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Interview with a UK citizen who describes the situation in Syria.

THIS IS A FRANK, revealing, and moving interview in which the BBC’s Jeremy Paxman speaks to a young man involved in the protests in Syria, who describes the brutality with which they are being suppressed.

It’s virtually impossible for foreign journalists to cover the uprising in Syria – which although ongoing, seems to have been overshadowed somewhat by events in Libya – and most of the footage that comes out of the country is from brave guys like this, filming on their mobile phones.

Feature photo by syriana2011 / Thanks to Adham Bakry for tuning me in to this video.

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Nick lived in Egypt for six years, working as a tour leader, EFL teacher, city guide editor, and online guidebook writer. He's currently in San Francisco searching for his centre. He (kinda sporadically) blogs at Delicious Chaos, and you can follow him on twitter.

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