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Here are my ten top tips for a great surf trip to the Basque country. It is particularly aimed at people looking for a surf adventure all the way down the French coast and into the Basque country – I have even tried to include a few tips for what to do if the surf [...]

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The Easter surf trip in the Basque country rolls on!

Leaving the surf in Biarritz and hitting the world famous San Sebastián in Spain is easy-riding as it is only about half an hour away with no passport needed [...]

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Biarritz Surf Trip Guide

On April 29, 2012 By jamiepend

So the Basque country Easter surf trip rolls on and this time we hit Biarritz and beyond…

Biarritz is at the heart of the French corner of the Basque country and is a blend of French, Spanish and Basque culture and tradition. Great wine, great food, friendly locals and a [...]

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