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Photo by Ryan Libre .

Ryan Libre explains how to start a successful NGO.

Editor’s Note: In response to the overwhelming number of comments, author Ryan Libre has asked us to post this update on April 4, 2010:

“It is amazing to see how many people have seen and commented on this article. It is well beyond my expectations.

Most all of the 200+ commenters seemed to have overlooked steps 1-6 and went to funding as the beginning point for starting an NGO.

This approach will not be successful, in the short term or long term.

First, you need to do something, anything, yourself with what is locally available (step 1). It will give you experience,
credibility, and maybe even publicity. Start small and do what you can for a few months with what you have.

After this experience your goals and how to reach them will be more clear (step 3) and you can make an action plan (step 4) and a website or free blog (step 5) showing what you have done and a clear plan for what you intend to do.

Then when you leave a comment or send a mail about your NGO include the link. Without these fundamental steps it is unlikely anyone will seriously consider funding your NGO.

Best wishes to all your future NGO’s Ryan Libre

I’ve worked with NGOs for most of my life, and even helped start a few. Now, I’m venturing out to start my own NGO, Documentary Arts, Asia.

The following steps will help get your own NGO up and running:

Step 1: Test the waters.

Many new activists are ready to commit their lives to “the cause.” Some are even willing to die for it. Most of these enthusiastic newbies are nowhere to be found a few months later.

There’s no need to turn down the volume of your enthusiasm, but before starting your own NGO, consider joining one that does similar work for a while.

If starting your own NGO really is right for you, the experience of working for an established NGO will only strengthen your resolve and direct your passion.

Maybe you’ll find that NGOs are not your life calling after all. Better to learn that early on, before making a big commitment.

Photo by Ryan Libre .

Step 2: Start on the right foot.

“The leader’s main job is to make themselves obsolete.” –Lao Tsu

Becoming obsolete should be the fundamental goal of all NGOs. You must constantly strive to work yourself out of a job.

Becoming obsolete works on two levels. In terms of your personal involvement, you should build the NGO to the point where it can function independently of your leadership. The long term goal of your NGO should be to solve a problem and thereby become unnecessary.

Put Lao Tsu’s advice into practice and you’ll be able to help more people in more profound ways, and enjoy every minute of the experience. If you try to maintain control, dependencies will develop, and once dependencies start they are hard to stop.

Dependency can leave NGO volunteers feeling trapped and sometimes even leave negative impacts on the people you are trying so hard to help.

Step 3: Clarify your goals.

Set clear and achievable goals for yourself and the NGO.

“Ending world hunger” is a great goal and looks good on your NGO’s t-shirt, but it’s not a problem you can seriously hope to solve.

Finding a niche is good place to start. Positive change usually comes from picking something small, doing it well and following through. A good example of this attitude in action is the Starfish NGO of Cambodia.

Step 4: Make an action plan.

A plan of action is your chance to make an NGO effective, address any potential negative impacts and make sure your NGO will attract donors and volunteers.

Make sure you are able to follow through with what you start. Think hard about your action plan. Hard work is important, but hard work without a good plan is a waste of time and money.

Step 5: Make a website.

Photo by Ryan Libre .

It’s never too early to make a website for your NGO. A good website helps you to spread the word, attract volunteers, secure funding and establish a professional appearance. An interactive website can also minimize your need for meetings and micro managing.

Attention spans on the web are very short. Be clear and concise.

Be sure to make an online profile for your NGO at Matador, where you can tap into a network of thousands of potential donors and volunteers.

Some hosting companies give free hosting to NGO sites. Ask around.

Step 6: Get in the know.

Local knowledge is indispensable to every NGO. Even if you grew up in the city where you want to start an NGO, you still need to research and make contacts. Making solid local contacts and understanding the locals’ worldview is especially important if you want to work in a foreign culture.

Good use of local knowledge can really make an NGO effective. Without local knowledge, you may do more harm than good.

Step 7: Assess your NGO’s financial needs.

Money, when it does come, usually requires great amounts of paperwork and sometimes has strings attached. The quality of the work an NGO does and the amount of its funding are often inversely related. That is to say, the NGOs with less money do better work per hour and dollar spent. The crucial point is to to minimize your NGO’s need for money.

That said, money can be really helpful sometimes. Here’s how to get it. Filing for 501c (official non profit) status is a pain and involves costly lawyer fees. No need to waste your efforts there.

Get an established NGO to accept you under its umbrella. Tax deductible donations and grants will go to them, care of your NGO. Setting up this arrangement could be as easy as a 30 minute talk with your local peace center.

Now you are ready to ask for money from businesses, grant foundations, and governments. A Paypal donate button is a quick and easy way to accept donations from visitors to your website.

Step 8: Network, network, network.

Make friends with people and organizations doing similar work so that you can learn from their successes and mistakes. Networking also helps you to know when to team up and when to divide your efforts for maximum effectiveness. The links below are good places to start networking:

UNDP’s guide to NGO networking

Matador’s Grassroots NGO network

Step 9: Find balance.

Photo by Ryan Libre .

Be realistic about how much time you want to give to your NGO. Taking on projects beyond your comfortable limits won’t yield much benefit in the long run.

You are worth more to your NGO as a part time activist for 5-20 years than letting your passionate burn out in two years. Finding balance between work and personal life is key to success.

Step 10: Re-evaluate everything.

Take a step back and look at what you have done and where it is all headed. Take joy in what you have accomplished, but also make sure your NGO is not becoming self aggrandizing.

How much time, effort and money are being spent on the NGO itself? This is the biggest problem facing all organizations, non-governmental or otherwise.

Your own awareness is the best tool to avoid over-emphasizing the NGO to the detriment of the cause, but don’t hesitate to ask someone from outside of your NGO for an evaluation.

With constant awareness, you can keep your focus and resources flowing to your original goals.


Any volunteer experience can be rewarding. Starting your own NGO can make you feel totally fulfilled.

You will learn and grow as an individual and receive a profound sense of satisfaction not easily found in modern life.

I hope my insights, experiences and mistakes were of benefit. If you have any questions or comments please post them in the comments and I’ll be happy to reply.

Don’t forget to check out my blossoming NGO: Documentary Arts, Asia

Community Connection

For a list of great NGOs and organizations, check out Matador’s searchable database of orgs.

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About The Author

Ryan Libre

Ryan Libre is a photojournalist based in Japan and Thailand. He was awarded the 2010 Nikon Inspiration Award for his photographic work on the Kachin struggle for independence in Myanmar. Please visit his homepage

  • Benjamin10

    Great advice Ryan. From my experience tip #2 is the most challenging. NGO's would never exist if it wasn't for the founder's passion and sacrifice to get them off the ground. HOWEVER, as you point out, it is that same passion and sacrifice that can lead to micromanaging and an unwillingness to turn things over to those you set out to help in the first place. Like you said, creating a model that can be implemented and run by the locals should be your goal. It takes a very unique individual to balance the selfishness and selflessness that it takes to successfully start an NGO. Thanks for this piece Ryan.

  • Tim Patterson

    Great advice, Ryan.

  • Tim Patterson

    Another great NGO in Cambodia is Sustainable Cambodia, in Pursat province.

  • Julie

    Ryan- Really liked this article and found it super useful. Good luck with your NGO!

  • Deb

    New to this; what's an NGO? Please explain a little.

  • Linda

    NGO stands for non governmental organization. It can be anything from the major international charitable organizations like the Red Cross or Doctors without Borders (Medecins Sans Frontiers) or small local organizations rn entirely by volunteers.

  • Kamal Rakhawat

    I want to start any NGO if any NGO want open branch in INDIA so can contact to me and,also have you any NGO ,then I will try to contact him if you suggetion me in INDIA may be in RAJASTHAN state and near that. THANKS

  • ogunlana omolara

    i want to start an ngo in my immediate environment with a group of students in my department but i have been taking my time to plan because it has to deal with helping children in public schools by giving them extra classes, helping them in their school work and teaching them etiquettes and dveloping their talents and also involving students in the university that can afford to help these kids finacially. i really need advice because ngos are not easy to come by in my vicinity. would be greatful if you could help.

  • prakash dasila

    thanks 4 u r help..I want to start my own ngo in the hills of Kumoun in uttrakhand. (India)..i have a passon for my environment . So i am in search of a person who can initialy help me out with my financial condition… Any NGO or a friend in or outside India wants to work with me..or someone intrested in Openig a NGO can contact me. on my mob. no 9911912711

  • A.H.Saliya Thushara

    I want commence a NGO to help the needy famillies of the Ampara Eastern Range of Sri Lanaka who are suffering from various pathetic situation as being they are very poor from their birth. Actually they have no shelter, enough foods, medicines and no money to educate their children. Please be good enough grant me your support that you can give, to begin this programme. My email adress is and my mobile phone number is 0714418350

  • Asok

    pse give more details

  • wilbur

    want help to start NGO for animal welfare (aged home for pedigree canines)

  • walid popal

    hi my name is walid popal. i want ot start my own ngo in afghanistan for orphan kids and refugee returnees from nieboring countries pakistan and iran . these poor people live in these wet tents in these cold winters.i need your help please . thanks,

  • gurcharan singh

    hmmm,nice help fr those who wants to start an NGO like me .my self gurcharan singh from kanpur, up. wants to establish a mobile van unit (ambulance).any one wants to help in this regards ,is most welcome by me..9415125604,,

  • Mrs Humayun

    what should i name my NGO , its aim is to educate homeless Pakistan

  • Ersh Khan

    Hi.I am planing to establish an Intl NGO which deals in relief works in disaster zones around the world.I would like to know how to create funds for the NGO,how to attract donors and what to look for in dedicated workers.

  • rupesh_kumar_am

    god sent me on earth for helpinng ,serving the people who spend life ubnormal, anyone organisation want totake my service plz order me iwill be avl at any time

  • bazuaye naomi

    i want to start an NGO to help the less priviledge to provide food,water and financial assistance.i am from nigeria and i will want to start from here but never to end here.i am a world changer.i dont care about the age..i just want to be a contribution to as many people as i can.with the help of God i am passionately and desperately willing to affect lives positively.i see little children hawking wares instead of learning in school it breaks my heart.i see people struggling to survive i.e to eat and clothe not even to be comfortable but just to survive..i must touch lives..i must bring light to peoples dark situations.God has blessed me i MUST be a blessing to help me God.

  • Anurag_Bhatt

    hi i already running an ngo and working on healthy n organic food commodities in uttrakhand anindia if anybody wants to join hands with us acrosss the state n country even abroad is most welcome .We are on a mission on health and wellness. People n doaners across the world are welcome.

  • anuragbhatt

    Feel free to contact at nos 9897912768,9411171991,9917458955

  • caroline saina

    thanx alot ryan…i'm sure your advice will go a long way in helping my friends and i start an NGO.wish us luck and all thebest in yours.

  • Verna_Asia

    Hi, I am living in Saldanha , West Coast of South Africa .I want to start a NGO for social development for the Youth and a centre for abused women and children. Currently the youth is the bait for Druglords . My main objectives are : Youth projects; Sport Clubs, Theatre , Dance Competitions, Music. Councilling Centre, Public Park, Swimming Pool. Could you please give me some advise and guidlines. Verna

  • sanjeev

    hi kamal This is sanjeev i m running a NGO for Education if intrested than conatct me on my cell & email my no is 9815557544. email:

  • Rosemary

    Hi Naomi, I feel exactly the way you do. God has put in my heart, years ago the caring for children and elderly in need. I started the process for an NGO. Your are welcome to find out more about it. You can reach me at my email address. G_d bless you.

  • Anuj Rawat

    Hi Verna……..I am with you……….not financially but yes physically……..i want to be part of u r NGO

    • fundsforngos

      Ryan’s listing of the steps to start an NGO is very comprehensive and simple. I would just like to suggest those people who intend to start establishing NGOs to come up with a sustainability plan. Although resource mobilization can be particularly challenging, start-ups can still raise small donations at individual-level to run their activities and maybe in a year or two they can be qualified to receive large grants from big organizations. But NGOs also need to be creative enough to visualize their organization in the coming 10 or 15 or 20 years. Where will the resources come then? This can lead to developing of a sustainability plan.

  • anuja

    hi anurag,im also interested 2 do something 4 uttarakhand specially for its environment.can u also give me more information regarding ur ngo.u can reach me on mail-id.goodbye

  • promit singha

    Hi, i am from northeast part of India. i want to start a new organization where i can help my villagers. in our village there is no hospital, no proper transportation no proper electricity and the main problem is that here is no help from Government side. The main resource in this village is farming of rice but we are facing lots of natural problem. I want help them in farming with technically support.So they can increase their productivity. Want to give them proper medical facility so they can live healthy. waiting for your help…!

  • Sandhya Pant

    Thanks Ryan. I am from Sikkim, an extreme north east side of India next to Tibet. I want to start an NGO here to help the homeless/orphans on their education, health and shelter. If there is any international NGO’s willing to tie up with me and my State, please contact me at


    thanks for the great advice. it has indeed helped to spur me on.

    i am a nephrologist in training and by burning passion is to set up an NGO that will support patients who are living with chronic kidney disease.

    it is a chronic medical illness that it quite common world wide, but unfortunately the cost of medical care is beyond the reach of majority of its sufferers in my country.

  • Gayle Pescud

    Great article. This is straight-forward and solid advice.

    I also found idealist to be one of the best sites on development issues and opportunities.

    Another great site is Mango in the UK: a registered charity providing support in financial management to NGOs

    I found a brilliant resource: How to Build a Good Small NGO that was partly authored by Mango at It’s 79 pages of advice that you’re better off having before you start out.

    Having volunteered and worked for NGOs in developing countries, I think it would be doing a disservice to yourself and target communities if you don’t spend time volunteering or interning with an organisation in your field and geographic location of interest. You will learn if you’re cut out for the work and if the work itself is what you envisage it to be.

    I’ve noticed that many graduates want to jump straight into an NGO fresh from college or university. I do think it’s smarter to get experience in business (because managing an NGO requires the same skills and experience as managing a small business, but with about 1000 more unforeseen obstacles–working while suffering from malaria and with no electricity, for example) or a large well-organised NGO before embarking on their own enterprise.

    You will get the benefit of their experience, you will make invaluable connections, and you will learn about systems and processes that you can transfer to your own organisation.

    I have seen several small NGOs suffer from simple lack of experience and planning. It’s a shame because people have their heart in the right place.

    On the flipside, I have met several former business people who had no NGO experience but contributed invaluable know-how and skills to their respective NGOs; they had a lot of experience to draw on.

    The NGO I initially volunteered with and later worked for ( and was founded by two people who had MBAs in business and IT and spent years working for the best NGOs or multinational corporations before embarking on their own. Even so, it was a struggle.

    And while you’re getting this experience you have the luxury (which you won’t have once you get started) to plan. And that planning–financial and strategic–is the single most important thing you can do. Experience, plan, patience and hard work.

    Again, great advice in this article.

  • Advitiye

    Hi to everybody. I am a lawyer who has formed a team with other lawyers and professionals and am looking to form an Ngo in delhi and work for the upliftment of society on the whole. The idea of statrting an Ngo has been lingering in my head for quite some time now but it just did not happen. This time though, i am all into it and am working quite hard to start one. The article has been a really good guide for a beginner .
    Thanks for putting all the information that you have on this website.
    Thanking You

  • Tini

    Hi…im Tini from Sarawak, Malaysia. Im very interested to involved in NGO because it is the only ways for me to speak up & educated my people, my races “Iban”. In Sarawak, especially in rural area all this people is lack & less of accommodation & education. Here, with hope, for those NGO whose have a links or contact in Malaysia especially may give me a chance as volunteer or assist me in whatever way so that i my fullfill my dreams to help my people. Thank you.

  • Eunice santawan lepariyo

    Happy to have tips for successful NGO because i want to start an NGO in my community (ilchamus, kenya) there is really a need to educate my people the negatives of FGM and no local NGO which works for that hope to hear more from you via e-mail

  • Rohit Bishnoi

    Great Work Ryan…
    I am also planning to start an NGO in the field of education..
    basically to mentor the potential but financially weak leaders in India..and to provide them higher education inline with the facilities of respective cities..exposing them to the problems of society and letting them to come with a solution to the problem..
    i have started working on the idea and wish to pursue on the same..
    i admire your great photo graphical skills..and extend thanks for your work..


    HI the tips will defenetly helps us to open a ngo as we are planning to open an NGO in the field of global warmirng and i need helps regarding that.

  • kennedu ouma

    am happy to find these tips from this site. am currently developing a proposal for funding to start a new NGO in my rural home, to make the community members especially the youths to be empowered. anybody who can help me get a sponsor or donor is highly welcomed. any other comment is also welcomed through my email adress: am from kenya

  • gautam baruah

    hi Hi…im Gautam from Guwahati, Assam. Im very interested to starting NGO because it is the only ways for me to help street children ,people, education. Here, with hope, for those NGO whose have a links or contact especially may give me a chance as volunteer or assist me in whatever way so that i fullfill my dreams to help my people. Thank you.

  • basma

    hi, does anyone know NGOs in egypt?
    thank you

  • Dr R S Jadoun

    I am interested to start a ngo. The article has given me good happy to find these tips from this site. am currently developing a proposal to start a new NGO for the rehabilitation of older people. anybody who can help me get a sponsor or donor is highly welcomed. any other comment is also welcomed through my email adress:

  • Alicia

    I appreciate the tips thank you so much for the post.
    This NGO is a midwifery training and birth center for rural women providing comprehensive sexual / reproductive health education, prenatal, birth and post partum midwifery services, through a collaborative, intercultural approach. This center will provide low cost services to people that need it. The goal is to get the local midwives trained along side of midwives that come to volunteer in all the above services so we eventually aren’t needed or are just there as more of a resource center for them. The goal is to decrease the mortality rate here in Guatemala, Solola region. This is a new project and would welcome any help advise that someone may have. Thank you


  • tsiambom N

    Thanks for the information on how to go about starting an NGO. I want to start my own NGO, to work with hurting people as a result of abuse, rejection, affliction and neglect,through prayer and spiritual counseling so as to uplife the mass inorder for them to bring in the masses. I will like you to help me through this process.Just as you said in step 7, I found and established NGO and they told me it is not posible to have my ministry under their umberalla with a different name. They want me to be under their umberala as a part of their program. I need help to understance what to do? Thanks.










  • http://N/A Donny

    Hi everyone!

    Now that the war in Sri Lanka is over, we need to reach out to those who are without food, shelter and clothing and needing medical attention.

    My wish was to always set up an NGO to reach to those as mentioined above, and I would appreciate if you could please link me with an NGO who would be willing to finance and we proceed in a very transparent manner.

    Look forward and God bless.


  • http://NIL KATE MORKA

    I.m kate morka , graduate of the nigerian law school, currently undergoing training in greece, on masters level in international hospitality and tourism leadership., i.m a nigerian citizen and upon visiti to various european countries , i have been able to see an amazing number of , women and girls from africa and other impoverished european countries , engaging in full time prostitution , both in broad day light and at night, thereby creating an inevitable self destruction . i.m moved by this and i would like to commit my time to fighting this act considerably, . but, how may i start, what is required of me. please comment.

  • Deepak Pokharia

    I am planning to start community work in the area of Enviornment protection in Uttrakhand as the hill station is getting filled with plastic bags and other filth. Rivers have started drying up. If no corrective steps are taken right away the end is very near. I welcome any foreign body to join and help to make a start.

    Contact at :

  • rakshit dixit

    I always have a passion to work for ngo and upgrade rural education and develpoment so i need help from some foreign body who come up and join hands for a great cause….it will be a pleasure if somebody come up…

    Rakshit Dixit

  • Anupam Ray

    Hi,I am planning to open an NGO in India to make world green to make awareness for today’s global warming .I am ready with all the plan with team. looking for gidence.If any one ready to help in any means you are most well come. I am located at Mumbai.

    Fell free to mail:

  • Immaculate Nalweyiso

    Hello. Thank you for the good advice you have given us. I opened an NGO with two partners in Uganda and it was a success. I now want to do something to help the blind people in war affected areas of uganda. Using ICTs to help teach the disabled the importance of intergrating ICTs in what they do.
    I wanted to start an innitiative on HIV but after reading, i found out it is better to do something i have been doing for years now.
    Please advise me on how to start and networking with other NGOs internationally.

  • John

    We found the easiest way to start a nonprofit or NGO was through Ocean Grand They had us set up within 3 weeks and even takes care of our paperwork and book keeping! They will walk you right through the steps to setting up a nonprofit in the USA or anywhere internationally.

    They also have a great fundraising book “Simple Fundraising” that helps you raise incredible amounts of $$. The book is at

  • http://Nil Mian Tariq

    I am professional social worker, working from last many years for the greator cause of humanity. Now I have decided to launch an NGO or contribute my services for some international NGO, in education, health, social protection, child welfare, women empowerment etc. I am qualified person having 2 master degrees and practical experience. please guide me to be more useful for humanity.

  • Anil Jakhar

    I am from Rajasthan\Jaipur, i want to start a NGO, in agriculture and health
    any one guide me,,,,,,,,

    Thanks & Rgds

    Anil Jakhar

  • issakante

    iam from Tanzania ,i iwant to start a NGO,in youth against drug and HIV/Aids.i ineed asupport

  • neeraj

    I am from agra up, i want to start a NGO, in computer education, adult education and night classes
    any one guide me,,,,,,,,

    Thanks & Rgds

    neeraj pal


    I am from AKALTARA up, i want to start a NGO, in computer education, adult education, night classes,prasnalitiy devolopment,any other as u think
    best,any one guide me,,,,,,,,

    Thanks & Rgds

  • Portia Maphosa

    I would like to more information on how to start an NGO in Zambia what i require and information on were to get the funding.

  • Arvind Gupta

    I am pursuing my Mba agribusiness management . i know that everyone will get a job in his or her life cycle… but really i would like to do for rural people or rural villages. so i want to start a NGO and NGOs step, method, where should i have to open and in which field will be the best????? ………

  • http://None Sandeep Dixit

    I am from Rajasthan / Jaipur. I want to open a NGO for poor people who died and no one care his body i want to give those people to join me and i give all the needs what they want.

  • vishwanath pratap

    i am from lucknow /u.p. i want to open a NGO for envirmental proctection and child education.

  • Adama Shima

    I intend to partner with anyone that has the interest of unemployed youths in Nigeria through job creation,skill acquisition and financial support.Any group or persons interested can contact me.

    • eric

      I`m very interested in your project.

  • manoj yadav

    I have already a running society of fourteen years old.I want to take grant from where in delhi to help poors in maximum

  • Sunil Kumar Agrahari

    The overall guidelines are very helpful to start an NGO. hanks for it.
    I belong to rural background (a village in FAIZABAD DISTRICT, U.P. India) . The aim of my life is to help villagers to live a happy, prosperous and with full dignity of humane being. Therefore I want to start an NGO. Any suggation or help would be welcomed.

  • joan baare

    hi i live in tanzania and i would like to start an NGO for helping the needy in villages.

    i want to be able to partner with othet NGO,s in the elated field and be able to provide shelter, food and water in villages in tanzania… and then expand my NGO within east africa (tanzania, kenya, uganda, rwanda and burundi)…

    i have no idea on how to strat this NGO… any suggestions will help.


  • Quinn

    I have an Idea for an NGO which builds health clinics in Malawi. Hoping to help people who want help, not to impose help on people who don’t want any.

  • shalini


    i m Shalini from lucknow. sir i have completed my PG diploma course from polytecnic and i have a experience of ngo from vatsalya lucknow right now m doing alternatively work in Nehru Yuva Club. Now i want to work in good NGO in Lucknow, Bangalore & Uttranchal. But still i do not have any idea how i enter. Can u help me to tell the good ngo’s names. Still m searching. N my plan is to open a ngo for Girls safety, child labour, for old persons. So plz help me.

    Thanks & Regards,
    Shalini Pandey.

  • Abhijit Sarkar

    Hello Every body…
    I belong from a place called Siliguri, West Bengal (India). I have completed my MBA recently… besides relevant corporate work experience of over 4 years I also have an exposure of 14 months as Volunteer- Fund raising in an NGO working with special children, I have also been working as an analytical consultant with an Us based NGO working in the field of Water and Sanitation.
    I want to start my own NGO now which would primarily work in three areas i.e. imparting Vocational Training for the poor Youth, Contributing towards the safety and conservation of water resources and setting up center for promotion of indo-tibetan culture and friendship.
    I am scouting for funds and patrons (my area of operations would be in the Duars and North Bengal region).
    Interested people may please get in contact with me.

  • subhash verma

    I am subhash verma from Allahabad, UP. I want start an NGO. I would like to focus on the Education and awareness about the Health and Basic rights for Human to get benefit from Goverment especially Dalits. Please providw all the necessory information for establishing an NGO.
    Thank You


    I Biswajit Karmakar from Malda, West Bengal (India). I want to establish an NGO. I would like to focus on the development, Education, awareness about the Health and Basic rights for Human, relief, by geting Govermental support in the rural areas. Please provide me all the necessory information for establishing an successful NGO that can fulfil the skills of its origin.
    B. Karmakar

  • Akhilesh

    I m akhilesh. I want to work for rural children education and organizing a N.G.O for the same perpose.I have a good support of my friends. But I m a sales proffesional
    so this is very difficult to give more time while i want to do so by my heart and soul.
    kindly help me with your openion.
    Thank You

  • Manju

    I am Manjusha from Mumbai. I want to start an NGO for senior citizens.
    I request you to please help me with your suggestions for the same.


  • barnali pegu

    Hi I want to start an ngo working for rights of women in a live-in-relationship,marriage,against Eve-teasing in model town, north delhi………From where do I get the required fundings and how do I go about it…………

  • ryan libre

    one question and answer

    Q “Primarily, I am concerned with how to approach other NGOs about coming under their umbrella as you talk about in your article online. I feel this would work best for my own NGO but I am not sure how to do this. Any suggestions?”

    A any NGO you have a connection with will be easiest. it doesnt even have to be an NGO working on the same topic as you. You need to convince them you will be financially, and otherwise very responsible. and you need to convince them you will add minimal paperwork and effort to their already busy jobs. Generally smaller to mid size NGO are quicker to decide and more willing to take risks. Often local “Peace Centers” have a variety of programs under their umbrella.

    Hope that helps a little


    HII Myself Seema Sati, I want to start an NGO that will work for the upliftment of poor girls their education etc.An NGO that will built confidence among the poor girls who are not able to convert their dreams into reality.
    I want to know how i can go for registration and raising of funds and also all those persons who feel that im thinking to work for a good cause can also join .

  • manjusubba

    hi ryan
    i always was greatly pained to see the orphans and always wanted to do something for these poor children .i am in a school and in my free time i try to educate the poor children .now i think it has become a mission for me a burning zeal to reach out to these deprived downtrodden children.i would like to help them in any way i can but donot have right idia how to go about it.hence would welcom suggestion and right comments

  • sampath

    hi i’m form sri lanka i like open NGO help me


  • jeevan choudhary

    hi…….i m from Rajasthan/ Jaipur .I want to open an ngo against child merrage and illitracy in villaage sociaty.I request you to please help me with your suggestion for the same thanks with regards
    jeevan choudhary

  • Prakash Khadka


    I am Prakash Khadka from Kathmandu, Nepal. I want to start an NGO. I would like to focus on the Education,Health awareness and Basic rights for Children of village area who are from poor family. Please provide all the necessary information for establishing an NGO.

    Thank You

  • http://------------ ASIF JAVED

    i am AISF JAVED from pakistan and me also want to make
    an NGO in pakistan we want your help in this worke and

  • rajinder

    hi i am rajinder,form Yamuna Nagar i want to open my own trust or NGO for girls education in yamuna nagar, for this i want ur help

  • santosh patidar

    i want to start a new ngo so plz advice how to start a naw NGO ,

  • santosh patidar

    i want to start a new ngo so plz advice how to start a naw NGO in india

  • Gyan Bahadur Rana

    Hi!, I’m from rural Nepal and also from the poor family. I’ve been residing in the city but I love to visit villages and place to place. Due to my poverty, I moved to Singapore and live there for about 9 yrs.
    I’m very much interested in NGO to help poor people for simple needs, like: drinking water, walking paths, sanitory (toilets) and basic education. People live in the hill surely have drinking water problem especially from January to june (dry season). Due to this, people are suffered with dangerous diseases. Lack of education also is a hazardious to their life.
    This is how I would like to contribute some help through NGO to bring these people to the better world. Anyone, please suggest me of: how to start and how to mange the fund.?

    Thank you.

    Gyan Rana

  • http://wanttostart devendra chaudhary

    i want to start an ngo connected with an education line.

  • patrick

    i want to start an ngo in human resource development

  • http://dalitgramidvikasyojana sanjay

    i want to start a new ngo so plz advice how to start a naw NGO ,

  • Prakash khadka

    i want to start a new ngo so plz advice how to start a new NGO ,

  • yasir

    i want to start a new ngo so plz advice how to start a naw NGO in pakistan

  • Barbrah Nakamanya

    I want to start a new NGO and open up health clinics In Uganda and shelters for street kids. I need some advise please.
    Barbrah Nakamanya

  • Pratibha

    HI All,

    I am Pratibha, I want to start an NGO to help women. for that

    * I want to know how to register for an NGO.

    * How much funding will be required.

    * Any volunteer (Or a person who is already working with an NGO) who wants to join me in this work are most welcome.

  • ROSE

    My name is Rose with an interest of starting an OVC or an NGO dealing with Prevention of HIV AIDS in Kenya. I have the knowledge and experience of satring one .Any one interested in networking with me?

  • Grace

    am Grace from Kenya, i come from a region where FMG is practised and most of the local people still hold to the issue of girls not being so much learned, there are high rates of teenage pregancy and i attribute all these to lack of awareness and some times ignarance on the part of the parents and teenagers themselves. I would therefore love to start up an NGO whose objectives will be to help sensistize the public on effects of Female Genital Mutilation and help curb it in the affected areas, sensitize the importance of girl child education and curbing tenage pregnancy,
    need some advise on how to start and manage it and get funders so as to really reach these local people and help them change for the best………….it really pains my heart to see all these still happening.

  • Harsh Upadhyaya

    Hi Evrybody,

    We ,bunch of 4 to 5 guys are opening a NGO in Rajasthan for the upliftment of unpreviliged children .Statistics and my study show that in Rajasthan less than 45 % people are educated and they even dont know how to write their names.And even people are less inspired to teach their children,they think its wastew of time.So to do some influential change we friends have decided to open a NGO very shortly.The people who are intrested to join us can contact me on my mail id : I think its the time now to give back the society what it gave us and do a big change and youth can only do this.

  • ram prakash maurya

    I am from gorakhpur up, i want to start a NGO, in computer education, adult education and night classes
    any one guide me,,,,,,,,

    Thanks & Rgds

  • shyam prakash

    I am from agra up, i want to start a NGO, in orthistic child, child education any one guide me,,,,,,,,

    Thanks & Rgds

  • ram prakash

    I am from gorakhpur up, i want to start a NGO, in computer education, adult education and night classes
    any one guide me,,,,,,,,

    Thanks & Rgds

  • sanjeev kumar

    hi my name is sanjeev kumar . i m based at disstt. Bijnor in U.P.
    i want to start a NGO.
    please guide me how i shoud proceed.

  • Arslan Bhatti

    Dear sir,
    I started my NGO in “Education” & “special peoples” how should I start my NGO plz guide our Organisation


    Am a nigerin from Enugu State,i want to start an NGO for the less privilege.Pls provide all the neccessary information for etablishing an NGO.

  • Raaj

    I am Raaj from Gujarat . I want to start an NGO for senior citizens.
    I request you to please help me with your suggestions for the same.



  • suchi

    i really want to open a NGo for slum children..
    so i wnt 2 knw 4m the start.


    i want to start ngo for conserving indias marine resources
    to develop premium quality catch of fish and marine related items,
    to develop tuna – handling and producing shashmi ,loin grade
    to develop mangrooves, fads, coeral reef, searanching, avoid of juvinile catching,
    to live back brooded lobster.crabs,shrimps. TURTLE CONSERVATION .
    CAPACITY BUILDING TO THE GRASS ROOT LEVEL FISHERMEN, AND TO CONDUCTawareness campaign among school children etc
    to develop conversion of existing shrimp trawlwer to long line deep sea monofilament of catching tuna.,
    already i worked all these in indian government project ,i want to contiune all the above work by registering as NGO.


    want to start ngo for conserving indias marine resources
    to develop premium quality catch of fish and marine related items,
    to develop tuna – handling and producing shashmi ,loin grade
    to develop mangrooves, fads, coeral reef, searanching, avoid of juvinile catching,
    to live back brooded lobster.crabs,shrimps. TURTLE CONSERVATION .
    CAPACITY BUILDING TO THE GRASS ROOT LEVEL FISHERMEN, AND TO CONDUCTawareness campaign among school children etc
    to develop conversion of existing shrimp trawlwer to long line deep sea monofilament of catching tuna.,
    already i worked all these in indian government project ,i want to contiune all the above work by registering as N


    i was working with indian government project, capacity building to the grassroot level with fishermen – so i want yto start NGO
    various tool used towards training programme are – lecture.powerpoit,pamplets,posters, street plays, demonstration, commercial demo to catch and handle hygienically fishes etc


    I want to start NGO for child education, establishment of old age people, free medication, and food for poor people. So I want to know what is the actual procedure to create a fund to start the above mentioned project. I shall be highly obliged if you help me.

    Thanking you,
    With warm regards,

    Partha Biswas


    Hi, myself kamal bhatt……i would like to start NGO on rural educational programme.Give me brief idea of end to end process.

  • Ganesh Sharma

    Dear All,
    I am ganesh Sharma and belong to a small village in India. I am B.Tech in Dairy Technology and at present working in Quality department in a biggest dairy company. I want to start a NGO related to rural devolpment and education which include global warming also. Can any one help me regarding to this, so i can start work for indian farmers for their growth and educations. If somebody help me, please send me mail on
    My main moto is farmers and their childrens

  • akhil

    I want to start NGO for child education, establishment of old age people, free medication, and food for poor people. So I want to know what is the actual procedure to create a fund to start the above mentioned project. I shall be highly obliged if you help me.

