3 responses to An Urban Swimming Hole in Philadelphia

  1. Devils Pool is a wonderful wooded area with years of history and a beautiful area to have a family picnic, However in recent months I have uncovered trash being throw around, used condoms, beer cans and left over cases of beer, dirty disposible diapers, pizza boxes, and people bathing with soap. This is an overall disrespect of the area. Swimming and fires are illegal and Fairmount Park has regulations for the safety not only of people who enjoy the park but regulations for the park itself. Swimming in Devils Pool is a health issue, the waters are highly polluted. Enforcement is neccesary to protect not just the people but our beautiful park. Signs are posted for the safety of all who use the park, please take time and read the park regulations that are posted. This way we can preserve the area so all can enjoy the historical setting.

  2. I’ve lived near Philadelphia most of my life, and have never heard of the Devil’s Pool. :) Very interesting!

  3. I love these little local secrets :) There is a similar place in Kuching in Malaysia I went with a load of locals too, great fun!

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