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  1. Thanks! Sounds like things have a way of working out themselves.

  2. I know the feeling well. I finally decided to take the leap this past September. I also work in the corporate world. I was on contract at the time of my decision. I packed up all my stuff into a POD and hit Europe for 3 months. The kicker was that my company extended my contract while I was traveling! I am still happily employed and allowed to work from wherever I end up. Sometimes the risk is worth it and unexpected things happen. May your travels bring many smiles to you and the people you meet along the way!

  3. Thanks anomad, your words are very encouraging. Indeed, who needs flashy material goods, or put up with a frustrating job and boss?

  4. Don’t be afraid of taking that leap of faith. As long as you have no responsibilities (family/pets) then what’s stopping you? I quit my ‘career’ in 2004 and never looked back. It’s all about lifestyle choice. Who needs a fancy apartment, flashy car or frustratingly stressful job anyway?

  5. Thanks, wish me luck!

  6. Ah yes . . . on the verge of that one step that everyone must take . . . or not :) Good luck with your decision. Either step is fine, if made with heart . . .

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