6 responses to Waterfall Fisherman of Si Phan Don, Laos

  1. Thank you Alex for taking the time to comment,

    The trap fishing really is an incredible sight during the monsoon season. I am just grateful that I was allowed to photograph these inspiring people!



  2. Beautiful images. It’s an amazing insight into a tradition way of fishing/life. While I was familiar with some methods for trap fishing I have never seen the types you captured for this post. Fantastic and informative…not to mention brilliant!

  3. Thank you Rick, the fisherman are just incredible and the situations they get into for fish are just mind blowing. I understand what you are saying about the elderly fisherman image and its something I always battle with when deciding final images. Sometimes images which are strong on their own don’t flow with others and vice versa so context and captions really do help to make the the body of work complete.

    I am glad you enjoyed the images and thanks for reading.


  4. Hello Les,

    I originally found out about the fisherman a few years back whilst watching the BBC series Human Planet. Since then I have been determined to get down and shoot them. Most of them are found off the main islands of Don Det and Don Khong, and therefore they can be a little difficult to find. However having a local guide/translator made it much easier. I’m glad you enjoyed the photos, it means a lot to me!


  5. Really interesting article!
    I visited Si Phan Don 2,5 years ago. That’s why I started reading this article. I had no idea about this type of fishing. So there. I learnt something today! :) Fantastic photos by the way!
    All the best!

  6. Amazing article Jacob – wow how fit are those guys! I’m pleased to see the portrait of the elderly fisherman in its proper context here, so I can appreciate it more fully. A photo on its own can quite baffle the viewer whereas a few words to give a sense of place can make a world of difference. Well done…

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