The 99% occupy Wall Street to demand change [VID]

There is a big protest happening right now in New York City. Will you be heard?

BNT FOUNDER Ian Mackenzie posted the above video by Velcrow Ripper to his Facebook feed this morning. I had no idea there are protests going on right this minute on Wall Street in NYC. The Occupy Wall Street movement began on Saturday and continues. From their website as of September 20:

Today, we occupied Wall Street from the heart of the Financial District. Starting at 8:00 AM, we began a march through the Wall Street area, rolling through the blocks around the New York Stock Exchange. At 9:30 AM, we rang our own “morning bell” to start a “people’s exchange,” which we brought back to Liberty Plaza. Two more marches occurred during the day around the Wall Street district, each drawing more supporters to us.

Hundreds of us have been occupying One Liberty Plaza, a park in the heart of the Wall Street district, since Saturday afternoon. We have marched on the Financial District, held a candlelight vigil to honor the fallen victims of Wall Street, and filled the plaza with song, dance, and spontaneous acts of liberation.

They call themselves the “99 percent”, a reference to the fact that 1% of Americans own a disproportionate amount of the overall wealth and power. This tumblr blog contains photos from protesters with signs declaring how they contribute to the 99%, with phrases like:

    I work f/t make less than 25k, have a daughter w/ autism that our healthcare will not pay for treatment! We are the 99%.

    My parents put themselves into debt so I could get a fancy degree. It cost over $100 grand, and I have no job prospects. I am the 99%.

    From Madrid, Spain fighting against abusive power since May 15th – stopping the police from evictions. We are with you and tomorrow Sat 17th Sept we will occupy Spanish stock market. I am the 99%.

Chilean resident and Matador staffer Eileen Smith recently posted Why don’t Americans protest when they’re pissed? I’m glad to see that they’re proving her wrong.

Stay up to date with the Twitter hashtag #occupywallstreet. You can also check what’s happening live at this Global Revolution channel.

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  • Gregg

    I was at the march on Saturday and it was great.  So much youthful energy and hope.  I will be down there again this weekend.  !!!

    • Carlo Alcos

      Thanks Gregg…got an update? are the numbers increasing? do you think that this will have any impact? how long are people going to be protesting?

  • Navy One
  • Jrangel

    I am the 99%.  I am a widow and have a single income.  I still get charged the same amount of taxes as everone else.  I  fall through the cracks when your a middle aged widowed person.  People that are widowed  should have thier own catagory to get a tax break.  Federal taxes are lower if your married.  It does not seem fair to me.  It was not my choice to be widowed.  Can’t they make some type of tax breaks.  Living in a house and having to pay the same property taxes as a married couple.   It seems like I could use a break. I am ready to lose my house, with taxes that keep going up its almost impossible to stay there. No wonder some people are going into forclosure.  It does not seem fair to me.  Federal and State income taxes need to be changed too!