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Infographic from imgur.

Don’t let all the zeroes fool you.

Family is one of those Big American Buzzwords.

And no matter what your family looks like, whether you get along great or hate each others’ guts, everyone agrees on one thing: money matters.

If the USA is one big family — who’s the family financial planner?

If it were up to you, would want someone handling your money who had LOST SIX BILLION DOLLARS IN SHRINK-WRAPPED CASH?

Whatever, I guess that’s still only a fraction of the Army’s air conditioning bill.

Something’s gotta change.

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About The Author

Jason Wire

Jason Wire graduated from Vanderbilt University in 2010 and spent the year after writing and teaching English in Spain. He's back in the states now, but doesn't know where. Follow him @wirejr.

  • Coleen Monroe

    Holy maxed out credit cards, Batman! 

    This analogy works in part because of a general mentality that debt (even crushing debt) is acceptable in the States. In most other places I’ve traveled, people are much more in tune with just how much debt costs in interest and how long it lasts. Many places other than the States, it is extremely difficult to get credit. Here it’s usually only possible to own a home if one takes out a 30-year mortgage and is in debt to the bank for the whole time!

    If we are willing to be in debt for most of our adult lives in our private lives, why would the public life be any different? 

  • Anne_Merritt

    No one does frankness like you, Jason. Nicely written, but scary stuff.

  • Nate Knapp

    That’s your democrats for you.  Good going Obama.

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