4 responses to Uzi’s, Oakley’s & An Identity With A Side of Roses in Israel

  1. Miriam, I’m glad you enjoyed the article. My family also came from eastern europe, escaping the pogroms with dogs on their heels, they sailed to Ellis Island 4 generations ago. Thank you for the correction on service, I’ll check it. I have to disagree on your ‘blame the victims’ impression, it’s unfortunate you took that from the writing. I’m glad you feel I ‘got’ Israel, I certainly got what I was looking for and intend on returning with my daughter. This article is actually the second in a 3-piece set, the one before it goes briefly into the British attacks. We visited sites where the bullet holes remain. But, of course, the invaders do not. I really have to hand it to Livnot for such an amazing & relevant experience. I’ll check out the book.

  2. I enjoyed your article. I am a first-generation Canadian, descended from Eastern European Jewish immigrants, who, luckily, came to Toronto between wars. But most of my father’s family, who did not immigrate to Canada, were lost in the Shoah.

    Four young cousins survived, somehow, and, as young men, swam to shore while British bullets whizzed past their ears. Then had to immediately fight in the War of Independence and every war after that. By the way, it’s 3 years’ service for men, 2 for women.

    I have chosen to live in Yerushalayim for the last 6 years. I feel you
    “got” Israel in the short time you were here, and you communicated
    it well to your readers. There’s a book you might want to read called Blessed is the Match: The Story of Jewish Resistance by Marie Syrkin. But, it’s too bad, you’ve accepted the “blame the victims” approach of the non-Jewish world. It’s really not fair.

  3. What a great compliment. Thank you. This feeling I had, of being incomplete – I’ve never heard it expressed before. No one I went with felt the same way. But I can’t imagine it’s unique to me, and I feel strongly it should be part of a larger discussion. And, of course, it was such a wonderful travel experience all around. Hope you and your sister are well!

  4. Superbly written. As a Jew from Chicago who has lived in Israel, who has a sister that emigrated to Israel, thank you from the bottom of my heart for such a beautiful picture of our (my and your) country.

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