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Last week, Matador’s Ian MacKenzie continued his coverage of the Occupy protests with this video filmed with the Occupy Maui crew.

Occupy Maui took place January 23-30 to protest Monsanto, a biotech company that — among many other activities — is growing genetically modified research crops in Kihei on the island.

Photo Credit: Ian MacKenzie

There was a different theme for each day of the protest week, ranging from “Round-up Day” to expose the widely used herbicide, to “Government Corruption Day” to spotlight Monsanto’s influence in government, to “Get to Know Your Food Day,” a.k.a. “Occupy your Local Farmer’s Market.”

This film features the musical artist HUMAN joining Occupy Maui and singing what has become the anthem for the movement, “Monsanto Go Away.”

Occupy Wall Street


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  • Dyanne@TravelnLass

    Isn’t Monsanto the same company that manufactured Agent Orange during the Vietnam war era?  Uh, I see they’re still up to their dirty tricks. ;(

Hungary does not permit genetically modified crops, even Monsanto's.
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