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A bill that would require California schools to teach gay history in schools passed the state Legislature on Tuesday, July 5, and is now sitting on Governor Jerry Brown’s desk.

I remember watching the movie “Milk,” about the life of gay politician Harvey Milk, and thinking, people need to know about this guy and what his life was like. I consider the fight that the LGBT community is facing to be the civil rights battle of the 21st century, and with the recent news announcing the New York Senate passing the Gay Marriage Equality Act, and now the passing of the FAIR Education Act by the California state Assembly, strides are definitely being made.

The FAIR Education Act, introduced by Senator Mark Leno (a Democrat from San Francisco) passed by a vote of 49-25, without any Republicans supporting it. Governor Jerry Brown has 12 days to decide if he is going to sign it or veto it, and if he takes no action, the bill will automatically become law. Brown, who is a Democrat, hasn’t publicly said whether or not he supports the bill, so Californians are waiting to find out what happens.

According to the San Francisco Examiner, the bill would

require schools to teach at all grade levels the historical contributions of gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender people.

If signed into law, the curriculum would need to be adjusted when the bill would go into law in January 2012. By the 2015-16 school year, students could be learning about the historical accomplishments of Harvey Milk and other gay men and lesbians.

UPDATE: Governor Jerry Brown signed the FAIR Act into law yesterday! The Bay Area Reporter quoted Governor Brown saying,

“History should be honest. This bill revises existing laws that prohibit discrimination in education and ensures that the important contributions of Americans from all backgrounds and walks of life are included in our history books.

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  • Momo

    what the hell is this? the world is becoming a sad sad place

  • The Laughing American

    Indeed it is a sad day when we can no longer disguise and excise pieces of history to better fit an outdated religious concept that has been forced upon up to ten percent of the human population for literally thousands of years.

    Yes, today is a sad day for the bigots of the world.

    For everyone else though, it’s pretty rad.

    • sye74

      Are you serious? Why in the world would a child need to know  an historical figures sexual preference. Furthermore  this has nothing to do with religion! You sound like the  bigot! I believe in God and I was always taught to love ALL people.

    • Sye74

      Now they will disguise and excise pieces of history to better fit an updated world concept that will be forced upon us. This does’nt scream freedom to me. This is doing the very same thing you were just bitching about , but with a different disguise. Your contradicting yourself. Wow , why do people choose to be blind to whats going on around them? I am going to guess that it is self consumption in fact I am pretty positive that this is the cause.

  • Julie

    Like kids need to know adults sexual habits to be taught history.. Completely ridiculous!!!

  • frat9

    The world laughs at America, we’re now a fringe issue nation, we’re an intellectually dishonest nation. What a waste of time, we have so many other real problems and vital issues to solve and to put our energies in to. 
    This is so stupid, what history will be made up next? Transgender’s invented the wheel? Hermaphrodite’s invented the electric light? A rich, old lady married to her toy dog cured cancer?, and if so, who the hell cares. This garbage continues to promote bigotry, hatred, discrimination and further separation of all people. This is not needed. 
    I would pull my kids out of this style curriculum wether they were homosexual or heterosexual. Everyone I know in California; will pull their children out of schools that are going to teach homosexual history. Good for them for not helping the left; constantly pushing hatred, bigotry, discrimination and chaos. Again, the world is laughing at America.   

  • Joshallas

    What a sad day to America.

  • Elsa

    This is fucking ridiculous. I do not care what sexuality someone is, and I don’t see how it should affect history. They want to teach it!? 

    What the absolute fuck. 

  • Bdoug21

    My kids will be pulled out of school. History for public education does NOT need to be teaching the INS and outs of the history of human sexuality. If someone wants to learn about that stuff, take a college class at a liberal university on human sexuality once you are 18 and legally an adult.  It is NOT nec. to tell young kids that a historical figure was gay, it’s not going to change the outcome of a story.
     Why do gay’s have to insist on letting everybody know they are gay and proud of it??  Good for you, you’re gay now move on. Nobody cares that you’re gay….. you don’t to parade around announcing it!

  • Molly Nurse

    Wow, I think the comments on this article are far more revealing than anything else. I love how when people get all self righteous and angry they exaggerate as much as they possibly can. 

    I’m sorry but in what part of this article does it mention that history of  gay/ lesbian peoples sexual lives will be taught? I thought the point was to empower young people and make them realise the amazing things that amazing people (whether gay or straight) have achieved. The need for a bill like this is the sad part. The fact that these people were gay is important because it shaped their lives, their thoughts and the hardships they faced and fought. It has nothing to do with what sex position they liked best. 

    I am a firm believer that a persons sexuality is completely irrelevant, usually. However, as it is has been (and sadly often still is) something that homophobic people are obsessed with, it means that in history being (openly) homosexual is exceptionally relevant. 

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