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“One billion women violated is an atrocity. One billion women dancing is a revolution.”

THERE ARE CURRENTLY 197 countries signed up to participate in the One Billion Rising event this Feb 14. One in three women on the planet are raped or beaten in their lifetime. Women and men all over the globe are gathering to make change to the current rape and violence culture.

As a human, a woman, and someone who has experienced violence, I too will dance and rise up with my community as an act of solidarity and to demand an end to violence.

What is your reason to rise?

Note: To find an event happening in your community, search here. To watch the latest update on One Billion Rising from Eve Ensler (the creator of the movement) click here.

Women's Rights


About The Author

Carrie Clark

Carrie is an outdoor enthusiast and lover of nature. She tries to incorporate art, music, colour, and movement into her daily life and believes in keeping things simple and being in the moment.

  • Scott Hartman

    I’m in… in memory of my mother.

  • Debbie Owens

    Women have come so far, so lets not stop now. No one should ever be abused by anyone.

  • Marjorie Beaucage

    Dance anyone?

    • Margaret Kress White

      hi Marjorie…hope you are having a great day…I passed on to Mariette that we met:>) all is good with Mariette!!!

    • Marjorie Beaucage

      Thanks. Did Art with students in Duck Lake so my heart is happy.

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