10 responses to Do read this, if you want to learn violin Carnatic style :)

  1. LOL And to think I was going to talk to a violin tutor tomorrow to teach me to play carnatic violin online! God, you are funny and write so well… whether you play your violin well or not, your prose is like music to the ears!

    I hit play on Kunnakudi Vaidyanathan’s Alaipayudhe on YouTube and then ran a search for ‘difference between carnatic violin and western violin’ as the tutor reiterated in her reply that she can only teach carnatic violin and I was going wtf is the difference? And, well your article came up on Google and I clicked it wanting to throw some light on this but I’m still as dense but not as strung up, forgive the pun, as when I was faced with the quandary of carnatic or western.

    So is there a sequel to this post? Do we get to hear if you danced around the cute Mallu chick with the short hair? huh? huh?

  2. Lovely way you write….I didn’t learn much violin, but I laughed a lot. Keep smiling.

  3. Dude, I just friggin loved your article, I’ve been playing for 14 years. Although i had a different way of joining( i begged my parents to join me in a violin class) I agree with certain points of yours, especially the sit and play thing. I’d never say western music is better or anything, I’ve learnt both, carnatic violin and western piano. Learning both was an eye opener for me allowing me to fuse both worlds. I’m usually the technical correspondent in my band communicating things between people of both styles. I advise everyone to learn both carnatic and western. Only then can you really delve into the world of music

  4. Loved u r article…Learnign violin…..thanks for info….

  5. Very amusing indeed! After all its all about learning and at the same time you are enjoying. Thank you for this posts. I have fun reading. Credit also to the writer where you got this.

  6. Sandeep,

    Hillarious piece! I especially liked the “no frets” cartoon! :) On a more serious note, how is your violin playing now? I used to be in the same boat as yours. My teacher had a weak heart and I suspect my playing pushed her over the edge cutting short my learning after 3 years. I have resumed trying to play after over a decade of inactivity — shaking off rust now (mine and the violin’s!) and ran smack into Mr. Heisenburg (to add to it try putting thalam with your feet!).

  7. Friend. this is one of the most hilarious posts I have ever read!! Congratzzz…amazing!!

  8. Hey Joe!

    Forgot to mention, I’m also learning violin for about 4 months and I’m gonna learn it!
    Guitar is wonderful music instrument too. I like Garry Moore and Steve Vai. Though, I don’t understand the basics of guitar and western music, but I love listening to these two guys. I don’t know more about other guitarists. Can you please suggest me some?

  9. Hi Joe,

    Happy to hear that you like going through this post! :)
    BUT, I just did a copy-paste from someone’s blog, so all credit should go to that brilliant writer.

  10. That was wonderful (and entertaining) reading.
    Like your illustrations ….. especially the one with Romeo and Juliet.
    Coming back to the Violin I too had a short tryst with the wonderful instrument. Learned it for about 1.5 months and then gave it up. Why? Like you said, no frets. And then my nimble fingers were paining like hell. So that was the end of it.
    Instead took up the Guitar (after a gap of about 25 years)

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