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As seen in this video, Chilean police do not spare the tear gas.

All you need to know before you watch this is that it’s not staged, the sindicato de carteros is the “letter-carriers union,” and that Alaa Alsadi did us all a huge favor by showing the truth of what’s going on behind police aggression against the protesters in Chile. Thankfully there is no video of the police officer who squeezed off two bullets from his uzi into the air just the other day, one of which struck and killed Manuel Gutierrez, aged 16 , in the district of Macúl, Santiago.

You can watch the officer lob the grenade at :28, into a closed building. It’s hard to know how to react to these violent acts. Making them public worldwide is a small consolation.

Chile Debe Ser Distinto 25/8/2011 (Chile Should be Different) from ALAA ALSADI on Vimeo.

* Feature image by mattlemon.

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Eileen Smith

Eileen Smith is the editor of Matador Abroad. She's an ex-Brooklynite who's made a life in Santiago, Chile. She's a fluent Spanish speaker who can be found biking, hiking, writing, photographing and/or seeking good coffee and nibbles at most hours of the day. She blogs here.

  • Richard

    That’s just malicious. What purpose did that serve?! Thanks for making it public. Is there any realistic chance of that cop seeing any consequences?

    • Gustavo

      Considering the police regularly physically assault unarmed citizens without repercussions (Unless you count a paid administrative leave as a punishment.) here in the US of A, I seriously doubt there will be any consequences for Cy Young here.

  • Chile

    This cop throws like a sissy.

    • Gustavo

      This comment made my day.

  • Gustavo

    People need to realize that the police force is generally made up of washed up high school athletes without the drive or intelligence to make it in a legitimate occupation.

    What do they expect to happen when they give a bully a badge, a gun, and legal immunity?

  • Carlos Duclos

    Despite the comments saying there are no consequences for police officers, this year there have been at least a dozen of them who have been expelled from the police. Kinda sad that Eileen didn’t show the other side of the coin, when people have assaulted police officers who have refused to defend themselves to avoid the consequences.
    It is easy to complain about police brutality, however in order to be fair the protests can get really nasty. I’m not claiming at all, that this happen in this instance and it does look like excessive use of force, but please be a little more fair and talk about the instances when the police is overrun by protesters. It does sound like police in Chile is not to be trusted at all, which is not the case.

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