5 responses to Southern Right Whales.

  1. Thanks saw your vidieo – not sure what to say.

    Southern Right Whales are incredibly gentle, intelligent giants of the see – my experience wasn’t anything like yours.;-)

  2. There are rules…
    One of them is that you can only be in contact with the whales for 30 minutes.
    There is no touching what so ever.
    There is only one boat that has a permit.
    If a boat doesn’t have a permit you are not allowed to approach them.
    Approach them slowly.
    We were not allowed that close – used a 28 – 300 mm lens.

  3. I was cruising with a friend offshore from Santa Barbara, California when I spotted a pod of killer whales. I suggested we shut down the boat, about 75 yards from the pod. The alpha male came at us (our boat was 26 feet, the orca, about the same), rising to the surface about three times on his way, each time closer than the last. I was on the bow filming and he came right under me . . . upon playing the film, the screeching sound of the orca could be heard . . .

  4. LOVE whales! What are the laws in SA regarding distance between boats and whales . . . are there any?

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