    Thanking you,
    With warm regards,


  • bell

    i want to start an NGO in afghanistan and know what i wnat after researching any other people interested in helping stat this project ???

  • bell

    trying to start an NGO for orphans and widows in afghnaistan and women who give birth who go though postpartum depression and depression in general please hepl anyone who knows how to go about this i have family who lives there .

  • aston archive

    i want to start an NGO that will take care of total welfare and atleast libreate individual as regards self independent.

  • ruth

    I want to start an ngo in africa{cameroon}on diabetis sicklecell cancer an highpertention educating the local etc what is your take on that what would you advice me target first

  • Jacob

    Worked with the Hearing impared children of the bajaj institute of learning and taught them english, eco and bus studies. later beacame the PRO & SW for the same.

  • Jacob

    The Institute is based at dehradun and have done considerable work in cluding getting the world famous writer Ruskin Bond to visit the Institute and the Gov of Uttaranchal Mr Sudarshan Aggarwal


    ” i am social worker.i am studay is B,S,W last year.i want to start N.G,O.
    social welfare and chiald welfare.

  • http://yahoo ulokpo comfort Helen

    Sir, i want to start an NGO sponsoring the less privillage in the university. How do i get started as fund challenging. thank you.

  • Karibo

    I want to start an NGO that offers career guidance and counseling for young people.

  • alhassan a aziz

    i want to start a new ngo with high education personell which is orphanage in africa

  • Sergiy

    thanks Ryan for the great stuff! it was very useful for me.
    greets from Lviv, Ukraine!

  • sanjeev issachar

    I liked the stopes been given to start the NGO.

    • sanjeev issachar

      I liked the stopes been given to start the NGO i want to start a new ngo educating the underprivellged children in Northen part of India


    I am from Papua New Guinea and wish to start an NGO. I really hope to help my people in rural village in village economy, primary eduaction, HIV/AIDS awareness, poverty alleviation, agriculture, water supply, electricity and many more.

  • Suresh

    Namaste Ryan,

    I am a volunteer in an NGO for bridging digital divide. Found your advice very valuable about not burning out and ‘testing waters’ as reason of why others leave so quickly.


  • vijay kumar paigwar

    I am software engineer by profession , I want to start a ngo for ruler area teach them computer education and english language , and also help them for their complete development.

  • maria saria

    Hi! I want to start an NGO IN Tanzania concerning rural development thus poverty eradication in rural areas as the matter of fact poor people are living in remotness/enterior areas of most of parts in Tanzania.advice me what should do and where i can focus to get donor members and ways towards fighting poverty in my country.thanx

  • Amandeep Singh

    My idea is to planting of trees and cleaning of surrouding, pls assist me with the IDEA, how i can start my NGO

  • Jas $ingh

    I want to start NGO against the expoitation done by some of the private companies, as there are no private union for employees, pls provide your valuable comments.

  • nitesh

    hi i mworking in gov hospital i want to start an ngo belongs to health realered sector if any body will provide me knowledge i will be gratefull

  • srobin2009




  • Sudipta Mandal

    Respected Sir ,
    They say experience is the best teacher . I am very grateful to you for sharing ur years of experience with us .
    Sir , u have mentioned it is better to work under an NGO to find out if we really have the potential to carry our thoughts forward or not . Sir , I am a dental surgeon based in Kolkata , West Bengal . I wanted to start with an NGO where we will teach the underpriviliged children & their mothers about oral health . This is one aspect of health which is greatly neglected in my country as people r not aware that a lot of oral diseases can be prevented if they take good care .
    Sir , I will be very grateful to u if u could help me suggest organisations who r doing such voluntary work so that I can gain some experience from them . I would like to work with the concerned organisations .
    I will be highly grateful if u can guide me with my dream.

  • Rupesh Bhandari

    dear Ryan,
    I am Rupesh Bhandari frm Surkhet Nepal.I want gather some ideas frm u for the establishment of Ngo at our place.
    we are planning to establish it within december,we have prepared everything for its establishments and we can run it smoothly for year,but i think we will have problem on gathering the fund to run it on coming i would like u to suggest or give ideas on how to estblish it n run smoothly on coming years.
    hopin for ur reply soon.

  • Waldir

    Great post, Ryan, thanks for sharing! Just a note, though: “…letting your passionate burn out in two years.” (or it could be simply “…letting your *passion* burn out in two years.”)


  • gnanajothy

    i am a social worker . ill start a ngo for bager .any idya


  • Moses

    I am from Uganda and wish to start an NGO. I really hope to help my people in rural village in village economy, primary/ Vocational education, HIV/AIDS awareness, poverty alleviation, agriculture, water supply, electricity and many more. But funding is my biggest challenge any one willing to partner with me with expertise in such please come to my rescue


  • patience munemo

    iam from zimbabwe a holder of a social science degree and have a passion in humanitarian woork. i have the passion to help my people to eradicate poverty, cholera& hiv and aids. butin funding is my biggest challege.


    I am from Cameroon and wish to start an NGO. I really hope to help my people in rural village in village economy, primary/ Vocational education, HIV/AIDS awareness, poverty alleviation, agriculture, water supply, electricity and many more. But funding is my biggest challenge any one willing to partner with me with expertise in such please come to my rescue


  • http://not Mark Joseph

    Hello every one my name is Mark i am from pakistan i start an ngo own our own base in 1998 and i registerd it in 1999 it is working for special children me and my wife expend much time to our ngo for collect to funf we have no fund from any where we collect from friends and we also give from our incomes 3 year ago we stop this mission due to lack of fund actually we dont know how to collect and how to approach for fund even our ngo register under the volunter act 1961 non profit ngo. we want start our mission please advise and give some contact which can help us thank you. Mark Founder ChairmaN OF DARUL kHIDMAT ngo.

  • shanmuganandan

    I am an exserviceman from india willing to set up a NGO to help my people in rural village to improve their living standard, health and education to their children, caring old age peoples.

    can you guide me in this regard?

  • ukasha

    how to build small ngo

  • Soumen

    Hi!! I am starting an NGO in India which will be primarily working on environmental issues. Please guide me on the proceedings of the same.


    l wish to start an NGO in Hohoe in the Volta Region,Ghana.West Africa,for the youth in computer technology and a library as well.
    l am yet to get a partner and to start operations.What advise and assistance could be gained.

  • http://none grace

    my name is grace, i’m a nigeiran. i want to start an NGO that will cater for the physically challenged and children on the streets. I have a desire to make provision for an accomodation for them. how do i start. what are the first steps to take. but right now i work with a travel agency.

    thanks in anticipation

  • gedon

    That is extremely wonderful an insight you have given! ‘Oliver asks for more’-give me more through my email especially mobilizing key stakeholders to take interest in a new ngo.thanks

  • Victor Paul S

    I am from INDIA and I wish to start an NGO. I really hope to help my people in rural village in village economy, primary / vocational education, HIV/AIDS awareness, poverty alleviation, agriculture, water supply, electricity, Basic Knowledge for a healthy living and many more. But funding is my biggest challenge any one willing to partner with me with expertise in such please come to my love for the people.

  • aftab ahmed


    how r u???
    i m civil engineer aftab ahmed..
    i have allready ngo when i was in pakistan i did worked on education of sindh u know about sindhis are very poor and some uneducated i did worked with him and i got sucess but suddenly i came saudi arab now im in saudi arabia in riyadh city i want to start work here on english language most arab dont know about english here need to do so i need help u…
    my orgnization name is,.. BISMILLAH WELLFAIR ASSOCATION) its registered orgnization since 1995 somethig…

  • Gobinda Banerjee

    Dear Sir,
    I am from BANGLADESH and I wish to start an NGO. I really hope to help my people in rural village in village economy, primary / vocational education, HIV/AIDS awareness, poverty alleviation, agriculture, water supply, electricity, Basic Knowledge for a healthy living and many more. But funding is my biggest challenge any one willing to partner with me with expertise in such please come to my love for the people.
    With regurds
    Gobinda Banerjee (

  • sajid

    Hi ! at present I m running a primary school in our local area’s. But the people /
    parents are not able to study his/her child due to financial problem or poverty.
    so I request u to plz help the students at any cost. And save the future of child.

    Thanking u .

  • nicola

    I am really interested in starting up a charity school in India. I am currently in Italy and I would like to know more on how to set one up. If you have any suggestions or advice, I would much appreciate it.

  • bandana singh

    hai sir
    i want to open my NGo for rural child education . so how i start my NGO what is process to cpening . pls help me how i will found fund for Ngo

  • natalie and vimbai

    thank u so much for your intentions to positively contribute to the world.we also ought to start our own ngo here in will be a nursery school for orphans and the disabled.this will be targeted to children between 3-5yrs.if anyone has advice or experience they would like to share with us,it will be enormously appreciated.all the best with your plans.plz get in touch

  • Sanjay yadav


    I am really interested in starting up a charity computer institute in India. I am currently in india and I would like to know more on how to set one up. If you have any suggestions or advice, I would much appreciate it

  • Talatu


  • Talatu


  • deepanjali singh


    recently i hve got my ngo registered named as”DEVASHISH FOUNDATION”.I just need ur guidance and assistance to run my ngo successfully,leaving an xtensive performance behind.I would be higly obliged if u could lend me your guidance.

    yours truely,
    deepanjali singh.
    social worker.

  • parmanand patel

    Hi. My name is Parmanand Patel ,i want to open a new NGO and do the work on the rural women development in the sector which thos cases are gose in divorce in the cour. give me the best suggestiong

  • Kumar Purushottam


    My name is Kumar Purushottam,I want to open a NGO.
    So plz help me how to open a NGO in India.



  • rajkumar gopaliya

    hi my name is Rajkumar, i m from Alwar Rajasthan, I am MBA, i want to open a NGO and do the work for 4-14 yrs child through providing education which will be based for mostly Brain Development and give the classes for all boys and girls who they wants to get more knowledge about marketing, sales and management base study at free of cost.

    Plz help me out how can i do it?


  • Melody Moser

    Ryan, thanks for this informative article! I’m considering starting an NGO and this is a great starting point. I really appreciate the advice!

  • http://n/a Prabhat Thapa

    Respected Madam/Sir,

    My name is Prabhat Thapa, resident of Kathmandu Nepal. It’s my pleasure forgeeting ur contacts to gain the ideas and suggestions for opening the NGO and to run successfully.

    Our concept is working on Tourism Sectors, Women empowerment, Labour Child Disabled and poor as well as Invirommental sectors

    I am planning to open a NGO in a near future. So i would be very grateful and thankful if u could give the ideas and suggestion for opening a NGO and its tecniques of Implementation.
    so please suggest How could I open and implement it ?

    hoping of a fruitful response ASAP.
    Also Merry Xmax and Happy New Year.

    Urs Sincerly
    Prabhat Thapa

  • amjad

    Hi i,m amjad i,m a pharmacist
    i want start an ngo in rural area i want to do
    health chechup camp and free medical camp
    and vaccination in rural area . what will i do
    please gide me

  • rajkumar gopaliya

    My name is Rajkumar, i want to open my own NGO, in education field so that i will give the education for child…….
    Kindly inform me How can i open?
    my mail id is:-,

  • prashant kotian

    hi sir i prashant kotian i and my friend like to start an ngo we are20 to 25 friend pl help how to start

  • Deepak Jena

    Hi, I am Deepak Jena from Orissa.I am a IT Professional working in MNS at Mumbai.

    I am too much intersted to start my own NGO.

    Could you please help guide me how to start ngo in rural areas.


    Deepak jena

  • sania

    Thank for sharing your experience with us,I am a social worker and from past 4 years I am working in an NGO now I want to start my own NGO but worried about organization sustainability and funding.I am in this profession with the desire to help people in need but these thing value less but still I want to work honestly and provide maximum benefit to the need.can u please help me and suggest some idea for sustainability and donar funding.I am from India and our NGO is situated in West Bengal I hope u might Know Darjeeling.Once more thank u and please help and Happy New Year.


  • miriam

    Hello, I am Chery.

    Thank you for the information on how to start an NGO. I have already gone through the first step, “tested the waters” and I realy understand what it is to work in the communities and for the communities.

    I would like to start up an NGO in my area to help the disadvantaged girl children to access education and stay in school until completion because many girls especially in rural areas are pulled out of school especially at upper primary level for marriage, to perform house hold chores among other things . A case is a thirteen year old girl who was married off by her father to a seventeen year old man in a near by village in exchange for a few gifts(bride wealth). I have a heart felt drive to start up an NGO to pull out the community out of this trap and mentality so a sto empower the girl child.

    that is a little bit of my concept.

    i need some more guidance to build up on my idea and help me start an NGO.

    looking forward to more information.

    Happy new year.


  • http://nill AYO JOHNSON

    I am really interested in starting up a charity school in nigeria. I would like to know more on how to set one up. If you have any suggestions or advice, I would much appreciate it.

  • Adeolu

    Dear sir,
    I must thank you for the good writeup up there,am a federal government worker,i want to start an main focus is to provide clothing and food for the ophanage babies,pls kindly give me guideline on how to go abut it…thanks for your is my e-mail-(

  • Poualmi majumder

    Hello ..
    I am Poulami. Want to start an NGO on my own. Im a student of home science,so i want to create an awareness about food and health among children and women. Please give me guidance about this topic as early as possible.

  • Aparna Saxena


    I want to open my NGO, where I can help poor and needy children, senior citizens and physically depended person..
    I want to give them knowledge and encourage them to fight with life..
    For senior citizens I really want them to share there experience with needy children by giving them knowledge and love…. in respect they will get satisfaction from their life… I want to encourage children for different type of field just like singing dancing sports and all…
    i really want your suggestions regarding my this step..
    At last i want all that people who want to do something for GOD and their personal satisfaction by helping others…
    PLZ HELP ME IF YOu can…..

    Aparna Saxena

  • http://n/a am intrestent plz reach for my hand

    i want to help young girls who can,t get sanitary pads stop early
    marrages and female FGM among others

  • Sudip Srivastava

    We are a team of young proffesionals, based at Kolkata(India)..

    I am Management Graduate and my wife has done MSW in Labour Welfare and Personnel Management..

    We are keen to work for global warming and want to open my own NGO…this will be based at Eastern India and will work globally.

    Need suggestion and guidence to open the NGO.. and how we will get help from Government and other communities.

    Sudip Srivastava

  • bride t shirt

    Best article thank for sharing.

  • Zulfikar Ali Channa

    Dear Sir/Madam,

    I am Zulfikar Ali Channa Graduate in Mechanical Engineering and belongs to District Naushahro Feroze, Sindh, Pakistan. I pleased to see your valuable suggestions regarding setting up a new NGO.

    I am interested to work in education sector for needy and poor people.

    Please help me if u can……….


    Zulfikar Ali Channa
    Sindh – Pakistan


    Hallo sir/madam,




  • ravi

    I am working with good private company in chandigarh.
    I want to open a NGO to help poor and disable people. but i don’t know how to start. can somebody help me in sharing the details.

    Thanks & Regards
    Ravi Baghla

  • Sokhey

    Good afternoon Sir, I have found your website by google i am really get great attention and interest in your website that provide guideline about successful tips in creating a successfully NGO. Currently, i and my friends willing to creat an NGO in project of Health Care for mother and children in remote area of city. I am new person if i talk about NGO. So i would need some comment and ideas from you in creat successful NGO. Thanks you very much.
    I look forward to hearing from you.

    Have a nice working day

  • ravi

    Thanks a ton My dear friend Ryan,
    I don’t have any experience of NGO, So i should get some experience first by working with some NGO. Any friend of mine from chandigarh who read this and want to do similar work, please reply.

    Thanks & Regards
    Ravi Baghla

  • arvind kumar shukla

    My name is arvind kumar shukla,I want to open a NGO.
    So plz help me how to open a NGO in India.


    Hi Friends,
    I am basically from nilgirs dist .in sate of tamil nadu,india.I am working in a private concern.Willing to start up an NGO at my home town.Being an hill station and a tourist place too,the climate has been changed drastically .Cutting down of trees and building huge houses has completely destroyed the environment,Since i m very much concerned with the environment from my child hood i am earger to start up and NGO and work for a welfare of the nation.With help of few friends we had started planting tree saplings in and around me place.

    If anybody is thre to help me out in Starting up an NGO and fund rising.Please contact me at

  • umair khan

    IM Umair from Pakistan.i newly reg my orginization that will work for specials and disable persons.But i have no money to launch our prog.Because its need money.i request to ALL OF MY FRNDS if they can donate me plz contect me


    i am a social worker , i am a worker of sudarshan seba sangha , i am a member of social welfare forum 2004 , i want to know how to protect global worming . please help me .

  • saqib ur rehman

    dear sir
    i want to open ngo so plz help what can i do
    plz i requst u

  • Sachin Kumar Singh


    I want to start an ngo, and want to spread computer education in rural areas. I am new to this feild so plz guide me about fund raising and proposal writing

  • helene

    hi,thank you for the information,its gonna go a long way to help me and my boss. i work partially for an NGO and we are basically a youth and economic empowerment body,my boss has great ideas and workable policies but there is a major lack of funding which is affecting our far promises have being made but no real actions taken,this i know is due to the fact that our stuctures and policies are new,people find it difficult to put their money where their mouth is.please how can this problem be resolved.thanks again.

  • Giriraj Sharma


    I want to start an ngo, and want to Start a school & Computer education in rural areas. I am new to this feild so plz guide me about fund raising and proposal writing


    our organization any support for ngo’s net work organization , you may be net work member of our organization . we support you if you may be net work member of our organization .

  • koushik

    thank you for your successful advice sir.actually i am going to start an NGO in rural place.but i am very new for this please help me if there are any steps except those 10 steps

    warm regards
    koushik boruah(assam,guwahati)

  • Mugambe michael

    Thanks for that great artical. Soon am registering a Youth NGO with my friend in Uganda. It is Changing Lives Youth Organisation (CLYO), we are looking forward to helping youth participate in their countrys social, economical and political affairs Through advising the community members, teaching them, and practically being part.

    We are looking forward to mentoring our fellow youths become good citizens who can give the needy, share with the poor, conserve the enviroment (planting Trees) Preserve and promote the countries culture and traditions, etc

    in case of any advise please help and pass it on. I believe by the end of February it will be ready with its offices in Kampala.

    God bless You.

  • shashidhar bairyn

    hi, am instrested to start a NGO on village infrastructure development …..please help me in processing it .

  • shalendra singh

    hi, I am shalendra singh, I started a new ngo in mar 2008. I want work on rural development & Environment & Computer Education Plz help me
    Give me detail how supported new ngo’s

  • adaobi

    dr sir thanks for dat it will go a long way for me because am about starting an NGO in discreamination among poeple living with HIV/AIDS in nigeria i will be so greatfull if u can help me more

  • adaobi

    am starting an NGO on discreamination among those living with hiv/aids in nigeria hop to get more words from u.

  • olajumoke ajao

    Thanks for your steps, very inspiring. olajumoke is my name, I am Nigerian, am 21 years old and will be a graduate after 2yrs from now. long before now, i had this vision of NGO. I want to reach out to the young females who are dieing silently in their minds, who have lost self value, worth, esteem and confidence. I want to recreate their mind set on that and set them on track, show them the reality of the life they have been called to live. I have a very strong passion for this, this is what i want to do for life, it is my life. i have it has a group on facebook and i am very convinced that the time to start is now.

  • Shanu Sourabh

    Hello Sir,

    I am from dehradun(india). I have a desire to help the poor childens living in the slum next to my place……i want to teach them how to learn……according to my knowlegde most of them go to schools……but honestly speaking sir here in india Govt. schools are not so effective. At the end of the day what they learn is zero. I seek your guidence that is it necessary to open an NGO……as it is matter of small scale……They look to me the same as i was in my childhood…..i dont know about the world but i know about them they need help n even me.
    If you can it would be so kind of you to assist me.

    Thanking you,

    Yours Sincerely
    Shanu Sourabh

  • kamran

    Thank for sharing your experience with us,I am a social worker and from past 6month I am running my own NGO but worried about organization sustainability and funding.I am in this profession with the desire to help people in need but these thing value less but still I want to work honestly and provide maximum benefit to the need.can u please help me and suggest some idea for sustainability and donar funding.I am from India and our NGO is situated in Utter Pardesh (PILIBHIT) I hope u might Know Pilibhit.Once more thank u and please help and Happy New Year.


  • Isaac Yeboah

    Please Sir, I have set up an NGO with the aim of reaching rural communities for christ and also to inspire and assist the youth of the various communities to understand their calling into christ kingdom. please help me to get affiliate NGO to team up with them for Christ to rule the world.. Hoping to hear from you soon. thank you.

  • Manish Gupta

    Hello Sania,

    As adviced before please go through Banker to the Poor by Mohammed Yunis. His ideology can be of great help.


    Manish Gupta


    this is nidhi bhatnagar, i am an MBA,I want to serve poor children and provide them education atleast upto school level , your suggestions really help me a lot ,my work is at a grass root level & wish to grow soon ….

    nidhi bhatnagar

  • mahesh sharma

    Dear sir,

    me and my father have started an ngo on my late mum name “dr mitrani foundation” i would like to know how to get an establishd ngo to accpet our ngo under the umbrella… since i have started it on my late mother name…i wana make it the most famous one…most caring like she cared for me….

    with regards
    mahesh sharma MBA Fin
    hdfc employee

  • Dr Siddanagouda Biradar

    Dear Friends

    Felt happy to see many comments. I am an Indian, doing phd at China.

    As we all know govt making serious efforts to eradicate poverty and illiteracy in nation(holds good for most of the countries). But because of corruption, Govt efforts dont reach the downtrodden people. first we have to fight against corruption by bureaucarts and policy makers.

    If you wish to join, you can :


    Biradar S S
    PhD Scholar

  • ankur

    hello sir,
    i am ankur from india. i read ur article and it almost solved my all queries related to how to run an ngo. Right now i m a graduate nd going for MBA. i wanted to run an ngo for the poor children. i want to provide the free education to the children of the age of 14-15 years. i have a query actually. financially i am not strong. i am planning to do the job after my MBA and after earning an sufficient amount of money i want to open an NGO. But to regulate the NGO financially i need to run my job or the business. Is it possible to run an NGO besides my job or business? Is it possible?

  • Sunil

    hi i want to know if we have 80G 12A and our NGo is working since four year so how can we get add from government and from any other source please tell me i ‘ll be thankful of you


  • Uchman

    i actually want to start up my NGO, so no i need finances to begin

  • Ankit Khandelwal


    I am Ankit and i want to start an Ngo related to the cause of farmers and their increasing dependency on fertilizers and pesticides.
    Educating them the benefits of organic farming and become a medium to provide them better solution to their problem with the help of experts and doctors and provide them education. i want some suggestions before taking any step ahead.
    well i am in IT professional.

  • ankaj tiwari

    this ngo is to provide sirvice for former’s and oldman medicine spents.

  • ankaj tiwari

    hi i want to start ngo for the former’s hep.
    why i did start this ngo


    We have formed N.G.O known as Community Human Resource Foundation
    We tried several times to source Funding projects that we have outlined in our
    programmes but we unable to get funding.Is there anyway you can asssit us.

  • Ravi

    Hi Ankit,

    This is Ravi………. you can start a NGo, but its too tough to start it, but team work make it easy….. if interested then let me know.

  • Anil Jyothi

    It is really worthy information that you have given here,I admire you Ryan.Please share more information for my NGO.
    Anil Jyothi.

  • jitendra chakrawarti

    I’m jitendra i want to start new ngo for helps poor people and educate 40 above old people

  • Kunchok


    I have always been very interested in social work and social activities. My areas of interest are education for the underpriviledged children. I have no experience in social work as a profession. However, I am very keen on taking it up in the future. I need to know the basic courses that I need to take up before getting into this line so that I can give my best before actually starting an NGO. Also need to know the basic requirements for opening an NGO.

  • vijayyadav

    i am very happy to see your site
    we have an NGO at all India label working for poor,orphan& downtrodden children/people of the country for more please visit our site at

    thanks with worm regards

    general secretary


    hi. i always been supporting pregnant women who have in
    their mind to abort innocent children. at moment I
    want start an NGO so that I can rescuer this children
    ghana and africa. so I need basic requirement to
    start up an NGO. This my e-mail add.

  • vijayyadav

    our ngo is working for poor,orphan & downtrodden children / people of the country

  • vijayyadav

    we are working for poor,orphan,downtrodden children / people of the country

  • Njoki


    Thanks a lot for the information . Your site ins an inspiration Im in the process of starting a NGO called gender intervention Africa and its in initial stages can you kindly send me more sites that can guide me further.

  • Sanjay Mishra


    We are happy to see your web site and find a basic idea to run an NGO. We have an NGO at all India label and we are very much interested in social work, social activities and education for the downtrodden children. We don,t have any experience in social work as a professional. Need your valuable help, guidence and support to run this NGO. We have sort of fund also, please tell us how would we get.

    Thanks & Regards

    Sanjay Mishra

  • Sanjay Mishra


    we gone through your web site and find the basic way or Idea to run an NGO. We open NGO in India on country basis but we don’t have professionally knowledge. We need your valuable help and guidence to run the of NGO. We are very much keen to help rural people in social work and activity with downtrodeen children We have short of fund so please advise us to how we work out for this.

    thanks & Regards


  • Tajudeen Alabede

    Thanks. The piece, though concise, is very informative

  • Barbara

    I am starting an NGO which will focus on easing the burden of families in times of crisis,as well as strengthening families.Your 10 steps was very help and i will need any useful tip you think i will need. Thanks

  • Akhilesh dubey

    mera naam Akhilesh hai aur mai N.G.O. chalana chahta hu,
    mujhe NGO ke baare me kuchh khas pata nahi hai lekin itna jarur pata hai ki NGO ki madad se hum dusaro ki madad kar sakte hai,

    Akhilesh dubey

  • Harekrishna

    I am starting an NGO which will focus on moral education but I dont know how did work it

  • jessi

    hi, i’ve to take over my dad’s ngo which is related to agriculture. but i don’t have any experience in this field. the ngo is not functioning for a long time due to lack of funds kindly help me or suggest me,how to run this dying ngo n make it a successful one.thank u.i’l b waiting for your reply.jessi

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  • abolade kehinde

    I learnt that during dry season many people are suffering for water and i decided to form an ngo that will help people to get good water at there doorstep.
    H can start or what are the procedure to follow in other to have successful on

  • mantsha jane Ngobeni

    Thanks a lot Ryan,

    I would also like to start an NGO in the rural areas to students who come from families with finacial disadvantages.I would like to help them in Carrer advise and help them to get donars for schoolarships and bursaries from different companies and donars.How do i go about to get donars?

  • ann

    i am starting an ngo on battered women widow orpgans commercialsex workers rehabilitation andyouth empowermen.t could you please guide me and tell me where to raise fund expecially n= organisations that sponsor such. thanks

  • Sena

    Am very happy to have read this on your website,am 23 years and i nearly became a school drop out when my daddy died but thank God i manage to do buy and sell while schooling to complete and ever since i have made it a point to help people in need with the little i have and as young as i was by then i paid kids school fees and also fed them and also encourage people who are down hearted to be strong and that no condition in life is permanent.i really want to set up an NGO to help people in all aspect of life,am young,not rich and i don’t know any big men or do i go about it,i really want to help people in need,i really want to.i live in community where most family of four live on less than 1 dollar a day,have no where to sleep,had to wait until people with rooms sleep before they sleep on the floor and others even sleep on the streets,in front of shops.i believe its time privilege people help the under privileged ones,please help me set up this will be the biggest and the greatest the world will ever know,it will be hard but i know determination today will always need to success tomorrow.thank you

  • http://nil shafiq Baloch

    i am happy see website i done M Sc in microbiology . i want to promot the education and health in balochistan with the helpe of own n g o plz help me. thanks

  • Hetal

    I am Hetal Sharma. I live in USA and I came across your site and was impressed I so happy that still in this world there are people like in blog, who are interested in such things, now feel like still world has humanity. i am sorry no one in person. Just very frustrated and felt so. You would know I meant, if you see the link’s I have provided and
    ecial-edition-rabhandhu-needaloo1-3.html and
    . i really wanted to do something , I have gone through your site and found there no special programs forGirl and Women Trafficking in India.
    I want to work on it so wanted to serve and start that service through an NGO with a different program. I would take the responsibility of funds gathering and all. I need your guide to start on with. I wanted to start a program for purely children and specially concentrate on those children who’s parents are prostitute. Because I dont want there next generation also to touch the same gutter either that cud be due to society which doesn’t allow their children to live or due to financially. Through which At least make an attempt to avoid or prevent future existence of such gutters.

    Second Thing is that which may be late but eventually I want to concentrate after good amount of research is on womens or young girls who had entered into
    prostitution and came out and finds no way to survive and because of it enters back into same Gutter. so for such people I wud like to provide a source of generating income.

    I hope there are people who are also thinking like what I am speaking and if wanted to support me in my mission else can guide me. I appreciate if they can contact me on
    Awaiting for your response

  • http://Nil Mary Rose


    Our organization name is DAWN (Development Assistance & Women Networking)
    Faisalabad- Pakistan.
    We work to the poor community area especially focus in the women and try it to
    solve the problem.
    once again we congradulate to your briliant NGO steps and we think this will be very usefull to succeed NGO’s

    God Bless you!

    Mary Rose
    DAWN Organization
    Faisalabad- Punjab- Pakistan.

  • Santosh Kumar Sharma

    Hello sir,

    I want to start an ngo to help poor and needy people. I have no prior experinece of this type work.So i will be very thankful to u if u can guide me in this aspect.

    Santosh Kumar Sharma

  • Tanushree das

    I am Tanushree I want to start an Ngo to help all poor painters who didn’t receive there money because of the middleman involved in between selleng there paintings…
    specially if we talk about all thoser madhubani painters they all are exploited by
    these middlemans..
    give me some ideas how to start the venture. and i a management student..

  • salman

    I want to start an NGO in Pakistan to help poor childern in there education, and to help those girls who are at the age of marriage but don’t have enough money to do so. I want some guidance how to start it and how to attract local people to help me in this cause because money is the main problem for these organizations.

  • bipin

    This is Bipin shinde & I wanted to Start a NGO. to spread information about indian culture. We need help with your ideas for the same. please email us to

  • vincent

    Dear Sir,
    I am Vincent,and due the fact that i am a humanitarian and i have seen orphans suffer alot and i have decided to creat or build and N.G.O but needs financial support to begin.
    Please if there is any way any body can support me than i will be very greatful.

    Mr.Vincent Ngongang

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  • Molly Sequeira

    our ngo is working for domestic servants, women poor, orphan & downtrodden children / people of the country

    (Report comment)
    ↵ Reply

  • rahul goyal

    i am doing mbbs and want to open an ngo with my friends…but i do not know that how to open it and how much money i need…..plzzz help


    I am a young ,energetic lawyer I want to run my NGO as to help ignored children who have been fully kept on the side in our society.

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  • Shahid Saghir

    My idea is to reduce perpetual poverty through creating awareness among masses any suggestions regarding this are welcome.

  • http://none anand verma

    Dear sir,
    I wish to start an NGO for the road safety in India. I very often travel by road and see that speed breakers are not marked and also the directions are poor and not give enough information.
    pls help
    my email id
    mob: 09811309094

  • Mohan


    i am interested in Educating the people of India by establishing many schools in the rural areas. But I have little knowledege in this field. Could you guide me/


  • Satyabrat Padhi

    I am Satyabrat Padhi from ASSAM. NORTH EAST. I want to open a ngo as a trust for the benefit of rural poor and sustaining their income generating activities.

    I want to know the Odisha rules and procedures for registration a NGO.

    Kindly Help me.

    Cell no.9508552274

  • dhiraj

    sir i m dhiraj kumar vishwakarma from west bengal
    my parmanent adress is
    adress;- parbelia colliery amdhwarha
    p.o ;- neturia
    dist ;-purulai
    pin ;-723121
    sir i want to start a ngo and help of poor children who have not mony for

    • dhiraj

      sir i m dhiraj kumar vishwakarma from west bengal
      my parmanent adress is
      adress;- parbelia colliery amdhwarha
      p.o ;- neturia
      dist ;-purulai
      pin ;-723121
      sir i want to start a ngo and help of poor children who have not mony for

      and i want to start a ngo at parbelia

  • amit verma

    I am pleased to know all about. I suggest farmers to use new agri. techniques for better production, but still i am not getting any fund.

  • Nagaraj.kori

    Hi these ten steps are really good who want to state there own NGO its gives knowledge about which type of problem wil come in future also how to get a success in that NGO.

  • Aminul Islam

    I am Aminul Islam from Santiniketan , Birbhum, West Bengal, INDIA. I would like to open a N.G.O at my Santiniketan.
    Please suggest me the procedure regarding , How to apply?
    Aminul Islam

  • Prasun

    Hi Tanushree,

    I am Prasun from Supaul (Nearby Madhubani), Presently staying at New Delhi. I have got registered a national level NGO in 2008 named as “VISHWA KALYAN MANCH” but it is not well established yet. First of all I would like to apreciate you for your keen interest in Social Welfare being a management student. But There are so many difficulties in the way of establishing a Social welfare organization. We get many ideas for solving them from several source of information but very few of them are realistic. Luckily, even We get an idea which may be real, it’s Implementation is not easy.After all, founding an NGO is so difficult.

    But I believe, you have decided to face these problems. If I am not wrong then keep in touch with me so that I am very-very interested to assist you on the ground.My E-mail ID is

    All the Best.

  • Gaurav

    I also want to register a national NGO on health. Please guide.

