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Just because you’re not a kid doesn’t mean you can’t live in a tree house.

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About The Author

Julie Schwietert

Julie Schwietert Collazo is a writer, editor, researcher, and translator currently in New York, formerly of Mexico City and San Juan.

  • Nancy Harder

    So cool. I can’t decide which one’s my favorite, although the slides might push it over the edge.

  • Candice

    I could live in #12 forever.

  • Christine B.Osborne

    A tree-house lodge where tourists can stay is found on little known Chole Island
    part of the Mafi`a archipelago in the Indian Ocean off Tanzania. Access to Chole Mjini Eco-Lodge
    is via a short boat ride across Chole Bay from Mafi`a (30 miles off the mainland and
    accessed by daily flights).

  • Sandy Salle

    I have another great treehouse in mind! The Chalkley Treehouse in the Lion Sands Game Reserve in South Africa is absolutely stunning and is a fantastic spot for honeymooners! With a panoramic view of South Africa’s magnificent wilderness and an open-air layout, the Chalkley Treehouse is the ultimate in romance and beauty.

  • Kathy

    #12 reminds me of Caras Galadon! How beautiful!

  • Trisha

    There is definitely still enough of the little girl left in me that I would totally live in a tree house if I could. My favorites are #10 (Costa Rica) and, um #12 – which should be #11? Revelstoke, BC. Sigh. Maybe someday. :-)

  • Chris

    I live in a tiny little town only a few hours from Revelstoke. It’s always nice to see my middle of nowhere get some recognition.

  • Arwa

    Lovely, I always wanted to experience staying in a tree house- these photos provide the much needed inspiration.

  • Ryan

    The two from Revelstoke are the same house and the one in Singapore isn’t a treehouse at all, its completely supported by beams instead of a tree. The one from the UK is as well but at least its trying to be a treehouse. A quick google search while writing this came up with plenty of good examples of amazing treehouses (the Disney one, really?). I love matador but there have been some pretty “lazy” articles lately.

    • Julie Schwietert

      Hi, Ryan-

      The definition of “tree house” is pretty broad. And just because there are photos online doesn’t mean we can necessarily use them; there are commercial licensing issues that limit many photos’ reproduction. Thanks for the feedback, though.

  • Matt

    Great pics. I recently stayed in a treehouse in France for a few nights and it was a great experience. Waking up in the middle of the forest and seeing nothing around but trees was a real treat.

  • rareretreats

    I never get bored of staying in treehouses.
    It’s great we have so many to choose from.

  • William K Wallace

    Laos here I come for the weekend…do you think my sleep walking will be a problem?

  • KNowledge

    These are nothing in brazil along the amazon river there is a huge complex of tree houses that is a hotel.

  • Luke Armstrong

    This inspired me to plant a tree. In 50 years, or so, it should be big enough for me to build a house in it…

  • hassan feridonzadeh

    oh my god .
    these project are in my heart.
    please allow me that publish these treehouse in my Book.

    thank you very much.
    hassan feridonzadeh

  • Nancy

    These are cool! Thanks for displaying them. Brings back memories of watching Swiss Family Robinson, lol.

    When I was a little kid in the 50′s, my family took a vacation up Highway 1 in California. We went through the Redwood Forest and on the films my dad took with his movie camera, is a hollowed-out tree with a door and (I think) a window in it where supposedly some teacher had lived. It was in a Redwood so it was big in that sense, but it wasn’t built around the tree or spectacular like the ones shown here. I just remember how cool I thought that was that someone actually lived inside the tree.

  • Engineering Consultants

    The Laos tree house architectural design is my favorite. Reminds me of the movie swiss family robinson. I like tree house designs that are high up and actually liveable.

  • Natalie T.

    I like the one in Singapore. How fun! 

  • Staimoor41

               my friend this good page…..!!!

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