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Matador Ambassador Sarah Menzies worked in the Lofoten islands this past summer and is producing a 3-video series on the threatened cod fisheries located there.

The Lofoten Islands are referred to as the ‘magical islands,’ and as I boarded the ferry to make the 3-hour crossing from Bodo to Svolvaer through the Vestfjorden fjord I immediately realized why. Vestfjorden. Even the Norwegian names have a magical ring to them.

I had come to work on a number of film projects, the primary one being a 3-part video series about the threat of offshore drilling in the pristine region. The series will be released this spring. Lofoten is 200km in length, and is the home of the world’s primary cod fishery. To put it in perspective, it is to cod what Alaska is to king salmon.

Traveling and working around the region, I got some rare insight into the industry and its people.

All photos by Sarah Menzies unless otherwise noted in captions.

Sustainability Photo Essay


About The Author

Sarah Menzies

With a passion for the outdoors and social change, Sarah uses film to tell engaging stories that empower the viewer. She founded LET MEDIA in 2012, a production company focused on genuine storytelling centered around environmental issues, social justice, and engagement. She seeks personal and unique character driven stories that highlight the good that exists in the world, showing audiences that all are capable of creating positive change where they are most passionate. Sarah can most often be found skinning up a mountain in search of powder, or cruising the streets of Seattle on her bike.

  • Nikhil Chandra

    Very thoughtful feature with equally interesting photos. Well done and thanks.

    • Sarah Menzies

      Thank you so much Nikhil! So glad you enjoyed the piece.

  • Anna Berardi

    Sarah, I love your work, your works of art, and your message. Thank you!

    • Sarah Menzies

      Thanks so much Anna! This means the world to me!!

  • Alexandria Bombach

    Wee hooo! great job sarah! Man, never knew all that about whale meat.. wild…

    • Sarah Menzies

      Thanks so much Allie! Pretty wild, right? Never thought I’d eat whale in a million years, and don’t think I ever will again, but made for an interesting experience to say the least

  • Wendy B Skelly

    Beautiful photos Sarah Menzies and a wonderful story.

    • Sarah Menzies

      Thanks so much Wendy!! It’s a beautiful part of the world, I’d definitely recommend getting there if you can!

  • Rogier Gruys

    Great photos and article, Sarah. Thanks for sharing and getting the word out. Looking forward to seeing the videos! I hope you will submit them to various mtn film festivals. I was fortunate to spend 3 months on Røst (furthest south in the Lofoten) in the late 80s. See for some photos. Glad to see many things have not changed yet. Good luck with your work.

    • Sarah Menzies

      Thank you so much Rogier!! Yes, I’m trying to package them for a festival cut, hope to get them out there soon! Rost was amazing. I didn’t to spend much time there but got a nice hike in on the island. So beautiful! thank you again for the kind words! Cheers!

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