2 responses to Searching for Understanding and the Decision to Leave

  1. I think I’ve just read the exact thoughts that have been floating in my mind for a long time now. You spoke the words I have been unable to utter. Thank you.

  2. IMHO, put your brain away :) The time for thinking IS over (and I’ve been in your place many, many times during the course of my thirty-year travel career). Every decision is Right until proven otherwise, and the only proof for that is Going :) The only Wrong decision is not doing anything, not taking action. This is Your Time, it is – it seems to me – not something that anyone else BUT you has any idea of, the depth of your angst, etc. Your predicament comes with the territory. It is a road oft taken; the only difference is that it’s you taking it now. I wish you all the best :) Peace

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