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About The Author

Richard Stupart

Richard lives and works in South Africa, exploring as often as possible the strange and unknown places that his continent is so rich in. What stories of far flung places and mischief he is able to trap and bring home are mounted on his blog. Where the Road Goes.

This seemingly bizarre local custom involves stacking standing participants on top of one...
The chat hashtag, #GadvMatu, was trending in the #1 spot on Twitter in the US.
"This is where social media is interesting, artistically."
"Packaged experiences make for packaged content." ~ Ross Borden on press trips
Are we entering a new movement in filmmaking?
In August of 2011 he quit his job and has been on the road ever since.
We can think of the world in terms of the stories we’ve told, or heard, or haven't...
If you've traveled enough, you've likely gotten into trouble.
You can learn quite a bit about a country based on the way it tucks its children into...