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What's in your compost bin? Photo: Justine and Elise

That’s right, apparently latex condoms are compostable.

I’ve considered having a compost bin, but have a ton of excuses why I haven’t actually done it yet. One of the reasons? I don’t think I have enough fruit and vegetable waste that could be composted. Turns out you can compost a heck of a lot more than just your food waste.

Like latex condoms. And urine.

Take a look at some of the other things that I was surprised to see can go in the compost bin (the number before the item is the number it shows up on this list):

4. pizza boxes, ripped into tiny pieces
14. cellophane bags
20. wine corks
22. melted ice cream
31. hair from your hairbrush
32. old loofahs
39. dryer lint
56. ashes from the fireplace or grill
57. wrapping paper rolls
60. latex balloons
71. feathers from your pet bird
73. rawhide dog chews

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Abbie lives in Denver and can usually be found doing something with her dogs, Daisy and Sadie, or working on her dog training business. In addition to working with dogs, Abbie is a freelance writer and pre-k special ed teacher.

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  • Vincent

    Pretty cool. Never would have thought there’d be a use for dryer lint.
    I’m pretty sure condoms are the one product I don’t want to be biodegradable, though.

  • Hostel Dog

    So is it then acceptable to pee in other people’s compost piles? 

    “I’m just helping the process, sir.”

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