  • miss purvi dave

    i m living in a small city in gujarat, india where people even dont know the full form of NGO. here people are less aware about their rights especially women so i wish to start NGO for women empowerment and i wish to start it successfully in one year but i have very short information about NGO so i i hope u will guide me properly what to do. kindly help me to start it as soon as possible.
    thanking u
    waiting for your reply

  • asha

    You should go to this website and find projects near you. Volunteer/work with them and after a year or two you can think about starting your own project:

  • Sualeha


    I am a management trainer with 18 years of experience and want to start an NGO which mobilizes trainers from all over rge world to conduct teambuilding session for kids in conflict ridden areas where children from both sides of the conflict can learn at an early age that there are more similarities than differences between people. I need to know how can one set-up a foundation which is international rather than localized?

  • manish

    hi i want to start international ngo so need associate from diffrent country

  • manish

    hi i want to associate to world level to start ngo

  • poornima

    I m Poornima me and my husband started ngo and dont have much idea how to work in ngo, i want to start school for helpful studes to provide them gud facilty but dint have much idea how to do and arrange , plz suggest me .

  • Ann


    I loved your article and under step 7, you mention how establishing 501 c3 for taxes can be a pain to get and how it is better to get an established NGO to take me under their umbrella. I think that is a good idea for someone who doesn’t want to deal with the hassle, but will my services be taken in as a subdivision of the NGO? or will I be considered as a small NGO within a larger established one? Can I file for a servicmark (trademark) for my services offered under the established NGO?

    This will help me along further with my project.


  • aso-k

    i am 28year old, live cambodia,siereap want to start small NGO , the project is to fighting climate change-protect world heritage site inviroments around angkor temple and some of agriculture !

    pls ,give us some comments

  • Jyane

    I would like to open NGO to help and improve life of children in Middle East especially orphan and abandoned children; I need some help and advice since I have not done this before, and have no experience in this type of organization.


  • m.yusuf

    i have many idea for every one but dont know how it will do
    i want to start a ngo for ill person pls give me sucgation how can i do it

  • rahul goyal

    hiiiii……..i m rahul goyal, a student doing mbbs want to open an ngo with my friends for help the country people to have a fine health…..
    plzz suggest us a few suggestions about my goal detup and the procedure ki how it will work…..i know very less about ngo work….so

  • sangram singha roy

    hello, i am sangram singha roy and i am ready to be devotee myself to open an ngo.i want to open a ngo regarding needy sportsman and cultural personn who needs money or manual help.plz help me idont know how jump into this

  • Antriksh.N. Hooda

    Myself Antriksh Hooda, 26 yrs & living in Mumbai.I want to establish an NGO,through which i can help & save the city from turning into a concrete jungle by planting trees.Already the water level has gone down a lot & will keep going down,if we don’t leave some open place in our construction sites……….
    I have no idea,how i should go for this.Please guide me with it as i really want to do something for the mankind.

  • sagar



  • mohd junaqid khan

    i am from allahabad want to start a ngo for for serving computer education, rural education, environmental awareness, plantation pollution, medical facilities in rural area please guid our organisation and mission to go forward if any body can tell me from where can i get the apropriate funding and suggestion i am very thankful to you
    mohd junaid khan

  • Chika

    i am chika, i recently started a group on facebook targeted at anyone who is willing to donate for people in need especially childern. i have alot of ideas but my main problem is how to rise funds and make it public. i’l be glad if anyone can point me in the right direction with suggestions or ideas, i will be very greatful.


    I am peruvian living very close to Chicago IL. I wish to start a small NGO for help and support a town in central eastern Andes of Peru. The location is the town of Chaglla, (province; Pachitea, department: Huánuco). The problem is I don´t know how. I want to know what are the USA requirements for that. If I need a start capital (money), office, staff, etc. Please, if anybody can help me I´ll appreciate the information,



    I have really had a great passion for children right from my childhood. I am a Ghanian, 19 years of age, and i really dream of establishing an NGO which would tackle the high rate of illiteracy in my community and Africa at large. I hope to seek advice from because it has proved to be a hard nut to crack.

  • sajid

    Peace of mind started in 2006 with a team of Medical Professionals, including Doctors, Nurses, Para-medics & Volunteers, providing Home Nursing Care, Peace of mind foundation also arranged Free Medical Camps to provide free medical checkups to poor patients. We also arranged workshops for medical staff, giving them knowledge of the latest technology instruments with different methods of dealing patients.
    Peace of mind foundation keeps up the level of health with collaboration and coordination with Government and other international organizations. The organization has raised the level of health in rural and poor people of urban areas.

    Our mission is to educate and create consciousness among men and women against drugs, narcotics and HIV-AIDS and to work for the welfare of the youths. We provide medical treatment, facilities to all deserving persons and establish good quality health service centre with established laboratories to fulfill the need of community based vocational centers. We help widows, orphans & needy person morally and financially for the treatment and management of chronic pain. In addition we promote and conduct programme / course / hands on skill based learning intensive care, pain management, primary trauma care, pre hospital handling of trauma victims, disaster management.

    • To educate local Pakistani in the urban and rural areas for promoting health status.
    • To have fund raiser projects in different Schools, Industries and Businesses.
    • Apply for grants from Government and NGO,s
    • To provide a platform to the members for finding jobs locally/nationally and internationally
    • To publish all kinds of books, magazine, research survey reports after obtaining permission from the competent authorities.
    • To provide a social platform to the members
    • To grant scholarships to deserving students for higher education
    • To promote brotherhood and friendship amongst the members of the foundation
    • To create awareness to general public about their rights and duties

    PEACE OF MIND has recently undertaken a complete advanced nursing strategy that is geared to identifying and proactively providing solutions to our patients. By proactively interacting with patients to provide good health and regular medical checkup schedules, PEACE OF MIND has started to improve the level of service provided. With the development of patient care that would allow updates at the head office on a real time basis, Senior Management will be able to effectively monitor work flow, monthly checkup schedules, and good health for its patient.

  • http://gmail sachin agrawal

    hi i am a student of acropolis institute of management & resarch . i want to devlop ngo related to help for poor person . a person who suffered big decease like cron desease and any other desease . but not financial strong for doing operation and high treatment. but i dont have much more idea about ngo so sugest me how to start my work………..





  • sankha Mukherjee

    we are students of Environmental Study (M.A) . we want to open an environmental NGO . what is the basic procedure ? we don’t have much money . what is the solution ? Please advice us.

  • bobby

    loved ur site.i need a partner,i have the experience and the network but no funds to run an ngo.what do i do

  • Tina

    This is a wonderful article and i think you can help I have been into NGO since 2000 while i was still in school. i did it because i had passion for it I also worked for some older NGOs to learn. today I am a graduate i worked as a Human resource personnel and with the funds i got from my salary and some donations from friends i was able to register my NGO and i did quite a number of activities but today it is as if everything is crumbling i don’t have a regular income anymore and those whom i taught will help me to get funds have disappointed me i really need help please what should i do? I cant let these dream die. Thank you

  • mayur dandale

    hey im just like a new born baby but i want to start my own ngo will it really works i need ur suggestion .

  • amit singh

    i am from kanpur want to start a ngo for for serving computer education, rural education, environmental awareness, plantation pollution, medical facilities in rural area please guide our organisation and mission to go forward if any body can tell me from where can i get the apropriate funding and suggestion i am very thankful to you.

    tahnk u
    amit singh

  • Swati Sharma


    I really liked your site , hence , am sure you woul help..based in RAJASTHAN (INDIA) starting a project with an NGO here …major concentration would be setting up looms to initiate textile industry in a village nearby.As the people their are naive and are dependent on seasonal employment or per day employment the aim to set up looms is to give them employment n financial independence.Fund raising is not an issue,kindly give suggestion to give the project a good start.
    will be obilged with your help.

  • http://- HANNAH W. WANGUI


    I am from Kenyan, Me and my husband have started NGO, we deal with educating student computer studies especially those of rural Areas the poor people.
    we also teach the community health and development. our main problem here is financial and equipments. we deal with teenagers those who have finished up to form four and there no where to go

  • http://yahoo habiba nyarko agyemang

    the information you have provided here is very useful. in fact, most brilliant ideas have gone to waste since people have to abandon these ideas due to the lack of direction. sometimes, people like myself with the will and passion to contribute their quota to society at some point get frustrated even with the basic knowledge of what you want to do. in fact, with your help, i know i can make it because now, funding is not my worry any more: i will start small on my own. thank you.

  • Anisur Rahman khan

    Now i am a student but i am also doing several business in many area of Bangladesh and i am a Director of Cascade group of Bangladesh. But i want to make one NGO in Bangladesh for social development.please every viewer, pray for me.Anis Dhaka. 01190187151.

  • Dundun Rume Judith

    Am a Nigerian. I have great passions for the less previldge. I want to start my own NGO but i dont know how to fund the NGO so I can accomplish my dreams of seeing smiles on the faces of those in school who are faced with difficulty due to divorce of parents or irresponsibility on the part of the parents but the child is earger to learn and read in school. please, any1 with an idea on how to go about this sholud contact me.

  • shaki

    hi,i and my sister started a ngo long back with the idea of women development but due to personal reason and financial crunches we stopped now we want to restart again we are from india so kindly help us to get connected to reliable genuine groups in india where we get aid

  • Amit Srivastava

    Dear friends,
    I want to start a NGO. Which will be work on only Plantation.

    Kindly help me

  • Rakesh Gupta


    We want to work for the education of disabled children. My wife has worked with disabled young children in the UK for few years. Please guide us how we can start a NGO and help the children?

    Kindly help us to fulfil our dream.

  • Mehraj Mir

    I want to work For NGO. I want to do some thing for orphans in Indian Kashmir. Please help us to fulfil our dream.

    Mehraj Mir
    Srinagar, kashmir

  • Brenda

    Dear Friends
    My Name is Brenda Ledwaba.I leave in SA and I have been sitting with this burning idea that is close to my heart about giving young girls and boys who had kids in their teen to be what they could have been if they did not have kids as teenagers.I will really love to see helping girld and boys around the age of 15 to 30 so that they can given a second change with guidence schooling and counciling and helping them to realise that they can still make it.I really believe there is a lot of clever and interligent girls and boys out there who need just that second chance.I also think that will help our country in the process of alliviating poverty and illiteracy.Can someone please help me to brain storm on this. Can I please get some guidence on how to start an NGO to assist this poor individual who just need a second chance to make it again and build up and grow our economy.

  • shalini d rozario



    This is a wonderful article and i think you can help I have been into NGO since 2008 while i was still in college. i did it because i had passion for it I also worked for some older NGOs to learn. today I am a graduate i worked as a Human resource personnel and with the funds i got from my salary and some donations from friends i was able to register my NGO and i did quite a number of activities but today it is as if everything is crumbling i don’t have a regular income anymore and those whom i taught will help me to get funds have disappointed me i really need help please what should i do? I cant let these dream die. Thank you

  • Surender Thakur

    Hello sir
    i m undergraduate and 30 years old. My marital status is single. i want to start an NGO. I want to know how can i registered an NGO . And how can start.
    Please suggest me.

    surender Thakur

  • Raul

    I would like to know more about ngo´s where to find information, regulatory organisms to apply for one and all the information that might be accurate in this case.

    Thank you

  • Lalit Singh Sawant

    We have registered NGOs. Registered under societies Registration Act 1860
    We are working with street and working children last two and half years in city of Delhi, India. Our main works for children development and children rights issues.We regularly conduct Support education &non-formal education, Recreations activities focus group discussion, Health& hygiene awareness, sports & Games, Picnic and Child council. Yet the time we have not able to get any support from any agency. Please give us your valuable guidance where and how to approach for future financial support for our ngos,
    Lalit Singh Sawant

  • Sagar


    i m sagar nd i hav rajistered my ngo 2 year ago . and i want to know that about the work . that how can i get the work of government side ?and how can i know that work .

  • aba

    hello, i find your information very useful.My husband and I have started a small NGO in Ghana to help brilliant but needy school children.We have been doing this for the past two years without funding from any source. However,we now want to get a lot more children on board and this means extra funding. We’ll therefore be grateful for any support extended to us. It could be in the form of cash or educational material.

  • Naveed Ahmad

    Respected Sir/Madam,
    i have read your artical carefully and i understand your steps for making an NGO , i have dream to make an NGO from more then 5 year but some enthitic reason make me very sad,
    first of all i give you information my background, i am a poor man living in Pakistan ( province N W F P) i am working with NGO more six years but it does not meet to my goals and fanacially power is very very weak and i can’not affort to be jobless merly for one month.
    i hae dream to open an NGO in whcih i give to relief to all victam of the society and develop some school and businees by which all NGO will be faninac when i start straguls for the opening of the NGo first problem was that i had not enough money to open or held an office for my NGO and then the second problem was that there is paksitan it is the tradition of our society when you want get some fair work from any governement department first they demand money ( they are corrupt) it was my problem i had no money to given some money to social welfare department and my dream is still pending
    Sir tell me how i will be able to open a fair and clear from every corruption an NGO. I shall be awaited for your replay

  • Shantanu Paul

    Your article on NGO has helped me forwarding my step towards formation of an NGO.. I want to build up an NGO with the motive of helping the poor in my area.. Help may be in any way either providing them food or education for their children or any sort of help.. But still I am in a dillema how to start upon? I have just given my graduation exams. I am belonging to a city in India named Guwahati.. Please suggest me some ways to achieve my inner desire.. lukng forward for your response at

  • Mario Fontaine

    hi this is my project for haiti with an existing ngo to become soon it’s own ngo any help or thought is greatly is appreciated


    Summary Business Plan

    May 2010

    Mission and Priorities: Our mission is to provide homes and sustainable employment for Haitians in need.

    Our priorities are to establish communities of working families who’s employment will be supported through participation and agricultural programs. The combination of safe and secure housing and permanent employment opportunities will ensure that BelAyiti’s vision will be realized today and in to the future.
    For decades, Haiti has been plagued by economic instability, worsening health conditions, political insecurity, social strife, and remains the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere. The government’s swings between a fragile democracy or repressive dictatorship, internal and external historical factors, as well as its harmful environmental practices have helped to create a nation in which more than 70% of the population is unemployed, 45% are illiterate, 99% of the country is deforested, and health indicators are among the lowest in the world. Nevertheless, a common Haitian saying goes as follows: “Where there is life, there is hope.” Haiti’s people are resilient. Most continue to find ways to survive and eke out a living despite the odds.
    The world is acutely aware that the catastrophic events of January 12th have devastated Haiti even further. As of February 29th, the Government of Haiti’s Directorate of Civil Protection reported that “an estimated 222,517 people died and another 310,928 were injured.” Spontaneous settlements, or Internally Displaced Person (IDP) camps, cover Port au Prince and the some of the provinces’ open space areas. More than half a million people have emigrated out of the capital and are causing tremendous stress on the minimal resources of the rural areas. Approximately 300,000 homes have been damaged or destroyed, as well as public and government institutions, hospitals, churches, and schools.
    The Government of Haiti and its international partners have created the Action Plan for National Recovery and Development of Haiti as a guideline for the next twenty years. It is critical that this plan is coordinated with other efforts, such as those of the US State Department which is currently planning a US2.5 billion endeavor, and remains Haitian in terms of direction, coordination, and participation.


    In light of the current international interest in rebuilding Haiti and understanding of the colossal coordination efforts that will be needed, BelAyiti was created for the following purposes:
    - To build permanent houses for persons and families living in tent cities who have lost their homes due to the events of January 12th and thereafter
    - To build in accordance with guidelines as stated by the Government of Haiti, meet the minimum Sphere standards, as well as follow all applicable building and construction codes
    - Partner with reputable Haitian organizations, companies, and civil society committed to the betterment of the nation for all of its citizens to design, implement, and follow through with the initial project as well as ones to follow
    - Provide temporary and permanent employment opportunities during development and construction phases, as well as post-establishment phases that are sustainable, profitable, environmentally viable, and appropriate in every manner for those who will choose to participate
    - Other…


    The primary goal of BelAyiti is to provide permanent housing for every Haitian who was rendered homeless by the earthquake. The ambition comes from passion, dedication, as well as the understanding of the enormity of such a mission. Haiti must be rebuilt first and foremost by the Haitian people. By relying on local materials, labor, and knowledge, BelAyiti will ensure the economic benefits of its activities are enjoyed by the citizens of Haiti, particularly those in vulnerable and unstable economic situations. BelAyiti will directly engage qualified local construction companies to build low-cost earthquake and weather resistant housing in accordance with all applicable standards and guidelines. These engagements will create employment, effectively increase the standard of living, and will use raw materials originating in Haiti for the construction of the housing thereby simultaneously minimizing import/export costs.

    BelAyiti will serve as a development program which will operate in association with Veterimed, a Haitian-based NGO focused on agricultural development in rural Haiti. BelAyiti will partner with Veterimed to promote agricultural development through offering stable employment for residents of the new homes that are outside of the Port au Prince catchment area. The primary settlements will be constructed in rural areas in order to ease the overcrowding in Port au Prince while taking into consideration all necessities of a functioning and integrated society. The newly constructed homes will be provided to residents of the tent cities who meet the qualifications and voluntarily commit to participating in Veterimed’s (and others’) development programs, such as sustainable dairy farming and other programs.


    Each night that Haitian citizens must endure in unsanitary, dangerous, and inhuman make-shift tents is a louder and louder alarm towards action. The process, rapid but steady, has begun and support is necessary at every turn. The following are the general steps and guidelines to the realization of BelAyiti’s mission:

    Fundraising and Increasing Awareness: BelAyiti will conduct an ongoing, worldwide awareness campaign through direct advertising, establishing an internet presence, and pursuing corporate and other partnerships for financial purposes. The goal of this campaign will be to educate the general public about the current situation in Haiti and BelAyiti’s activities, as well as to raise funds for BelAyiti’s start-up and general operations.

    Construction Operations: Upon selection of optimal land, BelAyiti will solicit bids from local qualified construction companies for construction services that cannot be performed by the relocated families. BelAyiti will initially rely on Veterimed staff to coordinate construction operations. Building plans have already been developed by a local Haitian architect and proven effective and functional by other international experts.

    Identify Eligible Families: BelAyiti will identify residents of IDP camps/tent cities for whom relocation into rural areas would provide the greatest benefit. Relocated families will be expected to participate in the development programs as well as all aspects of relocation, including the construction of the new homes when possible to create a sense of ownership.

    Support, Monitoring and Evaluation: BelAyiti will conduct ongoing follow-up visits to ensure proper adjustment of relocated families, determine whether homes are properly maintained, and participation in the development programs is effective.

    Further Stages: BelAyiti will continue its development projects as long as it remains needed and efficient.


    BelAyiti is a subsidiary program of Veterimed (mentioned above) while it obtains 501 (c)(3) status. In addition, it is pursuing partnerships with other reputable NGOs operating in Haiti with similar missions. BelAyiti was founded and is currently led by Mario Moise Fontaine. The administrative structure is outlined as follows:

    Board Members:
    Executive Director: Mario Moise Fontaine
    Managing Director: Lenka Heller
    Finance Director: Lee-Siane Jeager
    Coordinating Director: David Rampy

    * * * * *
    For more information about BelAyiti, please contact Mario-Moise Fontaine by email at or by telephone (347) 267-4260.

  • suresh salvi

    Hi Deal,
    All off frend I am a MBA student and want ot start a NGO ang how to start a Education in Computer related in Ahmedabad . Plz susse to me and what type of registion in ngo Plz .
    I have more any plane related to NGO buy I how to start i time so you have a any idea od so plz help me

    Suresh salvi
    Ahmedabad ( Gujarat )

  • http://nil R.Innyasi

    Dear sir how baset fundin
    Rural Development Organization
    L.N.Colony, PERECHERLA – 522009. GUNTUR Dt, A.P. INDIA
    A Voluntary Organization Registered Under Societies Act of 1860 Reg.No.85/1990
    Foreign Contributions Regulation A ct 1976 F.C.R.A
    E-mail :



    I am glad to write this to you and introducing our Organization, Rural Development Organization is a non-Profitable, Non-religious, Non Government Organization, registered in 1990, got Income Tax Exemption 12A, And also got registered under FCRA of 1976, has been striving hard for the Enlistment of the down-trodden and marginalized people of our state

    To strengthen the institutional capacity of the Indigenous women’s movement dialogue aimed at advancing Indigenous
    We are organizing several developmental Activities such as Income generation Programmers, youth and adults, Primary Education to children, Adult Education, Primary Health care, Emergency relief etc, since 19 years.

    We are happy that we came to know about and its human services for the benefit of the marginalized and down-trodden people through out the world. We request you to send your Grant Application and Guidelines as soon as possible.

    Hoping a positive and kind response from you we remain,

    Thanking you sir,
    With kind regards and best Wishes,

    Yours Sincerely,



  • Rural Organisation of Social Serrvice (ROSS)

    sir, ROSS is organised so many welfare activities towards devolepment and upliftmment of down trodden section wo is livin below poverty line and successfully completed. Now we are decided to start Milk dairy programme under income generating programme.we have lock of funds. Hence ross request to support financial support to take the above programme. The programme is very benifishary to village people under income generating programme.
    M. Chakravarty Naidu


    Dear Sir



    Dear Sir


  • smile for all

    I am a dentist by profession. I want to use my education and skills for the betterment of underpriviledged chilren like in orphanages etc.( to do dental treatment for them which is otherwise either not accessible or is expensive). I found the information on your site very useful. I need further suggestions for how to start up with this project on my mind.
    Please do write in whatever you feel will be helpfull and usefull.

  • ryan libre

    Hello, thanks for reading and writing. And thanks for not asking about funding, ha ha.

    i know the Mae Tao clinic gives free dental services to Burmese migrant workers. i have been there a few times. they are good people doing great things on a shoestring budget.

    It may be possible to arrange something directly in the Kachin State where i work often. thanks for thinking to share your skills

  • Aruna K.V.

    I read this article and found it very informative. I and few friends of mine are wanting to start on NGO and want to serve in various areas. Nowadays there are so many issues arouns us that any issue could serve the purpose of our working sincerely. In this regard, I would like to take all your suggestions and start working on it. If there are any further queries, I would like u to address them.


  • tosan

    i would like to start an ngo, but my problem is how do i get projects to carry out?

    • Abhijeet Mukherjee

      Respected sir/madame,

      I am an Indian youth and have worked in an NGO in Kolkata.
      I was fed up of the way the people work here. The resources do not go the way they should.
      For sometimes, I thought to be under a good and well aimed Ngo.
      It’s my dream to raise an Ngo that has nothing but team work, zeal to help and motivations.
      So, I too need to be with a pledged and strong built Ngo that can vigor me to work more and more.
      I have completed my education and presently involved in Ngo & VOs..

      I hope that you understand my situation and would do something for me so that I can build up my career in this field.

      I read this article and found it very informative. I and few friends of mine are wanting to start on NGO and want to serve in various areas. Nowadays there are so many issues arouns us that any issue could serve the purpose of our working sincerely. In this regard, I would like to take all your suggestions and start working on it.

      In this article and they really boosted me up, i m currently working with an N.G.O,as a part time volunteer,i go there every sunday,i wanted to start my own N.G.O…………but after reading this article i discovered there are many things still to learn and change over there im workink with ,so i’ll give some more time to it….thanks ryan…it was pleasure reading you.
      My Request to you please contact with me and I will send you my details prtoblem. Please contact me for help in this NGO purpose.


  • akinyemi

    it a nice experience after reading your article on how to start up an NGO am also working on having mine very soon…but most importantly your passion should drive us going..more info about it i will be very grateful. thankx

  • Mofokeng Lerato

    I also want to an NGO, the problem is that i dont know where to start because their not enough resourcess for us as youths and the youth in my village dont care for such things. i need help.

  • vovee

    I like the advice of starting under an established NGO, please help me I want to start one for Children & Youth Centre for Life skills development.Am in East London, South Africa. I’m an established Record Producer/ musician/ Composer.

    please help me get those one’s around my area.

  • deepti jain

    i read ryan’s experiences in this article and they really boosted me up,im currently workink with an N.G.O,as a part time volunteer,i go there every sunday,i wanted to start my own N.G.O…………but after reading this article i discovered there are many things still to learn and change over there im workink with ,so i’ll give some more time to it….thanks ryan…it was pleasure reading you

  • shivani

    hi, it ‘s very good experience readin ur artcle.
    i too want to start my ngo but i don’t have any experience in this’so kindly suggest me what should i do


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  • Jeremiah P Wandili

    Thanks for this articles which for me I undertake it as the gift!thanx and may God will be bless.

  • Eddy Mengi

    Am on process of starting an Ngo but how could i manage to raise fund for the Project(s)?

  • Armin Kind

    Hi thanks for the advice,I would like to open my own NGO for young children from war country,i study about water how to give save drinking water and about cooling system,my partner study about computer ccna and we wanted to help the young youth who are in the street,like young girls and boys who wish to go back to school and need help in been independent from the street.

  • m warris yaqoob

    hi to all i am warris yaqoob & i live in pakistan. i am a students of accounts and my biggest dream is that i opened my own ngos in pakistan. as i am a student of accounts, i dont know that what are the requirements of new ngos if i opened in pakistan. please some one help me that how i opened my new ngos in pakistan

  • http://notyetavailable we care africa development initiative

    thanks for all your desire make ngos succeed.This ngo has just started and require your assistance in all areas.

  • rajnish kushwaha

    Really very motivational personal experience. In this materialistic world these kind of work are really great. Best of luck & i m also going to enter in your world.

  • hasy

    i have a passion for the environment, i want to start an NGO .. i want to educate the youth on environment… im stuck i dont know how to go about it. i need some assistant on how i could go about starting an NGO.

    mean while check my blog(

  • Pallab Biswas

    I want to start a NGO for clean & healthy drinking water, sanitation and plantation for green and pollution free healthy world. In this regards I would like to request you for the guidance and supports in all respect.

    Thanking you and assuring you the best services all times.
    With regards

    Pallab Biswas
    e-mail :
    Ph. No. : 00975 77103601

  • gautam garg

    Respected sir/madame,

    I am an Indian youth and have worked in an NGO in India.
    I was fed up of the way the people work here. The resources do not go the way they should.
    For sometimes, I thought to be under a good and well aimed Ngo.
    It’s my dream to raise an Ngo that has nothing but team work, zeal to help and motivations.
    So, I too need to be with a pledged and strong built Ngo that can vigor me to work more and more.
    I have completed my education and presently involved in writing.
    I have been a bonafide student too but had to drop my studies after my only earning mother got terribly sick and we came under great financial stress.

    I met Thomas Nuger from France who gave me a lot of encouragements. He said that I should try searching well experienced people on internet that can support me to go and work at an Ngo in some other asian or african parts….

    I hope that you understand my situation and would do something for me so that I can build up my career in this field.

    Let not a flame die..



  • Soumika Mondal

    Respected Sir/ Madame,
    I am engineer by qualification and want to dedicate my self for female education.on this regard i want to open an NGO and take the initiative to make all my female friends educated.this is what i wanted to do through out my life.but i don’t know what are the basic needs and where to register for an NGO.i want to take a step ahead to help women.
    It would be really kind of you if you guide me.I want to see even the sweeper around to be knowledgeable.please help me to make our society better.
    Thanking you,
    soumika Mondal

  • Rashid Mussa

    I would be grateful for anyone who can give an advice for how to apply funding for an NGO in Somalia. Somalia is a war torn country with little hope central goverment establishment. However, there is a hope to fight against femine and high rates unemployability. I visit my country every year whilst I live and work in the UK I foud shortage of NGO. To start with NGO in agriculture sector would be good move.

    Please send your advice and experience in this field.

    Kindly regards

  • Amir Sohail

    Really its amazing,I learnt many new things from your article,I am going to start my own NGO very soon.

  • ွsoe lyn

    Want to work in NGO
    interested in helping people

  • Zulfi

    I spent lot of years in NGO. Ok fine NGOs doing great effort in develop sector and other too. Most of us wana do something for our people like to achive right things around us serve forbettre future. So, wazz up everyone looking for making up NGO their owwwn NGO. Hmmmm lot NGOs are their and 100s of new are underway but i have a question with all of you.
    There r around millions of NGOs, on many of them are national which works for their nation on them their is million of possiblity that they are working on the same moto but they r working separately wasting lot of human resource too, if their moto is same than why they won’t work collectively atleast 10 or 20 can be.
    Any way wish u all bet of luck.

  • anonymous

    i read this article, and i want tom start an NGO and want to serve the please tell me is it important to have a good financial background to start an NGO….

  • samuel Nyarko

    i really like this article, this is my dream.Can you please help me to accomplish this dream , because in Ghana many people need help and the world as a whole

  • Pavan Sharma.

    Dear Ryan..

    Namaste. I m Pavan from India. wel, i’ll congratulate u on writing such a good article abt the NGO ! n Thanx a lot for directing people like me & others who read ur coloumns.. n wish u all d best for ur projects.

    I am a young graduate & i was fired up from within when i recently saw the floods in Leh & ladakh, a cloud burst which devastated many lives & the city of-course..

    so, i wanna be an NGO to help out fellow human beings all over world in such disasters.
    also i wish All The Very Best To all the Future Aspiring NGOs of The World..


    I’ve certainly noted down the points & pray god to help me achieve my ambition..



  • ragini singh

    these steps r really very usefull to start an ngo

  • shamsa muhammed

    i want to start an NGO but i dont know how i can get funds…..please advise me on how i can raise funds for it?

  • Pallab Biswas

    I want to start a NGO for clean & healthy drinking water, sanitation and plantation for green and pollution free healthy world. In this regards I would like to request you for the guidance and supports in all respect.


    First of all thank you very much, for giving such an useful tips of starting an N.G.O. Actually, i am too much willing to start my n.g.o. for children but the only problem was to take an initiative.these tips will help me in finding my direction. i want to help orphan children by making particular place for them but i don’t know how will i can know who are those orphans,from where can i get them and how to take initiative.As per your suggestion i will start voluntary working in my city’s orphan house but i want to clarify my above doubts. so, please help me out by writing me on my above mentioned address.

    Thanking you,


  • Tuhina Ganesh

    I want to set up an NGO for cancer or aids patient,but how do i go about it?i earn only to support myself ie;my income is not that do i start?but i want to work in this sphere,kindly reply on my mail id.

  • http://facebook mawuli misiso k. isaac

    It`s my greatest desire to form a foundation, it is my dream but i don’t know how.

  • captain Steve

    I have a number of good projects for starters and the like, so any body interested can call, 0031613501416 . E-mail, . or skype me @ my ID. STEVOMSCO .To help the suffering Humanity. Steve – Holland.

  • samuel

    Hello, i am student of software engineering last semester, i read your artical that is very usefull and informative for me, one thing i want to ask that what are the prerequisite requirnments to start the NGO?

  • trunal

    i am form ruler area in india.& we are facing lots of problem for our education.for that particular purpose i have a N G O can u suggest me any one N G O

  • Sandy Brisbane

    I am a foot doctor by profession. I want to use my education and skills for the betterment of people affected by war / landmines / club foot / birth deformities etc. I found the information on your site very useful. I am pleased to have your ideas as to how to start up with this project. on my mind.

  • moiz khan

    dear sir ,
    im belong from pakistan and i want to open an ngo for poor people there a lot of problem in pakistan u can tell me how can i get found becous here the politician wife and thre relative open thre nog and there r eating found on there self rather then expand on poor or there goal

  • Ben

    It would good to know the bureaucratic requirements such as how much does it cost to establish an NGo, how many directors and their nationality (local or foreign).

  • raja

    i belong from pakistan and i want to open an ngo for poor people and the rights for poor people and women. there a lot of problem in pakistan u can tell me how can i get fonds

  • Charlotte Manzi

    I would like to start an NGO in Rwanda supporting Women and Youth development. how do I get the funds! Rwanda Women and Youth Voluntary Action for Development. Looking for funders/donors.

  • Uzair Ahmad

    The article is informative especially for new people, those who do not know anything about NGOs. I have seen a few requests for sharing the way of colloecting funds for NGOs. My requests to all those is that, NGO or any non-profit organization works on social change and improving living standard of humanity SO DONT START WITH FUNDS BUT START WITH COMMITTMENT.

    Uzair Ahmad

  • Conny

    Hi I am very interested in starting my own NGO I ahve been a health and Safety rep for 3 years for my company and I am currently running a collect a pad campaign with different companies but the problems I am experiencing is that when ever I send out donations request I am always asked if Iam registered, so I want to be registered and officially do what I love and enjoy doing, helping people


    Hi, it is quite intriguing reading your process of starting an NGO and how to fund the subject. Am a Nigerian and am engulf with the passion to make the dreams and God giving talent of the Youths in Nigeria to be actualized; which thus will facilitate a great upliftments to our society at large.I will keep you in abreast as soon as i start. thanks.

  • innocent Msani

    Hi, i am so intrigued with your job well done on starting your NGO. I am also a person who is very passionate with the community especially young people. Looking at the community that I live in many young people are exposed in bad things just because of home situations not at good state, some are not educated but some are with their metric but have no ways they can further studies. I want to start an NGO whereby I would be focussing on metriculants making ways so that they can get a chance to study further, creating ways to find donors and people who can assist in helping them, even starting a campaign where I would be visiting schools to motivate those who do metric at that particular year, my focus is more based to those who cannot afford varsity payments more especially an orphaned children.
    Help me get some ideas, I currently working for anather NGO which basically deals with orphans, taking them back to school and also helping families with food parcels.

