4 responses to From Delhi to Leh: On Sickness, Responsibility, and Kindness.

  1. Thank you for the feedback, Scott. Agreed. There’s really not much to say about a beautiful place if there’s not much to say about its people…

  2. Thanks for your words, Gaurang :)
    and yes, Ladakh is incredibly beautiful. I’d definitely love to go back someday. Loveliest people :)

  3. Nice, Carla. I have visited places and my own/personal experiences of them have often had little to do with the place, per se, but with with people there. Not to say that the place itself hadn’t been exceptional, but the added personal dimension takes it to another place altogether. Safe travels, Carla.

  4. I am sorry u had to suffer. Well food poisoning is comeon for foreigners in india. I am an Indian national and the fact is that the food here is healthy but hard on foreigners appetite. Leh Ladakh are most beautiful places to visit. I myelf prefer rhotang pass and dal lake, you should visit it someday. its awsome there. And the people are ever friendly like anywhere else in India. :):

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