of a control freak when it comes to travel, I prefer rental cars to public transpo. I don’t like sharing my space, appearing vulnerable or confused, or asking for help. This means I generally plan a trip to death but always feel like it wasn’t planned as well as it should have been :o) I love people but on my terms :o)

    I love taking in culture and history (I guess that’s the Investigator coming out). But I skip the most popular destinations simply because I don’t want to share it with that many people. This typically leads me to avoid party-spots or places with an active night life but I still like exciting places with a plenty to do or see, I’m always busy on trips. This means there is usually an inner battle between the desire to see something exciting and avoiding crowds.

  • Ashley

    I’m a 7 on the Enneagram test and I prefer to travel with at least one other person (although I do like to have some time to myself), like to always be doing something or have a plan of sorts and like to try new things. I prefer to travel off the beaten path and discover how locals live…

  • Mary

    On the first test I took, I was an ENFJ.
    On the second trst I was a 2,6,7. (Quick test)
    On the last test I was 7, 5, 6. (Sample test)

    Do these numbers correlate to my travel style?

    I enjoy some pre-planning, such as having an idea of what I want to see and do, but don’t make any decisions that are firm in concrete. I generally take it on a day by day basis. Due to personal safety and costs, I always travel with someone, but would really prefer having some time on my own. No frantic pace for me as I don’t want to return needing a vacation from my vacation.

    Looking forward to follow-up article.

  • http://www.travelpod.com/members/travelbug15 Danielle

    I’m also an Enthusiast and Helper. I enjoy travelling solo because I don’t want to compromise my experience based on someone else’s desires. Something may come up and I’ll want to change plans…which happens quite often, especially on longer trips. I’m not much of a planner unless it’s a quickie 2 week trip but even then I’m pretty open. I might decided that I’ll spend x amount of days in a particular city but the details of what I will do during that time will remain a mystery until I get there.
    I will visit both the touristy places (how can I go to Peru and not see Machu Picchu) but will also venture off the beaten track to get a real taste of local life. Very much the “Enthusiast”, I want to do it all!

  • Gabe

    Wow! I see just about every other number except 8: The Challenger. I guess I would say my travel style is I research the area, customs, people, network with those who have been and I try to find what’s absolutely necessary to have before I go and I pack light–EXTREMELY LIGHT. Once there (and any with me) be prepared to throw caution completely out the window as I enjoy using maps, survival techniques and the gear I purchased before hand to survive. I like to network with the people on the ground to find places to eat, sleep, and have fun! I’m all about total immersion (often the hard way) that will test and shatter what I once believed to be true about myself. Hmmm…maybe that’s why I am planning on traveling to Nepal and then moving by land until I reach Vietnam over the course of a year! Any suggestions?

  • Hallie Gray

    I have always scored high as a 4 and a 5, also a 6 but for the life of me I’ve never understood what a 6 was. Pinch of 9 and 7 thrown in. My travel personality is that I want to see everything that I can! As a result I am usually constantly on the go to get as much as I can in, and when traveling I tend to ignore my usual reticence to spend too much money, because if I am here, I’m going to see all that I can. I also tend to try to plan ahead, because it would be awful to get there and waste any time or to leave and then find out I’d missed something that I could have done while I was there. Museums are great and I like to learn, but they can be exhaustive and overwhelming and the items within seem separated from the place I am visiting, and from their original intended surroundings. I tend to be okay with traveling alone, but that is often the result of the difficulty of finding a travel partner who has the time, money, and desire to travel with me. I certainly don’t NEED a travel partner. I like cities, but I also love to get out of the city and into the countryside, where I can see the geography and the authentic local culture and their relationship to the land. I enjoy seeing different standards of architecture. I do not get much from participating in the culture. The idea of traveling to talk to people, drink with them in the bars – leaves me feeling like I’ve wasted good travel time. When I get hit on abroad, I tend to feel annoyed like why would I waste my travel time having sex when I can do that at home? Why meet people abroad – we have people at home? The only reason is to “network,” which I am unfortunately not good at. But I want to see the local arts and culture. I like a good road trip or train trip because I get to see a lot more, and the transition of the earth’s and community geography. For the same reason I love the window seat on planes and hate that there are always clouds when I fly.

    My brother typically scores as a 1 and cannot keep up my frenetic travel pace. Myself, I would like to slow down very much, I think it would be good for me and the next time I go to Paris I hope to spend the whole time just acting like I live there. As for my brother, he has troubles sleeping and gets irritable. Once on the Eiffel Tower he got so irritable that that night he and my Dad returned to the hotel room (unimaginable to me) while my Mom and me walked the Champs-Elysees. Travel for travel’s sake is not important to him. My mother is a 2 and also doesn’t care about traveling much – spends more time worrying about what could go wrong. My dad is probably a 4 and is much like me when it comes to travel, although he is better about human interaction with the locals and is not as gluttonous for experience as I am. We are all artistic people, and we are all interested in seeing the arts and culture. I’m probably the only one who gets orgasmic over landscapes, though. My Mom (the 2) does enjoy the plant life a lot.

  • Jessie

    Apparently I am a type 5, 6, and 7 with 6 points on each. Type 9 and type 2 then follow closely with 5 points.

  • Tracy Kassandra Castro

    7, alone or with no plans except sleeping arrangements