  • Sohail Baloch

    Hello, I m Sohail Baloch From Pakistan karachi lyari, In karachi City I Live In .Lyari town is the oldest place of Karachi,and Lyari Town (Urdu: لیاری ٹاؤن ) is one of the eighteen constituent towns of the city of Karachi,It is considered as the most backward area. Few schools, no proper hospitals, poor water system, not much facilities, broken roads leed this area and made it the most dangerous place in Karachi.Lyari is considered one of the most dangerous places in Karachi due to ubiquitous gang activity and a thriving narcotics industry; certain areas of the town are literally controlled by gangs and municipal authorities have no power…I Personaly Work My Self Whatever be With Me I M Doing My best, Wish To More hardwork for lyari..Need support of NGOs,hope as soon as i get replay…
    Thnx u….Sohail baloch

  • mr. johua

    hi thanks,i am the president of the radony youth club,my roblm ride now i that i need a capital to start up my oganisaton,hope u have any idea of my problem.hpe to get a reply soon, thank you,

  • http://N/a M. Milon

    Dear Sir,
    Greetings from Step for Sustainable Development Foundation (SSDF), NGOs in Jhenaidah, Bangladesh.
    With more than 08 years of experience Step for Sustainable Development Foundation (SSDF), implementing various development programs aiming to bring a positive change of the disadvantaged and underprivileged people regarding socio-economic and cultural status in their respective area. Due its commitment, sincerity and wholehearted endeavor it has become able to attain high level of image among all level stakeholders in the society.
    We work to ensure community driven and need based supports related to Food security,Agriculture, Health & Nutrition, Water & Sanitation, Education, Human rights, Good governance, Environment preservation adopting Climate change, Women empowerment considering Gender issue, Income generation and Self employment for the disadvantaged people including men, women and children n considering sustainability.
    We work closely with the stakeholders to encourage sustainable development in the communities where it works and thereby meet the population’s real needs, whilst respecting their culture and their priorities. To do this, it promotes initiatives where the population participates actively in identifying its own needs, as well as the defining and implementing actions that help to improve their standard of living. It also focuses its work on the people who are most at risk and marginalized within the poor population, whose rights are therefore worst-protected. This is often the case for women, children, native populations and people who live in urban and in rural areas, as well as people with disabilities. In addition,
    Step for Sustainable Development Foundation (SSDF runs a social action area from its central headquarters located in the district of Jhenaidah Bangladesh. This targets neglected and unprotected collectives where disease and lack of economic resources go hand in hand. Protection for human right violation and all shorts of social discrimination actions are supported and promoted here, linked to resolving the most urgent and usual needs of these collectives, providing and facilitating access to the medication they need for one-off or continuous support..
    In the present context of Socio economic condition and violation of Human rights and mal exercise of Democratic practice in Bangladesh, all of the social workers, civil society men and Think tanks are in a great frustration how the country may get rid from the present trend. In this situation Step for Sustainable Development Foundation (SSDF have decided to protect the people of Jhenaidah district from Bangladesh this vexatious situation.
    As you have devoted yourself in the noble work to establish the deprived community in the society by empowering them to claiming their entitlement from the concerned department of the public or Private sectors. We believe you will support our endeavor with financing our organization by sanctioning a project which will be send to you.
    Hence, please send us necessary forms and guide line by giving permission to submit it to you. Thank you.

    With regards
    M. Anamul Haque Milon
    Step for Sustainable Development Foundation (SSDF

  • http://yahoomail gifty gaisie

    that is a good one there on how to start an NGO. I will be very grateful if u can comment on how to fund an NGO.

  • olukpe

    sir how do i go about an ngo that deals with promoting reading as a culture among young people in Nigeria, Africa.

  • annobil gyateh

    i have stated an ngo in ghana called health firist which aim at environmental conservation, health, sanitation and road safety among kid.i want directives to run this ngo.

  • thabiso newcastle

    Wow man this article really makes lot of sense n has answered all the question me and mite had, cause we really wanted n still want to start n NGO, we have done some work for our community, HIV awarness which had a big turn over, Bring back the smile, which was aimed at young orphans where we where donating food parcells. We are not be are already being counted as one of Newcastle NGO’s.

  • zain

    i want to start ngo for the child education of flood effected people .so i need funds to start ngo in dera ismail khan.

  • http://notyetexisting Paul

    Your article is go good and guiding.
    I want to start an NGO here in my country, Cameroon.
    I have set my goals and I have good action plans.
    I know the project is a very attractive one that volunteers and donors will be so interested in.
    Can I start off by getting an office before creating a website?
    How can I get funding from my government and from foreign bodies?
    Like I said, the project is so interesting that i can only share it individually.

    I hope to get an answer and I will write again.

    Thank you for being there. Your 10 steps are just so awesome!

    • Keith Coleman

      Hello Paul, what would be the purpose of the NGO in Camerron? I have a graduate student classmate from your country, he’s studying Public Policy.

      Have you worked with NGOs before?

    • http://yahoo sneha pai

      i m a law student m doing an internship under the udhgam charitable trust for 1 month. i had a very learning experience till now i want to establish an ngo of my own in it i wanna help kids study under poverty line an experience made me firm abt my decision wld lyk 2 share it wid u
      i saw a kid studying under a street light it was an overwhelming situation i want to help him but he stays in diff city i askd my frnd 2 help him out nw m gonna find more kids lyk him
      last yr i tried to teach 3 poor kids but their parents dint alw me as they said d money earned by these kids begging is a source of living i had nothing to say so plz i need a bit help plz do reply and spare a min for me

    • http://yahoo sneha pai

      i m a law student from msu m doing an internship under the udhgam charitable trust for 1 month. i had a very learning experience till now i want to establish an ngo of my own in it i wanna help kids study under poverty line an experience made me firm abt my decision wld lyk 2 share it wid u
      i saw a kid studying under a street light it was an overwhelming situation i want to help him but he stays in diff city i askd my frnd 2 help him out nw m gonna find more kids lyk him
      last yr i tried to teach 3 poor kids but their parents dint alw me as they said d money earned by these kids begging is a source of living i had nothing to say so plz i need a bit help plz do reply and spare a min for me

  • liaqat ali

    National Trader network
    Near MCB Takht Bhai District Mardan NWFP Pakistan.
    Mobile: 0092-344-9183428 phone & Fax: +92-937-551004
    Urgent Appeal for the help of children and woman 3.5million children
    wait your help.
    We need your support & aid now contact us soon.
    Dear Sir/ Madam
    You will obviously know about the Pakistan s huge displacement in the
    world and the miserable flash flood in Pakistan.
    We started an initiative for the helping for those who really need
    your help and support; many of our friends give us hand to take a step
    in this regard. You are also invited to join us for the long lasting
    love and prayers of the needy people.
    Please send us your valuable advices, and all you have either in cash
    or in kinds or come to help them by your own hand, we are here to
    support you anywhere and anytime.
    We have a strong team and network all over the Pakistan for social
    work. We work now flood relief with other NGOS for help of people. We
    need your support and aid.
    According to a report 3.5 million people were effected, 2000 people
    were died and more than 30000 were injured, In this situation they
    need food shelter and medicine on emergency basis, in this regards we
    start to take an initiative for helping them
    It is requested to help us either in kinds or in cash in this regards
    Best Regards
    Liaqat Ali khan

  • chinyard ngo

    We are writing this letter on behalf of CHINYARD, hereby we would like to enlighten you about our organization. CHINYARD is operating in North Karnataka region over the last 21 years. Chinyard is one of the development initiatives rendering service to poorest of the poor. Chinyard’s prime vision is to bring destitute people into main stream society. Because underprivileged masses are deprived from economic, social and institutional opportunities. Chinyard was registered under the Bombay Public Trust Act-1950. For overseas assistance purpose Chinyard was registered under Ministry of Home Affairs for the Foreign Contribution and Regulation Act-1976.
    Chinyard’s operation is recognized in drought prone areas; most of the marginal and poor farmers depend only on agricultural, due to scarcity of rains land remains fallow. Therefore peasants are not getting adequate employment opportunities here. Hence farmers are migrating towards metropolitan cities for search of livelihood options. Consequences of parent migration children are deprived from education. Chinyard organization has been implementing several social development programmes for upliftment of destitute people. These programmes are as follows.
    1. Promotion of Livelihood Activities: Under this programme Chinyard has organized various livelihood activity trainings like tailoring, dairy farm, poultry, embroidery and vermin-compost training to women self help groups. After the training Chinyard has helped them startup their own enterprises and provided market linkage to sell their product in the market.
    2. Rural Small Micro Entrepreneurship Development Programme: Under this Chinyard has given training to 976 women on various rural micro enterprises. After the training Chinyard supported them to begin their own enterprises.
    3. Women Empowerment: Under this programme Chinyard formed 5243 women self help groups and provided bank linkage. Chinyard believes in UNITY IS STRENGTH keeping this quote in mind Chinyard organized women into self help groups. For this accomplishment Chinyard has received state level second award. For women self help group member’s skill up gradation purpose Chinyard has organized various trainings and workshops.
    4. Biodiversity Conservation and Natural Resource Management Programme: Under this project Chinyard formed watershed committee, community based tank management committee and village forest committee this projects prime objective was to create awareness about Biodiversity Conservation and Natural Resource Management. For this accomplishment Chinyard received National level productivity award, given by central agricultural ministry of India.
    5. Capacity Building Training for Self Help Group Members: Under this programme Chinyard has given training on the concept of SHG, Credit Management, Unity and Cooperation, Problem Solving, Panchayat Raj System, Right To Information Act, Leadership and Effective Communication, Book Keeping and Account Maintenance.
    6. Road Safety Awareness Programme: By this programme Chinyard has taken initiative to provide road safety awareness among vehicle owners, school and college students through street plays, photo exhibitions and dramas.
    7. Eradication of Violence against Woman: Through this programme Chinyard organized several human rights awareness programmes among rural people under this Chinyard gave awareness about gender sensitization and mitigation of dowry system. And those who were facing violence Chinyard has provided legal assistance for them.
    8. Tribal Handicraft: Through this programme Chinyard has taken initiative to conserve ancient tribal handicraft, and give technical training to upgrade their handicraft skills. Promote market linkage to sell their product in the market. Chinyard has given training to 300 Kasuthi Artisans, 107 Mirror Artisans and 40 Quilt Production Training.
    9. Scholarship Amenities to Merit Students: Through this programme Chinyard has been providing scholarships to economically background merit students to continue their studies through this yearly 150 merit student’s benefit.
    10. Computer Literacy Programme: Through this programme Chinyard is providing computer education to rural and slum students. Chinyard has also been giving basic computer training to unemployed youths.
    11. Animal Welfare Programme: Through this programme Chinyard has taken initiative to construct water ponds in rural areas and started animal fodder center from this center Chinyard has been disbursing fodder to farmers.
    12. Micro Credit Programme: By this programme Chinyard has been supporting Micro Credit facility to rural poor masses. This programmes prime vision is support to startup micro enterprise and to generate income generation activities to rural masses. Chinyard has supported 53,200 women self help groups. Till date women self help groups cumulative savings is 4.50 crore and Internal lending is 9 crore.
    13. Drinking Water Project: Under this project Chinyard has given bore well repair training to 35 Tribal women to take initiative to repair bore wells.
    14. Documentation: Chinyard has been keeping day to day activity reports, if higher authorities, donors require Chinyard will submit the report immediately. Chinyard has done rating care by M-Cril rating agency, Mumbai and also done external evaluation of rural women empowerment by Mahamad Guttigar. Chinyard has published annual reports. Chinyard provides opportunities to researchers to do a study at the organization.
    15. Human Resource: In Chinyard’s organization there are 32 well qualified, experienced staffs working over the last 21 years. Chinyard’s staff has passion towards social work and work for underprivileged development upliftment purposes.
    Now we are unable to carry out the above activities, due to lack of financial sources. In this connection we are requesting your assistance for further development work. Your one contribution can bring brightness among the underprivileged masses. Your kind donations will get tax exemption under 12(A) and 80G Income Tax Act-1961. Further any more information, visit our organization website:

    If you have friends, or donors who would like to donate for this noble cause please kindly forward these details to them and help in serving the purpose.

    Looking forward to your positive response.

    Yours Faithfully
    Tracey. Rodrigues

  • Paul


    These points you have given are so helpful to me.
    Thank you so much

    My name is Paul and I would like to share my project with you.
    I sent you a mail on Saturday but i had no reply.

    I am in Cameroon and I am 28.
    I wanted to seek your advice as I am thinking about starting an NGO here in Cameroon.

    If you reply my email, I would gladly share my ideas with you just to get some advice from you.

    Please write back soon.



  • Ankur

    Your article was really informative and clear.I wish to start an NGO here in India which basically admits the rural and urban children,identifies their talents and then nurtures and commercializes it in their respective corporate genres.Can you advice me as to how should I proceed??

    Thank you!!

    • lukky jain

      Mr. Ankur contect me, i m also indian n doing work on this project.

      Thank You
      Lukkyn Jain

  • kwondabong nelson

    your work to me was like an answer to my challenge at this moment. i am in the quest of starting an NGO of my passionate dream. i will need more of your expertise and advice please can you write me through my e-mail adding your phone number for go contact and networking .thanks for your understanding. looking forward to me you

  • Sandy Brisbane

    Thanks. I will pass that on. Sandy

  • Coco R

    Question: After applying for NGO 501c3 Status…can my organization still raise money from individuals and corporations?

    Have heard that it takes a long time to be granted official 501c3 status… but can I still work to raise funds and work to build schools under my NGOs name, while waiting for the status to be granted?

  • hari mohan sharma

    Dear sir/madam
    I am glad to see your website that can give me good guidence . actualy i am working in an ngo in this ngo i face so many poblems, problems like fund raising , giving full time in ngo .please suggest some ideas for me.


  • sunil kumar

    hello sir
    iwant to start NGO so plz guide me

  • fawad

    dear sir
    i want to tell u that there is very in large number of children become beggers in mardan city pakistan and i want to open a school for that children i want donation for the school help me sir
    i shall be very thank full to u for this act of kindness
    my cell no is 0092-343-9423506

  • Biswajit Nag

    Hello Sir,
    I already started NGO from 2008, I am 21year’s young boy i already faced lot of problem to create and established it from every where also for registration, after long try i get registration from W.B govt. we work on “Education”, “Health”, “Nature & Wildlife”, “Special activities”, “Legal”,” Small Industry & Handlooms”, “Sports”, and also published a Little magazine “Satta”. To establish this Organization I need a lot of money and help but i can’t get this. How can I properly run this organization because any person can’t work and help me without money, because they also responsible for there family. Now a day I also faced this problem, my family member tell to me that choice NGO or FAMILY Responsibility. What may I do now Family Responsibility/ Family Business/ My career/ My Dream now I filling so madness. Please suggest me properly what may I do now.

    • ryan libre

      hello Biswajit,

      “Education”, “Health”, “Nature & Wildlife”, “Special activities”, “Legal”,” Small Industry & Handlooms”, “Sports”, plus a magazine is a lot to start up overnight and alone. why not choose only one or maybe 2 things. you will have more time for your family and need less money, less stress. if that one thing goes well then you can consider expanding your programs.

      as the article says “Positive change usually comes from picking something small, doing it well and following through.”


    Dear Sir,

    I am based at tribal area where people are not getting well education,food,dress,shelter etc. I want to open an NGO in my locality to extend my help in this regard which needs some guidance,suggestions….

    Kindly help me whether i should start individually or under any big ngo


    Parsuram Panda


    HELLO sir ,for education to the poor children north tamilnadu in india i need help that how to start NGO .

  • Yusuff Utieyineshola

    Your Guide on how to get started with a NGO is comprehensive and if followed with a little adjustment to fit in the local environment one is, I doubt if the NGO will fail after it’s kick-off.
    I have a passion for helping mankind, for this reason and among others, I have the aim of starting a NGO with the sole purpose of helping people that falls within the objective of organization. I hope to intimate you as to how things go on the program.
    Thanks and please keep up the good work.

  • Ramong Guevara

    i need some help to set an ngo to deal illiteracy an many social issues in country of trinidad & tobago.

  • tapan

    Your article was really informative and clear.I wish to start an NGO here in India which basically admits the rural and urban children,identifies their talents and then nurtures and commercializes it in their respective corporate genres.Can you advice me as to how should I proceed??

    (i) Empower people socially & economically

    (ii)To build the moral life & character of the members &General public.

    (iii)To promote economic interest of the members by encouraging self help thrift
    Mutual help and by propagating cooperative and sprit among the members &
    General public.

    (iv) To promote awareness of programmer road safety in urban & rural area.

    (v) To under take programmer towards HIV&AIDS by organizing Seminars, Trainings &Street Play.
    (vi) To aware road Safety Rules to Drivers through awareness campaign.

    (vii)To promote awareness campaign through the support of Govt.of India Ministry
    Of Surface Transport, New Delhi and the Dep’t. Of State Govt. Transport.

    (viii) Create awareness and impart health education regarding different disease prevalent in our society and promote all those efforts needed for prevention, cure and research for these.
    (ix) To affiliate or work with other organizations for the same cause or to enter any agreement with other trusts, societies and institutions as may help to promote the objectives of the society.

    (x) To arrange literary camps for studying different religions in order to promote peace, harmony, interfaith and tolerance in the community.

    (xi) Organize free medical camps in rural and slum areas

    (xii) To take any other step which will be helpful and fruitful for the community

    (xiii) To promote & under take development activities the needy &weaker section society to provide relief & perform works to clarity for those in need.

    (xiv) To undertake various types of business to enrich the healthy economic condition

    of members and weaker section.
    (xv) To engage in tale-shopping and home delivery of consumable items of the
    Consumer i.e. weaker section and general public to consume daily without profit
    (xv) To setup cottage industries for the self employment of SC/ST and as well as the general public.

    (xvi) To undertake various type of health programmers to provide good health to the member and as well as general public almost in remote areas.

    (xvii) To undertake awareness programmers to keep the environment neat and clean for good health.

    (xviii) To undertake awareness programmers to make the people conscious by road side drains and such other linking necessary steps.

    (xix) To help the people suffering from natural calamities like flood, drought, cyclone, earth quake and availing various types of Govt, and Non-Govt. aids from
    Inside and outside of the country i.e. india.

    (xx) To develop agricultural activites and horticultural activites with the help of
    Concerned Govt.Dept. for self employment.

    (xxi) To undertake programmers to protect the evil practice of child lab our, women torture etc.

    (xxii) To undertake programmers to settle and the orphans, people of old age, divorces, widows and the people of backward classes.

    (xxiii) To undertake programmers to eradicate illiteracy and dowry.

    (xxiv) To educate the people of self help groups for their better life style.

    thank u,

    tapan kumar mohapatra,
    mobile no= +919853648479,
    Orissa ,india

  • Vikram

    Your article is truly amazing. Everything looks simple here, But I’m sure it’s got a lot of intricacies in itself. I am 23 years old, working for an It company in Bangalore. I alwayshave felt the need to do something for people who are in desperate need for help. I wish to start a small NGO with an objective – Like light up a small village(Max 100 in number), OR get them good drinking water OR start a small work place for them there itself so they start earning on their own. I wish to do this as part time with the support of my friends. How realistic is this plan of working in an IT comany 5 days a week and dedicate few hours on weedays and fully on weekends for the NGO work? Do help me with your insights on this. Thank You

  • Austine

    I am proposing floating a NGO in my country which will require travelling.Your guidelines will be beneficial.

  • aman chishty

    NGO with a difference, alhamdulilah, with the blessings of Sultan-ul-Hind Gharib Nawaz a beginning is made to establish a foundation to espouse the cause of the needy and the destitute through the chishtiya mission of love and peace, providing social awareness, justice, knowledge and healthcare .

    any suggestion most welcome .

  • mian azhar uddin

    hi sir,
    im the student of business administratio(HRM) & will chose the area of HRM in next semester.before i start to ask many of things about working with an ngo,i will give u a quick glance at why i feel to write u a brief column.
    respected sir,on 25 oct 2010,an old man met me & show me some pages.on those pages it was written by a doctor that this man is very poor and his little daughter is being treated in lady reading hospital peshawar pakistan.his little daughter has a major disease of heart.that man said to me that he is retired militia & has spent approx 25 to 35 years there at the govt job but still he has nothing to pay in order to vaccinate her daughter & save her life.each injection costs Rs.4500 & 50 injections will be needed to treat & save her daughters life.he further told me that i have lost one daughter before & this is the 2nd one.i have found deep sorrow,disappointment,worry & fatigue in his eyes.he has no money so there is no doctor to save her little childs life but doctors are available only if someone has money to pay.that old tired man has no cell that i take his number & forward it to someone compensator.the students of our hostel has contributed upto 500 thousand as a whole only.
    i,with great enthusiasum,want to work with an organization for non profit to cope the cases like this one that i saw today.why not an ngo make a mechanism with hospitals & hospitals to put forward those critical patients really in search of need to an ngo.this mechanism must be considered very important however this is already an idea which need a credible plateform.
    what should the poor people do in order to reach different ngos & get compensated & what the ngos should do to reach at the step doors of those who really need u?i shall be waiting for ur response!warm regards,azhar!

  • Bounpheung

    Dear Sir…

    I would like to know more about NGO. how can do with my education?

  • Jodi

    Hi Ryan,

    I was wondering why you suggest not applying for 501c3?
    I am in the process of trying to start an NGO in Costa Rica. I know that most people who donate want it to be tax deductible. I think that could be a huge drawback of not applying. Do you have a different experience?
    Also I saw you are working in a foreign country as well. Did you register the NGO in both the US and the foreign country and which was the principle one? I think this is a little confusing and I would like to hear the adv and disadv if you have any insights.

    Thanks for the great advice!

  • miss aabha mehta

    hello sir,

    I am a student of MSW.
    and i want to do something for society.
    i want to work on small project of my own.
    give me advice how to create our own NGO.
    i am living in gujrat

  • Muhammad Fahad

    HI sir ,

    I have done MBA . i arealy wants to do some thing for society.please guide me how to make an N.G.O.

    • k.s.pathak

      Hi Madam/ Sir,

      I am mca and working in a software comp. I want to do something for poor children in the field of education . So please guide me how to start a ngo . I have no knowledge regarding it.


  • Samuel Lazarus

    Hello Ryan!

    I’m so excited about this site. I am really planning towards having an NGO in Nigeria. I’ve gotten an insight at least on how to start an NGO through this article. A step forward will I take to move on with my passion and desire.

    I will appreciate more if I will have more counselling on how to go about it.

    My passion is to set up a school that will give the poor privilege to have the same education as the rich in the society. This is because in every child lies destiny and a purpose. but due to poverty, privileges were denied those kids. And also to set up a Craft Centre that will bring out the potentials in kids and make them who they really are.


    Sam Lazarus
    World of El Bethel

  • pradeepsingh

    dear sir
    i am a law graduate.i want to do work for me out.

  • shobhana jain

    HELLO sir ,for education to the poor children in mumbai in india i need help that how to start NGO .

  • Siraj Ghani

    Dear Sir/Madom,
    The people in the rural area of Mardan are suffering from unhigenic water and as such most of the people have fallen to various chronic deseas like hypatatice C etc. I am retired Bank executive and wish to form an NGO with the objective to provide clean water by providing filters inorder to enable them to drink clean waters. In this connection I need money from government and other philentraphest organisation to complete this project. Initially I require an amount of Rs.25 million to accomplishe the task. pl help me out

  • varun dadhich

    my name is varun ,i am from india,i have no idea abt how to start n ngo bt me willing to volunter for some org to get some experince n then start my ngo is tht a good idea

  • Suvi

    hello sir,
    I am a graduate and have always been keen to make a contribution to society in my own ways. I do it not as a work but as pleasure.
    I m thinking of setting up my own organization to help people. I want to dedicate my life to this work, but its just that I m not able find a start.
    Your article was really inspiring and I hope you can guide me a bit further in this.
    thank you

  • Anyika John

    Dear Sir

    I am indeed grateful for your information which I am certain will benefit my future endeavours of starting an NGO within Trinidad, in a community that is undergoing poverty to a great extent.

    The aims of the NGO would be to establish projects that can generate funding for the community to assist the needy persons. This will be done first through an encouraging process to allow togetherness and unity of community members. They will be taught how to use resources within their reach such as the sourcing of hidden talents, skills, abilities and ideas to contribute to the development of special programmes that can provide the desired assistance the community needs, as well as, to serve as a means of providing employment opportunities.

    Communities lack unity and support and most times less dependence on government agencies for funding can be adapted. The thing is that people just need to be taught how and that is the main purpose of the Organization.

    How should I get started with this kind of action and can I begin without first becoming registered?

    Kindly advise me in the matter.

    Ms. Anyika John

  • pastor.P.Gnana pragasam


    Sir your article is really good, me & my husband verymuch intrested to join with NGO ,
    We have a wonderful goal & action plan, plz guide us

    Thank you

    • v k vishal

      on behalf of ideal rural devlopment society,patna.
      you all experters are invited to suggest me to devlop my ngo through donation and gvt. planing……
      for this i will be gratful
      a welwisher of india

  • naveed Khan

    Hi Ryan,

    I am in the process of trying to start an NGO in Pakistan. I know that most people who donate want it to be tax deductible. I think that could be a huge drawback of not applying. Do you have a different experience?
    Did you register the NGO in both the US and the foreign country and which was the principle one? I think this is a little confusing and I would like to hear the adv and disadv if you have any insights.

    Thanks for the great advice!

    Naveed Khan

    • ryan libre

      Good question.
      Yes many people and all companies want the donations to be tax deductible.
      What im suggesting is at first you work with a established NGO to accept donations for your NGO. If your NGO goes well in the future you can do your own paper work to accept them yourself.
      about 2 countries… i would find umbrella NGOs in both at first. the the country you get most of your donations from make your main and do the paperwork in that country.

      hope that helps

  • Mahmood

    Hi all,
    To all those who are interested and willing to start their NGO, I am offering web design services to them for a 50% discounted rate. I am a web designer having 7 years of experience in the field. I also have designed websites for different NGOs.

    If you have any queries please feel free to contact me for more details. Great thanks indeed and best wishes!

    • http://nil solomon

      I really appreciate you.Because, you did a nice work.How much you charge for the web desined. In which place you are? How to i given my work order to you.


      • Mahmood

        Dear Solomon

        Thank you for appreciating my work. I would like you to provide me the details of the kind of website you need to develop. i.e how many pages, logo design etc. I am located in Malaysia plus also work for REP Services California ( I can be reached at:

        Thank you for your interest and am hoping for a positive response.


  • Naseer ahmed

    Dear sir,

    Sir we have a small NGO working for Development of youth in Education, Health. we also have a small structure of Tourism development. it is requested for guidlines and support to run this smoothly.

  • Kunal

    We are a group of enthusiastic young individuals about to start an environment related NGO in Mumbai-(India). We are facing some problems raising the funds. The whole plan to start an NGO its mission, Vision, is ready the only reason for little delay is the non-availability of funds.

    Our first Campaign in Mumbai has already been started.

    Also we are looking forward for a training place where we can learn more about enviorment conservations. Different Ways to make this planet better place to live as well as to increase life of our planet.

    We will be more than happy if you can provide us some viable solutions on how to raise money and how to get best information or from where can we get training free for our volunteers

    Awaiting your reply on this issue.

  • susan mutero

    i want to start a ngo in south africa foreign land please guide me



  • http://------- Lesbia Llamas

    Cuento con mucho entusiasmo de crear una ONG, para ayuda al adulto mayor, ancianos que no tienen familiares que los cuiden para lo que contamos con un terrenito para comenzar pero no contamos con los medios economicos para poder construir e iniciar una casa hogar para ancianos. Me puede indicar a donde acudir para solicitar la ayuda economica para este proyecto. Soy de Guatemala y mi correo electronico para recibir informacion es y, quiero comenzar a trabajar en este proyecto lo antes posible.
    muy agradecida por su informacion y atencion a mi comentario, atentamente

  • Debra

    Hi -
    I’m helping an NGO in the Philippines shore up their organization, website, etc and there is an American interested in helping them fundraise in America. However, everyone who has indicated an interest in donating of course wants the US tax deduction.

    I am trying to find a lawyer in the US to help us register as a 501c3 there, but also happened upon your article which suggested piggybacking on another non-profit. How does one do this?

    Are non-profits in the States really willing to do this – and is it legal to do this in the US? There is one organization I would be willing to contact there if they would not think we were trying to put a fast one.

    Thank you,

    • ryan libre

      opps, see below, Ryan

  • ryan libre

    Hello Deb,

    the short answer is, it is legal and there are US based NGO willing to do this.
    If will be in essence a sub-project of their NGO.
    The longer answer is, it helps to know the NGO personally so they can trust you and an NGO that is working on something related. Also having experience in relation to the amount of money you plan to get ups your chances.

    If it is a large organization that you plan to start and is sure to be around for years to come it may still make sense to start off as a 501c yourself from the beginning.

    Hope that helps, Ryan


    I appreciate your cause and it has really broadened up my desires to start up an NGO in my country Uganda to cater for the homeless and HIV orphaned chilkled i however need guidance for my dream,will be greatfull if am contacted with my address above as i want to make my dream come true.thankyou.

  • dr. prem singh

    Your article is go good and guiding.
    I want to start an NGO here in my country, delhi INDIA.
    I have set my goals and I have good action plans.
    I know the project is a very attractive one that volunteers and donors will be so interested in.
    Can I start off by getting an office before creating a website?
    How can I get funding from my government and from foreign bodies?
    Like I said, the project is so interesting that i can only share it individually.

    I hope to get an answer and I will write again.

    Thank you for being there. Your 10 steps are just so awesome!

    (Report comment)

    ↵ Reply

  • akib ahmed

    hello i am from kashmir & i want to start a NGO .please guide me

  • irfan khan

    i m like to working for public health pls tell me how can i better giving public health to peoples

  • joe

    Hi there,

    Just got off the phone with one of my classmates. We have a plan to set up an NGO in Rwanda—However, I want my NGO to be partly a profit oriented entity.

    My question is—Can I team up with a pure nonprofit organization?
    Is it really a pain to set an NGO from the word Goooo?

    Thank God my classmate is a lawyer, so we save the lawyer fine, what else should I worry about? What is your estimate in $ value do you think the entire process can take?

    I really liked your 10 steps!!

    Many thanks,

  • Vee Sheick

    while making research, I visted your website which I found very interesting to my future planned.
    I have planned to really formulate an organization to combat the growing trench in human trackficking on the African continent as whole. Many people including girl teenagers are been trackficked and used as sex slaves and other domestic servants all over the world. it has becomes a profitable endeavors involving so many officials which I believed is illegal and is geting alarming. I would like to seek advise(s) from you as to how, where and what to start with. I will appreciate all efforts.
    Vee Sheick

  • Phillip Moore

    Dear Sirs,

    We will like to introduce ourselves as an American institutions in Miami based here in Ghana, Africa. We are donating FUNDS to all REGISTERED NGO in your country. If you are legally register and operating legally as an NGO in your country; kindly revert back for us to donate to your organization. Below are also what we donate to NGOS:

    In order to popularize the ICT (Information and Communication), SYSTANET CORPORATION decided to donate the computer equipment used in carrying out its activities during the year (2008-2009) to all associations or NGOs to young people worldwide who are in need.

    We donate the following equipment:
    - Notebook brands (Dell, Toshiba, HP, Sony, IBM)
    PC – Pentium 4 (LCD / Plasma – CPUs branded Fujitsu Siemens Hag)
    - Laser Printers Canon brand
    - Canon Scanner

    Please write to us ( ) Conditions for grants and the donation form.

    MAZEE CORPORATION Branch. (Dep. Communication)

    Phillip Moore

  • Victoria

    Hi Ryan;
    It was refreshing to read your article. Though I really had to question the veracity of some of the request that you were getting & the maturity of some of those people. I want to help rescue female infants that are being murdered everyday in India. I know that is an ambitious goal. But every day I wake up and think “How many infants died today? What could she have contributed to this world. Given a Life, Health, Education,Nurturing. Who did we loose today?”
    I am a 59 year old grandmother, I am retired. I can spend the rest of my life doing this. When I am gone by then some of my girls will have graduated from college and they will change the world, They will continue the mission to stop Female Infanticide in India,
    Also I wanted to hire& give a living wage w/cottage and meals, with Medical care to Widows from the holy city of Vrindavan waiting to die. They may have been shunned by their families and society, but they can be Nanaji’s and help love and care for the little girls. This is what I felt called to do.

    Thank You



  • gulzar ahmed

    Aslam o alekum dear sir
    i have established small NGO aawwelfare association shahdadkot i have face many problem plz help us

  • http://yahoo sneha pai

    respected sir ur 10 steps hv burned a light inside me i hv taken ann internship under a ngo for month shld i try join dat ngo or establish on ma own waiting for an ans my frnds think i m taking a early step but its my passion to do something

  • prakash

    i am running an ngo kaas in india ,uttarakhand. Can you be able to get me a project outside of india. I am just fresher 1 year completed. But work not big because of funding any agencies.

    • Phillip Moore

      Contact me on: and we will organize to donate some fund to you to finance an ngo.

      Phillip Moore

      • Irfan Asim

        Kindly check out our page. we are working in different parts of Pakistan to help the flood affectees and other poor families…

      • Suresh.D

        Dear Sir,

        I am Suresh.D from Bangalore, India. I found your mail ID as I was trying to search the net to find out the details in opening a NGO in India. I was really fortunate to find you mail ID and the support you were offering to all the organizations.

        Dear Sir, I would like to brief up about my self in order to make you understand more about me. I was actually working hard from my teenage and I was very eager to help others from my every month salary. I used to save my every month salary and I would be waiting to help others till a reasonable is saved in my account. I was basically focusing to help for the children’s education, Hospital expenses for the low income groups, helping with little financial for the poor house who used to take care of Aged persons, Helping social organization who used to take care all handicapped children’s.

        Since all these years I was helping the needy with my salary, now all of a sudden I lost the job after which I find very difficult to give the same kind of help. I really feel sad of myself that I am unable to help others as these needy people expect me for some financial help and material help from my side. My efforts for searching on new jobs goes in vain as the salary are of very low.
        Seeing these situations, I decided to open an NGO in India in order to help others to the maximum level. Dear Sir, I need your help to guide me through a proper channel. I have a place of my own to run this NGO organization . I can take up this opportunity to run this organization provided if you help on this matter. I would be also really happy to work under you if you have your own NGO organization anywhere else. I would be really grateful to you if you could provide me a valuable solution for my goals that is yet to be achieved.
        If you really wish that we could join our hands to, then please leave your contact numbers so that I can call you and keep you in touch in order to build up a strong relation with you.
        Looking forward to hear from you,

        Thanks and Best Regards,

        Mob No 91 80 9980856007
        Email –

  • Phillip Moore

    If anyone need donation or need fund to start he/her own ngo, he should contact us. We are ready to finance any ngo registered under their government.

