7 responses to A Sexy German, His Girlfriend, and the Night Train to Paris

  1. I would say that is a unique story. And a unique style that is close to Chekhov’s short novels with unpredictable endings but it seems more romantic than works of the russian classic.

  2. Great piece of writing. You had my attention from the very beginning and held it all the way through! The picture you painted was beautiful, clear, and simple. I really enjoyed your narrative.

  3. Haha most definitely! Thanks :)

  4. This is fabulous! I was hooked into the story from beginning to end. From my experience of living in Germany, German men are subtly dangerous like that, haha. ;)

  5. Agreed! :) (And I think that Sigmund would too:)

  6. Hmm… I think he would say more people should ride trains in Europe ;)

  7. Erica, let’s see . . . two blogs . . . two trains . . . two potential “somethings” . . . Hmmm . . . vat vould Sigmund say? :) And YES!, what is it about Paris . . . :) Have a great stay . . .

    P.S. Paris was exactly that for me . . . though I said “Oui!”

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