1 response to Dealing the Fatal Blow: Why Americans Need to Travel

  1. Gap-Year!! For America!!! But then, who BUY all the stuff we’re selling :) We in the US of A are trained to show up on time, do our jobs, then go buy stuff :) To step out of that wormhole takes some gumption :), something we just don’t have . . . much of anymore. Why go anywhere?! ;) . . . with 60-inch TV’s, where FOX news shows us everything we need to know ;) . . . we’re not necessarily “into” intellectual property, the kind of currency that travel is rich in . . . we’re “into” actual property . . .

    I first stepped-out at 24 . . . and it, the world, blew my mind . . . I’ve pretty much been taking looooooong, extended trips since then.

    But, agreed: we need to get out, as a country.

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