    Phillip Moore

    • Judith Madigan

      Dear Phillip,

      I would be interested to here more… Not only for ourselves, but also for the local NGOs we work with. Could you pls send me your details to:

      Look forward to hear from you.

      Judith Madigan

    • isaac ohene gyan

      i intend to establish an NGO , with my dynamic sense of humour , i have worked for the ghana red cross society for so many years also involved in many cultural and tourism development , now i want to come out with an ngo in empowering the youth in sustainable development , i have started a little with some volunteers i need some funds to establish an office to broaden the horizon. i wish you can help me

    • gaurav

      dear phillip
      i have a ngo registered in delhi govt april 2006. i am unable to work in it because i dont have full knowledge and sufficiant funds for it. pls guide

    • Vikas

      Sir pls help me financially. So that i should run my ngo smoothly. My ngo is sahara: ek prerna, m registering it in few days

    • Jahangir Alam

      We serving people since 2005 throw our NGO name SUHANA FOUNDATION. But We dont know how to get fund for work ? we want to work for poor men in Assam -India. We dont found any fund yet. Our area is mainly Agricultural area, so we want to do Agricultural & Tourism Project. Thanks

      Assam, India

    • Kumar Abhishek

      Hi Phillip,

      We are group of people working towards Child and Women empowerment and culture development in various parts of india. Till the time we are contributing some part from our salary to continue our helping hand. But as we are reaching to the people, needless to say, lots and lots to do here.

      I saw your message here and writing to you. Let me know how can you contribute to us.


  • nnanna

    please sir am planning to form an NGO. Please I need more guideline to proceed. Especially in the process of finance.
    you can get me on

  • Vaishali Salvi

    Respected Sir,

    I have completed my Master of Social Work (MSW). Also I have 2 years experience of working in the NGO. Me And some of my friends wants to start our own NGO.
    So Can you help us to start something better.
    Hope you will look after it.
    Thanks & Regards,
    Vaishali Salvi.

  • Rohit Sachdeva

    Dear Sir

    I am extremely intereseted n joining an NGO so that i can give meaning to my life.
    I shall be highly thankfull to you if you will give me this oppurtunity.

    I am desperately waiting for ur reply

    My Contact no. is 9988077795

    Warm Regards


  • Charles Edo

    We intend to set up an NGO in Nigeria and we are already in the process of registration with our home government,our area of interest and focus includes the promotion of fiscal transparency and accountability through budget advocacy and implementation,project and public procurement monitoring aimed at ensuring good governance as well as advocacy against corruption and poverty among others.please can you send us a detailed guide on how to successfully run the NGO as well as how we can get start up funding for our projects? Thank you

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  • Tom

    U should start off by telling everyone what an NGO is!!!!!

  • Kevin

    I tried to look though the article, what’s a NGO?

  • Mark

    I hope more good people do these things. NGO’s are notorious for funneling illegal money and trade.

  • http://Nonyet oyeronke

    I started an ngo in 2007 and we have done about seven projects on women empowerment which is our focus, working with some PLWA in my vicinity now, funding has been 100percent donations, fully registered with elevant bodies in Nigeria-CAC, and Ministry of women affairs, Kwara State, and Federal-. Major problem is funding to work, we have so many women in whose lives are services are critical but wath them helplessly due to lack of fund, could you advise on how to reach donors? Integrity is no problem, this ngo has prof. women as members, the ngo is called-WOMEN COUNSELING INITIATIVE, and is based in Ilorin, Kwara State, Nigeria.

    • Phillip Moore

      can u contact me directly on my email for more discussion: phillip_moore06@yahoo. fr

  • Madhu

    Hello Sir,

    This is really very useful information. Thanks to you for writing. I am also interested in starting an NGO in India, may be after 2-3 years. I am saving money for this.

    Could you just guide me, should I start an orphanage as well as an old age home nearby, and what could be the initial expenditure for this?

    Tanks in advance,

  • simar

    Dear Sir, its an honour to read again about you, online.. and yes sir it indeed has not only made me assure of what my aspiration and dream were but yes to follow it again and with great passion and dedication and without looking for any profit for myself..
    i want to know alit more and request u if u could help me more and i could personally talk and get some more clear ideas for this new venture of my life..
    im a special Therapist in the field of sports and i love working with children with disability and yes upliftment of the girl child.. i am frm India. and would love to hear more on hw i can be serving and gifting my country and people and love them too…
    thanking you

    • Phillip Moore

      you can contact me on my email directly for more information on:

  • shivakant srivastava

    Respected sir,

    I am really interested in joining an N.G.O and I would be interested to hear more…sir it would be a great pleasure to help the needy and it will give me immense pleasure to see them happy and prosperous.Sir i want to know the different fields on which i can work and want to open an N.G.O sooner.Please help me on the fact that how it can be start.

    I am eagerly waiting for your reply

    My number is 07376690981

    And my id is


  • Samantha

    Dear Mr. Phillip Moore,

    I am a person who has been directly working in the non-profit sector for over 15 years. I was the CEO of an NGO in Sri Lanka for about 15 years and in 2009 I left that organisation to pursue my Masters degree in Business Administration where in I specialised on non-profit management. After completing the MBA, and with my previous experience in the non-profit sector, I was interested in setting up an NGO of my own and after few months of careful planning I have just set up Navoda Lanka Foundation as an NGO operating in Sri Lanka..

    I set up this NGO with absolutely no resources, only with my previous experience and contacts. Now I am looking for funding opportunities/ grants/ donations etc. in order to get the basic things in place. My initial requirement is to set up a small office for the NGO with basic requirements and to employ about two people to work on a full time basis till we get the organisation bit matured. I am looking for initial institutional capacity development support for about an year.

    I am wondering if you could help me in this regard. Are you in a position to support my NGO with some seed funding to set up and develop capacity to function as a full fledged NGO.

    I am attaching my CV for your kind information, which will give you an idea of my experience and achievements in the NGO sector.

    I shall be very thankful to you for any support from you in this regard.

    I look forward to your kind response.

    Kind Regards,


  • utkarsh pawar

    respected sir,
    I have just opened a ngo named durga foundation. I want to make my own ways for the other people on which they will settled their life and get at least daily wages for their family.But i am not in sound position to help please show me the way for getting funds for my ngo.
    with warmful thanks
    Utkarsh pawar

  • vishal

    dear sir i want to start a ngo how should go about it in regards to what all criteria i have to full fill.

  • http://noany R.S,YADAV

    daer sir ,
    i have a registered society in India and wants to establish a strong NGO in India but i do not know any thing about NGO .i want admission in your institute as a primary student .pl. help and guide me to get success in this regard in detail .

  •, Rahul Bansal

    Dear sir,

    i have own ngo years old 1981, but sir i my ngo is fresher becoz i dont have any work pleased suggest me how to success my ngo and how to got any project i need social work my contact no is 8445126519 i have my own computer education institute

    thanking you
    rahul bansal
    agra (india)

  • shivraj

    Dear sir/madam ,I want to start ngo so plz help how can i start ngo ?

    i want to organizes several programmers in field of old aged care, child and mother health care, HIV&AIDS, agriculture, animal,
    forest’s, rehabilitation of needy people, education on sanitation, safe drinking water, and many other such developmental

  • samiullah

    our ngo (help and care social welfare organization)is working in small base of members funding only thats way we are not able to do help more persons in this time. we want big project and also funds.our team is young and well skilled .
    contact on ;

  • akhilesh

    i want to open NGO. plz.

  • Ramon Odunsi

    Sir / Ma,
    I read your pice with great interest. it’s higly educative.
    I wish to start an NGO in the area of Agricuture, that wil promote and encourage youthparticipation in practical farming to address high unemployment rate and food shortage in my country Nigeria. your guide and assistance will be much appreciated in this regard.
    Thank you.

    Ramon Odunsi

  • tima hsohg

    We need no money, no fundings, only need help to open up a registered NGO. Please guide us if possible

  • uttam

    I hv gone through the article and very inspired to open a NGO.Please help me giving procedure to open a NGO.
    Actualy I want to start the work at village of 24 pargana (south) in india for needy childreand & mother.

    Uttam Satpathi
    Mail ID

  • Rahul Bansal

    Dear Uttam

    I got ur mail actually mr Uttam i have no experience in any NGo’s but i have 2 NGO’s 1 are 31 years old and 1 is new society i wanna project my old NGO’s or sale any people interested old NGO’s purchase contact me soon…

    Rahul bansal

  • Charlotte

    Dear Mr. Phillip Moore,

    We are running an NGO in Kigali – Rwanda, and our aim is WOMEN ECONOMIC EMPOWERMENT! The Economic Empowerment of the less privileged women aims at building and strengthening the capacity of these women through training and provision of group revolving loans that create capital for such women to enable them engage in gainful income generating micro projects in order to become economically stable.
    Why women?
    Women reinvest 90% of their income in their families and communities, compared with men who invest only 30% to 40% (World Bank). Women are also more likely to use their profits to help the poor and are more likely to hire other women to work to work for them; they are also more likely to repay their loans than men.

    We are currently looking for funds to construct training centre!
    Looking forward to your kind consideration!


  • http://n/a Gloria

    Hi Phillip would you please help me right now im in a process of opening an ngo of feeding the needy children im requesting some food ,clothes as well as the shelter .By proffetional im still doing social work for the orphanage children’s home my email address is cell no is 0827460563

    My home is based in South africa under KZN province in Ladysmith.

    From Gloria

  • Sharon ingrsm

    I am the president of a ngo:Africa-Alabama Free Trade Zone Initiative here in Mobile, Alabama. I would like to know where do we register beside with State of Alabama, our company.

  • Ogungbure oluwaseunfunmi daniel

    hello there,i am a 19 year old boy with a view of saving the world starting from my country,every day every night i just cant stop at just dreaming of saving the world by setting up a non governmental organization for with its aim and objectives been improving the moral standards of youths around the world,by serving as a link between the rich and the poor,etc so pls help me out on how to set up an ngo of such that can reach out to the world thank you

  • lukky jain

    Tell me about legal formalties.
    Thank You

  • vibhas amar

    i want to have my own ngo from where shall i begin.

  • http://yahoo pinky

    dearsir iam working pvchr in varanasi in pandey pur how to open ngo sir if you tell mee where the office register which the procees iam also pass 698 people penssionold kashi ram garib flat 50people they need house i will help us in my area water problem elecpower problem solve police harising they will come and i willhelp us 9455271393

  • Prianka

    Dear sir,i am a 23 year old girl with a view of saving the world starting from my country Bangladesh.My NGO is a free hospital for poor people..its a very small hospital in bangladesh.Here i spend my own money from my pocket but it is very low invest for our poor people.But i want to do something for pls reply me how can i help them.Or from where i can get donation for my poor people.if u r interested then u can come here and visit my NGo.

    Thank u sir.


    Dear Sir,
    i am IKPA PRECIOUS .O. by name,the founder and president of GREENLIAF foundation,we are mainly into EDUCATION, PREVENTION, YOUTH EMPOWERMENT,HEALTH, HOUSING FOR THE LESS PRIVILEDGE, POVERTY, ELEVIATING THE STANDARD OF LIVING IN NIGERIA,AFRICA AND THE WORLD AT LARGE. we are about 3months old.Although we don’t have anybody or organization to assist us ,but i am writting for you to guide me on how to run it effective and for it to achieve it mission and vision in its area of focus.

    together we can make the world a living place.

  • prianka

    Dear sir,i am a 23 year old girl with a view of saving the world starting from my country Bangladesh.My NGO is a free hospital for poor people..its a very small hospital in bangladesh.Here i spend my own money from my pocket but it is very low invest for our poor people.But i want to do something for pls reply me how can i help them.Or from where i can get donation for my poor people.if u r interested then u can come here and visit my NGo.

    Thank u sir.

  • fasal ali

    dear sir i start a NGO for poor and needy peoples in Pakistan and i am doing work on formal education ( for rural areas girls ) there is no any facility for girl education .
    know im working in thatta and i start 3 higher secondary schools for girl . i want to open more schools but i don’t have more financially facility to operate more school please tell me how can i apply for project and which donor organization will support me.

  • http://- Rev. Canon Nkambo Mugerwa

    Dear Sir, your advice is marvellous. In Masaka, Uganda I lead an NGO caring for the neglected Seniors in our country. We also have an ADVOCACY desk in our office that cares and attends to the women and children whose various rights are abused. We support needy children with fees, scholarstic materials and other needs.
    We need to be advised on how to effectively achieve our objectives; short and long. Resource mobilising is another challenge we face. We need support from volunteers.
    Stay blessed.



  • Rahul Bansal

    hello dear my self rahul bansal from agra sir i need your help because i want one success NGO’s with your help now i am running computer institute, sir i have interesting in social work because many poor child gaping from computer education

    Rahul Bansal

  • Cyril

    Dear sir I have started my NGO,But I dont know how to get fund for work ? I want to work for poor women in gujarat -India.please give your suport.

  • mburu

    thanks for the advice on how t start a ngo please write me more
    mburu kenya and connect me to the existing ngo so that i ma of great value to them

  • http://NIL Prem Kumar

    I wish to setup an NGO from which i can help the poor persons. May someone help me to in doing so.

  • hasy

    why is it so hard to start up an NGO in Tanzania nowadays? i need a partner i want to start environmnetal NGO in Tanzania.

  • Shinu George

    Dear Sir,

    I want to start an NGO whos aim is to help the children to give free education specially to those who can not afford the edjucation and also help the lpoor people who are suffring in any kind not in the local but all india level . Is it possible as I need a very high investments and contacts.

    I am working in a company but now I want to serve the people because now people are very selfish by their nature. I am very upset by seeing all this in front of my eyes. I want ot bring those belongings again in every people and start an orgnaisation like that.

    Somebody who have an experience can shae their views about this and tell me the obstacles that come in this way so that i can prepare for myself to meet that.

    please tell me how can i apply for project and the organisation who can support me on this project.

    Shinu George

  • A Sudarshan

    Hi Ryan,
    We are a group of people with a vision to work for the poor and weak children & women in the world around us. Since my teenage I was eager to work with a good NGO or Christian mission, but I never got the chance. As a Christian I know how good it is to serve the poor & weak, but for the lack proper information and encouragement I was stopping. Now I thank you for your good suggestions, I have got a new strength and goal to begin my own NGO. We are a small group of people equipped with this idea to help the needy and serve the helpless. We even have not registered our NGO till date but by this month we will complete all our paper work (govt. responsibility) and start work on the field.
    We will always need your suggestions & guidance to run further.
    Thank you Ryan;
    A. Sudarshan

  • AMIT

    Dear Sir I want to start a NGO for poor and needy peoples in Utter Pradesh(India).I want to open school for rural areas girls,their are no any facilty for girl education.But i have no financially support.Sir please financially support me.I have a registerd NGO


  • Olajumoke Oyedeji

    I want you to please help me right now .I have opened an NGO of providing free health care and community development for the less priviledge and the physical challenged people.Although right now i don’t have anybody or organization that assist me ,but i am writting to you to guide me on how to run it effective and for it to achieve it mission and vision in its area of focus. My email address is mobile line +2348038382653

    I run my NGO in Ogun State,Nigeria.

  • Jahangir Alam

    Dear sir
    We are serving people since 2005 throw our NGO, name SUHANA FOUNDATION. But we dont know how to get fund for work ? we want to work for poor men in Assam -India. We dont found any fund yet. Our place is mainly Agricultural and Tourism place, so we want to do some project for Agriculture, Tourism, Health. Please give your support.

    Assam, India

  • Gagan rana

    Dear sir/madam ,
    if anybody want to donate money for helping poor people of villages please contact with our society women / children welfare society .
    mo. 09779970771.

  • Nandakumar

    Hi sir,
    this nandakumar from chennai. I planned to open an ngo. So what is the investment required…
    Can u pls answer my question!!!


      Hi dear,
      Contact your local government and pose this your question because, the requirement to create and NGO in Cameroon, may not be the same requirement for your home country ok.

  • Sanjeev Rana

    dear phillip
    hi, my self sanjeev from india runinig free computer litrecy mission to poor peoples of rural ares since 2005 & during this period i had litrate thosands of poor students from different parts of himachal pardesh without any single peny charge from them & after geting this IT education from our organization many of them are now geting jobs & earn enough to serve their faimaly’s basic needs.but now i want to explore this litrecy mission to other parts of state too so i need ur help.

    • Pradeep

      Hi Sanjeev,
      What about taking an undertaking from people you train to donate to your charity once they have got a job?
      A very small amount would go a long way to help you do your work better.
      Have you tried approaching industrial houses for money? It is a good PR for them to state they do charity work.
      You can contact me through my email address if you wish to.

  • sanjeev kumar

    Dear All, i am looking an NGO, want to purchase it. i am lokking in haryama, UP in india. if any bodey intrested please contact me.

  • sanjeev kumar

    i want to purchase an NGO. please

    • Rahul Bansal

      Hi Mr Sanjeev
      You Interested any very old NGO if u r please contact my no 08445126529

    • Dr Shivom Singh

      Hi Mr Sanjeev
      You Interested NGO so please contact my no 09897030461and

  • aparna biswas


    quite helpfull, the points 1-4 are very important but once i have a ngo its very difficult to get the funds, can anyone suggests..

    • PRAVIN

      what about your project

  • Rahul Bansal

    Hi i have 30 years old NGO, i want sale my NGO
    please contact me
    Rahul Bansal


      hi rahul bansal.
      how r u?
      so you have 30 yr old ngo.
      what kind of ngo? can you give me some idea about it?
      or sand me some details about your NGO.


      • Rahul Bansal

        Hi Mr. Rakesh
        I m fine wat about u
        yes i have 30 years old NGO
        i have many ideas
        W.H.O , educational, health program, child health, eye treatment, child physically project, door to door kids checkup, Dr. Team, School programm , other state medical work and U.P., population and pollution, development tree, free computer education, child lavour, Free book distribute, Aids Programm knowledge, AIDS Pemplete distributed in school and public, BIG City health program , free of cost distributes condoms, clean and green city

      • Shinu George

        Hi Rakesh,

        With reference to your NGO what all activity is still working and in what extent is work going on. Please clarify.


        Shinu George

    • sanjeev

      Dear Rahul, how much money u recquire to sell it.bye sanjeev

      • Rahul Bansal

        contact me on phone 08445126529

  • Rahul Bansal

    Yes u r right aparna funding is very difficult but mun main ho agar viswas or kaam karne ki ho lagan tho sab hai possible

  • lelethu

    I have been looking into starting an ngo for year now in my community but i don’t know where to start and how to conduct it…i am very passionate about young gals and the youth as a whole…i want a place where they can come and get assistance with school work,entrepreneurial skills and tertiary level placement as most of them don have career guidance and fund to go to varsity…please advise

    • Phillip Moore

      contact me on this email: phillip_moore06 at yahoo dot fr

  • jesca

    I have the passion to start an ngo do need money if so is there anywhere i can get funding i located in usa but want to aid Africa please help me . thanks

    • Phillip Moore

      I can be reached on email: phillip_moore06 at yahoo dot fr

    • Rahul Bansal

      Hi Jesica please send me details of your NGO
      my email id

  • Perdita

    I am 29 of age and from Africa, Ghana to be precise. I have a passion to help those you are in need especially the youth who are on the street. I am a student because of that I dont have money to give. But I still want to help any way I can.. please advise me. Thank you.

  • isaiah

    i am 23 years of age and am from kenya ,currently i study and work part time .
    i have seen and studied a problem or may i call a trend in my home town and its visinity ,i have decided to start an ngo but i dont know how to go about can please advice me.

    • sarah kimani

      Hae m from Kenya too and i would like to start an NGO,i have good ideas if i may say that.i need funds which i know it is very possible but i do not know the many procedures to follow.please help me on this.

  • dr sheikh rezwan hussain

    hi everybody i want to start the ngo but i have no idea to start can anyone help me out . i am from north east india that is manipur .actually as im a doctor i want to help people and give a treatment of people for free and want to run one hospital with the help of ngo in manipur and continue nursing home. so please help how can i start all this

    • Phillip Moore

      i can be reached on: phillip_moore06 at yahoo dot fr


        DEAR MR. MOORE !



  • vinay singh

    i m vinay from fatehpur u.p. i want to run an ngo of computer awareness in my can i do it plz suggest me

  • http://NONE Christiana Owireduwaa

    I want to establish an NGO in my country (Ghana) for women and children which will especially educate women on how to plan their family to cut down the upgrowing of child labour and street children please tell me how to start. Thank you.


    Dear Ryan,
    My name is Albert Linton Owusu. I am a citizen from Ghana, West Africa. I read a few of your articles on the web and I was enthused. My desire to set up an NGO has been re-ignited and it is against this back drop that I want to gather more information from you to enable me realize my dream of helping humanity through the establishment of an NGO .
    The concept of my NGO is to set up a night reading school for the children in my area. I live in the northern part of the country; a predominant Muslim community with a high poor academic rate. Credible investigations conducted revealed that almost 90% of school going age find it difficult to read let alone understanding the concept of what is been taught them. This phenomenon when not confronted and eradicated to the background could bring hardships and embarrassment to these children who are the leaders for tomorrow.

    Please, how do I succeed in my quest?

    Can some one help me get the commercial corresponding e-mail address of Ryan Libre? He is a great person.

  • Rahul Bansal

    I have 31 years old Society i want sale this society please contact :- 09319483649

  • jonas

    hi,n i am from Ghana and i want to know how to do underground studies or research concerning his NGO I’m trying to start. how do i go about it? thanks

  • Vimal Makwana

    Dear Sir,
    I am planning to establish an NGO for donation of old clothes for poor and needy people in gujarat.
    Kindly give me details for establishing such organisation, on my email.

    Thanks & Regards.
    Vimal M. Makwana

    Plot No.2568, Siddharth, Waghawadi Road,
    Opp.Central Salt, Bhavnagar-364002,
    Gujarat, India
    Email :
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    Dealing In Plastic Raw Materials, Franchise Of Cox & Kings Travel Company, Dealers Of Princy Battery Operated Korean Electronic Bike, Housing Tenaments, Land Building, Construction, Bharti AXA Insurance Agent/ Quest/ Oriflame/ Amway Etc..

    President Of Bhavnagar Citizen Council, Past President Of Bhavnagar Jaycees, Commitee Member Of Saurashtra Chamber Of Commerce, Bhavnagar Drug Bank, Vipasanya, Shaishav Sanstha, Bhavnagar Blood Bank, Gau Shala, Shivambu..Etc..

    Bhavnagar Jaycees Smile, Member Of Bhavnagar Citizen Council, Bhavnagar Drug Bank, Vipasanya, Shaishav Sanstha, Lifetime Member Of Youth Hostel, Lifetime Member Of RedCross, Lifetime Member Of Shishu Vihar Trust, Bhavnagar Blood Bank, Gau Shala, Shivambu..Etc..

  • Bharat

    I want to start NGO , can anybody let me know the required steps and the investment ………

    • vipin mishra

      for information u can contact 9716537857



    • Joe Kasule

      Dear Nabatazi, what sort of NGO would you like to start? May be we could work together after finding out your plans.

    • Rahul Bansal

      Dear Nabatanzi Barbra

      You go to society office and reg. new society it is very small Fee
      and collect 11 member

      and start work

  • beti

    hi sir i want to start an NGO with my friend we have some ideas but we can not know how to start. we need to help peoples, we are from Ethiopia so please help how can we start this

  • Elinge george Litie

    Dear sir,

    with honor and due respect, i humbly request for help from you. I am a Cameroonian by nationality,a physically handicap young man.I dropped out of secondary school when i lost my father years back.Latter i struggled and did computer studies after which i was sponsored by the national employment fund of Cameroon to study web architecture at (adcome) association for development communication and environment ( an (ngo). After my training i could not pick up a job due to the way handicap persons are considered (out cast).

    I began studying at home and went in for the general certificate of education examination and was successful with six subjects in 2007, i proceeded to the high school after two years i had my advanced level certificate in economics and philosophy in 2009.Presently i have no job and with my condition life has not been easy for me, i want to establish an ngo to help people like me who are suffering. I want you to help.

    Thank you.

  • http://tobesetup Mohamed Outeh Robleh

    I am going to establish NGO and this is some thing I never did and i have no experience to do but i am not afraid of that because I believe they will come .But i would like to share briefly what I am going to do
    Who I want to help:Nomadic and semi -nomadic people who used to herd animals in past but lost their animals in the past 40 years because of the droughts and diseases and other factors and because of that in a very dangerous hunger situation
    What i am going to do: To take care of thmeselves bydoing the following
    1/ to teach them to how to take care of their animals and use their products
    2/ how to use the land to grow food
    3/ Teach them how to use the sea by teacing them how to fish.
    This will change the whole life style of more than 30000000 people .I need if any body can give me advice ,ideas

  • rahul bansal

    Dear Member of Matador

    I have 31 years old NGo and I start work very soon

    Please Contact my No. 9319483649,8445126529

  • chaithanya

    Dear friends

    Nice to meet you all. Iam lawyer and consultant for social service sector in india. Iam founder of VOICE NGOS NETWORK working with several grass root organisations in india perticularly in Andhrapradesh state

    Iam giving genuine guildelines for social service sector for registrations other things

    Thanks & Regards

    Chaithanya.Paidipalli M.A,LL.B

  • Rahul Bansal

    Dear All

    We are start new Project for social work
    I have 31 years old NGO’s and i want find member different state/city. they are interested NGO and have some knowledge NGO filed

    I have many idea’s

    Free Computer Education
    Summer Camp
    Health Checkup Camp
    Eye’s Checkup Camp
    Debilities Camp
    Blood Donate Camp
    Child Care
    My Best Plan Child Insurance Policy School to School
    Women’s Safety

  • Rahul Bansal

    Dear All

    We are start new Project for social work
    I have 31 years old NGO’s and i want find member different state/city. they are interested NGO and have some knowledge NGO filed

    I have many idea’s

    Free Computer Education
    Summer Camp
    Health Checkup Camp
    Eye’s Checkup Camp
    Debilities Camp
    Blood Donate Camp
    Child Care
    My Best Plan Child Insurance Policy School to School
    Women’s Safety

    Contact only serious and NGO interested person
    Mo. No. 09319483649/08445126529

    • Puspendra Kumar

      Dear Sir ,

      I am interested in these events and i run my Soceity last three yeare for Child Education and Rural activiteis in Barabanki U.P.

      Please send me proper details and requiremnts regarding these

      Thanking You

      Mob: 9956981322








  • tarannum siddqui

    hi we are work for poor d minorities and we work to gether3 years as a Ngo we need we money for our financial aspect pl z. rep.

  • tarannum siddqui

    hi we r working for poor nd minorties as a NGO before 3 year we needs finencial support for meaking our idas sucsessfuly present
    IM working
    Eye camp
    Heath checkup camp
    computer programs free education
    self sustaint
    free education

    • Phillip Moore

      i can be reached om my email: phillip_moore06 at yahoo dot

  • Rahul Bansal

    My NGO Support with ANNA HAZARE and my NGO started a signature campaign here.


  • Arpitaa

    How to get land and raise fund for new Animal Welfare NGO.

    • vipin mishra

      hi we can help u call 9716537857


    hi…i want to start a new NGO & i have no experience & no idea about that so give me some suggestion about that as soon as possible


    hi…i want to start a new NGO & i have no experience & no idea about that so give me some suggestion about that as soon as possible.
    my mobile no. is 09760391906…. u can give any information on my no.

  • http://N/A J.Jones Subash

    Respected Sir/Madam,

    Greetings from India!

    Subject: Request to furnish the guideline and the application from to apply for grant Requested-Regarding.

    RENAISSANCE SOCIAL WELFARE SOCIETY-RSWS is a registered Charitable non-governmental voluntary organization.

    We are involved in socio-economic up-liftment of the rural poor who are living below the poverty line peoples in the state of Andhra Pradesh in Chittoor District in India, 30 to 40 per cent of the people in the country were below the poverty line and have no access to basic amenities.

    Our programmes are aimed at Children Welfare, Women Empowerment, Basic Education and Literacy, Water Aid, Animal and Agricultural, family Helper Projects. etc…

    I therefore request you to support our projects in serving the needy of the people in the rural area. Please send us your news letters and other information.

    Anticipating your early reply,

    Yours truly,
    2-851, S.V.Colony,

    Mobile:00 91 9849975346

  • sanjeev

    Dear All , hi i am sanjeev from india , haryana. i want to purchase an NGO. if anybody intrested please contact…9996668840. regards

  • Rahul Bansal

    Dear Sir I want register new NGO please suggest me new name for society

  • http://NA Jagdish Saini

    Dear Sir / Madam,

    I am planning to establish an NGO in Rajathan – India , i need to healp for setup the new NGO, like how to register & All, i want to start NGO for healp to : –





  • Charlotte

    Hi, I would like to start an NGO “WOMEN SOCIO-ECONOMIC EMPOWERMENT THROUGH EMPLOYMENT CREATION AND TRAINING in Rwanda-Africa! Please tell me how to find donors!Mr. Moore Phillip any idea please?


    Charlotte from Rwanda!

  • nighat

    iam from pakistan and i want to establish an Ngo but first i would like to join any

    any good ngo as a volenteer. i’ll apreciate if i’ll b contacted for the purpose

    • Rajar7

      hi nighat please contact with me. I have recently started a NGO, we need people to work with us. would you be interested?

      contact me

  • edwin agbana

    ever since i lost my father to death, i have been thingking of putting things together for an NGO, since my father is a man full of love and charity in the society. as i m writting this many people are filling the absent of my father. and some of this people just died due to the thinking of his absence. i m really in need of assistance in all manner to raise this foundation.

    • vipin mishra

      hi,i have set up an ngo n m pursuing btech from delhi,so if u want any help l;ike manpower we can sure help u n u can call 9716537857

  • Rahul Bansal

    NGO’s Non Government Organizations
    A non-governmental organization (NGO) is an organization that is not part of a government and was not founded by states. NGOs are therefore typically independent of governments. Although the definition can technically include for-profit corporations, the term is generally restricted to social, cultural, legal, and environmental advocacy groups having goals that are primarily noncommercial. NGOs are usually non-profit organizations that gain at least a portion of their funding from private sources. Current usage of the term is generally associated with the United Nations and authentic NGOs are those that are so designated by the UN.

    Because the label “NGO” is considered too broad by some, as it might cover anything that is non-governmental, many NGOs now prefer the term private voluntary organization (PVO).

    A 1995 UN report on global governance estimated that there are nearly 29,000 international NGOs. National numbers are even higher: The United States has an estimated 2 million NGOs, most of them formed in the past 30 years. Russia has 65,000 NGOs. Dozens are created daily. In Kenya alone, some 240 NGOs come into existence every year.

    The International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement is the world’s largest group of humanitarian NGO’s.

    Though voluntary associations of citizens have existed throughout history, NGOs along the lines seen today, especially on the international level, have developed in the past two centuries. One of the first such organizations, the International Committee of the Red Cross, was founded in 1863.

    The phrase non-governmental organization came into use with the establishment of the United Nations in 1945 with provisions in Article 71 of Chapter 10 of the United Nations Charter [1] for a consultative role for organizations that neither are governments nor member states – see Consultative Status. The definition of international NGO (INGO) is first given in resolution 288 (X) of ECOSOC on February 27, 1950: it is defined as ‘any international organisation that is not founded by an international treaty’. The vital role of NGOs and other “major groups” in sustainable development was recognized in Chapter 27[2] of Agenda 21, leading to revised arrangements for consultative relationship between the United Nations and non-governmental organizations.[3]

    Globalization during the 20th century gave rise to the importance of NGOs. Many problems could not be solved within a nation. International treaties and international organizations such as the World Trade Organization were perceived as being too centered on the interests of capitalist enterprises. In an attempt to counterbalance this trend, NGOs have developed to emphasize humanitarian issues, developmental aid and sustainable development. A prominent example of this is the World Social Forum which is a rival convention to the World Economic Forum held annually in January in Davos, Switzerland. The fifth World Social Forum in Porto Alegre, Brazil, in January 2005 was attended by representatives from more than 1,000 NGOs. [4]

    Types of NGOs
    There are numerous possibilities to classify NGOs. The following is the typology the World Bank uses 1:

    Operational NGOs
    Their primary purpose is the design and implementation of development-related projects. One categorization that is frequently used is the division into relief-oriented or development-oriented organizations; they can also be classified according to whether they stress service delivery or participation; or whether they are religious and secular; and whether they are more public or private-oriented. Operational NGOs can be community-based, national or international.

    Advocacy NGOs
    Their primary purpose is to defend or promote a specific cause. As opposed to operational project management, these organizations typically try to raise awareness, acceptance and knowledge by lobbying, press work and activist events.

    Nongovernmental organizations are an heterogenous group. A long list of acronyms has developed around the term ‘NGO’.
    These include:
    INGO stands for international NGO, such as CARE;
    BINGO is short for business-oriented international NGO;
    RINGO is an abbreviation of religious international NGO such as Catholic Relief Services;
    ENGO, short for environmental NGO, such as Global 2000;
    GONGOs are government-operated NGOs, which may have been set up by governments to look like NGOs in order to qualify for outside aid;
    QUANGOs are quasi-autonomous non-governmental organisations, such as the W3C and the International Organization for Standardization (ISO), which is actually not purely an NGO, since its membership is by nation, and each nation is represented by what the ISO Council determines to be the “most broadly representative” standardization body of a nation. Now, such a body might in fact be a nongovernmental organization–for example, the United States is represented in ISO by the American National Standards Institute, which is independent of the federal government. However, other countries can be represented by national governmental agencies–this is the trend in Europe.

