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No military trials cartoon. Photo: monasosh

The No Military Trials for Civilians group in Egypt calls on people around the world to join an online protest today against “the military tribunals that have imprisoned thousands of Egyptians and continue to threaten [the] revolution.”

From the Facebook group through which the event is being organised:

As the global revolution has indicated, our governments have been collectively and cooperatively enslaving us. Accordingly, since we share the same plight – our actions also need to be collective. Human rights should recognize no borders, and abuses of power are being seen wherever honest and brave people have decided to take a stand against injustice. It is by standing together that we demonstrate that we are not disjointed and isolated pockets of resistance. In speaking to each other and for each other we recognize that our goals are one and that we seek local justice for ourselves as well as global justice for all.

The group calls on people to go to the Facebook page of the Egyptian Armed Forces today at a specified time to “Express your rejection of military trials for civilians and military oppression in Egypt.” After that, “Please comment on CNN and BBC’s walls and ask them to cover military oppression in Egypt.”

The timings and links are on the Facebook page. Check it out.

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Nick Rowlands

Nick lived in Egypt for six years, working as a tour leader, EFL teacher, city guide editor, and online guidebook writer. He's currently in San Francisco searching for his centre. He (kinda sporadically) blogs at Delicious Chaos, and you can follow him on twitter.

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