4 responses to Plato on Travel & Contact with Strangers/Foreigners

  1. I’m hanging! And I can relate to being sidetracked by research– that’s my whole existence! ;0

  2. Time to sleep…

    I have an article to finish for none other than Matador tomorrow!! Hang in their Julie if you’re out there, I promise its on its way… the background research has sidetracked me… much to my delight.

  3. Thanks for that DEVA,

    Had a quick read. Found it very interesting.

    The feel to that WorldHum article is very dissimilar to what I found in Plato’s ACTUAL WRITING in Dialogues Vol 5 ‘Laws’, which appeared to be nothing short of defensive and xenophobic.

    I would be impressed if someone could convince me that Plato here is not outlining a clear cut case for ‘cultural imperialism’; a form that essentially paves the way for any government or ruling class who were influenced by his thinking to adopt policies of forced assimilation, or even worse…

    Anyone want to convince me otherwise? Is Plato’s foreign policy really not that bad?

    Over to you…

  4. Hey Craig, you may be interested to check this out, on a similar theme!


    And I DO actually plan on responding to your thoughtful response on your reverse culture shock post, too…! :)

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