    Evolutionary stages of development NGOs
    Three stages or generations of NGO evolution have been identified by Korten’s (1990) Three Generations of Voluntary Development Action. First, the typical development NGO focuses on relief and welfare, and delivers relief services directly to beneficiaries. Examples are the distribution of food, shelter or health services. The NGO notices immediate needs and responds to them. NGOs in the second generation are oriented towards small-scale, self-reliant local development. At this evolutionary stage, NGOs build the capacities of local communities to meet their needs through ‘self reliant local action’. Korten calls the third generation ‘sustainable systems development’. At this stage, NGOs try to advance changes in policies and institutions at a local, national and international level; they move away from their operational service providing role towards a catalytic role. The NGO is starting to develop from a relief NGO to a development NGO. 1

    NGOs exist for a variety of purposes, usually to further the political or social goals of their members. Examples include improving the state of the natural environment, encouraging the observance of human rights, improving the welfare of the disadvantaged, or representing a corporate agenda. However, there are a huge number of such organizations and their goals cover a broad range of political and philosophical positions. This can also easily be applied to private schools and athletic organizations.

    NGOs vary in their methods. Some act primarily as lobbyists, while others conduct programs and activities primarily. For instance, such an NGO as Oxfam, concerned with poverty alleviation, might provide needy people with the equipment and skills they need to find food and clean drinking water.

    The International Freedom of Expression eXchange (IFEX), founded in 1992, is a global network of more than 60 non-governmental organizations that promote and defend the right to freedom of expression.

    Public Relations
    This section is a stub. You can help by adding to it.

    Many international NGOs have a consultative status with United Nations agencies relevant to their area of work. As an example, the Third World Network has a consultative status with the UN Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD) and the UN Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC). In 1946, only 41 NGOs had consultative status with the ECOSOC, but this number had risen to 2,350 in 2003.

    Activist events
    Greenpeace protest in Brasília (Brazil) in December 2004.
    This section is a stub. You can help by adding to it.

    Project management
    There is an increasing awareness that management techniques are crucial to project success in non-governmental organizations. 3

    Management of non-governmental organizations
    Two management trends are particularly relevant to NGOs: diversity management and participatory management. Diversity management deals with different cultures in an organization. Intercultural problems are prevalent in Northern NGOs that are engaged in developmental activities in the South. Personnel coming from a rich country are faced with a completely different approach of doing things in the target country. A participatory management style is said to be typical of NGOs. It is intricately tied to the concept of a learning organization: all people within the organization are perceived as sources for knowledge and skills. To develop the organization, individuals have to be able to contribute in the decision making process and they need to learn.

    The relationship among businesses, governments, and NGOs can be quite complex and sometimes antagonistic. Some advocacy NGOs view opposition to the interests of Western governments and large corporations as central to their purpose. But NGOs, governments, and companies sometimes form cooperative, conciliatory partnerships as well.

    Not all people working for non-governmental organizations are volunteers. Paid staff members typically receive lower pay than in the commercial private sector. Employees are highly committed to the aims and principles of the organization. The reasons why people volunteer are usually not purely altruistic, but self-serving: They expect to gain skills, experience and contacts.
    There is some dispute as to whether expatriates should be sent to developing countries. Frequently this type of personnel is employed to satisfy a donor, who wants to see the supported project managed by someone from an industrialized country. However, the expertise these employees or volunteers may have can be counterbalanced by a number of factors: the cost of foreigners is typically higher, they have no grassroot connections in the country they are sent to and local expertise is often undervalued.2
    The NGO-sector is an important employer in terms of numbers. For example, by the end of 1995, CONCERN worldwide, an international Northern NGO working against poverty, employed 174 expatriates and just over 5,000 national staff working in ten developing countries in Africa and Asia, and in Haiti.

    Large NGOs may have annual budgets in the millions of dollars. For instance, the budget of the American Association of Retired Persons (AARP) was over $540 million dollars in 1999.[5] Human Rights Watch spent and received US$21,7 million in 2003. Funding such large budgets demands significant fundraising efforts on the part of most NGOs. Major sources of NGO funding include membership dues, the sale of goods and services, grants from international institutions or national governments, and private donations. Several EU-grants provide funds accessible to NGOs.
    Even though the term ‘non-governmental organization’ implies independence of governments, some NGOs depend heavily on governments for their funding. A quarter of the US$162 million income in 1998 of the famine-relief organization Oxfam was donated by the British government and the EU. The Christian relief and development organization World Vision US collected US$55 million worth of goods in 1998 from the American government. Nobel Prize winner Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) (known in English as Doctors Without Borders) gets 46 percent of its income from government sources.5

    Legal status

    CALL US 09319483649,8445126529

  • Rahul Bansal

    NGO Registration Methods – 1

    1. Trust 2. Society, and 3. Non profit Company

    In India non profit / public charitable organisations can be registered as trusts, societies, or a private limited non profit company, under section-25 companies. Non-profit organisations in India (a) exist independently of the state; (b) are self-governed by a board of trustees or ‘managing committee’/ governing council, comprising individuals who generally serve in a fiduciary capacity; (c) produce benefits for others, generally outside the membership of the organisation; and (d), are ‘non-profit-making’, in as much as they are prohibited from distributing a monetary residual to their own members.

    Section 2(15) of the Income Tax Act – which is applicable uniformly throughout the Republic of India – defines ‘charitable purpose’ to include ‘relief of the poor, education, medical relief and the advancement of any other object of general public utility’. A purpose that relates exclusively to religious teaching or worship is not considered as charitable. Thus, in ascertaining whether a purpose is public or private, one has to see if the class to be benefited, or from which the beneficiaries are to be selected, constitute a substantial body of the public. A public charitable purpose has to benefit a sufficiently large section of the public as distinguished from specified individuals. Organisations which lack the public element – such as trusts for the benefit of workmen or employees of a company, however numerous – have not been held to be charitable. As long as the beneficiaries of the organisation comprise an uncertain and fluctuating body of the public answering a particular description, the fact that the beneficiaries may belong to a certain religious faith, or a sect of persons of a certain religious persuasion, would not affect the organisation’s ‘public’ character.

    Whether a trust, society or section-25 company, the Income Tax Act gives all categories equal treatment, in terms of exempting their income and granting 80G certificates, whereby donors to non-profit organisations may claim a rebate against donations made. Foreign contributions to non-profits are governed by FC(R)A regulations and the Home Ministry.
    CAF would like to clarify that this material provides only broad guidelines and it is recommended that legal and or financial experts be consulted before taking any important legal or financial decision or arriving at any conclusion.

    Formation and Registration of a Non -Profit organisations in India
    1) Trust
    2) Society
    3) Section-25 Company
    Additional Licensing/ Registration

    I. Trusts
    A public charitable trust is usually floated when there is property involved, especially in terms of land and building.

    Legislation : Different states in India have different Trusts Acts in force, which govern the trusts in the state; in the absence of a Trusts Act in any particular state or territory the general principles of the Indian Trusts Act 1882 are applied.

    Main Instrument : The main instrument of any public charitable trust is the trust deed, wherein the aims and objects and mode of management (of the trust) should be enshrined. In every trust deed, the minimum and maximum number of trustees has to be specified. The trust deed should clearly spell out the aims and objects of the trust, how the trust should be managed, how other trustees may be appointed or removed, etc. The trust deed should be signed by both the settlor/s and trustee/s in the presence of two witnesses. The trust deed should be executed on non-judicial stamp paper, the value of which would depend on the valuation of the trust property.
    Trustees : A trust needs a minimum of two trustees; there is no upper limit to the number of trustees. The Board of Management comprises the trustees.

    Application for Registration :
    The application for registration should be made to the official having jurisdiction over the region in which the trust is sought to be registered.

    After providing details (in the form) regarding designation by which the public trust shall be known, names of trustees, mode of succession, etc., the applicant has to affix a court fee stamp of Rs.2/- to the form and pay a very nominal registration fee which may range from Rs.3/- to Rs.25/-, depending on the value of the trust property.

    The application form should be signed by the applicant before the regional officer or superintendent of the regional office of the charity commissioner or a notary. The application form should be submitted, together with a copy of the trust deed.

    Two other documents which should be submitted at the time of making an application for registration are affidavit and consent letter.

    II. Society
    According to section 20 of the Societies Registration Act, 1860, the following societies can be registered under the Act: ‘charitable societies, military orphan funds or societies established at the several presidencies of India, societies established for the promotion of science, literature, or the fine arts, for instruction, the diffusion of useful knowledge, the diffusion of political education, the foundation or maintenance of libraries or reading rooms for general use among the members or open to the public, or public museums and galleries of paintings and other works of art, collection of natural history, mechanical and philosophical inventions, instruments or designs.’

    Legislation : Societies are registered under the Societies Registration Act, 1860, which is a federal act. In certain states, which have a charity commissioner, the society must not only be registered under the Societies Registration Act, but also, additionally, under the Bombay Public Trusts Act.
    Main Instrument : The main instrument of any society is the memorandum of association and rules and regulations (no stamp paper required), wherein the aims and objects and mode of management (of the society) should be enshrined.

    Trustees : A Society needs a minimum of seven managing committee members; there is no upper limit to the number managing committee members. The Board of Management is in the form of a governing body or council or a managing or executive committee

    Application for Registration :
    Registration can be done either at the state level (i.e., in the office of the Registrar of Societies) or at the district level (in the office of the District Magistrate or the local office of the Registrar of Societies).(2)

    The procedure varies from state to state. However generally the application should be submitted together with: (a) memorandum of association and rules and regulations; (b) consent letters of all the members of the managing committee; (c) authority letter duly signed by all the members of the managing committee; (d) an affidavit sworn by the president or secretary of the society on non-judicial stamp paper of Rs.20-/, together with a court fee stamp; and (e) a declaration by the members of the managing committee that the funds of the society will be used only for the purpose of furthering the aims and objects of the society.

    All the aforesaid documents which are required for the application for registration should be submitted in duplicate, together with the required registration fee. Unlike the trust deed, the memorandum of association and rules and regulations need not be executed on stamp paper.

    III. Section-25 Company
    According to section 25(1)(a) and (b) of the Indian Companies Act, 1956, a section-25 company can be established ‘for promoting commerce, art, science, religion, charity or any other useful object’, provided the profits, if any, or other income is applied for promoting only the objects of the company and no dividend is paid to its members.

    Legislation : Section-25 companies are registered under section-25 of the Indian Companies Act. 1956.

    Main Instrument : For a section-25 company, the main instrument is a Memorandum and articles of association (no stamp paper required)

    Trustees : A section-25 Company needs a minimum of three trustees; there is no upper limit to the number of trustees. The Board of Management is in the form of a Board of directors or managing committee.

    Application for Registration :
    1.An application has to be made for availability of name to the registrar of companies, which must be made in the prescribed form no. 1A, together with a fee of Rs.500/-. It is advisable to suggest a choice of three other names by which the company will be called, in case the first name which is proposed is not found acceptable by the registrar.

    2.Once the availability of name is confirmed, an application should be made in writing to the regional director of the company law board. The application should be accompanied by the following documents:
    Three printed or typewritten copies of the memorandum and articles of association of the proposed company, duly signed by all the promoters with full name, address and occupation.

    A declaration by an advocate or a chartered accountant that the memorandum and articles of association have been drawn up in conformity with the provisions of the Act and that all the requirements of the Act and the rules made thereunder have been duly complied with, in respect of registration or matters incidental or supplementary thereto.

    Three copies of a list of the names, addresses and occupations of the promoters (and where a firm is a promoter, of each partner in the firm), as well as of the members of the proposed board of directors, together with the names of companies, associations and other institutions in which such promoters, partners and members of the proposed board of directors are directors or hold responsible positions, if any, with description of the positions so held.

    A statement showing in detail the assets (with the estimated values thereof) and the liabilities of the association, as on the date of the application or within seven days of that date.
    An estimate of the future annual income and expenditure of the proposed company, specifying the sources of the income and the objects of the expenditure.

    A statement giving a brief description of the work, if any, already done by the association and of the work proposed to be done by it after registration, in pursuance of section-25.

    A statement specifying briefly the grounds on which the application is made.

    A declaration by each of the persons making the application that he/she is of sound mind, not an undischarged insolvent, not convicted by a court for any offence and does not stand disqualified under section 203 of the Companies Act 1956, for appointment as a director.

    3.The applicants must also furnish to the registrar of companies (of the state in which the registered office of the proposed company is to be, or is situate) a copy of the application and each of the other documents that had been filed before the regional director of the company law board.

    4.The applicants should also, within a week from the date of making the application to the regional director of the company law board, publish a notice in the prescribed manner at least once in a newspaper in a principal language of the district in which the registered office of the proposed company is to be situated or is situated and circulating in that district, and at least once in an English newspaper circulating in that district.

    5.The regional director may, after considering the objections, if any, received within 30 days from the date of publication of the notice in the newspapers, and after consulting any authority, department or ministry, as he may, in his discretion, decide, determine whether the licence should or should not be granted.

    6.The regional director may also direct the company to insert in its memorandum, or in its articles, or in both, such conditions of the licence as may be specified by him in this behalf.

    IV. Special Licensing
    In addition to registration, a non-profit engaged in certain activities might also require special license/permission. Some of these include (but are not limited to):

    A place of work in a restricted area (like a tribal area or a border area requires a special permit – the Inner Line Permit – usually issues either by the Ministry of Home Affairs or by the relevant local authority (i.e., district magistrate).

    To open an office and employ people, the NGO should be registered under the Shop and Establishment Act.

    To employ foreign staff, an Indian non-profit needs to be registered as a trust/society/company, have FCRA registration and also obtain a No Objection Certificate. The intended employee also needs a work visa.

    A foreign non-profit setting up an office in India and wanting staff from abroad needs to be registered as a trust/society/company, needs permission from the Reserve Bank of India and also a No Objection Certificate from the Ministry of External Affairs.

    Comparision among Trust, Society and Non profit Company
    Trust Society Section-25 Comapny
    Statute/Legislation Relevant State Trust Act or Bombay Public Trusts Act, 1950 Societies Registration Act, 1860 Indian Companies Act, 1956
    Jurisdiction Deputy Registrar/Charity commissioner Registrar of societies (charity commissioner in Maharashtra). Registrar of companies
    Registration As trust As Society
    In Maharashtra, both as a society and as a trust As a company u/s 25 of the Indian Companies Act.
    Registration Document Trust deed Memorandum of association and rules and regulations Memorandum and articles of association. and regulations
    Stamp Duty Trust deed to be executed on non-judicial stamp paper, vary from state to state No stamp paper required for memorandum of association and rules and regulations. No stamp paper required for memorandum and articles of association.
    Members Required Minimum – two trustees. No upper limit. Minimum – seven managing committee members. No upper limit. Minimum three trustees. No upper limit.
    Board of Management Trustees / Board of Trustees Governing body or council/managing or executive committee Board of directors/ Managing committee
    Mode of Succession on Board of Management Appointment or Election Appointment or Election by members of the general body Election by members of the general body


  • amit

    i just want to start a NGO in ORISSA to provide food &cloth to the poor people. but i have no experience & do not know the procedure to start a NGO.pls suggest me.

  • Murad ALi

    MY Name is Mr Murad Ali From Mingora Swat Pakistan Plz Give me a Ngos
    Chance .

  • http://--- RAJENDRA GAGARE


  • Faustina Nkrumah

    i would like to join your NGO am good creative and i want to help my sister and brothers who like to learn a creative art but am in ghana. so what can i do to help

  • Rahul

    i am 21yrs old male and want to join a NGO to help, but i don’t have proper knowledge that how can i join…??

    i did not find any person who gave me proper knowledge, advice etc.

    i lived in Vikas Puri(Delhi) and have to join NGO near by.
    please help me
    my ph # 9999911741

  • Olubori Ojo

    I read ur step by step guide on ngo and it really gave me an insight. I would be glad if u can send updates/tips that will be helppful in a good ngo because I have just conceived the idea of an ngo and I need informations to guide me through.

    • Phillip Moore

      contact me on: phillip_moore06 at yahoo dot fr

  • onyiny zemonye

    I really want to know as a student if it is that easy to start up an NGO.and how old is decleared as too small to start up an NG0o.

  • mahfooz

    thanks for sharing your idea and experience, they are very usfull for those who start n.g.o as well as those who are running n.g.o. i want to start my own n.g.o for publice healthcare in Kabul Afghanistan. i just finished my university in fied of management, so i think for being as a pioneer i need your advice and idea. so please don’t ignor me!

  • Helen asekhame

    Ive always wanted to start an ngo on kidney disease after the death of my elder brother who died of end stage renal failure due to lack of informatio,but i dont know how to go about it.thanks for you information sir.i love to know more from you sir.

    • Phillip Moore

      contact: phillip_moore06 at yahoo dot com

  • ajay walia

    a very good morning sir ……….
    i am a college student …… and i wnt to do something to help poor …….. i want to create a group in my college in which students become a part and help for the good of poor…….. it would be pleasure if suggest me how to proceed …… and what all can i focus at this level…….

    it would be pleasure to get your reply soon

    • Phillip Moore

      kindly contact my email on : phillip_moore06 at yahoo dot com

  • anil kumar

    reading your tips was a good exp-erience. these looks very geniune and honest. thank you.

  • Amit Kumar

    Hi Sir,

    I am a college drop out..I want to start a NGO for poor children..I want to give them shelter and education. Those kids who are orphan or whose parents can not afford to give them education, I want to do something for them. I want to stop child labor and give them a bright future by educate them.
    Sir please support me and direct me to my Goal.

    Amit Kumar

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  • http://StartNgo Zaida ndiema

    Hi i live in Kenya i am a lady who really feel to help the needy please help me this is what have being dreaming for to help those who need help i will be glad to work with you.Thanks and be blessed.

    • Phillip Moore

      my email: phillip_moore06 aat yahoo dot fr

  • Prince Osafo-kissi

    Thank you for the shared information.I am about to start an NGO and my target is the youth. my vision is to make the youth self sufficient or to start their own business.
    My problem is preparing my business plan or an action plan. My mission is support the youth to start something to easy unemployment in country or locality. there are a lot of students who have completed school but are unemployed.

    Your support,advice,suggestions and comments will be well received,
    Help me with the action plan or the business plan suggestions to the design of a website would be appreciated.
    Thank you.

    • Philli Moore

      For more information: reach me on: phillip_moore06 at yahoo . fr

  • anjali mittal

    i must appreciate your efforts to guide and inspire people for elaborating about an ngo,i am also looking for someone who can guide me for starting up an ngo related to women empowerment in lusaka ,zambia

  • Miraj Afridi Chairman DEWAH

    Thank you very much to share a fruitful informative ideas and experiance.

  • Samsad Rahaman

    I want to work with teen students and give them support to study science by providing a complete “LAB” for Physics, Chem., and Bio.Sc..
    Would you like to suggest me about the design, planning of and about the probable funding source for my dream NGO?


  • okezie onyekachi

    i’m grateful for the information.i’m a graduate and a business man based in nigeria.i’m equally planning on how to start an ngo especially to assist students for now,those in my locality at the junior level to acquire basic education,maybe through scholarships,disbursal of writing materials,etc. Pls i need more info. Keep up the good work

    • Phillip Moore

      For more information, my email: phillip_moore06 aat yahoo dot fr

  • amit

    it was very nice to read out your tips and i think i will be successful in running an ngo.

  • Paul Joseph

    Hi everyone myself Paul Joseph want to open NGO to eradicate child labour. Please help me out. “Serving to people are serving to mankind”

    “hands that servers are holier than the hands that pray.

  • http://google Rashmi Ranjan Barik

    Hello Sir
    I am a college drop out..I want to start a NGO for poor children..I want to give them shelter and education. Those kids who are orphan or whose parents can not afford to give them education, I want to do something for them. I want to stop child labor and give them a bright future by educate them.
    Sir please support me and direct me to my Goal.

    Rashmi Ranjan Barik

  • NOOR




    • Phillip Moore

      Drear Noor,

      I received your message on Metador and i will like you to contact me on my email address at: PHILLIP_MOORE06 AT YAHOO.FR

    • http://nil Zawar Hussain

      Hi Noor,
      This is Zawar, i am running here NGO, We are working in all clusters here,
      plz give me little informatio about your village, I will definately make my access to your area and ressolve water problem..
      villge name
      Union Council
      person name to be contact
      persons #

      For more querries contact me at my Mailing adress or my cell # only

    • Rajar7

      Dear Noor, I am from Pakistan. I want to clarify one thing. This thing does not seem to fit into scope of an NGO rather it looks like a charity project. You should think it of a project and should not make NGO. with this project you can get equal support as that of NGO. You can get donors from your personal connections. In your case you need money and group of trust worthy people in pakistan to work on this project.

      We have started an NGO called HUMANISTAN… website is

      At the moment we cannot offer any support in any capacity as we are establishing ourself but I can give you advice. If you need to talk further please contact me

  • NOOR


  • Laila

    Thanks for your helpful tips. I will definitely use them for opening my NGO.

  • Esterlina Salvaleon

    Please help us, we would like to build or start an NGO for special children

    I am a mother myself of a special child ( a child with autism) am very much willing to

    work with this group coz they need help in enhancing their strengths and potentials.

  • Esterlina Salvaleon

    We would like to start an NGO for special children where will we go

  • Mansi16_love

     I want to start an NGO for animals. Please help me and tell me what should I do. Please…I am from Lucknow.

    • Roshansingh18

      hello mansi this is Roshan singh i m going to start NGO in all india level, i think u can join us contact no….9389564740

    • Globallifecarefoundation

      hello mansi…..first u create a group of ur friend which will ur support than u self swot…anlysis..than try for work

      • furqan azeem sidiqui

        i want to work on interfaith to address the community problems in my country..

    • Abhishek Singh

      have u started working for your n.g.o. I’m from gorakhpur and wants to work for same cause. can we come together and work?

    • Sndeep Sangwan

      Hello Mansi i wana to do same in this filed, if u started something or planing for it please send me a mail at

    • Daisy White

      you can contact me at +91 9971480883

    • Lifecare1137

      several problems one solution which i have got my no 9379061137

    • Rajvansh

      I’m Planing to Established the NGO for Poor & Blind People for his complete co-operation from our NGO and Govt Of India. I looking for interested people to join with us, i have few of Excellent & Ready Projects in NGO .
      IF you interested, So kindly mail me your details at- 

      • Sachindanzer

        myself sachin raj nd main goal of my life is same like u plz contact to me 8144032545

      • Shyam_guptaa

        i am intrested too,,,plz contact at

      • Helping the Needy

        Hello rajvansh i started my own NGO already and is going on successfully i will really like us to work hand in hand and see how long we can go here is my email address thanks and waiting

  • Dik bahadur rai.

    We like to start one ‘Hope Home’ for child those who are born from unmarried mother base on Kathmandu Nepal.I would like to get idea from your side about donors and volunteers.Plese let me know.

  • Devadanam

     Dear Sir/madam,
    Our  Organisation” Action for Development of Human and Rural Neglected Areas’ (ADHARANA) it is a charitable, non-governmental and faith based  voluntary registered organization Registered under Society Registration Act.XXI of 1860,We are involved in socio-economic upliftment of the rural poor who are below the poverty line people in the mandal o f Challaplli, Krishna District.Our programme are aimed at family Welfare Programme, Children Welfare, Women’s Development, Health, Education, Agriculture, Adult Education, Vocational Training for women and youth, Youth Leader Training, Cultural programme, Sports, To provide education Training and Rehabilitation of the Disabled, HIV/AIDS Awareness, Environment and community rural and urban development etc., Although, we have planned many needful development programmes for the rural community, We are unable to implement it due to lack of funds.
    I therefore request you to support our projects in serving the needy of the people in the rural areas. Kindly send us your news letter and other information about your agency. Anticipating your early reply, Yours sincerely,
    Action for Development of Human and Rural Neglected Areas (ADHARANA),
    Challapalli-521 126,
    Krishna District,

  • Abdihakim

     I am wiling to start an NGO on nutrition and education development in my area,please show me how to start because that is the main problem for development.

    • Asfand33385

      that is good i am here tofund you 

  • Rakhil Mukhtar

    I want to start NGO for the paralized people because my 14 years old son is also paralized from last two years and I have self experiance of difficulties that a paralized victim had to face in Pakistan.

  • Sa


  • muhammad ramzan

    it was very fruitful website and the guideline provided. i was struck up in similar situation. i had conceived an ngo ” AASRA Foundation” but i was unable to get it registered in pakistan due to present prevailing situation. Any way i will still try hard to establish in line with your guidance.

  • nayanika

    its really good sir..i also want to open my NGO i have only ideas but after reading this article i came to know what i should do and what i need….thanku sir


    sir i want to open  an NGO to save our culture…please tell me some more steps..or path me please.

  • Miles Tarun

    im new to all this and ive nt even volunteerd under any ngo but im very much willing to start my own small ngo for public awareness for use of plastic and its affect on environment and also  my city dehradun is an tourist place but is gettin ruined by many activies so i wnt to stop this…
    plz help me with suitable info…

  • Priyanka Chordia

    it was nice to learn how to start a ngo…n it helped me even…i wud be grateful if you let me knw or suggest some more tips to start an ngo for poor,below poverty line children,handicapped children…

  • raghunath

    I would like to start NGO for elderly retired and dependent people who are neglected by their kids and there is no one to support them, I am from Nasik, India. 
    Please guide how to go about this project. 
    By profession  I am a qualified CMA (Cost and Management Accountant)
    Warm regards
    Gadre Raghunath

  • Edwin Kaihiva

    I’m an african refugee claimant in canada and i wana start an NGO for the bushman or (khoisan) comunity in southern african countries coz they are so left behind with no education and living in poor conditions, i grew up with them so i know how their daily lives go about, most of em turn to alcohol and theft just to get by life, i’m realy realy am serious about this. please please help me help the needy. 

  • Hcf Grt

    I start a LNGO in Pakistan for to educate the people ,aware about health in rural area and peace and tollrance but i face difficulties especialy in financial matters so suggest me what i can do that i could run smoothly with our aims and objectives

  • abhishek mehta

    Hi I want to start a NGO at junagadh,gujarat,india.  For the students who are studing in govrnment school for mid day food.Kindly guide me.

  • Josephine


    Hi, thanks alot for your guid which has opened my mind.i want to start a NGO on:
    1:children whose parents can not pay for their school fees due to dificult life they  are facing.I feel the pinch because i was one among those children.It was real paining me when i entered the class then i had to be chased out because of not paying school fees.

    2: helping those local (small) farmers in rular areas whosuffer from  hunger due to happening of heavy floods or strong sun burning  (drying crops) which lead to very very poor life as you know most of  local farmers they depend on the harvest to get cloth,medication,food,shelter and every thing.I also know the situation bacause my parents are peasants too so i passed through such a life.

    i would like to have your close support as this thing is real from the bottom of my heart.It is touching me.

    • abhishek mehta

      Thank you Joshephine I will really apriciate the effort from your side.
      Kindly guide how to start.

      Thank you,

      Abhishek Mehta.

      • Helping the Needy

        Hello i started my NGO already I
        think this coming new year….LET’S GET REAL and help this children!! A
        lot of what we focus on around here are the poor, needy, suffering,
        broken people in this world and how we can help. I found myself caught
        up in listening to a radio program yesterday. Way FM posed the question ”
        Why would a merciful God allow suffering, starvation and poverty?”…or
        something like that. please help the poor, needy, suffering in the
        world. for this children really needs your help, please help them for
        God will reward you 10 times for that you have done. you can email us at
        ( for more infos thanks and may God Bless you

    • Ankitaaggrawal

      your lines touched ma heart ,i also want to work for such children whose parents r nt able to send their kids to school …

    • Sachindanzer

      i m also wid u plz contact to me 8144032545

      • arpita


    • Sajidbagoro

      josephine i appreciate you,i also going to establish a kind of NGOs that work on poor people,if you interested and want to work jointly plz gather hands with me.         my Email: sajidbagoro@yahoo:twitter .comcontact:03456046398

  • Ashu jaiswal self ashu jaiswal from india..Above material turned very useful to me as I want to start my own ngo.By proffesion I am a web designer.But few incidents from my life changed my view towards life and so currently I am doing a PG course in guidance and counselling.I want to start an ngo for people who are ill and need financial help.and I also want to counsell people who are physically challenged.(rehab counselling) it is possible to start NGO & rehab centre together?(I mean Two in one?)…kindly reply me.Thank you.

  • Evanajjuka

    these are great ideas thanks

  • Evanajjuka

    Hello  Josephine thanks for the advice its really great im from Uganda i registered a NGO which helps orphans and women but it i have not yet obtained funds but thanks for you ideas i think they will help me push on .

  • Atul Dixit

    please show me how to go about it. 
    send me details on my mail id atul_mba @hotmail:disqus .com
                                                                                                    Thank you

  • Fideliajeffry

    i want to start an NGO  on the campaign against high rate of divorce in Nigeria ,my country and the in the world at large. i know it may be a very huge challenge but i believe my campaign can bring the rate down to the bearest minimum.
    the reason behind this project is because a broken home especially in africa has affected the african child negatively and has brought their self confidence down and sense of belonging. The pain the children feel is so strong that may affect their future life style.
    My children are victims of this type of situation and im not happy seeing my children loose concentration in school and its giving me serious concern.
    i know alot of children out there are presently going through such pain of violence in their homes and seperation of both parents. i have passion for this project and wish to go out there and campaign against divorce and make it the very last option instead of the first resolve. What must i do first?

  • Sadi_fari_gul

    I want to start an NGO for children whose parents can’t afford to give them the basic materials for schoo,but i will be dealing  with government schools.Please show me how to go about it.Thnak You

  • Patricia

    Hi, I am Patricia, I want to start a NGO for refugees african women who can’t intergrate in south africa society, they are qualified but don’t know from where to start, young women who finish matric just don’t know what to do, get women in some training that can help them to found job, train women in leadership,sort of empowering women. Ireally need help with this problem because I know how it feels in this shoes of not  knowing what to do who to speak to. Thank you

  • Sajidbhutto

    I want to start an NGO for Poors to help in Islamic Funeral & burial Procedure. No any NGO is working on it. This is need of every family to afford the expenses of funeral & buriel procedure and poor people do so even they would have to get credit from others and so on. I dnt know whether it works or not but I have started a wefare (community base) work for above cause at my village and get good result so I want to go for other villags. So plz help me to give some advice..

    Sajid Bhutto
    +92 3433349149
    Bhutto Muhalla Sehwan sharif Sindh

  • San Sani

    i want to start NGO  for street children who need food, shelter , education and plese help me how to go.
    Thank you

  • Himanshu Chawla

    hyyyy,, i m himanshu chawla…
    i want to start my NGO for rural people children’s, whose exploited by society… i want to support these children’s ,, i want to work for against child labor and child exploitation ,, please help me and give some basic ideas so that i can successfully start my NGO for children’s welfare…

    please help me……

  • Chijiheme

    thank you so much. i’ve learnt a lot

  • Chijiheme

    please how do i go about starting an NGO for disabled and their children, beggars and their children, and the less privileged. i’m about starting teaching a few of them skills for the meantime

  • Henry kimweli

    Hi, I would like to have an NGO to help mothers during delivery time, how do i get help for this will need funds and have seen them suffer fatally due to lack of funds, my email address.; tel +254 722 135 981

  • Darshan

    we will start a new youth club & social socity, we need a some donation from this   

  • denis

    Thanks Ahishek Metha hope to here from me seeking for more advise
    i remain denis

  • btripathi11

    i want to open an NGO cancer patients in my area in U P IN MY DEORIA DIST as i am working in a company with cancer division to create awareness camps diagnosis help , and chemotherapy helps, pls guide me how can i accompolish it kindly mail

  • btripathi11

    how to start it pls guide

  • Africachild Foundation2010

    I want to start an NGO for children  who are orphans, needed children  and aged as will as environmental cleanness and education please how should i start .Thank you

  • Ganeshtrustg3

    Really good  job done by you  Now i am really intersted in opening of old age for poors now iam runnig the small school yearly iwill give free education and fees concession for poor and economically weaker  .Hence if any body wants to help please inform me to this mail adreess or phine no 919480293953

  • Salil Parida

    Hi….thanks for the nice and illustrative article….i am a surgeon in India and planned to open an NGO about cancer awareness…..can u through me some light regarding it?

  • Martin

    I want to first of all thank you for For the guide. Secondly, Wanted an advice from you.
    I am a young youth from Kenya already conducting ground survey to start an NGO that will direct its focus to the youth. Try and help on how i can make this possible in the initial stage. My target group is facing a great challenge of substance abuse hence becoming less resourceful. I want to focus my mission in tying to look for ways to engage the youth in more productive activities. Your advice will be highly appreciated.   

  • Werner

    I would love to work for an NGO – please email me at (Werner)

  • Gajpati Dora

    I am interested to start an NGO for development of Children by physically,mentally and spiritually in Rural and tribal area.Govt. is providing mid day meal,books and Dresses.But that cannot reach near the Publicc.So i have  a concept that will solve the problem of poor people.  please Guide me to open a successful NGO in Odisha.

  • Normankanyemba

    Just discovered this site.It has given me some light as I am contemplating how to start a small organization in malawi

  • monika

    I want to do smthing for a girls who need help to achive there aim to do higher studies.
    please show me how to do that from where i start.

  • Rubaki2001

    i found your steps quite helpful and hope to utilize them as i start my foundation.

  • Trevorvernon

    thinking about  starting a ngo, working along side another ngo in peru.
    thinking about setting up a christian accomodation place in ventinilla for mission visitors.
    i  live in australia, any one got any great ideas of how to get started?

