2 responses to Santa Fe, New Mexico from a South African Point of View.

  1. Thank-you Jeffery, for taking hte time to read it. Much appreacited.

    I have been to New York, it was awesome.

    Thanks for your message.

  2. Very nice! I love to read perspectives of travelers from abroad who come to visit or stay in America. To often in my travels around the world I meet people who tell me they have been to America; “yes its nice, nice” they say as they proceed to tell me about adventures in New York City and… well New York City. Disclaimer: I am from New York originally; state not city. New York is nice, but only one minuscule part of our varied culture and locales as you have splendidly described.

    Anyway it was a pleasure to have read about your experience in New Mexico. Happy travels!

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