7 responses to Why Tbilisi doesn’t deserve to be in the “worst cities” list

  1. Misha thanks for the comment! I’ve corrected my mistake – I always confused the “supra” for the “feast” in general.

    By the way, I’m Jennifer, not Laura. Laura wrote the article on CNN ;)

  2. Laura, thanks a lot for answering the stupid article so well!

    I have just one small correction: you said “In Georgia, wine is drunk in a toasting ritual known as the “tamada”. The ritual (it’s more of a feast, actually) is called “Supra”, it’s the toastmaster who’s called “Tamada”.


  3. Thanks for all the kind comments everyone! I just didn’t want to see a city I love get trashed by Mercer and CNN. :)

    Deanna – you must definitely go, it’s an amazing country!

  4. Thanks for sharing this!!! :) Now Laura Morisson has to work on CNN and not you??? What an unfair world!

  5. This was a refeshing article to read. I’d love to go to Georgia someday.

  6. bless you my friend :) thanks for that positive review

  7. Just want to say: thank you!

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