  • lekhita

    hi! i want to start an ngo for poors to help them, old age peoples, to give them shelter with some enterprenural skills with the yoga and adhyatma kendra.pls help me out as i am already working for it by helping people and teaching womens some art and craft work, so  i need some good peoples who can work with me passionately and by heart with their skills and innovative ideas. pls give me ideas how to proceed further in this for ngo. contact 09826832988

  • Luanda Smith

    hi. what are the legal steps to start an international NGO?

    i’m a photographer from mexico. if you have any project here call…

    best regards

  • Vivian ekeocha

    i want to start up an ngo for children with down syndrome and autism.what steps do i take.i have a brother with down syndrome.he was sent to a school for special children and when the owner of the center died,he and the other children were sent back home.dis situation left him devasted as it dawned on him over the years that he wasn’t like other children.i’m worried about his future and don’t wa nt him to be a liability.i know dat many parents out there worry about their special children.dis has been a vision i’ve borne but do not know how to make it real.i do not want to fail my brother and those children who even in their low intelligence ability still dream of a future.i believe they have some thing to offer if given a chance.i really do need your help.vivian, nigeria

  • Gtg109

    Hey I’m a 17 yr old… wanting to start an NGO…Help…

  • Mirwaisebabai

    My name is Mirwaise Babai and i am from Pakistan. I have done my bachelors in arts and now preparing for css. I am only 21 years old but have big plans in life but for that i need guidance so if anyone helps me out would be really appreciated. I wanna do something big for the poor people living in Pakistan, am planning on starting it from the city called quetta cause i am basically from here and i have some contacts here, i also worked hard on my own with some of my friends when the flood hit Pakistan last year. Collected around 22 lac rupees and distributed food and cloths to the victims by visiting them on our own. Now i wanna do something for education and i wanna build a hospital here, i knw i can’t do it alone and i really don’t knw where to give it a start from so if anyone wants to help me out, with an advise or any ngo wants to help me out, i will be really grateful cause its my dream and i love people and hate to see them suffer the way they are… plz plz plz contact me on my email address , really looking forward to it.
    plz i have alot of hopes

  • laxmi debnath

    how 2 start ngo in indiya

  • laxmi debnath

    any one lisen me pls help for my pore vilageres

  • Syed Habib

    i want to start a NGO for rural sector…plz help me…


  • Habib Syed

    i want to start a NGO for rural sector…plz help me…i want to start a NGO for rural sector…plz help me..+919735344355Like

  • Panbu

    hi i want to start ngo . what are the procedures and how can i register it. kindly send details

  • Mbang_paul

    I wish to start an NGO, how will i do that?

  • Mbang_paul

    I am in U.S.A, i already started this NGO in my village , back in Cameroon, Africa where i was trying to promote education. Presently am in the USA, how will i expand this NGO in order to help my country in return?

  • Thewaytohappinessindia

    Dear Friends, I am Rohit Sharma from “The Way to Happiness Foundation India” and we are working in improving the Moral and Ethical standards in our country. We have a very strong and effective program along with a DVD presentation which compels a person to think for himself and take Responsibility of his actions for better Survival. 

    We are working with Schools in New Delhi and other states and will feel proud to share responsibility with you in improving the condition of Moral Degradation in our classrooms and community.

    Contact me at :  thewaytohappinessindia@ gmail .com  for a free copy of the DVD and book, you can also visit our website at or

                                        SOMETHING CAN BE DONE ABOUT IT

  • Sraj486

     nav chetna vikash kendr is my ngo i estd. 1994 .this is the best ngo in  nawada district .i want to work with technical stream bith my ngo plz help me .narayan paswan

  • Faisal khan

    is herbley requsted that I
    am disable person live in mansoor abad along with my wife and daughter I
    am suffring from last 11 year with my disability my disability due to
    swear road accident with buss due to this accident my back bon have
    damaged last 11 year I live on a bed  and cant face my family dues
    include my daughter education. 
    So pls help out for my problems If
    u want to meet me than pls come to my home and check me  u should decide how I am helpless.

        H/3950 ST/10


  • Harikesh9999

    hii can u help me to get funds for my ngo we are short of funds and hence lacking our vission plzz call me 8097374740  HK

  • Dipprava chatterjee

    so i wnts to make boys and girls educated and earn by them selves
    actually i am ateacher but not sufficien to teach in school
    they r diverting from their goal

  • Arvind Rmishra11

    I want to start my own NGO. Please give me the perfect knowledge how to start NGO. Is there any registration of NGO or what?

  • subash

    Respected Sir/Madam,
    Greetings from Renaissance Social Welfare Society,
    We are involved in multi-faceted services in the rural areas and the development of the women and children are main focus and the activities towards gaining better education, health, and economic stability and to prevent their rights is given the highest priorities.
    We are able to do only small way and thus, seek your partnership to undertake the program in an better manner and we could achieve greater things and bring about remarkable changes in the lives of the poor and the needy our area of operation.
     We hereby sending the details project proposal for your kind consideration. kindly look into our proposal and expecting your early reply in this regards.
    With regards,
    2-851, S.V.Colony,
    Mobile:00 91 9849975346

  • Abinash Satpathy

    sir i am a  student . i love all the work u r doing. i know that i can do well on these kind up work but need your help to established a new ngo which deals with animal. it will work in orissa {india}.                                                                                                                                                         ABINASH SATPATHY                                                                                                                                         abinash.satpathy143@gmail .com                                                                                                                        +919861715984

  • Gilbert Babu

    my name is mr Gilbert Babu i would like to open my own ophan and poor  children in my country Kenya.Please advice.My mail is

  • D.G.Krishna

    this is D.G.krishna,  andhrapradesh, hyderabad,  
    i completed my engineering graduationi wanted to start an organization,, to do service to my society,   am not getting the right way to fulfill my dream,,,,,
    please tell me the right way to start this foundation.

  • Macaulay Yetunde

    Very well pleased with your ample guide on starting an NGO.  I am also very much interested in making my cause run as an NGO and I found out that registering and NGO here in Nigeria is expensive.

    I will sure follow your steps above for goal clarification.

    You are the best.

  • S.Ramesh

    Dear sir/Madam

     i am always run the trust managing and financial trustee and three members. we are not a any network, i am all ready run the computer education training center for poor people, with low fees structure. our trust is not guidance for other trust. our trust not get the 80g 12a fcra because the financial problem.

    ok come to the point, how to Analise the correct and guide with help full, with out profit guidance trust people.

    our trust reg. year of  2005.

    The above the problem how to solve . If you interest please send your advice my id:

    thank you

    with regards

  • Victor Jnr Omollo

    I would wish to create an NGO that would assist in eradicating the numerous number of street urchins,by giving them homes and education.In the same NGO,I would like to assist the old,widows, widowers, making sure that all bright students who performs well in their O level examination but fails to achieve their education dreams due to school fees,gets a quick access to a secondary school.Also,knowing very well that human beings are no better of than animals,I would also wish to give homes to the wondering animals and give life to the sicking ones.Walking from street to street to assist the urchins from drugs and drug abuse to a healthy and stress free life.The question is,where and how do I begin?

  • Germaine

    Can anyone please help with the site that I need to officially begin the process of starting up an NGO? I’ve searched and searched with fruitless results. Any help with be greatly appreciated. 

  • neelam jyala

    hello sir/mam we are running a volunteer organisation from last three years & and particularly regulating a cancer mission compaign in india proffesionaly a paramedic & wish to establish a copltet cancer detection centre at our region so plz help me to promote this task if u agree with me then plz respond me at my e-mal id i will send u details of my activity my

  • Njabulo

    thank you so much for the information its very help full 

  • Mujimallo

    This is wonderful.

  • mallo

    I want to establish an NGO  in kenya,Busia county, to address issues of urban safety and security.i would appreciate if you advise me on how to approach it.

  • Nihal

    i am from sri lanka & thinking of how i could help to develop the education of the poor students especially in the rural areas – my primary ideas is to provide the most needfull for education to the students in thoe ares. so i feel that i should form a organization in a small scale where it could be expand step by step – looking for advices & financal support or this.

  • panchwati

    I want to start an NGO for physical chllange children. Please help me and tell me what should I do. Please…I am from ghaziabad.

  • Ezbargblor

    I read your ten steps on starting an NGO, very informative. Presently, I am helping a school in one of the countries in  West Africa. My first initiative was to start with a little stipends for  eight teachers in a Junior High School, their salaries usually come two to three months late. This lateness caused most of the teachers to leave the classrooms to seek other avenues for fundings. I have been helping them now for the past three months, I intend to continue this for the rest of the academic year, 2011-2012.  I just purchase a generator to supply electricity to the school, this should help students to learn how to  use computers in the classrooms. The generator that I purchased, is the only generator in the whole town.  All of the funds come out of my pockets.
    There are about 200 students enrolled in the school. I am trying to set up an NGO, that will help to continue to help out the school in question, espcially, when my help comes to an end in September of next year.  Please advise as to how to proceed to setting up an effective NGO to help in the areas of education and health.
    Thanks again for the great ideas  to help others in need.
    Edmund  or  

  • Rajendra

    I want to be establish NGO for the old and disable persons, Even I want to eradicate illiterate from poor people. And I do not wan to see any more street boys who are going to wrong way. 

  • Ankitaaggrawal

    i want to start a NGO for poor children education n their whole development ,,how can i register my NGO ..n pls tell me how can i take steps in this way ,,,

  • govinduraju

    all is fine and trying to do this job kindly help us

  • Puja das

    i want to open an ngo for those old or peoples who are dominated by their own relatives.Every day they are hurted by their torchers. Kindly suggest what all steps i can take to help them.

    • Krishna_kittu333

      nothing to worry puja das,,, u were going to be success,,,,,
       ”For every big fortune there is ah struggle’ keep this in mind,  
      U had to bounce like ah ball,,,,, good daykrishna_kittu333 @yahoo:twitter .com contact me in to this’

  • Ub-vet

    hello there..
    i am trying to set up NGO for deliver good public health and animal care information local community… so for this reason choosing name for ngo what should i consider

  • Azam Khaan

    I am by reading all your experiences and advises regarding the NGO. Now the question is this ,that for my cause i don’t have any money in my hand.But i would like to start the NGO, in two fields 01 is education for the poor people and second is health. I am belong to the country where there is much more discrimination, as religion wise. We here are in minority under the high command of Muslims.Our religion is Christianity .Here people hate us, So if we don,t work on education and health.we will be smashed by them.
    This is my ambition to pull our people up.
    I real need help from outsiders, Here people will not help me in this regards, So then what should i do in this critical position.
    I am from Pakistan, city Lahore, Province Punjab.

    thanks and regards,

    Azam khan,

    E- mail: azam.khaan@yahoo:disqus .com  

  • Alpacasamka

    Hi!! I´ve been working in ethic-social textile projects in my country (Chile), with ethnic minorities and farmers under social risk. I have invest lot of money, but I think I should form a NGO, the question is how? and how many members should I start with?
    My web site: (the social alpaca project which I have developed)


    Andrea Oneto

  • Khanyizondo3

    l want to start an organization of cleaning streets, l need some help not in funding but where exactly must l do first…help

    • Hema s khanna

      i want to start an NGO for helping people of all age groups.1 for poor kids whose parents cannot afford fees for their education.
      2 for seniour citizens who dont have a house to stay  and are unhappy in life 
      3 for handicapped children.i want your help for knowing how shall i start.please give me guidence and show how to go about.thank you.hema emailid no 9224407344 

      • Lifecare1137

        several problems one solution which i have got my no 9379061137

        • Omuhle

          i am based in RSA. looking to start an NGO assisting youth in our rural areas with school i.e improving marks and entering post school programmes. can i call for help?

      • Sajidbagoro

        Hema s khanna i am an environmentalist and i also have a desire to establish an NGO regarding to maintain our environmental problems and make sure  help for  poor peoples,,if you want,we will establish an NGO together.   My email:                                   contact: 03456046398

        • Sirajul Haque

          i have worked on water and waste water management  since 17 years in U.P> and desire yo establish an N.g.O REGARDING above subject  we will establish all together

          • Sudhir

             Hi Sirjul,i am also want to work on water and waste management.right now i am working in water industries and also desire to establish an NGO regarding on this subject.

            So,our motive is can be way same.

          • MohanKumar

            can i share ur mail id plez
            am from andhrapradesh

        • Rajar7

          Sajid bagoro, where you live Pakistan or India? I am working on a new NGO called HUMANISTAN.. our website is
          Environment is one of our concern too. If you are interested, talk with me. May be you can work on environment chapter/side of our NGO. my email is

          • Kwame

            Rajar, can you help me with this idea, since i have the same passion to set up an NGO in Ghana. I studied natural resource management both in ma diploma and Bsc. I am now in germany for Msc Forest Information Technology

          • GIFTY MANYE


        • Fenininfosoft


        • Santosiannoor

           sajid, i also have same ambition, am taking environmental and biosystem engineering in kenya…can we join hand…

        • ahmed
      • Dimitri

        Hi Hema,
        I came across your post and I am very exited because it goes toward what i am trying to do for my community. I would like to network with you and possibly share ideas. This would allow both of to measure how well our respective NGOs are advancing. Email me if you do not see any inconvenience. Dimitri

      • Dimitri

        I forgot to drop my email address. have a great week Hema. Dimitri

      • happy

          Do you need Business Loan or Personal if Yes??email us now at (

                   APPLICANT’S DETAILS:

        * Name Of Applicant:………………………………
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        * State:…………………………………………
        * Country: ………………………….. …………
        * Gender: …………………………… …………
        * Marital Status: ………………………………..
        * Age:……………………. ……………………
        * Occupation:………………. …………………..
        * Income Rate: …………………………………..
        * Tel:…………………….. ….. ……………..
        * Mobile:………………………………………..
        * Loan Purpose………………….. ………………
        * Amount Needed………………….. ……………..

        Hope to hear from you soon.
        Managing Director…/MD
        Loan Department

      • Helping The Neddy

        Hello Khenna i started my NGO already so I
        think this coming new year….LET’S GET REAL and help this children!! A
        lot of what we focus on around here are the poor, needy, suffering,
        broken people in this world and how we can help. I found myself caught
        up in listening to a radio program yesterday. Way FM posed the question ”
        Why would a merciful God allow suffering, starvation and poverty?”…or
        something like that. please help the poor, needy, suffering in the
        world. for this children really needs your help, please help them for
        God will reward you 10 times for that you have done. you can email us at
        ( for more infos thanks and may God Bless you

    • Lifecare1137

      several problems one solution which i have got my no 9379061137

    • Krishna_kittu333

      dont fix up one particular place.., first day u please clean ur house
      very next day u please come out of your house clean your street n surroundings,,,
      move forward like that,,,, service is endless
      DO GOOD BE GOOD…. everybody will follows you.. all the best.

    • Priyam Chawla

      even my mission is just the same. we can share some ideas..

      • Pastorlordakuffo

        that’s very great of u and can u pls give me some link to ur website and see what u are doing,because i also own ngo none profit and want more friends who do similar work and see if we can shear more ideas together.for more information pls check our website or contact me on +233241900191 thanks very much.

      • vinod kumar mabm

        I amalso interested start NGO for my village new modal like nirmal gram and well education provided by our team. My context no. 8239416684 08892777142

    • Rajar7

      It more seems a self help thing.  Create awareness in people, offer them low cost way to keep their street clean. Be in touch with your local council responsible for cleaning streets. If they are not working properly, raise voice over this issue. If such council does not exists then make some plan or proposal to establish such thing. hope it helps.
      also please visit my NGO website related to human right etc.

      • Helping the Needy

        Hello Rejar i will like us to work hand in hand. i created my NGo already and is going successfully here is my email and we will talk better thanks



  • Palamngo



    Name Of Organization




    Address of the Organization







    Training Centre





    Contact Phone  


    04369 – 314768.

















    Chief Functionary Details


     K.SENTHILKUMAR, Managing Trustee





    23/1- Periyanayakipuram,

    Thiruthuraipoondi – 614713,


    Tamil Nadu         India.



    Type of organization


    Registered Trust


    Register Number


    03/2006               Date: 03.01.2006


    Registered Under which act


    Indian Trust Act


    Area of functioning


    Thiruvarur District and Nagapattinam Dt.








    12 AA


    Register No: 186




    Applied Awaited


    PAN card


    Yes No:



    Contribution Regulation Act)




    Under Ministry Of Home Affaires Govt INDIA)



    DETAILS :-


    Name of
    the Account holder:  Peoples 
    Awareness  And Legal Aid
    Movement (PALAM)


    Name of
    the Bank



    Neermulai – 614711

    Nagapattinam –Dist, TamilNadu, India














    SB No :   1225.155.9923



    FCRA :

    (Foreign  Contribution)


    Bank MICR








    IFSC  Code








    Natural Disaster
    relief and rehabilitation work  

    To improve the
    Living Condition of our area People of Self Help and Skill Development.

    To educate the
    children, primary and Higher secondary Level

    To improve
    Agriculture practices with professional/Technical expert guidances.

    To enhance the
    Awareness on STD, TB and HIV among youth adolescent and Adult in our are area.

    To Promote
    organic farming and sustainable Agricultural and involve farmers.

    To form and
    facilitate women development skill development and living condition.

    To promote
    Health program for women and children.

    To facilitate
    housing for the House less People in our area.

    10. To arrange Micro Credit for restoration of

    11. To enhance awareness an environment, Tree planting,
    Horticulture and Bio-diversity conservation.

    12. To Conduct awareness training on Global warning and
    climate change

    13. To guide the people to protect them from the global
    warning and climate Change

    14. To promote Income generation programme (IGP) among the
    rural poor women to Eradicate the poverty

    15. To empower suitable well being of the rural poor

    16. To create the IGP- activities to  raise the rural women standard of living and
    Socio- economic level/ status



    create a world wide peace & harmony through welfare & Development
    activities without among any kind of discrimination of Religion, color, gender,
    race and etc., the mission of the “PALAM” which is conscious of the concerned
    with liberation not oppression freedom not slavery, light not  darkness health not disease, life not Death


    To provide Disaster
    Relief and Rehabilitation assistants to the public due to Natural
    calamitiesTo work for Disaster
    Risk & battle managementTo implement
    sustainable agriculture and Environment programs by conducting seminars,
    workshops, trainings to the Agriculture sector.To start and
    technical training centers for the poor and medical Aids relief and
    medical advises to poor village massTo start and run
    dispensaries hospital and medical Aids relief and medical advises to poor
    village massTo start and Run baby
    care centers and night schools to meet the private tution of the poor
    village massTo start child
    welfare care project/ programme to the childrenTo provide training
    and job opportunity to the rural youth, girls and womento construct the
    Houses for the  House  less poor peopleTo construct the
    schools and hospital those where are the reality Needs





    Sustainable Natural
    Disaster relief and rehabilitation. Preparedness work for
    Flood, Cyclone and Natural calamities.Establishment of
    rural community training centre. Organic Agriculture
    restoration Loan for SHGs.Child and Women
    DevelopmentNew housing construction
    and renovation of old houses. for poor peoples.Poor People’s living
    condition improvement.HIV and AIDS
    prevention and control measures.Child Care Centre
    (Balwadis) Infrastructure Development. Rehabilitation project to the Disabled  Vocational Course for employment
    opportunity. Educational development and Economic
    development income Generation.Micro finances
    Programme to Poor Women.Environmental/Ecology
    Programme. Safe food, Safe water facilities to poor
    peoples Save Girl Child
    Campaign.Human Rights Advocacy
    Campaign,Women Development
    Programme.Consumer Rights
    Awareness Programme.Free Study materials  Distribution and free education for poor
    school students.Development work
    for  SC / ST  communities







    Donations/   DD/ Cheque , To sent By Post by following Address



         23-1,  PERIYANAYAKIPURAM.






                  Visit our website:-

  • Msnajiakhan11

    its really nice to read the whole information which u shared  Sir ….. yes i am also in the process of my registration and my N.G.O’s name is  ’Yes We Do Care’ …. will work for  the free education of poor children , talk  about child labor and give solutions to come over that problem as we cant stop child labor , will talk about rights of special people and will fight for the rights of those homeless parents who have their homes and children but still leaving the life of misery ….. Najia Khan Afridi ..Founder ….from   Karachi   Pakistan …..

  • Msnajiakhan11

    i really want your guidance regarding my N.G.O ‘  Yes We Do Care ‘ i am sending u the link of  facebook  page of my cause … kindly check and i really need your advices …..Thanks for letting us know about u .. :) … Najia Khan ….

  • Msnajiakhan11 this is the link of ‘Yes We Do Care’ … please od check it out …thanks .. :) …. Najia Khan Afridi even i am sending you the  song which i wrote , compose and sang as well and the best musician of Pakistan did my music composition regarding my cause …. ….. kindly do see .. i really need your guidance …. Najia Khan Afridi … Karachi Pakistan …

  • Humancare Foundation

    We establish a registered NGO in Pakistan working sector advocacy,sanitation,rusty pipelines,monitoring govt. primary schools,conduct meetinhugs with local community and civil society etc but still facing financial problem what we can do? pse guide and we want work with international donor agency/organization/foundation how can it possible please reply .

  • Robert Rostad

    Want some advice? Consider defining what a NGO is, even once. You’ve used the acronym, but never defined what you’re talking about. I know I could look it up myself, but I don’t think I will. That’s your job as a technical writer. 


    I want to open an orphanage and equally shelter street kids.what should i do

  • Dmatoke

    thank you very much for the above information. Am glad that I landed on this site.

    A couple of questions to you: 

    At what level should one think of having their NGO registered?
    Any qualification(s) required for one to start a NGO?



  • Guest

    I work for a NGO.  We focus on HIV & ABUSE.  Its amazing how the two are linked.  By the way, I don’t mean amazing in a good way, rather a sad state of hand-me-downs…. The connection is shocking and drastically calls for remedy

    Our HIV Campaign Logo is: One 2 Many = One more HIV infection is one too many! 
    Our Abuse Campaign Logo is: Enough IS Enough = STOP Abuse & Domestic Violence!

     After years of testing and counselling HIV, a prominent subject kept surfacing…..  Abuse.  Hence our research and drive towards implementing prevention training and the supply of tools to lead the current statistics towards a decline.

    We are sponsored by Eskom Western Cape to educate Local communities.  We teach people of all ages how to profile relationships as well as providing information to those who are in abusive  relationships, as well as leading such victims to safety , should the situation be beyond repair.

    We have are extremely privileged to live in a country where the law is so stringent as far as family protection goes.  The Domestic Violence act of 1998 is based on law that we should all be proud of.  

    The Family Protection Order is available to anyone in an abusive situation (Emotional and/or physical.  Obtainable by Men, Women and Children.  Married or unmarried, living together, separated as well as ex lover etc… etc… etc…


    Nowhere near enough people know that a Family Protection Order even exists…

    People have problems, they go to a lawyer if they have the finances, many stay in the situation due to the fact that they cant afford such a costly procedures and abuse in these traps escalates.   

    A Protection Order assists the victim in obtaining support as well as maintenance.  Lawyers costs are not incurred, all services are free from the court.  A victim simply goes to their local magistrates court and follows a few easy steps:

    1.  Asks for the clerk  of the court – in Domestic Violence.
    2. Explain the situation to the clerk.
    3.  He/she will assist in filling out the forms – Application for a Protection Order
                                                                                                Section 4(1) of the Domestic Violence Act
                                                                                               1998 (ACT No.116 of 1998)

    The courts are very helpful, everything is explained in detail and the procedure is very simple.  There is help available, you just need to ask…

    Unfortunately too many people are abused, more women are abused than men and more often than not, this abuse over-flows onto the children.  Too many of us, “WE” our society, stand back and do nothing.  We fear involvement! 

    One in three women are or have been affected by abuse.

    Please pass this information on to others, if you are not able to assist, please at least share this education.  I costs nothing at all, just a moment of time.

    Should anyone require further information on the Protection Order and how to go about obtaining one, please feel free to contact me.  I have more information and I’m happy to assist where I am able.  

    My name is Niki and my Enough IS Enough email address is

  • Rural Development Association

    plz post another info about how to increase my ngo… our email id is—

  • Magdowuona

    only yesterday, i had a strong desire to start an n g o of my own by early the first quarter of the new year. i do not know what exactly i should go into? may i have certain rich idears  of what to choose from to help me start work fast.

    • Krishna_kittu333

      god will see u n bless u all

      • Krishna_kittu333

        god will see u n bless u all

    • Krishna_kittu333

      only yesterday it is started for you,,, it is possible for you to continue in long run service,,, ok, nothing to do keep in this mind “” your one clean  step is enough for one valuble life”‘  so,,, save one life ask that life to save another one life”),, make urfirst should be clean,, defintly u will be succeded 

  • Magdowuona

    please i am waiting for my reply.thanks

  • mustafa

    i want to work on solid waste in pakistan kindly help me how to raise funds for such a Nobel cause i want see my country clean and healthy environment.

  • Banuri Hanumanthrao

    Name: Stop female infanticide
    As part of a sociology/anthropology, Im trying to raise awareness about female infanticide in India with hopes that we can find a way to help end this practice.

    Infanticide is the killing of infants. In India, female infants are killed because of the fact that they are female. Males have a higher status in society because they are the members o…f the family that bring in income. Also,… at the time of an Indian woman’s marriage, a dowry must be paid to the parents of the groom. This is typically a large sum of money. If an Indian family has more than one girl, it is likely that they will become bankrupt.

    Females are killed in a number of ways. After birth, a mother or father may kill the girl with methods like suffocation, starvation, or feeding her poison. On the other hand, if a mother finds out before her child is born that it is to be a female, she may have it aborted. Although abortion is legal in India, aborting a fetus on the basis of gender is illegal.

    The country of India has taken some steps in trying to ban the practice of infanticide. Many adoption sites have been placed around India where unwanted baby girls can be left for others to take care of. Many other couples around the world seek to adopt these babies.
    Contact Info: B. HANUMANTH RAO
    (M): 09246391027

    We plan to make a event called ” RUN/WALK FOR WOMEN 2KM” that deals with the aspects of female infanticide and its consequences. More info to follow.

    We are making awareness of “RUN/WALK FOR WOMEN 2KM” which is an extremely powerful event that gives insight into the devastating conditions female infanticide is inflicting on the nation of India. We will be making it in ____________________. If you have any interest, please contact me for the exact place and date/time. Please be there!

    Dis group is totally dedicated to those people who CARES for a GIRL child. As we all know that there is no future of this world w/o the GIRLS. So To give respect to this beautiful creation of GOD n to salute those parents who’ve daughters in their home, JOIN… POST… PROMOTE… dis group…

  • Srinu_gopa

    I wish to start an NGO of my own   ” medical volunteer services”   with the help of  Trust Hospitals to spread health awareness among the rural population and arrange medical camps.   Please advise me how to get started. 

  • Aghaz Org Pk

    yah it’s very informative for new ngo’s

  • Mulungi Nathan

    iwant to start an NGO of HIVandaids awareness to the people world wide through dancing, singing and acting by film or street theatre what should i do n i need your help my fellow people thanks from Nathan Mulungi in kampala uganda

  • andrew mbene

    thank you very much you”ve actually shed more light, that is fundamental to the setting up and survival of ngos’.

    Andrew Mbene

  • Naresh.M.Solanki

    it is good. i like it

  • isaac osei

    i have establish my own n g o but am finding difficult in raising funds pls can you help us find donors to help our charity home please. write to us on this e -mail

  • Rajasat91

    i want   start a ngo please give me detail how can make a ngo  problem is my side one mosque they are very large but i saw  there is not good facility there no good water there not good toilet and other probelm also there  is i feel i want ask you please explain me 

  • Lucy Oforiwaa

    i’m a student but have the passion to propagate the gospel by donating Bibles to every corner in Africa.I dont have fundings but i still want to do this. Your advice has been a timely intervention for me but please educate me more on how to link up with other NGO’s  in that feild. 

    Thank You!

  • Talent Manyonga

    thank you so much for this ideas, my mum had a dream that she has to help the orphans in our surrounding area in (Landos, Chihota) Zimbabwe so she has started something small with the assistance with  some of her  church members. So was thinking of making something big a proper orphanage home so that we can be able to assist more opharns, how do l go about it. Thank you.

  • Lumunshom

    We are a group of  women from Nigeria who have agreed  to pull our resources together to help children who are desieous to go to school but can not afford it, we also visit  high schools to sensitization the children on social vices that are causing most children to drop out of school.  we have a number of children that we are arleady sponsoring in the high schools; the demand became more than our rsources so we have now registere fully as an NGO but we do not have a website yet and we don’t even know how the web site should look like. Please we need your help.

    Ashilumun Rufina Shom.

  • Krishnesh

    I am 15 and I have a group of 15 year old along with me and all of us want to stat an NGO soon. Our aim would be giving informal education to poor children, creating environmental awareness and cleaning the streets. Is it realistic? And how should we function? 

    • Sachindanzer

      i m also interested dear plz contact to me 8144032545 sachin raj

  • Magezirozious

     We started the NGO in the names of Community education Development Promotion Center  Intiatve 2010 ,its foound in Nangabo Along Gayaza road . Our main objectivies are to provide education to the needy children orphans, and disadvantaged children in the community and also sensitise the youth on the HIV/AIDs awareness. So far we have established A jounior school and we hope that if we get sponsors we shall be able to build the secondary school in the localcouncil. for more information contact the organisation coordinator on Email or ro on Phone +256 783 401 879 any assistance in material,finances and  linking us to the donnors we shall be greatful

  • sachin raj

    sir , i m sachin raj a btek student but the main goal of my life is to help orphan and handicapped children but i have no idea how to start an ngo regardin these activities plz show me the right way bcz this is only way that make me happy plz sir i am very crazzy about this my mob. no. is 8144032545 ,india

  • Nuwan Pradeep Subasinghe

    Im a undergraduate in university of kelaniya(Doing Peace & Conflict Resolution degree.)
    I like to do social activities but not funding. if u can help me plz contact me. thease days im doing a project. its target is reconstruct a  very poor school. (

  • Prem Kumar

    We are serving poor people by providing the School uniforms to poor students and organize free medical checkup camp and help in the marriage or poor girls. Sometimes we fail due to short of fund. Our mission is so high to built a OLD-AGE Home for old persons. We may do with the help of kind hearted and donatee persons who wish to donate and faith on us that we will work very honestly. You may feel free to contact us at any time at Donors can donate in our Bank Account no. 3084894985, Central Bank of India at Rajpura (Punjab)

  • harsh vardhan choudhary

    hey, this is seriously a very nice article ….my self  harsh and i need your help ..i want to start an ngo and i want to help the people in every possible way …like [1] provide a place for old age people to live …[2] provide food for those people who cannot afford to buy .[3] provide a education to those little children who are unware of there capabilities ..[4] planting trees every were i can reach….. my aim is give a smile to whole country …
    1 question – is it possible for one NGO to do all this work?
    please suggest me the procedure
    you can mail me at – harsh07april@gmail:disqus .com
    i’l wait for your response


  • Echrisyouthf

    i am starting an NGO to help people of school going age in the basic and secondary level for poor
    kids whose parents cannot afford fees for their education.
    2. Develop the skills of young people (esp. the youth)
    3. Help the unemployed graduates to get job opportunities.
    How can i make this to come into reality.?
    my number is 00233277249533/00233249643235

  • Pawan kumar gupta

     want to start an NGO for helping  poor kids whose parents cannot afford fees for their education. education is the first step of success if our children are educated they can think better understand and self depend also. i have also having diploma in fashion designing. 
     want your help for knowing how shall i start.please give me guidence and show how to go about.thank id is….pavangupta.spn@gmail:disqus .com

  • Sanjay Mritunjay

     hi… sir i want to start an organization of study for poor small kids ,and incorrage  the people to not send his kids to doing works in shops …this is the time to study ,and achive some thinks. but i need help for fund  to give what they want to make thear  life good ….SANJAY

  • Fa26mu

    I appreciate your insights in  starting up a successful NGO, we started a n NGO now six months ago, called Global Media Group, with main objective of  development communication i.e. bringing on board issues that would never surface on the mainstream media yet they  concern the lower person in the rural ares that are not easily reachable by many mainstream media.

    We are young graduates in Mass communication, funding is currently our main hindrance to  our propelling to higher heights. How would you advise our team.

    Please, we shall be happy for your response ,

    Thank you!

  • Angie

    I WOULD LIKE TO START AN ngo, i am in South Africa, i want to know which enterprise must i register the NGO, IS IT A pty or section 21

  • James Presley

    i want to start an NGO for helping people of all age groups but more especially the hopeless prisoners of which some are even innocent but made to offer hard labor for the rich yet they did nothing, the sick in hospitals, poverty stricken areas in Uganda where people even lack what to eat in life so because of that they resort to become street beggars because of endless wars created intentionally by wealthiest men and women in this world, the abandoned children on the streets, in Baby homes etc and also buying a big chunk of land and construct on it a school for the needy children and a big hospital to offer free treatment of heartache, liver diseases and many other things which fall in that category, for, why in the world do people own millions and billions of dollars, Euros, Pounds etc, on their bank accounts yet many are lacking even a single 5oo shilling to at least buy a bottle of water for survival? Why oh Dear Good Samaritan? your advice is highly appreciative, and if you don’t mind help to show how one can raise money to start such a big thing? James PresleyMukono-Kampala Uganda. Email Adress

  • Lucille

    I like your comments and advise.
      I am considering to start a non-profit/charitable organization where i make contributions of food, clothes that are already worn,  new clothes and also shoes that has been donated by families and organizations or businesses,  to working class woman/man in jamaica who works but still find it difficult to maintain their child/children, in there daily lives and even when they are disaster victims.
    I now reside in New Jersey USA.
    Thank You

  • Yogiaccent

    Many  people are here for a good cause and For on one mission.I’m very confused so  
    even my mission is just the same and finding answer ????????? 

  • Frank Mr01

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  • Chantichinnineduru

    i want to give fresh water in poor village where there is no drinking water through my project so guide me the requirements,and what document are required.

