3 responses to Malaria – How to avoid it, treat it and respect it.

  1. Wow, glad to hear you survived! My husband is going to Zambia for 5 months, and he’s concerned about Malaria, because Canadian mosquitoes LOVE him. He’s got his meds, long pants, long shirts, mosquito net, and tons of DEET. Nevertheless, he’s pretty much resigned himself to getting malaria. It can be very serious, as you’ve mentioned. And you should know!

  2. anomad said on 02/02/2013

    Hi Amy,
    thanks for your comment.
    The side effects of antimalarials is another subject altogether. Some of my pax have had severe reactions in the past. For example, one lady suffered hypersensitivity to the sun while taking doxycyline and got very bad sunburn on her hands. Others have suffered cold-like symptoms when taking malarone. The most common is the Larium side effect of vivid dreams.
    It’s always best to get the advice of your doctor and start taking the pills well before you travel to assess if you have any reactions.

  3. Nice Article!
    My experience with Malaria medication was pretty terrible. It turns out that not all bodies respond well to the prophylaxis. (Malarone) After about 2 days in on my treatment plan, I got splitting headaches and very painful stomach cramps. So much so I could barely stand. Because of my situation I had to stop taking my pills and leave the Malaria infested area as soon as possible. Just be sure to discuss with your doctor all the drug side effect and interactions. Knowing what I know now I would have tried a different treatment plan!

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