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VICE journeys through Mexico to report on Mexican drug cartels, guns, drugs, murder, booze, Mormons, and the Romneys.

Photo: ssoosay

THE OLD ADAGE “If guns are outlawed, only outlaws will have guns” wasn’t lost on Alex LeBaron. The 31-year-old Chihuahua State Representative is from a region literally forced to traffic illegal weapons in order to protect themselves against narcos.

For those interested in an on-the-ground, graphic, gonzo look at the “War on Drugs” and how narco-violence has completely defined the modern cultural narrative in northern Mexico, VICE’s web-series above is worth clearing out the next 40 minutes of your time.

Drug Laws


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David Miller is Senior Editor of Matador (winner of 2010 and 2011 Lowell Thomas awards for travel journalism) and Director of Curricula at MatadorU. Follow him @dahveed_miller.

  • David Boyce

    Did I see Mormons drinking tequilla shots at at 27:40?

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