  • purnima chettri

    i want to see the world happy,literate,wealthy and healthy, i learn about the worlds poorest area,people and their living condition .there is no doubt that the people living in poverty are not intelligent there are millions of poor who have desires to serve the country ,the state,the village but hunger illiteracy brings them back and thing about their bread and butter first. government of each country are so very busy to solve the numbers of issues to save the country and the poor lack behind,so  let us  help the people
    though ngos who really are waiting for our support,help and guidance .i sometime feel very upset due to my inabilities because i have no idea about formation of ngo i help many people individually like  teaching ,helping for the treatment,for food, clothing, stationary etc but  alone is not possible for needy  who has expectations to get the same ,ngo is the best way to serve in mass therefore i request to guide me how i should start the service to the poor. my mail id is chettripurnima75 contact 9007864333 kindly reply.
     regards purnima chettri

  • Ashokassnani

    i need your help,b/c my son age 3 year ,so, he case downsyndrom,if u help cell number 923068286011.e-mail

  • Drkumar2011

    HAI  Iam Dr.Kumar from Andhra pradesh i have an NGO recently started.Our aim is to give basical things are education to poor labour childs.and ORPHANS.Besically we don’t have money but i want to give more support to them.We have gathered 10 members people orphan students.please help us  donate funding and help to poor lives.My email address is

  • samuel egbayelo

    i want to start an NGO in the area of creating job for the unemployed in my state. how do i go about it. this is my passion

  • Anurodh Mandal.

    i want to start an NGO for helping people of all age groups.1 for poor kids whose parents cannot afford fees for their education.
    2 for seniour citizens who dont have a house to stay and are unhappy in life
    3 for handicapped children.i want your help for knowing how shall i start.please give me guidence and show how to go about.thank you Anurodh Mandal. my email Id my no is +91-9175282471

  • Mbahculate

    I like to start an NGO in my community to address problems faced by women. These problems included; the marginalization of the woman, maltreatment of widows this brings about a problem of violence against the woman. Please I need support on how to lay the foundation because presently I’m a student. This is a long term project but i intend to lay the foundation right now.

  • Sandisiwemkhwanazi

    Hi. My Sandy and I also want to start my own NGO for young children and also want to make it a place where children can come in show case their talent. All I need is a few guidelines because I’m still young…. Please mail me at

  • Shantho6

    I want to start an organization for help the helpless old peoples. Means around us there are so many old mam & women whose had no children & they don’t have enough energy to do something & earn money & they are suffering for food,cloth & house. Similarly there are so many old man & women, who had children but they are not taking care. I want to buildup an charitable organization like orphanage house for helpless old people.
    And I want to every one “Please always help the old people. those who are helpless”   



  • Day_dreamer29

    My name is santosh and i am from nepal. i want to start NGO but i have got no friends who are interested .  i want to do something for the street children. i tried to do volunteer  for the NGO who are doing the same work but they didnt allowed me to. every one wants experience ones. so what can i do to start this on my own. please if you have suggestion i will be very greatful.

  • Shweta Kaushal41

     I want to start an OLD AGE HOME for  seniour citizens so pls. help me out .

  • Ashish Verma

    i want to start an organization who helps  handicapped children and domestic animals like as cows,dogs and many types of animals .i want to give a protection  those animals and  seniour citizens who dont have a house to stay  and are unhappy in our life. my mb-09839019904,09935200520

  • Avtar

    I have a vision to set up a NGO which would help children, who have lost both their parents in natural or man made clamaties. I am looking for a guiding mentor who could help me.

  • Shyam_guptaa

    anyone intrested to start a medical Ngo around ghaziabad/hapur ,contact at

  • Walakira vincent

    i want to control deforestation in Uganda please email me at walakirav@@yahoo:disqus .com


  • Eojemuyiwa

    i want to start ngo for mothers/baby to give out baby gifts after delivery , how do i start? wish org is already doing this?

  • Chandankumarsinghbgs

    I want to start a NGO for helping people. may I sucess in Bihar or not?


    hello my dearest one for all -  this is BALA RAJU.K  from vijayawada andhra pradesh INDIA within shortly i.e. below 10-03-2012 i will strart NGO with fully dedicated –   it for whoever children leftover by parents, in the sense  (parent’s life pending in judicial court and their children’s are being destitute  there is no proper food,cloths,shelter, one way they are becoming street children,thief)   once upon time the same children was enjoyed with their parents but at present situation they are being destitute.   I want work for them I will educate them, I will arrange shelter for them,  I will give them their  old again…… i need to  tell  a lot but ……………  my + 91 7396093171 , 9441159198  Email  pls meet me throu the mail  or by phone .  

  • Pooran chandra

    I wants to start NGO providing knowledge about aids, who does not know, how it start, what is its effect, how we can safe life form aids. wants to work in Uttarakhand state of India.

    Pooran Chandra

  • Jude

    Hi Ryan,
    I’ve been given an opportunity to head a NGO in India that provides an education to children and careers to women.  Could you please connect me to like minded NGO’s in the world so that together we can implement this change in the world.  You can reach me at
    @gmail:disqus Thank You,

  • Kavitha

    hello sir my name is kavitha i want to start ngo why iam starts witha a story of compassion one day looking out of the window on railwaystaction in hyderbad i saw a group of childrens fighiting with street dogs over scraps of food from this simple yet heart breaking incident  so plz hlp me iam in hyderbad how to get start ngo this is my email id my no 9290959055

  • Kavitha

    any one help me plzzzzzzz

  • Appiah Kwasi Okubi

    i want to start an ngo in our villages to help the needy ones in school going age. how do i start?. physical and financial support are urgently needed. email :

  • Blissful211

    Hi am kora, i would like to start an NGO wit a major aim of helpin some specific group of people,
    Basically my NGO has to do wit skills acquisition i.e helping this specific persons to acquire skills which wil at a long run empower them to start a livin for themselves. Now I need to know how to go about this . Thanks

  • Augustineayangba

    I am a community BASE worker and wants to communicate with you with regards to forming an NGO. THIS is my contact or 002336815263 or +233 3269652. from ghana

  • Ghayoor Abbas

    I  am ghayoor abbas from Hyderabad, Pakistan. I want to launch an NGO so as to i may be able to work for my community rightly and efficiently. Can you give me hints regarding with the reflection of your experience?

  • mansoor

    dear tell me the easy how i can open my own ngo?

  • mansoor

    i have opened an institute now what can i do? here people cannat afford to get eduacation.

  • mansoor

    please help us in the field of education.please donate us

  • Sureshsingh Mathura

    Dear all my Frnds I LoVE U 
    I wants to set up a NGO which work will be educat the poor and Helpless children mostly girls.

    If you have some Ideas For it Plz tell me.
                                                                                                 Suresh Singh Sisodia

  • Nkolly

    hai im young girl from South of Africa i want to open an NGO but dont know how any advice its about teenage pregnacy in my country

  • Umeedonline

    held four camps under the Reproductive Child Health programme in
    February. Several women were checked and given invaluable advice by
    doctors from eminent hospitals. 

  • sona kaushik

    Thank you Ryan…

    We have started a NGO, but could not publicizes anything whatever we have done till now, your article is helpful for us. We will do the same. We were desired to do more but budget was really squeezed up so need some finances.
    I hope your suggestions will give us success to work on our Target.


  • Mohd. Amir

    I did MBA in 2010 and want to start an NGO for technical education to poor people specially for those girls who are belonging from below the poverty line…….to train them and make them self dependent……please help me with your precious suggestion on my e-id        

    • happy

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      • 2ndtboy


        • joseph clemence

           my name is joseph clemence from Tanzania(Africa) I wouldlike to create my NGO about Vocational training and I have a large network in my country but the problem is money
          SO,I I need support from any one

      • makemelaugh

        i cant believe , in this electronic age could nt you come up with any better idea?? lol… man get a life, change your old fishing net hahahha.

  • Fathimahasna33

    i want to start an NGO for helping people. for poor kids whose parents cannot afford fees for their education.
    who dont have a house to stay  and are unhappy in life.
     want your help for knowing how shall i start .please tell me how to start.there are more ofanage students here so i wanted to help please help email id is

  • Loretta Pereira


    I have a deep desire to start an NGO for the last 3 to 4 years but due to my personal problems was not able to do so. I dont know how to go about . I Want to start an Orphange for children. Want tofulfill my purpose of living . Please help me .

  • Anisha Ghosh Pal

    I completed my masters in English literature in 2008 and I am married for a year now.i want to start my NGO  for teaching street children, child apprentices and children  from families below poverty line….please help me out as i don’t know where to start email id is

  • Ang Geck 5

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  • Etoanwei Beryl


  • gulled

    HI Ryan my name is gulled and i,m from east Africa,  where i was born the people are so poor, and they need every thing that you can imagine,i mean they have got nothing,now i leave in the UK and i study environment, what i would like is to help my people,and i was thinking how i start a small NGO,   about helping people ,food,shelter,schools about their children,and i use to work SCF,( save the children fund) for some time ago,any way i need your help,how can i start,what do i need,and how can i do it. if you please give me some advise, i would like to receive in to my email(,  thank you.

  • gulled

    hi ryan i was born in eastafrica and where i came from my people need every thing,i mean every thing,they are so poor now i live in the uk and i would like to start small ngo so i want help my people like food shelter schools for that case i need your help how can i start what can i do and where is the best way to start, this is my email i ilke to receive your advice in to my email.

    thank you 

  • gulled

    sorry ryan this is my email;

  • Peter Awotwi

    i want to start an NGO but i dont know how to start , i want to start an animal farm to help the youth in my little town in Africa my email add is hope to hear from you soon. 

  • Abhinav Verma

    Really its great points to open a ngo ………..  thanks dear……… even i am facing problem to establish my own ngo …….. most of time money problem or some time legal issues…….. if you could help and support to me please contact to me 09555174271 from delhi  Abhinav Verma

  • Karaterita2

    Hi, please my husband has an NGO, which he want to launch at the end of the month, but my problem is he does not have much support from the community, the people don’t show much interest, so what should we do, and it’s his heart desires to help the drop out from school, and drug addict, to learn from him, he is self employe in craftsmanship, what should we do thanks   

  • Nayanibordoloi87

    I am M.A. in geography in 2009.In india,when I see poor people (physically or mentally abnormal),living in foot paths or in road sides…I feel so shame as a human being. I heartly would like to help them. and starting an NGO can definitely help them to give them a home to live and treatment and something to do. Please help me with your valuable suggestions as I am very new in this path. thank you…

  • anyanwu

    A.E. Anyanwu, Esq.

    I hold LLB, LLM, BL and working in a Telecom company. I want to start an NGO with the name Human Rights Awareness Education and the main aim is to teach human rights issues particularly fundamental rights as enshrined in the constitution and other rights in some legal subjects like torts, contract, criminal law etc.  I have observed that apart from poverty, my country men and women do not know their rights, they are therefore being cheated and their rights trampled by the elites and government functionaries.  A citizen who knows his/her right can fight for it and he/she cannot be easily cheated or have rights easily violated.  This awareness is equally part of development of a Verile and enlightened society. Please i need your kind advice how to start. My email: anyanwu1960@yahoo:disqus .com, phone +23408030839807. Thanks.

  • joseph ithagu kimotho

    i am a second year student in a public university in Kenya.i want to start an NGO for spreading the importance of education in our community,and also helping the poor in paying part of the school fees.please help me on the effectiveness of my idea and how i can get sponsors.i want to start it when still in the university so that i can mobilise other students on the same……

  • Jasmin

    I want to do something for children who have not mom n papa. How i can make them happy?i want to make ngo plz help me some children r waiting for help… .give me ans soon plz………

    • Rajar7

      hi Jasmin, Its good to know about your cause. I would advise you to go through following website, I think they are doing similar sort of work. You cannot give mummy papa to most of children but in my opinion you can do it in two ways

      1) Making people aware of adoption, encouraging adoption especially to families who are childless. Firstly you should create awareness in society secondly you should be willing to coordinate between people willing to adopt and orphan houses etc.

      2) Make schools and nurseries like SOS. You may need to follow their model and help them or even make your own NGO about this but I think you should follow their model. their website is 

      I also have made an NGO but it is in its early phase. Also please support us and spread the word about us.

      If you need further advice, you can contact me at

  • S.P Singh



  • Peace Udobang

    Hello. I am a final year student in a federal University in Nigeria. I’m presently working on a project which aims at inculcating adolescent girls with sexual consciousness alongside leadership skills to make them become sexually conscious and self-confident female leaders. This is in a bid to ensure a reduction in the rate of teenage and unwanted pregnancies and to resuscitate the moral values and standards of young girls, to  produce assertive women.In the long run, the project would metamorphose into an NGO. The main challenge is funding, so, please educate me on how to get sponsors. Thanks as I await your positive response.

  • Joy Yumi

    I want to start an NGO that
    advocates for the rights of the disenfranchised and operates an
    educational program that provides aid to the disadvantaged. My question to you is, in your opinion, should I continue my schooling to become an English teacher, teach and then create my program? I want to work with the community now, but the time commitment would mean that I would have to alter my course studies. What do you think?

  • Sunil Oskan


  • Abubakar kassim

    am a public health officer by professional.  I wanted to start  local NGO concerning the prevention of the spread of AWD realated  diseases at semi arid areas  by forming many CBOs within the region as an intremidiate to circulate  the gospel within and around the areas. But i don’t wkow were to start it . 

  • vikky

    I want to start an NGO for farmers to use Bio-fertilizers & Bio- Pesticides in their fields to improve land life for agriculture. pls help me to get sponsors for this idea.  

  • Paul Alagwa

    I want to make the Tanzianan Youth to know they rigth and resposibility toward the community before the community to be affected or affect the Youth. By this i hope i have to start N.G.O which will stand for the right and respos of youth before the make a misteck on the age of youth—-

  • Richard Chongo

    Hello Ryan,

    What a nice piece of work! Only if the world had many of you. Wishing you luck in your blossoming NGO

  • didy

    hello ryan iam khadija from tanzania, i graduated last year from the university and i want to start my NGO which will deal with people living with sickle cell but i need financial support how can i get sponsors please help me….

  • Sunil

    i want to start a NGO s for planting in villages 

  • Rajar7

    I have a made an NGO called HUMANISTAN and the website is
    I think real team building is the major problem. Can you please tell people how to get dedicated and honest people for team. How to get team when non of close friends are willing to work. 

  • Emtyaz Hussain Sharah

    how to work in ngo for education or help poor children to promote education

  • Emtyaz Hussain Sharah
  • sam bambanza

     am a member of chartered institute of logistics and transport Uganda section am in final stages of registering an NGO in road sector i need partners in the same field please contact me thru. email

  • P Mudanyi

    I am 29 years old and would like to start an NGO to help widows in the community come up with projects for social and economic sustainability or poor children attain education to higher leves. How  can I go about it ,should do a market research first?

  • Thomas A

    I am Thomas, French citizen from Burkina Faso in west Africa and live in England. I am currently studying accountancy. I would like to create an NGO to support youg people in Burkina Faso who leave school without qualification and those who have no chance to go at all, to help them achieve a qualification for a better future. I only wander wether to register it in Burkina or England as the fundraising will be here. Could an NGO registered in Burkina raise funds in Europe?
    Thank for your advices.

  • Gpumzile

    I’ve been a teacher for about 20yrs now. I am very touched by the pain and suffering many young children and famillies undergo because of sexual abuse and would love to start up an NGO to help them on issues like how to avoid and deal with this problem. Many have lost purpose in life. I am in rural South Africa

  • Wazasunaina

    I am a Company Secretary by profession i want to start a NGO to eradicate child labour, spread education to children free of cost, how should i go about it, how much investment is required to start an NGO and other legal compliances to be followed kindly mail me details at

  • Chukubose

    its really very helpful.

  • Dharam_krashna

    I have  started an NGO to work on agricultural education and health which can help people  those non educated and poor who not get a full advantage of Government Schemes so if you want to help so
    please help me on the effectiveness of my work 

  • aisha baba-ahmed

    Hi, my mum and I have just had our ngo registered, it primarily will help help to enpower women and girls(education,divorced women,vocational training,orphans, etc). Women in nigeria (especially the uneducated) find it hard to find an occupation that will support them and their families, divorced women with children to care for find it even harder, and most times resort to sending their kids out to hawk petty items for profit, thereby exposing these children to all sorts of dangers. There is an org here called NAPTIP that has been set up to watch and take action against these vices but its not doing nearly enough. Our NGO wants to help blur these lines. But the question is how to take off. We know what we want to do, but we are lost on how to begin. Any help will be greatly appreciated. At the moment I am in the process of doing a little networking, and will soon arrange an awareness seminar for our local women in our home town of Kaduna.

  • Debasish Dutta

    iam from Nagaland want to promote higher education and professional courses in back ward district of Nagaland ,i also want to sponsor poor students for professional studies and also want to esablish free  coaching centres for preparing AIJEE,JEE,CAT,MAT, UPSC and other competitve exams for poor and meritotus students, Sir do you think this is right apporach ,if yes how do i start, my id-

  • Andleeb majeed

    I’m 24 i got married but i face so many problems in my married life just within year n now i’m living with my parents n relise that how many problem a single woman have to fcae in life.i’m from India that too j&k state where our society is still a victim of male dominance i want to establish area where i can work on problem which our woman n girls like me are facing in life…can you please help me in this…

  • Kray kimteang

    I am a woman have graduate of  bachelor degree in a public university in Cambodia for
    three year ago  and I did want to start an NGO for protecting of my Mekong river dolphins. Now it was only 80 in the Mekong river and it effect with a lot of  dangers and also die every year during the water flood. it is a rare resources of fish in the world. Pleas help me to bee successful of my intend in order to save and protect my dolphin fish Mekong river………

  • Shqipe_osmani

    i am a 30 years old Lady who wants to have a NGO helping women or better to say convincing them on breast cancer. train and inform them how to take care of themselves and make regular medical controls . help me how to make that come to the implementation, my email is

  • Aparnajayaswal

    i am 35 years young lady ,i wants to know how to rejister ngo, i want to start my own teachers tainning institute, to make the women indipendent as a teacher, and a baby care for poor working women maids for their children .can u tell me how i can start,how much aid i can get from government. how to proceed??? from INDIA bangalore please helpme.i have a degree in MSW.

  • Faheemkhari

    nic steps to make an NGO but how i can get a job in NGO as a doctor so that i experience the ups n downs in NGO buildings n running it please reply my mail adress is

  • ira

    awesome. this  information is worth  billions of  dollars. i can testify to some of the points mentioned above. After working with an NGO that shared similar goals as mine, i saw the need to relax and not rush and get frustrated in the end

  • Ali Asghar Wagan

    best of luck good work is going on.

  • Social Catalyst , Affordable online solution to those who are working for social cause.

  • Kadi Doumbia

    Great guidance. I will not skip step 1-6. I am still starting and I started with networking with the pros so that I can learn from their dos and don’ts. I’ll be back here to post my feedback on myself. Hopefully useful to others.

  • Okere Prosper Chidozie

    thanks for the insight. they are really useful in my course to start my NGO which is already on the pipeline but I will still further explanation if the need arises.

  • Maureen Fepulea’i

    Thank you for sharing your experience. You have made it so easy to read and understand. Bless you for your giving heart. I look forward to studying your information in order to establish and make our goals real and successful for those who we hope to help. :-)

  • Vicent Ayebare


  • Anonymous

    KN Reddy Hyderabad.
    Want to raise Neem, Peepal and Banyan trees in the public places and along side of the important roads and also organize cultural programs to raise morals in people.Need the help of like minded people and money to fulfill my dreams.

  • Anonymous

    GREAT INSIGHT. sir, I have just completed my bachelors degree and would like form an NGO BUT I don’t have much experience. I have tried to get one where I can voluteer but in vain. should I go a head and begin because am passionate about our environment. what do I do?

  • Eddie Lyndberg

    This is a great article. I’m looking to start an NGO for alzhimers research. This was a lot of help. Thank you!

  • Yasha Harshita

    working on the same lines..,, thanks for this amazing right up :)

  • Sree Nandhini

    gr8 motivations and guidance lyk these will definitely aid youngsters lyk me to spread happiness and smile on those people in need..:)..thanks a billion!:)

    • Priscilla Nyarko

      it a good idea and am interested in you idea in mind and wish to join you. you can get in touch with me on to hear from you.

  • Anonymous

    its a great article. am planning on starting an ngo to help under-privileged children with a few friends of mine. Had some queries regarding the same.

  • Nimmagadda Ashok Babu

    thank you for giving your valuable advises I need documentation is one of our requirement.

  • Seema Johar


    • Anand Yallappa

      HI Seema ! Am from Mauritius and read your post on starting an NGO.Can you share ideas and experience on this issue as I have been in social work for years now.please reply if interested . Anand

  • Anonymous

    you are wonderful and I really appreciate your very easy-to-read-and-understand 10 steps. i, m working on my NGO and this is an added value. thanks a lot and God bless.

  • Devendra Dubey

    Its really one of best and fruitful work to help out who are in need for it and also to make other by motivating to be part of it…… has also helped to great motivation and guidance for myself…:) thanks a lots…….

  • Rahul Pandey

    I am Rahul Kumar Pandey(24) from Kolkata(W.B), completed my B.Tech and now in job from past 1 year in Bangalore. Actually I have thought a lot about this and many other ways to help my country people but finally I just stuck to this, and I do think this is the best way I can serve my people. So I googledt and I found your article, no doubt this motivated me a lot and gave me confidence to go ahead and do my best what I can do. So I will must follow your sayings and will inform you when I ll be able to run this in really a better way with no negetivity. And I forgot the main thing, Thanks a lot for the article. Wish me for my success.

  • Arun Kumar

    I would like to thank you for giving us such a best information about N G O and your experience.

  • Urbashi Shaw

    hats of to you sir, its the must needed article. I want to start an ngo in future which will provide free education to children and it will also be RE-DEFINEing education system in india.
    i have clear plans but don’t have exact info, funds and experience. I beg you to help me…as I’m 100% devoted to it and I really want to do smthing 4 my country…
    PLEASE do revert back…(

  • Priyanshi Agrahari

    I am thinking to start an ngo to educate poor children of india.I am doing btech(hons)ece from lpu jalandhar, punjab.but I want volunteers to join my organization.please help me.

    • Rajeev Ram

      Would like to be a part of NGO …if you have any ideas to start meaasge me ..

    • Itworld Jhunjhunu


      • Malome


        Hello!!! I hope that this letter reaches you on a pleasant note and in good spirit as well. I am Malome Gomez Escote from The Philippines. If you are watching international news last week The country Philippines has been declared state of calamity and most our major cities has been destroyed and lost their houses. Because of this disaster we encountered stayed at the evacuation area for a week and just waiting from the government to gave us foods, medicines, clothes, water and other needs. But a it is only three days… In the evacuation area we encountered hunger and sickness.

        After the calamity passed away… I realize that we have to do something for our countrymen especially to our neighborhood who suffered so much from that typhoon and lost their houses as well as lives. Currently we are planning to put up NGO’s here in the Philippines concerning the following 10 missions:

        Feeding the poor
        2. Giving Medicines to those who need it
        3. Senior Citizen who are not loved and no houses
        4. Giving relief goods consistently
        5. Support the poor students that want to go to schools
        6. Save mother nature to lessen the disaster
        7. Children’s Ministry
        8. Reaching the un reached remote area for medical missions as well as educate them
        9. Giving them employment or a livelihood program
        10. Preaching Gospel of God so that our countrymen realize and aware that we should put God first in everything.

        I have read your comment on one of the blogs under NGO’s and find you that you have same passion like us. We are looking for someone that knows how to lead us or to support us in this kind of mission so that somehow if it will not disappear at least it will reduce the suffering of our Filipino people who are really affected in the coming disaster that coming our way.

        I am looking forward that we shared a same passion to help our both countrymen.

        Thank you.


        Malome Escote

    • Itworld Jhunjhunu
    • Ologun Kelvin

      email me here, am willing to join. Currently in dubai..

    • Sangeeta Bhati

      Join me @[317563005022542:274:Zindgi Foundation - NGO]

    • Vikash Shukla

      which type of help

    • Vikash Shukla

      which type of help

    • Harshita Mathur

      Rajeev Ram hey i m goin to start an ngo for poor nd needy children to educate dem nd i need volunteers for my ngo intrested people plz do me a rply on waiting!!!!!!!!!!

    • Harshita Mathur

      Rajeev Ram hey i m goin to start an ngo for poor nd needy children to educate dem nd i need volunteers for my ngo intrested people plz do me a rply on waiting!!!!!!!!!!

  • Ahmed Ayaz

    Hi, this is Ahmed Ayaz, I want to open a Chain of Community health clinics in Houston city and then TX and eventually want to expand it throught the united States. they would offer free check up, absolutely no fee, regardless of race/color/gender or religion. Where only donations can be accepted. Can someone from United States can tell me what is the best way to open these Clinics here. I am a hand to mouth person but have some plans for this NGO, but want to know how I can get funding and what would be the sources. I need to know exactly what would be the first step to get registered or get under some umbrella and how to get the funding. I am good in making website, so that should not be a problem. Please send me the suggestions or steps so I can start as soon as possible.

  • Wanjiku Muthee

    Thanks for the advice you’ve shared on here. This really makes sense and has changed my approach to starting an ngo. Thanks again and God bless.

  • Anonymous

    I’m setting up an NGO in Ghana for school going orphans and needy in our rural areas. I need volunteers and sponsors please help.

  • John Ishac

    I am johnissac kadashi-from andrapradesh.i started ngo called neerikshana[hope] to shelter oldage persons and orphans.presently I am running this ngo without any I need to approch the donour? send me some information []Thanks for share this information to run NGO.

  • Ajeet Singh

    thank you so much for your wonderful tips to start NGO.very soon we shall communicate to you to get some more ideas and suggestion.Thank you so much to you all………

    • तरुण तिवारी

      :-) Great. Soon i’ll share some points wid u.

  • Denny Webb

    Regarding Step 7, is it really a good idea to put yourself under another NGO? Here in Cambodia NGO practically rhymes with “corruption” as the administrators and workers of so many drive around in $200,000 Range Rovers and live in luxurious villas. I found this article because I’m a software developer and would like to share my trade skills in an in-demand field (which can easily operate without borders, so without the corruption that afflicts so much other international trade here) and have considered opening a school. I can’t imagine trusting any one of the NGOs I’ve seen here to properly manage money people would donate to this cause. It would vanish in a wink to “administrative costs”, mostly of dressing children up to look poorer than they are to illicit more sympathy and larger donations with which to buy more iPhone 5s (selling like hotcakes here at $1500 a piece, and you can bet it’s not poor farmers buying them) and the like.

    I fully respect NGOs that operate for the good of the people, but how does one easily tell them from those that operate for the good of the founders?

    • Arif Khan

      Please send me an email to[at] I would like to discuss a poverty alleviation idea.

  • Okwonga Moses


  • George

    Hi. have been working with Kabale Institute of Health Sciences in Uganda as the head of the IT department and the patron of an association of Empowered Members Team (E.M.T) which was basically created to organize seminars in that institution, but i came up with an idea of starting an NGO aiming at improving the lives of HIV/AIDS&TB clients, chronically infected,
    pregnant mothers & vulnerable children through providing medical needs and
    follow-up for three months and this will be done to only those that lack aid. but i need guidance and how to go about it.

  • Daniel

    Iam a Sierra Leonean and working towards establishing a local NGO in my community. This I believe will help to provide job opportunity for the youths and also improve the living standards of the rural poor.
    I have bought about 250 hectars of land and currently embarking on cassava production.
    How best can you help to make my dreams a reality.

    • Lloyd

      Hello i am working in this same direction in my small comunity in Cameroon ; that is asisting the; youths possitive councilling to guide their livelihoood , food production etc . i have 500 hectars of land , already functional with crops as cassava , banana and a additional palm plantation for cooking oil production. I need to improve on this as soon as possible it will be glad to welcom more ideas from you so that i can greatly achieve more .



  • Kwame

    I want to start an NGO on the environment with the focus of planting trees and rearing animals in Ghana, How can i start…am now persuing a matter degree in Germany

  • ponnusami muthu

    SKY FOUNDATION is established in 2012 in Reg Trust Act. Sky foundation is a cross disability Organization based in TamilNadu at INDIA. We address key disability issues with initiatives in the following areas prevention rehabilitation employabilityand advocacy.

  • Qaisar Ahmed

    how to start NGO in mumbai

  • Kaushik Kar

    I am a citizen of India……I am in way to start a NGO because my happiness lies in others happiness………I like to do something good for other…..but my NGO need funds to accomplices my objectives………How can I raise funds?

  • Michael Agyeman

    I want to make a difference in the world of pain and suffering for the mentally and Physically disabled. That is my passion..

    • swish

      just do it

  • Pawan Patel

    Plz guide me about registration and legal of a ngo…no. 7587157591

  • Cha_Cha.

    I am a Nigerian who would love to start an NGO that would cater for young children and take girls out of the street from prostitution.I have come to realise that prostitution is rampant where I live and I want to help in reducing the scourge of HIV/AIDS in Nigeria.I would appreciate your help and advice on this issue.Thanks.

    • Bucky Oladogba Success


  • Cha_Cha.

    This is my email

  • manpreet

    hi ryan i am a cardiac surgeon based at ludhiana, punjab, INDIA. i want to start an NGO for the help of poor heart patients who dont have enough money to fund their heart surgery. please guide me to similar organizations and how to proceed to fulfil my dream of helping poor cardiac disease patients
    dr manpreet s salooja

  • ranveer

    how to start my new pro is bases on ngo can yu define me


    As a beginner at the field please can you teach me how raise money to start the N.G.O ? THANK YOU.

  • Chaminda

    Hi, My name is chaminda and I want to start a NGO for develop children education in rural areas in srilanka. Most of them rural people are attacked by wild elephant these days. It is a common issue in Srilanka in rural areas. First of all we have to create a fund. So come with your idea so we can start helping people and children to see this world in the proper way.

    You can mail me to


    I want to start an NGO for unemployement. Please help me and tell me what should I do. Please…I am from BHUBANESWAR

  • Precious

    Hi Iam from Zimbabwe.I want to start an NGO which deals with1. AIDS widows and orphans (supporting with all necessities for school.2.Start a creche which will be a feeding scheme for kids under 6 years of age 3.A support system for those living with HIV and Aids.

  • Precious

    Anyone interested to join hands or with ideas on how to get funding and how to get started are very welcome to do so.Thank you.


      I am RICHARD LIBENT, a Tanzanian I want to start an NGO which will provide support to the orphans children and those from poor community to enable them to get their rights eg,EDUCATION, women capacity building and to build capacity for local farmers.THEREFORE I AM INTERESTED FOR YOUR CALL PLEASE

  • Bonga Zanodumo Mcelu

    It’s been years seeing a display on my community which I dearly disapprove with, I want to start a N’GO which seeks to focus on encouraging my community to grow plants on their own land which could help them eradicate poverty (1), I want to concrete that with a helping hand for HIV and AIDS patience and natural diseases (2), advocating for clean and healthy town strategies (3) and working hard to get rid of children’s in street holding on substance abuse (4). I want help, I pray god o give me strength.

  • Damilola Raymond

    I am Damilola Raymond , a Progressive youth of Africa . The Youths of Africa in the recent years have been subdued to oppression by the government and organisational bodies with education , work , and general well being . Statistically , 45% of the youths of Africa tend to run to other countries far away to begin a life for themselves because of these reasons , Another 45% of the youths of Africa are not being forced to be independent at a premature age which leads to various criminal activities like robbery , prostitution , internet fraud and so on . I want to set up an NGO call AYDPPU ( AFRICA YOUTH DEVELOPMENT FOR PEACE ,PROGRESS AND UNITY ) Which will help give a voice to the the youths , reduce crime rates and riots which may lead to loss of lives . Please join me and other youths who need to be heard in making us the leaders of tomorrow so our next generations would be propelled into a good channel of leadership and power . My email address is OR .

  • Adams Osilama

    Thanks for the Tips, very much appreciated. I am working on starting an NGO in Nigeria, i have discoursed it with my friends and the only problem i see is that they do not seem to take this very seriously. It would have been easy for me if they did but i guess i have to work alone on this one God help me. thanks

  • Poornendra shukla

    I am going to start NGO for needy child ,youth and old as well.people are welcome to join are suggest in this

  • shaelee

    hi i would like to start an ngo in cambodia. im not sure how to set up my ngo where to start? how to register my ngo? any help please thank you

  • Faisal

    Hi I read ur article, I got some important point which help me to established a NGO, I am going to start a NGO in Delhi for women empowerment, can u suggest me how easily and effectively I can work on this. plz communicate through mail.
    my mail id is

  • fred Tugume

    Hi, i am fred tugume form Rwanda, i want to start an NGO responsible for helping poor people including genocide survivors to get food, shelter, health, education and so on. so i real need every ones help because i don’t know where to start. and many people here are in need of it because those present are still few

  • Brian kigame

    My name is brian kigame email, i would like to start an NGO to help those people who have been displaced and those that cannot afford the basic needs. I have done my research and i think this initiative will help, i ask for financial assistance

  • Olori OLos

    would you like to join me in Nigeria?
    You are welcome.

  • Amit Kumar

    I want to start an NGO on computer awareness in my village too. Vinod can I join you?

  • http://nil Zawar Hussain

    Hi Vinod,
    Hello to all,
    I am Zawar Hussain, I am running NGO (Jinnah welfare society) In Rajan pur Pakistan, we here are working at flood response, Rajan pur Is district in Punjab , having 3 Tehsils and 44 Union council, with population of Minimum 2 million individual this city is on the bank of River Indus in one side and by other side it is in Mountain suleman range, This disrict was ruined in Last year flood,……… With the Food, NFIs , shelter, health and education we here are working in porotection too.we here are facing a lot of problems of funding, We the all humanitarian agencies just measure up 15% loss yet…….. We need donors, We need other agencies to work here in all sectors, we need to rehablitize the affectees, Is there any agency, anyone work here for human development, If anyone willing to work here in pakistan with uswe will be responsible for all his/her requirement, we assure we will help you a lot in your establishment here and surveys, for contact and more querries please contact me at

    I am looking for your possitive response……..

  • Phillip Moore

    for more information, kindly contact me on : phillip_moore06 at yahoo dot fr

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